15 Fascinating Woodpeckers Facts

Woodpeckers Facts

Woodpeckers Belong to The Family Named as Picidae and This Family Has Many Different Species in It. Their Family is Losing Many of Their Species Only Because Their Habitat is Losing But Their Family is So Big That They Can Cover This Loss also. These Kinds of The Birds You Can see all around The World Which is The Something Interesting Woodpeckers Facts But You Can’t See Them in Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and also in The Extreme Polar Regions They Can’t been as This is Not Their Habitat Where They Can Live Easily. According to Many of The Resources, They Came into Existence Nearly 25 Million Years ago.

15 Fascinating Woodpeckers Facts

1) Intelligent & Woodpeckers Most of The Time Safe in The Headaches

Woodpeckers are The Intelligent and Smart Birds Because They Can Produce The Sounds Which Can attract Their Prey Which is Mainly Insects, berries, nuts & Seeds also Which is Their Diet. They Can also Keep Their Food into The Ground Bottom and In The Many Tree Branches So That When They Will Face any Food Problems Then They Can Easily Spend These Days. They are also So Much Perfect in Selecting Their Nest and They always Like to be a Clever Because Clever Can Have a More Lifespan.

If You Starts Hitting Your Heads to The Tree Then Definitely You Will Have Problem Of Headaches But They Don’t Have any Kind of These Problems as Their Tissue and Their Body is Made Up of Glands Which Keep Them Strong Especially in Their Habitat and in Their Daily Activities.

2) Music & Their amazing Sounds

If The Birds Sing a Song Then It’s Will Definitely Looks Great and The Woodpeckers are From Those Who is also a Singer. Their Common Call is shrill, rolling kwirr, and All of The Calls Can be Performed By Both of The Genders. In The Woods They also Produce cha cha cha Sounds When Most of The Woodpeckers are Doing This Same Thing Then It Will Look Quiet Interesting and amazing also. So They Can Make Many Sounds Also Definitely They also Enjoyed These all Things and in Their Social Life They Loves To Make The Music of Themselves and Everybody Loves It.

3) Body, Diet & Predator

Woodpeckers Have So Many Species and all of The Different Species Have Different Body Structures But Their Average Body Size in Length is 5.7 – 6.7 Inches and Their Weight is around 175g But These are The Estimation Maybe Different Woodpecker Species Have Different Body. Most of Them Color is black, white, red, and yellow. They are Usually Very Strong Because of Most of The Time Whether in The Huge Weight They Can’t be Suffer From any Disease as Their Body is Made Up of The Cells That Always Gives Them a Strength.

Their Diet is So Similar to The Chickadee. Anyhow, They Can Mostly Like To Collect The Seeds From The shrubs and also From The Trees and Many of Their Species Can also Eat The ants and The Woodpeckers Mainly Eat insects, berries, nuts. They Usually Eat Many Other Things also Which Keeps Their Body Balance as Sometimes They Don’t Find Food anywhere But Yet Their Intelligence always Helps Them to Never be a Hungry.

They Have Many Predators But Yet They Sometimes With Their Brain Can Beat Them But anyhow Many Times They also Beat Them. Their Main Predators are wild cats, snakes, foxes, and also rats. Many Other Birds Which are Larger Than Them They also Kill and Eat Them and Many of Their Species That are Living in The Deserts Area They Have Other Predators also But Mainly These are.

4) Habitat and Population

Woodpeckers Mainly Live in The Wooded Area. However, They Have So Many Species and Every species Has Their Own Habitat. In Most of The woodlands, savannahs, and Other Types of Forests They Can Occur in all of These Habitats. In The Many of The Deserts or in Big grasslands Maybe You Can see Them. In The Forest Where The Mountain area Also Occur They also Go There and Makes Their Many Safe Places For Their Living.

Their Species Have Huge Population in This World Many of Time Many are Considered to be endangered Species But Most of Their Species are Safe As They Have More Than 300 Different Species and In Canada and In The United States Mainly Red-headed Woodpecker Exist So Their Population Their is around 1.6 Million and also Increasing.

5) Endangered Species

Although Woodpeckers are Safely Living Now at That Time They Do Have Many Species Which are Considered as The Endangered Species. After The Habitat of red-cockaded woodpecker Lose Then Their Population also Got Decreasing Till Now and They Only Can Live in The Habitat Which is Now Complete Loss. They are also considered The Most Endangered species of The Woodpeckers. Anyhow Most of Them are Safe and You Can also See Them Across all The Globe.

6) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

The Woodpeckers are also From monogamous Which Means That They Couples Do Mate For a Lifetime and Both Couple Lives Their Complete Life Together. The April and July are Their Breeding Seasons When the Female Woodpecker Lay 3 to 10 Eggs or Sometimes Maybe Less. Their Incubation Period is around 10-14 Days When Both Parents Does Not Want to Go Out of The Nest But Yes Mostly Male Woodpeckers Go To Find Food For Him and also For The Female. During That’s Period They Both Take Care of Their Eggs So Much Because For Them It’s The Happiness to See Their Chicks Growing With Them. When The Young Chicks Got Born Usually Their Parents Do Take Care of It and Give Them Food. In Their Early Months Parents Guide Them all The Things.

The Average Lifespan of Every Woodpecker Species Will is Different. Some Lives in The Habitat Where They Were Not So Much Happy That’s Why They Maybe Have Short Lifespan But Some Lives in The Habitat Where They Do Not Even Need a Migration That’s Why They Will Live a Longer Life. However, Commonly The Woodpeckers Can Live Up to 4-12 years.

7) Building a Nest & Defends Their territory

They are From Those Birds Who Take a Lot of Time to Build Their Nest Usually It May Takes Near to The Month But The Time Estimation is 3 Weeks If The Both Pairs Will Participate in Making It That’s Why It’s a Lot of Time and in This Time They Especially Had to be Clear That No Eggs With Them Because Usually It Can be eaten By Many of Their Predators. They Dig into The hollow trees and Make a Nest Their Where The Mated Couple and Their Young Babies Will also Lives. Many of The Woodpeckers also Don’t allow Sometimes Their Child to Hang Out But Yes Sometimes If anyone Wants to Take Their Territory and They Defend It For a Long Time Until Their Predator Will Goes away From Them Because Many of Their Species are Non-Migratory. That’s Why They Prefer To Make Their Community Birds to Live Their and They also Do Not allow anyone To Come into Their Nest Except Their Children.

8) Young Woodpeckers Training to become an Adult

When The Young Chicks Got Born at That Time Their Parents Do Take Care of Them So Much That anything Will Not Dangerous For Their Child. When The Young Woodpeckers Reaches The age of Only 12 to 14 days They Can Starts Fly and Their Parents Teach Them all The Things Which Makes Them an Adult in a Very Short Period of Time Because Their Parents are Those Who Tells Them How to Find a Food and How to Live a Happy Life in Their Community. After Many Months They Became an Adult and Often Makes Many New Friends and also They Do Come to Their Nest to Live With Their Parents Some Weeks and In That’s Period Their Parents Try to Feed Them. Once The New Adult Got Married They Make New Nest and Starts Living Their But Never Forget Their Parents Who Taught Them Everything.

9) Communication

Already I Have Mentioned Earlier That They are So Much Intelligent and Can Make a Beautiful Song also Which is an amazing Woodpeckers Facts But Yes Like These all They Do a Communication With Each Other and They Have an amazing Body Language Which They Use to Show That Whether They are aggressive and in an amazing Funny Mood. They Use Many Sounds For That Just Like When They Were in The Groups and Starts Chasing They Use The Sounds of shrill charr-charr notes and There are Many Other Sounds Have been Used By Them also For Making The Songs and also Living a Social Life.

Woodpeckers Fun Facts For Kids

  • Woodpeckers Have 300 Different Species and These all Species Can Be Seen in The World But in The United States of America You Can see Their 22 Species and Their Habitat is Only in America.
  • They Can be Seen in The Four Different Colors Which are black, white, red, and yellow But Their Few Species Can be Seen in The Color gold Or Even in The Green.
  • The Woodpeckers Live all around The Globe Especially in Asia and in America. The Red-headed Woodpecker is The Most Common Bird in North America.
  • They are The Some of From Those animals Which Can Produce all Types of chirps, cackles, and other raucous calls. That’s Why They are also Named as The Songbirds and also One of The Best Birds Who Can Live an amazing Social Life and Can Communicate With Each Other.
  • Most of The Woodpeckers Never Do a Migration in Their Complete Life Because They are Getting Everything That They Want But Winter Sometimes Creates Many Problems For Them That’s Why They Move From North America to South America and Lives Their Complete Life Their.
  • Many of Their Species Are Safe But Many are also Considered as Endangered Species.


The Conclusion of Woodpeckers Facts is That Woodpeckers are Those Birds Who Make Their Nest Complete By Themselves and Their Nest Can be Used By Other Birds also. When They Will Starts Living in any Habitat They Live For Life and They also Mate For The Lifetime. You Can Easily Find Their Nest and Them also in North America. They are also Safe and Many People also Have These Birds and Many Feed Them and They Became Their Friends and Show Huge Emotions and Love to Them Who Liked Them and Feed Them.

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