Why Is My Cat So Small? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Why Is My Cat So Small

If You are already a Pet Parents Then You Must be Aware of That How Much Cat Weigh and How Much Size Cats Can Attain.

Maybe You Owned a Next New Cat Then What You Have Seen in It is That Your Cat is Not Gaining So Much Weight and also Looking Like That They are Abnormally Small Size Cat That Maybe Put You in The Thinking That Why Is My Cat So Small?

Sometimes It May be Due to The Breed But Sometimes Maybe The Some Problem is Going in Your Cat So Stay Tuned Here I Will Explain All The Things!

Why Is My Cat So Small?

Some Breed Like Main Coon Takes a Long Time To Grow But The Other Cat Breeds Normally Grow in The Year. Your Cat is Small Maybe Because of The Gender, Breed and It also Depends Upon on What You Feed To Your Cat. Sometimes Cats Eat Well But Still They Not Grow Due to Many Pains and illness as Well.

When The Cats are in The Kittenhood They Only Have a Few Ounces Weigh and Really at That Time Cat Looks So Much Small and Pretty But That’s Only Because of The Age But After That in Every Month At Least Cat Became Successful in Gaining The One Pound Weigh and That’s Happen Frequently Until The Adult Cat Reached To The 10 Pound Weigh and This is The Normal Weight in The Cats.

Reasons Why Cat Remains Small:

Here I Will Like To Explain All of The Reasons That Why Your Cat is Small.

Cat’s Gender

Gender always Played the Main Role in Cat Size.

It Has Been Proved By Various Researches That Female Cats are Smaller Than The Male Cats.

The Cats That are Fixed When They Were already Adults You Might be See That They Will Have Small Size Than Those Cats Who Were Sprayed Especially Before Their Puberty Period (Achievement Of Fertility).

Feeding Pattern

Feeding Pattern Can also Decide That Whether Your Cat is Going To Have a Small Size or Much Bigger Size.

It is Important For Cat To Have at Least Two Time Meals in The Day But Sometimes If You Owned Multiple Cats Then Maybe At The Time of Your Cat Meals any Other Pet Can Disturb Them So That’s Why You Always Have To Look at Your Cat When She is Eating and Feed Properly To Your Cat at a Schedule Time Because Sometimes If You Changed The Routine of Your Cat It also Disturbs Them So Much.

If You Cared About Your Cat Too Much and Seeing That Your Cat is Suffering From Some Issues Then You Can Try To Give Them Meals Three Times in a Day Because It Will Gives Them Enough Strength To Fight With The Problem and also This Will Balance Their Weight With The Time But Always Provides The Good Things Which Have a Nutritional Benefits For Your Cat as Well.

Your Cat Might be Have Diabetes

Your Cat Might be Have Diabetes Because If You are Feeding Well To The Cat But Still At The End, You See That Your Cat Weight is Still Losing Then Might be Your Cat is Suffering From Some Serious Diseases Like Diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

  • Excess Thirst and Urination
  • The Increased Appetite
  • Consistently Weight Loss

Sometimes Cat May be Suffering From Some Another Serious Health Related Issues So At That, Your Cat Weight Must be Decrease and It Will Have a Huge Impact on Your Cat’s Size Because If The Cat Starts Going On The Depression and Having Stress all The Time Then It Will Have a Negative Effect on Cat. In The Serious Case of Diabetes What You Have To Do is That Just Take Your Cat To The Vet So That He Solved The Problem at The Initial Stage.

Worm Infestation

If The Internal Parasites Started Lurking in The Cat’s Intestine Then It’s Means That The Worm Infestation Has been Occur in Your Mind.

This is The Main Reason Why Your Cat is Now Small and Not Gaining So Much Weight as Well.

There are Many Different Types of Worms (Roundworms, Tapeworms and Many) You Have Because When This Disease is Going On The Cat Then They Will Not Only Lose Weight But Also Will Suffer From Some Common Health-Related Problems Like Start Vomiting and Many Others Related But At That Time You Just Have To Take Your Cat To The Good Vet.

Cat’s Breed

Cat’s Breed Has a Huge Impact on The Cat Size and Weight.

There are Many Breeds of The Cats Who Comes Up In The Small Sizes Which Means That Maybe When They Reached into Their Adult Age They Will Look Like Same as They Were in Their Kittenhood Only Because They Grow So Much Early and These Kinds of Breeds Really Not Have Much Weight (Normally Their Weight is Less Than 10 Pounds) and Size as Well. Most of The Cat Breeds That Remain Small Throughout Their Life Normally Looks Good in Their Small Size as Well.

Siamese Cat

Basically, Siamese Cat is Believed To Be One of The Oldest Cat Breeds and This is also One of The Special Cat Breeds Because of Many People’s Likes It Because Their Lifespan Can be Reached To The 20 Years.

Normally The Average Weight of The Siamese Cat is Around 8 Pounds and This is also One of The Lightweight Cats as Well as Many People in America Owned This Cat Due to Their Popularity and Unique Characteristics That It Holds.

Bengal Cat

Bengal Cat Might be By First Look Larger Than The Domestic Cat But That is Not Fact Because They are Average To The Large Sized Cats as Well Their Weight is Normally Equal To The Siamese Cat But However Their Max. The lifespan is around 16 Years.

This Cat Breed Created By The hybrids of Different Domestic Breeds and It Got Their Taxonomic Name From The Leopard Cat Which is Knows as Small Cat Which is Why Might be Some Bengal Cat You Will Find Which Maybe Looks So Much Small.

Munchkin Cat

This Breed Maybe in The Domestic Cat One of The Smallest Cat in The Size Because of Their Genetic Inheritance and Their Overall Body is So Much Small Like To any Other Cat’s Body.

These Breeds Might be You Say Can’t Defend Themselves Which is Big Lie As They are always Remains Active and Can Response To any Situation at any time So Much Perfect That Might be You Will Start Loving This Small Cat and Many People’s Have Owned It and They Loved This Cat Personality and Overall Behavior.

Singapura Cat

This Breed is Especially Noticed So Much Because It is Considered as The Smallest Breeds of The Cats.

This Cat is Too Much Small But They are Known Very Well Because of Their Large Ears and Eyes and Really This is The Thing Which Really amazed The People as This Fits on This Cat’s Looking Overall.

They Can Climb on Many Things Because Maybe You Have Heard That Most of Their Females Only Can Touch The Weigh Around 4 Pounds But You Also Have To Know That Some of The Cats From This Breed Especially The Male Can Touch To The Weigh around 8 Pounds. These Cats are aggressive When Anyone Disturb Them So Much For No Reason.

They also Love Their Owner So Much and Maybe Like Every Other Good Domesticated Cats This Cat also Likes To Sleep With Their Owner Especially Because She Feels Safe With Him.

Poor Nutrition

When You Will Start Giving Those Foods To The Cat Which are Not Even Made For Them and Maybe Some Cats Will Stop Eating But At The End, The Poor Nutrition Profile Foods always Creates The Problems For Your Cat.

  • Cats Like To Gain amino acids Daily Because at The End of The Day Cats Likes To Eat Meat Only and This Thing Can Fulfill Their Nutritional Diets So Protein is always Important For The Cats as It Develops Every Organ For Your Cat So That’s Why You Have To Provide Them a Good Beef and Healthy Chicken Meat So That They Grow Very Well.
  • Sometimes Try To Provide The Wet Food To The Cat Because Cats Maybe Not Like To Drink The Water Most of The Time So That’s Why You Should Have To Take Care of Them and This is Only Possible When They Gian The Water From The Food Because Water is Needed By Every Living Thing.

As Well as Cats Do Need Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Minerals as Well as Fats But When You Start Feeding Your Cat Healthy Cat Foods Then You Can Choose Those Foods in Which all These Things are Included Because If These Things in The Food Exist Then Your Cat Will Grow Easily as Well as They Have a Good Weight.


Keeps in Mind Female Cats are Smaller Than The Male Cats.

If Your Cat is So Much Small Then Maybe It Due to Because of Their Gender, Breed and Sometimes When You Can’t Fulfill The Exact Nutritional Needs of Your Cat Then With The Time It Will Start Having Impact on Their Weight as Well as On The Size.

So Always Choose The Good and Suitable Diet For Your Cat as Well as If Your Cat is Suffering From Serious Health Related Issue Then Really It Will Also Has a Negative Impact on The Cat’s Health.

If Your Cat Was Big and Now Your Cat Seems To Have Less Weight and Maybe You Have Seen a Little Bit Size Have Decreased Then You Must Have To Take Your Cat To The Vet.

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