Why is My Cat Scared of Toys? Reasons & Solution

Why is My Cat Scared of Toys

Anyone who has had a cat for a long time he knew that cats are little tricky animals and their mood keeps changing, that’s why sometimes their behavior looks completely weird but it’s a cat.

So might have seen many weird behaviors in cats but that might be new for you when they will stop playing and even start hating the toys for a certain period of time.

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If your cat is in fear a day-long then really toys can only increase their fear so when they are anxious try to stay away from them and only do those things that your pet want.

At that period she might like to play with your body that might end up biting so to avoid cats treating you as their toy you must know why are they showing scared faces when their toys are brought to them?

Why is My Cat Scared of Toys?

Cats love playing but not more than their time period. Sometimes when cats got frightened or in fear they don’t like to do anything including play. Some toys are really weird for cats that’s why she is showing a scary face to playing with that toy so choose the right toy for your cat.

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Toys?

Cat running away from toys is completely different than cats getting scared of toys because it’s their playing trick.

The toys which are usually made for only cats in reality these toys brought up a smile on their face that you can see when they touch these things and really love it. Now you might be asking then why they run away?

Cats love to have fun, especially with toys. If while playing they leave you for a few times then wait for a second because they are gonna come back to see the reaction on your face, so when cats flee while playing it only means they are very much in the game.

Why does my cat run away from toys

So if your cat sometimes does that then it’s also in their nature to have that kind of behavior with their favorite man that’s how you both are gonna enjoy whatever you are doing.

Reasons Why Your Cat is Scared of Toys:

If you have another pet and you just showcase the toys to them and then they start playing with them don’t expect the same from the cats because she is one of the most unique domesticated animals.

Sometimes things get scary if we do that’s thing repeatedly so that’s one of the common reasons why your cat just wants to get rid of the toys at that time but there can be multiple others that I am going to talk about here.

Reasons why cat is scared of toys

1. Frightened Cat

If your cat is frightened then it can do a few scary things that you never have imagined your cat will do.

Seems like your cat is a big fan of a toy but now she doesn’t even want to see them then they are in some fear that is disturbing them a lot.

Some of the things that you have done before while playing with that toy your cat might be got hurt a little like you touched their sensitive part a few times they will not like that thing suddenly until they forget their memory.

Few times when you are playing with your cat if other pets have disturbed them while playing that’s why again not get into fights with those pets they are not playing and little scared of these toys.

2. Old Not Always Gold

Yes, old humans have experienced a lot but they also changed in that period a lot same case applies to cats.

When cats start becoming older you can see a completely changed pet that has different behaviors and also has changed their habits.

Playing is also one of the habits of cats that they literally love but when cats start becoming older their interest in these things keeps getting lower, that’s why they are scared of toys now they don’t want these things anymore which is considered completely normal.

3. Teach Them How To Play

Cats tend to do interesting things but only when they knew about it so having fun with toys they might gonna love but what if they have never tried it in their life?

If you have brought a new cat into your home you want to engage with them by starting with toys but they are not loving it.

Because they don’t know how to play with that new toys you just have to explain to them in better communication and affectionately then soon you will see that scary face will always be happy when toys are brought up to them.

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4. Switching Toy

Cats usually trace the things with their scent so if some toys have a weird scent that they don’t really like then don’t bring this toy again in front of that cat.

Some toys can be a cat’s favorite if they really show their attraction towards a few toys they brought up toys you will see they will be no more scared only enjoying at that certain period of a time.

5. Enough Playing

Excess to everything is a bad idea seems like that thing cats do understand that’s why they don’t like only one thing too much in a certain period of time.

If you are playing with them for a long time and now they are scared that they are directly sending messages to you that they got rid of playing now they have other things to do.

Even after you stop playing they stop interacting with you then which means they are already overstimulated they can bite you at that certain period of time as well if you don’t leave them.

When cats get enough for the day it’s time to leave them alone then they will decide where they want to spend the rest of the day. Seems like mostly they spend alone as some private time for the cat really matters a lot.

6. Uncomfortable in a New Place

Whenever cats got replaced in a new location they miss their siblings and everything that they have left in the previous home.

So if your cat is feeling uncomfortable in front of new people then it’s completely understandable at that time your cat will feel shy for some weeks they will not like to do anything including play.

But if you have tried their old toys then they might like to play but in front of new people’s she is feeling a little anxious but behold because in a few weeks cats usually forget everything that they have left and start a new life as she is a completely independent animal.

Also, try to introduce them to everything and communicate with them so that you both have an understanding of each other because as the time passes this will helps you to make her your favorite pet. So if they start communicating and you are alone in the home then that’s the first time they will play with their toys.

7. Right Thing At a Right Time

If your cat is looking very scared of toys because you have to play with them for a long time but have missed something that is their meal so that’s why now they are looking scary.

Even after a long time you are not leaving them then they can bite you as well because cats hardly bear the hunger. Provide them their daily food then leave them so that they will do what they want.

Do the right thing at the right time because if you are going to play literally a lot of time with your cat then they might end up becoming too bored in that activity, if your cat is bored then you can do some extra things that they love.

Cats do know their treat day so if that is a treat day that you are not giving them then they will not only look scared towards their toys but also towards you, so the only way to solve that problem provide them with what you have promised.

How Cats Can Overcome Their Fear?

Well if a cat is really telling you what’s are their fears then that’s so easy to solve but how you can help your cat to overcome its fears from toys. There are simple things that you must do.

  • Introduce their favorite & attractive toys: If some of the toys that cats literally love more than any other then always try to play with this toy with your cat because overall this toy has everything to offer that is really going to help your cat in enjoy with toys.
  • Replace the old toys with new ones: There are several different toys that cats literally love like feather toys if your old toys are not working for your cat then try a new one you will see some positivity in it.
  • Choose suitable toys for cats: Always try to choose the top-rated toys for your cat. If your cat has become older then you can always go for petstages tower of tracks cat toy that literally helps your old cats in playing.

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If you keep noting all things then anyhow you will be getting rid of the scary face of your cat that they show while looking at the toys.

Cat personality really shows what is better for them also by looking at their different personality features you can go for toys also introduce these toys to your cat whichever they are gonna love simply prefer that over the others.

Do care of your cat’s boring behavior because if you keep an eye on this then you will buy different toys for your cat that will love playing as more varieties will not let them bore very soon.

The last thing cats can overcome is their fear on their own as sometimes they are not only in a fear of toys they might have to see some weird things that they think are very dangerous for them which is why they are in a defensive position now. That kind of fear usually ended in cats in a few days when you distract them completely.

Why is My Cat Scared of a Toy all of a Sudden?

Cats are in some other world because they were doing different things and all of a sudden you brought up a toy to them definitely they are going to give a not a good response.

A few times with the few toys cats do have a bad memory so if you have shown them these toys to play with again they really will be much scared even to touch them again.

Why is my cat scared of a toy all of a sudden

If your little cat has completed their daily schedule then they will not like to perform any extra activity so if you show anything to an overstimulated cat you will see a shocking reaction from them.

So choose a suitable toy also when you are playing with your cat please try to avoid touching their private sensitive parts because that thing they do not like, so if they have a good experience while playing with you they will never be scared of any toy you brought for them.

Why Does My Cat Only Play When I’m Around?

Cats sometimes play in front of you only because they have puts their trust in you and while playing if they are enjoying let them enjoy while seeing their favorite person around them.

Some cats only feel that they have to play alone because they also feel embarrassed when they are stuck on their toys that’s why if your cat wants some space give them so that they can have fun.

Why does my cat only play when I'm around


Cats are stranger animals who keep changing their behavior.

In one second they will be scared of toys in the next second they will be playing with them and having fun.

To some degree when cats saw something that has made them aggressive then they will be scared of everything even from their favorite toys.

When cats got enough of a day then they show scary behavior so play with your cat in a proper playtime and before playing if you can calm them that’s better to have a lovely fun time together.

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