Why is My Cat Peeing In Sink? Reasons and Solution

Why is My Cat Peeing In Sink

Cat Owners Faced a Lot of Problems With Their Cats and also Enjoys a Lot With Their Feline Friend.

The Elimination Problem is Not Very Common in The Cats But More Than 10-15% of Cats Do Develop This Problem.

Basically, Cats Used Litter Box For The Urination But Maybe With The Time Cats Will Not Use This Litter Box and Then The Main Problem Occurs That They Start Peeing in the Sink. What Really Force Them To Behave Like That?

Reasons Why Cat Peeing In Sink:

  • Dirty Litter Box: The Cat May Start Ignoring The Litter Box. Usually, That’s Happen When The Litter Box Will Become So Much Dirty and You Have To be Cleared That Cats are Clean Animals So They also Like Cleanliness. Some Cats Ignore Litter Box Without any Reason But These Cats Pick The Litter Box Sometimes But Inconsistently.
  • Behavioral Changes: The Cats Do Face a Lot of Behavioral Problems. You Maybe Think That You Have Given Everything To The Cat Now They Will Always Feels Comfortable But That’s Not The Case Because Most of The Time Cats Get Stressed Very Soon. Commonly When The Cats Starts Facing Health Related Problems Like Obesity and Then You Change Their Food and Many Routines Which Really Affect a Lot in Your Cat. Similarly Many People’s Visit Your House a Lot and Maybe You Adopt Them and They are Remembering Old House. If These Things are Going On The Cat’s Life Then They Will Easily be Depressed and Then You Will See The Defecation and Urination Problems in The Cats.
  • Sick Cat: If The Cat is Feeling Discomfort and Maybe Suffering From The Pain and Now They are Sick. Then Maybe They Start Thinking That They Can’t Easily Urinate Here So They Find The Other Best Option To Perform This Step Which is Maybe They End Up Peeing in The Sink.
  • Serious Medical Problems: The Medical Problems If Your Cat is Facing Especially Which Cause Infection To The Cat’s Urination Behavior Then It Will also Starts Causing The Problem. These are The Medical Problems UTI, kidney stones, or arthritis and If These are Going On Your Cat Then Maybe They Feel Pain While Urinating and at That Time The Cat also Starts Associating The Litter Box With This Problem So Their Next Best Choice For The Peeing is The Sink.
  • Age: Age Matters a Lot in The Cat Especially If You are Facing any Problem. The Elderly Cats Goes Through Many Mental and Physical Changes Which Really Affect Overall Cat Memory, Awareness and also Increases Their Intelligence. At That Time Maybe Your Cat Have Forgotten To Use The Litter Box But This is Not So Much a Permanent Problem This Can be Solved Carefully. As Well as The Young Cats Do Forget To Use The Litter Box The Only Best Way is To Train Your Cat That How To Use It.

Solutions of Cat Peeing in The Sink:

If You are Afraid That Your Cat Will Pee in Your Sink For a Whole Lifetime Then You are Wrong Because There are Solutions Which Prevent The Cat From Pee in The Sink.

If Your Cat is Avoiding The Litter Box Then You Should Have To Check The Litter Box Very Carefully That It is Neat and Clean Because Cats Don’t Like Dirty Things. If You Find Their Litter Box Dirty Then Just Clean It With The Best Method. After Cleaning If There is Still an Issue Then Your Cat Maybe Now Have Not Been Trained Perfectly That How To Use The Litter Box So You Should First Have To Give Them a Training of It as Well as Keep The Litter Box in The Right Place Where Your Cat Feels Much More Comfortable.

After Judging The Cat If You Conclude That Your Cat is Facing Some Behavioral Problems Then You Should also Have To Check That What is Really Disturbing Them and Find The Reason for Their Stress. If You Do That Then You Can Avoid Your Cat To Pee in The Sink.

The Sick Cat or The Cat Who is Suffering From The Pain Will Not Likely To Use a Litter Box at That Time Mostly You Will See They Will Pee in The Sink. So It’s Best For You To First Solve The Root of Problem Which is Their Sickness and Their Urinating Problem Which You are Facing Must be Solved After It.

The Cats Who are Suffering From The Medical Problems Like UTI, kidney stones, or arthritis Which Really Effects a Lot in Your Cat Urinatory System. So The Best Thing at That Time is That To Take The Suggestions From The Vet and also Do a Treatment of Their Because If They are Feeling Pain While Peeing Then Maybe It Will Leads Them To The Other Big Problems With The Time So Just Solved It as Soon as Possible.

When The Cats are Too Much Young at That Time They are Not Fully Trained That How To Use The Litter Box. If Your Cat is also From Those Then First You Should Have To Trained Them Perfectly. Usually, in The Old Cats, This Happens Because They Forget The Things Because at Their Age Their Mind Really Not Work Very Well So Please Don’t Change Their Routine at This Age as Well as Keep The Litter Box in The Place Where They are Used To Use It. So By Taking Proper Steps The Old Cats Will also Starts Avoiding To Pee in The Sink.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell of Cat Urine In The Sink?

When Your Cat Starts Peeing in The Sink at That Time a Huge Smell Starts Coming From The Sink So The First Thing That You Can Do is To Clean It With The Proper Enough Water and Sometimes Maybe The Hot Water Can Remove The Urine Smell on The Sink But That also Happens Very Less.

Baking Soda is Really The Perfect and Good Method To Get Rid of Smell on The Sink.

Baking Soda Solution Making
You Have To Mix 3/4 Cup of More Than Three Percent Hydrogen peroxide With The 5 ML of dish detergent and This Solution You Have To Sprinkle Over The Baking Soda and also Test a Little Bit or Small Spot.


If Your Cat is Peeing in The Sink Maybe Sometimes It Will be Only a Behavioral Changes or Maybe Your Litter Box is Too Much Dirty That They Do Not Want To Pee There.

Sometimes Cats Do Face a Lot of Medical Problems Like UTI If These are Going in Your Cat Then First You Should Have To Take Your Cat To The Vet So That They Can Solve It.

Many Cats Maybe Just Do It Because They Have Forgotten To Use It or Have Not Find It on The Right Place So Always Try To Keep The Litter Box also in The Right Place So That Cat Will Not Pee in any Other Place.

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