Why Does My Cat Stand On My Foot?

Why Does My Cat Stand On My Foot

If You Had Owned a Cat and These Kinds of Experiences is Really a Normal and Maybe You Will Wonder after It That Why Does My Cat Stand On My Foot?

There are Plenty of Reasons For It But I Will Explained All Those in This Short Article!

Why Does My Cat Stand On My Foot?

Cat Have a Huge Sense of Scent So Might Your Feet Have a Smell Which Cat’s Like. Your Feet is The Closest Part to Your Cat and By Sitting on Your Feet You Can’t Walk as Well Which is Really The Moment When Cat Enjoy The Sense of Power. It’s also Means Your Cat Loves You and Claims Their Ownership on You.

Cats are hygienic Who Likes The Cleanliness Which You Can See on The Cat Whenever any Dirt Comes on Their Body They Just Lick With It and Just Make Their Body again Clean. If Your Cat is Sitting on Your Feet Might be They Have Seen Some Uncleanliness Their and They are Just Making Your Feet Clean Which is also The Symbol of That How Much Your Cat Loves You.

At Some Moments When Cats Feels So Much Lonely and You Just Comes To Them For a Some Seconds Then Maybe If You Do This Routine For a Long Time Then When You Will again Go To Them and They Will Sit on You Feet Which Means That They Do Not Want To Make You Move. Take This Statement Positive Because Your Cat Wanted To Say to You That Please Spend Sometime With Me as Well.

Cat Knows That You Can Get Their Point So If They are Standing on Your Feet and Just Looking at You With The Love Then Maybe Now It’s The Time of The Treat of Your Cat Because For a Long Time They Have Not Got any Treat. So Just Give Them a Homemade Good Treat Which Will Shine Your Cat Face again and Maybe Then They Will Not Stand on Your Foot.

Sometimes It is Your Cat Which is Showing You That They Trust You and In an Extreme Love With You Which Means That Now They Will always be Loyal With You.

At The Initial Stage Might be Your Cat Will Not Sit on Your Feet Because Trust Takes a Time and When They Will Realized That You are a Caring Person Then They Will Come Close To You and Will Start Sitting on Your Feet as Well as a Symbol of Love and Peace.

Keeps in Mind That Cat Mostly Sit on Owners Feet When They are Not Moving and If You are Judging Them While Moving That’s Not Good Just Sit and See Your Cat Will Sit on Your Feet Which Sometimes also Feels Good to You Because You Give Love To The Cat and He also Returns It.

Some People Finds This Disturbing Because Sometimes Might be They Bite on Your Feet But Actually This Happens Sometimes When You Wanted Them To Sit on Your Feet after Spending a Lot of Time With Them. Simply If They are Biting again and again Then Please Take Them To Their Room Because They Wanted a Space at That Time.

If The Cat is Not Gaining Some attractions From You For a Long Time Then Maybe They Do This So That You Will be affected Towards Them and The Bond Between You and Your Cat Which Was Lost Will again Starts Rising.

Why Does My Cat Stand With One Paw On My Foot?

Sometimes Maybe at The Night-Time When You are Sleeping Your Cat Comes Next To You and Stand on Your Foot With The One Paw It’s Means That They are Just in Love With You and In Their Paw, Their Sweet Glands also Like The Smell of Your Foot So Might be They Just Touch You Paw and Might be Stand on Your Foot Both are a Symbols of Love and Their affection Towards You. It’s as Well Means That They Care about You a Lot.

Seems Like Maybe Your Cat is Doing This When They Were aggressive But No They are Just Wanted To be Close With You and Maybe This is Their Play Time and They Wanted To Start It By Standing One Paw on Your Foot.

Why Does My Cat Walk On My Feet?

The Cat Not Only Walk on Your Feet But Also Can Walk Under Your Feet Simply They Just Want Your attraction and This Thing Might Have Different Meanings.

If Cat is Walking on Your Feet and Taking You any Place Then This Place Must be The Kitchen Because Now They are Hungry and Wanted To Eat Some Fresh Thing So That Energy Level Will Increase in Them.

A New Cat Might Do These Kinds of Things So That They Will Know What Your Nature Towards Them and If Really You Give Them a Positive Response Then For a Complete Life They Will be around You Happily and Not Only They Will Happy They Will also Try to Make You Happy.


Cat Like To See Attraction From Their Owners So They are Standing on Your Foot To Just Gain It as Well They Wanted To Say to You That How Much They Love You!

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