Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me And Not My Husband?

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me And Not My Husband

The New Owners of The Pet Maybe Surprised To See The Love and Affection From The Cats Because They Just Know That Cats are Only Playful Animals But Actually They Love Their Guardians So Much.

Maybe You Owned a New Cat and You Have Given Them a Room To Live in But Still If They Come Into Your Bed To Sleep Next To You Then Maybe You Got Surprised Because Most of The Cats Sleep With Their Owners.

Cat Do Have a Favorite Person and If The Cat Maybe Choose Him To Sleep With Maybe That Will Disturb The Other Owners But At The End If You Build a Strong Bond With The Cats They Will always Gives You a Positive Response.

Really Why Cat Decides To Sleep With Whom (How Do Cats Choose Who To Sleep With?) and Really Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me And Not My Husband? In This Article I Will Explained All Things So Stay Tuned.

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me And Not My Husband?

Cats Like To be Warm. They Sleep Only With Those Person Whom They Trust The Most and always Feels Safe For Them. They are Sleeping With You Because Your Husband Maybe Most of The Time Not in The House and You are in The House and Has a Stronger Bond With Your Cat Than Your Husband. So At The End In The Night They Will Just Like To Sleep With You.

Caring always Gives The Rewards So Whenever Cat Behaves Likes That Way It is Showing Their Love and Affection For You So You Just Also Have To Response Them Very Positively That If They Love You Then You also Loves Them.

Picking Up The Place at The Night Especially at The Cool Seasons Your Bed is also Warm Which is Why You are Warm Then Maybe They Will Just Sleep On You Because It Keeps Them Warmth Which Cat Loves. If at That Time You Just Go To The Bathroom and Comes Again to The Bed Then You Will See That They Will again Jump on to You Because They Wanted To be Warm.

Cat Picking Up The Person For Sleeping is Really Depend Upon On The Cat Because Maybe Sometimes Your Guests Have Arrived and They Maybe Sleep With Them Because at That Time They are Showing That You Love My Owner and I also Loves You.

If Your Husband Has Not Build a Strong Bond With The Cat Or Maybe Not Giving Much Love and attention To The Cats Especially Not Playing With Them Then Maybe Your Husband Bond Will Starts Breaking With The Cats and If You are With Your Cats in Every Situation Then Really No Matter They Will Not Only Sleep With You But also always Follows You Wherever You Go in The House.

Why Your Cat is Sleeping With You?

If a Cat is Sleeping With any Person Then Maybe Due to That’s Reasons.

Calm Person

Maybe Your Cat Has already Slept With Your Husband For Many Times But At The Night Your Husband Changes Their Positions a Lot of Time and Maybe You Can Call It Your Husband is Not So Much Calm Person Which is Why They Leave Him and Finds You Much More Calmer Which is Why They are Sleeping With You.

Safety and Comfort

Cat At The Night always Fears So Much Because They Got a Small Size and They are Wild animals Due to Which At The Night Maybe At The Home Their Predators Can Attack on Them So That They are Sleeping With You Because They Think That They are Safe With You. They Trust You More Than Anyone Because They Knew That You Can Safe Them From The Attacks. So Cats Take The Safety Very Seriously Because At The Night They Saw Many Dreams in Which They Think They are in The Danger and Maybe Sometimes in The Night They Can be attacked So It’s Your Duty That Who Trusts You Let’s Just Prove This Right To Them.

Cats are Creatures of Comfort. For Their Comfort, They Can Do anything Especially at The Night They Wanted To Sleep at The Comfortable Place Maybe You Will See That Sometimes Cats Not Just Sleep on You But On Your Bed One Sides Which is Showing That This Place is Giving Comfort To Them. Sometimes Even On The Room Sides, They Sleep Maybe They Feel This Place Much Safer and also This Place is Providing Them Comfort as Well. So If They are Sleeping With You Might be Not Only For Love But also For Comfort.

Warm Place

Cats Natural Temperature is Almost 4 Degree Greater Than The Humans Which is Showing That Cats Likes The Warm Places Especially at The Night To Have a Comfortable Sleep.

So Maybe They are Sleeping On You, On Your Feet or Lap Because It Keeps Them Warm and They Especially Do These Kinds of Things in The Cool Seasons Because They Can’t Bear It Lonely So That’s Why They Come Near To You.

Maybe You Thinking That It is Way of Love But Maybe It Will Not be Their Affection It is Just Their Need Which They already Have Fulfilled By Sleeping With You and Having a Comfortable Night as Well.

You Knew It Better That Your Bed is also Warm So Maybe They are Sleeping any Part of The Bed Not on to You.

Strong Bond or Attachment

There are Many Different Things Which Helps The Cats To Decide That Whom With They Sleep Especially If In Your House is Too Many Persons and Maybe Everyone Loves The Cat Then How?

So Maybe Your Husband Will Not Have So Much Attachment and Not Have a Strong Bond With The Cat as You Have So as Cats Prefer The One Human To Every Other That is With Them Maybe That’s You.

In fact, Cats Lives Their Most of The Time Not With any Person But Lonely But Still When They Live With any Person With Much More Affection Than The Other Then They Will Feels That It is Their Mother If You Owned Them From Their Kittenhood and Will also Sleep With You.

Cats Have a Natural Process in Them Especially When Linking To The Humans Because The Most of The House Cats Comes From The Wild and That’s Why Maybe They Sleep With anyone Whom With They Think That They Will Have a Huge Chance of Survival and also If a Cat Builds a Regular Habit To Sleep With You Then Maybe No One Can Stop Them Loving You.

How To Change Cat’s Sleeping Behavior?

Your Cat is Sleeping With Too Much and You Wanted That Your Husband also Enjoy These Pleasures.

As Earlier I Have Explained All The Things Which is Why Cats Basically Choose To Whom With They Wanted To Sleep But It is Not Overnight Process as Your Husband Have Not Bond With Your Cat First They Have To Stay With Them a Lot of Time.

When Your Husband is Staying With Your Cat at That Time Try To Play With Them and always Entertain Them. When They Wanted To Live Their Rest of Day alone Then Understand It and Leave Them in Their Room.

Where Your Husband Sleeps Might Be You Can Make a Comfortable and Friendly Place Their For The Cats Because If The Cat Will Start Living Their At The Night Then Soon They Will Start Realizing The Love of Their Other Owner and When Cat Love anyone They Likes To be With Them at Every time Whether at The Night or at The Day.

You Can’t Change The Natural Behavior in The Cats But Love and a Strong Bond Will Help You To Change and With The Time You Will See That Your Cat Will Not Have a Strong Bond With You But also With Your Husband.

The Minimum Time a Cat Takes To Have Bond With any Person is Near To The 2 Months But Maybe Sometimes It Will Takes a Long Time To Build a Bond With You and With The Cats. When You Have a Bond With The Cats Then Definitely You Can Expect That Your Cat Will Sleep With You.

How Do Cats Choose The One Person To Another?

As I Explained Above Cats Have a Person Whom They Preferred So Much.

We Can’t Say That We are The Favorite Person of Our Cat While The Cat Will Response in This Matter and Will Told Us That Who is Their Favorite Person or Preferred Person (Do Cats Have a Favorite Person?).

There are a Plenty of Reasons Cat Maybe Choose The One Person Over The another and Most of Them I Already Explained.

If You are The Person Who Spends Their Most of Time in The House Maybe Your Work For Office at The Online But Stayed at The Home and Whenever Your Cat Comes To You Then You Showed Them a Huge Love and Affection Then Must Be You are The One Whom Cats Will Preferred So Much.

You Play a Lot With The Cats and You are The One Who Can Understand Most of The Behaviors of Your Cats Then You are Their Favorite Person Whom They Love So Much Than any Other Maybe It Will Your Husband.

It Does Not Mean That Cat Does Not Love Your Husband or any Other in The House. It is Just Showing That Your Cat Feels Much Safe and Secure With You Because You Gives Them attention More Than any else.

So When You and Your Husband Will Start Treating Them Equally Then Maybe You Will Both Their Preferred Person’s But It’s Totally Dependent On The Cats at The End That Whom They Will Preferred Than The Other.


Cat Trusts Them Most Who Loves Them Most So If They are Sleeping With You Not With Your Husband It’s Means That You are The One Who is Their Favorite Person.

Cats Like To be Warm So Sleeping With You Keeps The Cat Warmth Which is Why They are also Sleeping With You as They Wanted To Have a Comfortable Sleep at Night.

Simply You Gives Them attention and Love More Than anyone That’s Why They Will Not Only Sleep With You But also The Whole Play With You and Will Share Their Love Feelings For You as Well.

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