Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail?

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail

Cat owners normally can understand their pet’s language with their behavior if they are slapping you with their tail they want to say something to you or might want to catch your attention but there can be many other reasons to know that stay tuned here!

Cats often talk with their owners with their body language and also with verbals that’s the reason cat owners can easily communicate with their cats because both have good chemistry with each other that’s why they tend to have affection for each other as well.

If your cat slaps with your tail you might be wondering why they are doing it. We have a lot of research from different cat owner reviews also will like to explain why they do they show this behavior often?

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Well, this is a normal behavior sometimes might be out of fear they are doing it. But most of the time they just want to show their affection toward you.

Why Does My Cat Slap Me With His Tail?

Little Kitty is sitting at your feet, slapping you with his tail showing their affection towards you. They might want to take your attraction that all-female, adult and little kitty normally do. They just want to show you they have a deep attraction towards you as you have for them although sometimes when cats are in anxiety they can also slap at your tail.

Reasons Why Cat Usually Slap You With His Tail:

There are normally different behaviors cat shows and cat owners can easily intercept them because living with cats for a long time you tend to understand their language.

That’s how if your cat hits with a tail that is also one of the behavior they might be doing only to show affection or there can be multiple reasons why your feline friends tend to do that.

1. They Are Petting You

If a cat is around you and might have seen you after a long time then they will try to do different things to show that they love you.

But most the cats normally perform this behavior because they are actually showing that their affection for you is only increasing as the time passing. Also, they are showing you love because you have a lot of love for them in your heart.

As cats have very different ways to show their love towards their owner that might be one of their stranger’s behavior but it always ends up well as you are going to answer them with much more affection.

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2. Try To Stay Away From Their Way

Yes if cats are showing sudden movements and you are coming in their way they might hit you with their tail so they just want to say you are in their way so please give them the way.

If you brought something near to your little cat and she is not a big fan of it they might hit you to show their fear of this thing which they thought can cause harm to them.

Cat has a different plan to communicate with you so if you are doing something which they don’t like so they might be doing that because they are feeling a lot of dissatisfaction so just do something else and don’t come in your cat’s way so that you both have a good time together.

3. Irritation

Irritation is a common behavior in almost all the cats when got irritated sometimes they got furious as well so might that’s the reason the fast-hitting of their tail to you is the sign that they are very much irritated now.

Sometimes cats overall don’t like humans, especially kids who keep disturbing them when they want to be alone so they might hit you in the leg to show that they want to be alone, overall at that time it’s better to leave your cat to have an alone time so that their irritation can also come to an end.

A few times when cats see different animals they became aggressive as they are not a big fan of different animals so they are very much irritated at that time so it’s better to keep them away from these animals, now you can leave your disturbing pet alone so he can have his time good.

4. Interest

When a cat has an interest in something they can’t leave the room before seeing it as they are curious creatures who love to explore everything, especially if anything scent is attracting them towards it.

So if you have brought up some food from the markets but that’s for you and you are trying to put this into a fridge but they are not allowing you because of their interest in it.

At that time they will gently be hitting you to show they want it if that is something which your cat can have as a treat then why not give it to them so that they will start their day better in pretty happiness.

5. Eating Time

Cats eat at their proper time because they knew better the time, that’s why sometimes might be you got missed little timetable they will hit you with affection at the once.

When cats got very hungry at that time the only thing they have affection is food.

But they can hit you with their tail hard as well because no one can survive the food so it’s better to take your cat to the kitchen and brought up the very necessary meat for them so that they enjoy it.

Also, make sure they eat their proper diet at the proper time overfeeding your cat can leads to different problems like excess calories might help them in only one thing i.e gaining weight.

If they are demanding food many times a day you know that’s never gonna be better for your cat’s health so you only let them do it soon when this method will not work they will stop doing it.

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6. Scared

If your cat is wrapping their tail around your legs it does means that they are scared or might be having some fear.

That usually they do when they saw something which they don’t like or they have seen some animal whom he fears so they are holding you because he trusts you.

Sometimes wherever you go they come behind you although it looks strange at that time they are very much scared of being alone so they only want to have time with you.

Sometimes cats became anxious even when many humans come around them which they have never seen before so at this time they want to just wrap up their tails around your arms so that they can feel safe around you because you are the one in whom cats have a trust.

7. Anger

When cats got angry they really became mad so you can expect everything from them, they might tear up your favorite chair to you their anger might be because of you or some incident has happened to them which has made them so angry.

As cats show affection in a very cool mode when they got angry they became annoying, the only thing you can do is to find a way to cool down your cat and start having a better day with them.

Sometimes angry cats are very difficult to hold on you can also take some advice from your vet that what is a problem with your cat or try to solve it. The better way is to show them affection always also provide them their favorite treat and keep them distracted so that they forget the incident and also will stop hitting you with their tail.

8. Greeting You

Across the world, humans greet in a very different way to each other for a better day and life so cats have their own way to greet their favorite man.

Imagine you are coming from an office having a bad day but your cat comes around you softly wrap around your legs this day because your pet might ends up pretty well for you.

Moreover, cats do understand the behavior so to feel good they can do this which will have a long-lasting effect on your nature.

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9. Attention Seeking

Cats are attention-seeking animals who always interact with their owners.

If a cat is hitting with his tail many times it might be seeking your attention. At that point, you can’t really bear it because they became too much annoying in doing that you must have to respond.

If they are really feeling that even with you they are not gaining the attention they will keep doing it for several reasons i.e hungry or for fun they want.

Cats are very interesting animals in this regard especially in fun so you can provide them with their toys so that they can have a fun time usually they enjoy it a lot.

That method of attention-seeking with this way if have worked in the past to gain some treat from you they want it if you can really give them a treat that would be too better or you can distract them in playing their toys.

What Really It Means When A Cat Brushes Its Tail Against You?

Cats rarely brush up against any person but if they do that with you then you might be happy because you are their favorite person whom they really love so don’t get it wrong that it is an annoying sign no way it is completely your cat affection sign towards you.

On the base of your cat’s tail, they have a scent gland so they rub up against their tail you only leave their scent on their favorite person for which they have a lot of admiration that also sent a message to other pets that you are their man.

Cats usually don’t brush their tail against any new person whoever they are meeting in the very first place that is only for a person which is special for cats and they are sending this loud message by leaving their scent on you.

They do that often also if you have come back home after a long period then they will rub up against you only to leave their scent again on you, that is something which you must notice they really do it in a very soft and affectionate mood.

So if your cat usually does that with you then you are their man who they always want to be around also they trust you a lot as in return you also have provided them their favorite treats or always find a way to bring up a smile on their face.

What Really It Means When A Cat Brushes Its Tail Against You


When cats slap you with their tail it definitely does not means that they are mad at you this can have multiple meaning i.e they might want attention or they might be in fear.

During the time of sleep, your cat moves their tail back and forth and in fear, if you are around them then they can wrap up their tail around your arms so at different times movements of their tail have different meanings.

Anyway, you can judge mainly from cat behavior if they have slapped their tail against you at that time if they are mad then they want something or if they have touched it smoothly then they just want your attention as you are their favorite man.

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