Why Do Cats Meow Before They Poop? Real Reason Explained

Why Do Cats Meow Before They Poop

Cats Have So Many Natural Behavior and Many Habits Which Maybe Sometimes Shock To You Especially If You Had Bought a New Cat.

So Maybe Your Cat Start Meowing Before Pooping and You are Worried and Looking For The Answer to The Question Why Do Cats Meow Before They Poop? Then Stay Tuned Here!

Why Do Cats Meow Before They Poop?

Cats are Creatures of Comfort So Maybe Your Cat is Suffering From Serious Health Problems Like Urinary Tract Infection, Painful Bowel Movements, or Cystitis. But Most of The Time Your Cat Meow Only To Give You a Signal That They are Going To Poop. They also Sometimes Meow To Scare Their Predators.

Sometimes Maybe The Box is So Much Dirty That Your Cat Starts Crying Before Pooping and They are Giving You a Signal That Brought Up a Neat and Clean Box But If After It The Problem is Not Solving Then It’s Means This is Just Their Natural Behavior Which They Developed From Their Early Age.

If Your Cat is Not Suffering From any Health Problems Then Maybe Your Cat is Saying To You That Clean The Poop as Soon as Possible Because Cat Has a Huge Sense of Smell and Maybe They Not Like This Smell.

Some Cats Not Meow Before Pooping or Meow Only In Some Occasions If That is Going On Then Please You Had To Check Your Cat Very Deeply Maybe She is Suffering From Pain or Serious Health Related Problems Arise in Her.

Basically, If You Want To Check That Your Cat is Suffering From Serious Health Related Problems Then You Can Check It By Their Sounds If These Sounds are More Frequent Than The Normal and also Your Cat is Producing High Pitched Sounds Then Definitely Your Cat is Going Through The Pain and Now Take It To Your Vet ASAP.

Serious Health Problems:

If Your Cat is Producing High Pitched Sounds Then It’s Means That Your Cat is in The Pain and That Pain Will Not Be Only The Urinary Tract Infection. There are plenty of Other Health Problems Will arise in Your Cats Because of Meowing Before The Pooping Simply Explaining That Your Cat is Living a Depressed or Maybe Painful Life So These Potential Issues Must be Solved as Soon as Possible.

Your Cat Stomach Maybe Upset and Maybe They are Suffering From Digestive Related Problems That’s Why They are Crying Before The Poop.

Maybe Your Cat Got a Disease Named Cystitis and It also Occurs in The Cats When They are Going Through The Urinary Tract Infection So It Will be Better If You Will Solve The Root of Problem.

Why Would Cat Meow After Using The Litter Box?

If Your Cat is Not Meowing Before The Pooping Then Maybe You Think That They Can’t Poop After Using The Litter Box But It is Not Right.

Many Cats Meow After Using The Litter Box So Why They are Doing It?

Most of The Cats are Territorial So Maybe Any Cats Have Enter into Their Territory and Disturbing Them Maybe That’s Why She is Meowing Now. So It’s Completely a Territorial Based Issue.

But When They are Showing This Behavior at That Time Your Duty is To Take Your Cat To The Vet So That They Can Explain all The Things as Vet Knows More Than You or Us.

The Old Age Maybe an Issue Because When Cats Starts Becoming Old at That Time Mostly They are Depressed and Starts Living a Stressful Life and Maybe After Pooping They Start Meowing as Well Which is Showing That This is Just an Age Issue No More Than That and Simply They Will Do Many Wired Things in The Old Age.

Why My Cats Meow So Much?

Meowing of The Cats is Totally Dependent On The Type of The Breeds Because Some Breeds Like Siamese If You Have Then You Know That How Much They Meow Because It is Natural In Them.

Cats Maybe Meow To Ask Us Different Things or Maybe They are Meowing Because They Want To Say Us Hello. When Something Wrong Happens To Them They also Meow at That Time Keeps in Mind That Cats Don’t Meow With The Each Other or With The Cats Because Most of The Time With The Cats They Just Communicate By yowling.

They Meow Mainly To Communicate With The Humans But If You Owned a New Kitten or Kitten They Maybe Meow So Much Because It is General That Kitten Meow Maybe They are Hungry or Sometimes Feels Unsafe So At That Time Yo Have To Provide Them a Comfort.

Meowing Before The Pooping or Sometimes After The Pooping also Become a Habit in Some of The Cats So If You Will Look Into Their Face You Can Realize That They are Enjoying It To Do So But If They are in The Pain Then The Depressed Face Will Tell You Better.

What If Cats Defecates Outside Of The Litter Box?

If Your Cat Defecates Outside of The Litter Box The Main Thing at That Time You Have To Note That Is After That You Have Taken Her To The Vet Because Maybe Some Serious Problems They are Suffering.

But If They Still Defecate Outside of The Litter Box Then You Have To Keep The Litter Box Very Clean and also Clean It After They Poop Because Cats Even Not Like This Smell and If The Dirty Litter Box They are Facing again and again They Will Starts Defecting Outside Of The Litter Box and Maybe With Time It Will Become Their Habit.

Sometimes Cats Repeats The Process as History Repeats Itself, Yes If They Had Defecated Outside of The Litter Box Then Maybe They Will Come at The Place again and again To Poop Here So Just Clean Their Poop From The Place and Keep The Litter Box in a Healthy Environment Then They Will Not Try To Poop Outside of The Litter Box.

How Does Unhealthy Cat Poop Look Like?

Maybe You Can Decide The Healthy Bowl Movements in Your Cats By Observation But What If The Cat Poop is also Unhealthy and If The Cat Have Abnormal Poop Then How It Will Be Look Like? Or Might be You are Thinking That Your Cat is Going Through From Many Serious Problems But Poop Maybe Tell You That It is Not as Much Wired As You Think.

  • The Poop You Can Notice If It is Soft Then It is Not Unhealthy But If is Too Much Hard Then It Sounds Like an Unhealthy Poop.
  • Liquid Poop is also Showing The Unhealthy Bowel Movements or If The Poop is Too Much Darkish Then It is Showing That There Also a Blood in The Poop Which is Why It is Recommended To Take Your Cat To The Vet If That’s Kind of Serious Issue Arises.

If The Poop is Passed in a Single Piece or Maybe Sometimes in The Many Small Pieces It is Showing a Healthy Bowel and Medium Brown Color Soft Poop If You Have Seen Then There is No Doubt That Your Cat Poop is Normal and They are Not Suffering From any Problem in This Matter.

What Should I Do If My Cat Meows Before Pooping?

If Your Cat Meows Before Pooping and They are Repeating It For a Long Time Then Maybe This is a Habit But Sometimes This is Not.

Watch Your Cat That How It is Using The Litter Box If They are Not Using It Then Just Cleans It. If They are Using It Then Look at Them How Much Time Your Cat is Taking To Produce The Bowel Movements as Well as You Have To Look at The Shape or Color of The Poop So That You Can Judge That Is This Poop is From The Healthy Bowel Movement or Not. Keep Monitors Them When They Poop and How Many Times They Poop or They are Pooping So Much From The Previous Days. These Kinds of Things Must be Noticed and If You Can Solve It Then Solve But Vet is Recommended as They Can Solve It in a Better Manner.

Always Listen To The Meow of Your Cat Whether It is Chattery or High Pitched If This is a High Pitched Sound Then Maybe It’s Time To Take Your Cat To The Vet.

As This Sounds Maybe Sometimes It Will Not be Wired Because Some Cats Who Goes at The Old Age They Just Do It Because They are in The Depression or Now Always Feels Insecure as Cats also Use This To Scare Away Their Predators.


The Cats Have Different Breeds and all are Different Than Each Other Some Meow All The Time But Some Meow at The Specific Time When They Want To Communicate or Want To Play With You.

If Your Cat is Meowing Before The Poop Then Don’t Take It as an Offensive Thing Because Maybe Your Cat Just Wanted To Tell To You That They Want To Poop or Maybe They Prefer That You Watch Them in The Restroom as Well.

Sometimes If The High Pitched Sounds You also Hear From The Cats Before The Pooping Then The Matter Will be Different Because Now They are Suffering From The Pain That’s Why It is Very Important That You Take Them To The Vet and Solved The Root of The Problem at The Initial Stage.

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