13 Amazing Welsummer Chicken Facts

Welsummer Chicken Facts

Welsummer is One of The Best Dutch Chicken Breed That Was Produced in The Netherland Village Named as Welsum Which is Found in The Eastern Netherland So Clearly Their Name Also Derived From This Small Village. Now It Can Be Seen in America and also all around The Globe. This Chicken Breed was a Bred of Many Mixed Origin in Which The Main and Well Known are Rhode Island Reds Chickens, Cochins Chickens, and Wyandottes Chickens, etc. They Commonly Used For ornamental Purposes and Many Other Chicken Breeds also Used For This Purpose But This is One of The Best Examples of The Show Bird also. There are Many Awesome Welsummer Chicken Facts Which I am Talking Now.

13 Amazing Welsummer Chicken Facts

1) Welsummer Chicken History

In The Early 20th Century The Researches Starts Performing on This Chicken and Well Many Things Has been Used To Make This Chicken Breed Especially Taken The Help of Other Breeds Play a Very Big Role in The Development of This Intelligent Chicken Breeds. As Far as This Chicken Breed is Concerned People Can be Use This Chicken For Many Purposes But When This was Under Development in The Netherland Then at That Time This Was Just Made Up as a Show Bird. In 1928 After The Development of This Chicken Breed This Was First Imported in Holland and Then This Breed Became a Favorite of This Country’s People Due to Their Pretty Look and also a Decent Style They Hold. In The Small Villages Of The Welsum, This Was Developed and This Chicken Breed Luckily Have The Mixed Origin to The Many Other Similar Breeds. In The Netherland When This Chicken Was Brought To The Big Cities Then after Their Popularity in Holland This Takes This Breed To Come into The Other European Countries also Included America and After Coming to America This Breed Was Generally Submitted To The American Poultry Association and This Comes on The American Standard also. After a Lot of Time, This was also Spread To The Asian Countries and Now They are also Famous among The Asian People’s. For The ornamental Purposes, Many Breeds Have been Made and This is One of The Best From Them.

2) Friendly With The Humans & Intelligence

This Large and Active Bird is Commonly Known as Their Friendly Nature Towards The Humans and Them always Thankful To all Those Humans Who Takes Care of Them Like Their Own Child and They Have a Huge Emotions and Love Feelings For Them Which They Can Express in Many Different Ways. If You Have a Small flock of This Breed Then Might be You See That all of Them Were always be Kindful and Grateful to You If You Leave Them With Their Friends or With Their Community Where They Belongs. They Can Easily Live in Your Garden Without any Disturbance. They Can Fly But Most of The Time They Just Open Their Wings to be Enjoy The Weather and Show Their Beauty To Everyone. You Can Find Them Easily Around You and Whenever You Starts Feeding Them Then From That Time to The Time When You Will again Meet Them at That Time They Will Come Towards You Because They Can Remember Many Faces and also Those Person’s Who Feed Them With The Love and With The Huge Emotions. They are also Friendly With Your Child and If You are Looking For The Chicken Who Can Easily Live With Your Family also Then Might be This Chicken Breed is Definitely For You. Sharing The Love is The Main Key That They Have Because Whenever Their Owner Comes Towards Them They Feel Happy and Shows Their Huge Gratitude Towards You Only Because You Loves Them and They are Loyal to Their Master or Owner.

They are One of The Active Birds on The Earth and They always Like to be Free From Their Coop and Visit The Many Places as They Can. Commonly They Have Many Friends in Their Community That’s For Their Entertainment Purposes and also That’s Shows Their Intelligence That Whenever The Hens Lays The Fertile Eggs or Lay Normal Eggs at That Time The Hens Request to Their Friend to be Close With This Egg So That any of Their Predator Can’t Eat Them and Then They Can be Find Some Feed Which They Have to Be Used again and For Their Chicks also. They also Use Their Intelligence in The Different Sounds Which They Had to Make To be Got alarmed If any Danger is Coming Up Which Helps Them to Face Every Big and Small Problem That is Coming Towards Them.

3) Their Varieties and Use

There are Mainly Three Varieties of This Chicken Breed Who are Named as Gold Duckwing, Partridge, Silver Duckwing. All of Their Varieties Have been Used For The Many Purposes But The Main Thing is That These all are Show Bird and also These Dual Purpose Birds Which You Can Keep Them For The Many Things Maybe You Use Them For Your Eating Purpose or Maybe For The Eggs. They Can Lay Upto 180 Eggs in a Year. Sometimes They Can be Seen as The Good Layers Than The Many Other Chicken Breeds Like Brahma Chicken. You Can See All of Their Varieties If You Can’t Use Them For The any Purpose Then They Can Be Used as a Show Bird and also They Can Feel Your Emotions and Love Which Means That If You Loves Them Then in The Return all of Their Varieties Will Loves You as This is One of World’s Best Friendly Nature Chicken Breeds. They are Commonly So Much Rare all around The Globe. Maybe Sometimes Their Roosters Seems to be aggressive But It is also Less Seen Which Means That You Can Easily Say That This is One of Finest and Best Chicken Breeds Who Behave Friendly With The Humans and They are also For The Children Means That They Will Make Your Children Face More Smile and They Will also Feels So Much Relax When They Come Towards This Amazing Chicken Breed.

4) Body, Diet & Predator

This is One of The Large Birds Who Have a Large Tail and They Have a Strong Short Beak With Ear Lobes That are almond Shape. Their Yellow Legs also Looks So Much Beautiful and Pretty at The First Look. This Active Bird Maybe Seems to be a Huge in a Body But That Does Not Mean That They are aggressive also But That’s Means They are More Friendly and also Intelligent. Their Weight Can be Around 7 lb. Their Body Coloring Might be Seems to Black and also Their Height is Large Which Shows That They Can Fight For The Many Seasons also But Many Time The Problem Can be Created as The Season Change.

This Chicken Breed Might be Seem to Large Which Means That You Have To Feed Them More For Their Proper Health and Might be This Will Increase Their Expected Lifespan. They Can Eat More Like Jersey Giant Chicken But Might be Eat Less Than Them as They Have Less Weight and Height Than Them But You Can also Give This Breed Proteins But The Thing That Must be Considered is That Sometimes You Can Give Them Calcium and Dry Fruits also But The Care Must be adopted If You Choose This Way But The Main Thing is That Their Intelligence Can Easily Show That What They Wanted to Eat Mostly They Can Eat all The Things Which Can be Feed to any Other Chickens Breeds.

The Unique Type of The Coloring You Can See On Their Body Which Helps Them To camouflage Them From Their Predators and Basically Their Predators are Same Like The Any Other Big Bird Chicken Breeds Predators. Whenever You Keeps Them at any Place They Can Easily Judge That Their Predator is Here or Not With Their Different Manipulating Sounds and Voices Which is The amazing Welsummer Chicken Facts.

5) Habitat and Population

This Chicken Breed Was Simply Comes From The Netherland Small Village Welsum and at The Starting When This Was Developed Their Then This Starts Coming to The Other European Countries also in Which The Main are America, Australia and British But in Australia This Chicken Breed Gains a Lot of Fame. You Can Easily Keep Them in any Rural or in The Urban Backyard and They Show The Friendly and Docile Nature Towards Everyone. Whenever any Chicken Breed Originates From The Euproe Then The Main Thing Must be Considered is The Winter Weather of Europe and That’s Why This Chicken Breed also Have a Heavyweight Which Helps Them to be Fit Them Easily in The Winter. They Can be Create Sometimes Problem For You in The Summer and That’s Weather Create Problems For Many European Chicken Breeds But in This Seasons If You Proper Take Care of Them Then This Problem Can Easily Be Solved.

The Welsummer Chicken Gains a Lot of Fame in Australia as well as Where It Got Developed Means Holland or Netherland. Now Commonly Where The Chickens Lovers Lives You Can Easily See This Breed Their Also Which Shows Their Importance and also This is also one of The Main Reason of Their Population is Increasing on The World. There is No Conservative Status of This Specie Which Shows That Gradually It is Increasing.

6) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

They are Not Known For Their Broody Nature But You Can Hatch The Eggs From Them But It is Less Seen That’s Why You Can Hatch Their Eggs From The Best Breeds Who Have a Good Broody Nature Like Silkie Chicken. So Normally If You Wants Them To Sit on Their Fertile Eggs Then They Can Take The Normal Days Like The Any Other Chicken Breed Can Take. They Can Lay Upto 180 Large Dark Brown Color Eggs in a Year. Their Hens are Not Known as The Best Mothers.

They Can Live a Really Good and Well Life If You Keeps Them in Their Perfect Habitat and Feed Them Perfect Then Maybe You Can See That They Can Easily Live around 9 Years. Well, The Proteins and any Other Nutrients Does Not Increase The Lifespan But It Will Helps This Chicken to Live an Expected Life.

Welsummer Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Young Chicks Price is around $5.25.
  • Normally It is Known in The Public That The Roosters Have More Weight This Case is also Similar Which Shows That The Roosters Can be Weight around 7 lb and Hens is Weight around 6 lb. Their Size is Large and This Size Helps Them to Look More Beautiful and Perfect.
  • Their Eggs Size is Usually Large and Their Egg Color is Dark Brown. They Can Lay up to 180 Eggs in a Year. It is also Seen in The Public That When They Start Laying Eggs From That Winter They Can Lay Eggs Throughout the Whole Winter. That’s Why in These Days You Don’t Need any other Thing To Do a Breakfast Because This Provides You a Spicy and Tasty Breakfast Daily.
  • They Can be Mature at The Very Small Age. When They Reach at The 16 to 24 Weeks at That Time They are Mature and Soon after The Two Months Maybe They Start Laying The Eggs also.
  • This is One of The Intelligent and Calm Birds Who Also Likes To Live With Humans Especially If You Have a Big Family Then Definitely It’s For You.
  • Many of This Breed Had Lived More Than 1o Years Which is More Than average This is Only Because of The Perfect Habitat That They Gain to achieve This Lifespan.
  • In The Mid 20th Century, This Chicken Became So Much Famous in Australia as well as in America.


I Mentioned all of The Amazing Welsummer Chicken Facts Which Summary or Conclusion is That This Chicken Breed is Normally Can be Found in The European Countries. If You are Looking For a Loyal, Friendly and Intelligent Chicken Then Definitely This Chicken Breed is For You. They Have More Lifespan Than The Many Other Chicken Breeds as Well as They Can Easily be Safe From Their Predators Due to Their Intelligence.

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