15 Fascinating Silkie Chicken Facts

Silkie Chicken Facts

Silkie Chicken is The Famous Chicken Breed Which is also Named Silkie Because of Their Fluffy Plumage. They are Considered as The Good Pets For The Children also Which is The Interesting Silkie Chicken Facts. You Can Easily Keep Them But Obviously The Pets Required Special Treatment always So Provide Them also. They Have a Broody Nature Which also Means That For Hatching Other Eggs We Can Take Helps From Them For The Many Other Chicken Breeds and also From The Many Different Birds. They are Living in China and also They are Developed Here But Now You Can See Them in America and all around The Globe also.

15 Fascinating Silkie Chicken Facts

1) Silkie Chickens are Fluffy & Black Skins and Black Bones

Their Feathers are Fluffy Because They Don’t Have The barbs Which Can Hold Them Down Which Maybe Create Some Problem For Them But They Have a Body Structure and Many Genes Like That Which Helps Them in The Cold Temperature to Live Because in Cold They Can Feel More Cold Due to Their Fluffy Feathers. They Can Easily Live in The Coop When The Winter Comes Up. That’s Why Due to This Quality They Maybe Feel Like silk and satin. Their Fluffy Feathers Can Help Them in The Many Things Which Helps Them to Take a Many Natural Benefit also. Their Skin Seems to be Black and They Have Black Bones Which Makes Them a Complete Different Birds Than Their Other Species.

2) They are Good Pets and Friendly With Humans

They are Considered as The Good Pets Due to Their Fluffy Plumage and Due to This Reason, They Can’t Fly So If in The House The Children are also Living Then This is One of Those Chicken Breeds Who Makes them The Good Pets in according to Your all Requirements. These Characteristics also Helps You To Keep Them in Your Backyard and Even in The Coop Very Easily. They are also So Much Friendly With The Humans and Their Friendliness Attracts all The Other Chicken Breeds Towards Them also.

The Chickens are Living With The Humans For a Long Time and This is also One of Their Breeds That’s They always Behave Friendly, Docile Bird With The Humans and This is also The Chicken Whom The Children Will also Loves So Much Because They Will Not be angry on Those Who Loves Them. That’s Why They are also Considered The Best Birds Because They Can Interact With You and They Can also Do a Little Bit of Conversation With You Most of The time They always Enjoy Their Life With Humans and also Within Their Community.

3) Silkie Chicken Egg & Their Broodiness

This Chicken Breed Have a Unique Characteristics in Their Eggs Production & also in Their Egg Color or in the size. Their Egg Colors are Cream and Tented. They are Really One of The Most Beautiful Chicken Breeds Who Lay The Eggs in The Small Size But One of The Most Important Thing is also That They Mostly Want to Live Their Life in Their Coop or in Their Nest So That’s Why You Have to be No Afraid of That They Will be Mess Up With Your Garden. They Can Easily Lay 100 Eggs in a Year.

The Silkie Chicken At Least Goes Once a Year into a Broody To Hatch The Eggs. Their Hens are Commonly Known Because of Their Broodiness and You Can Hatch Other Chicken Breeds Eggs From Them. So If You Want to Produce The New Young Chicks Then Maybe This is The Chicken That You Were Searching For. Once The Hens Goes into The Broody and Sit to Hatch The Eggs Then They Will Stop Laying The Eggs and They are Just Giving Their Focus on Their New Young and amazing Chicks.

4) Social Life & They Can Make an amazing Music

The Silkie Chicken Breed Live an Amazing Social Life Like The Other Chicken Breeds are also Living But This Fluffy Breed Have Their Own Characteristics. They Can Recognize More Than 100 people at a Single Time and They Never Forget Those People Who Feed Them With Kindness. They are a Lot Smarter and Intelligent Who Live With Their Other Chicken Breeds Massively Because Sometimes They Behave Friendly With Their Community and also They Have Many Sounds That Keeps alarming Them That Where is The Danger. So Many Times They Maybe Seem Lonely These all are Their Techniques Which Helps Them to Live a Comfortable Social Life. They Can be Sad If The Loss anyone Who is Most Close to Them That You Can See in Their Eyes. They Remember all The Things Which Keeps Them Comfortable or Uncomfortable in Their Social Life. The Rooster Might be Seems to Make More Noise Than The Hens But They Can Make The Music If Their all Community Combinedly Starts Noising and in The Result, You Will see an Amazing Music Which The Most of The Chicken Breeds Can’t Sing They Can Do. They always Care about Their Community also Because in Their Community They Have to Live Their Complete Life whether in Happiness or Whether Sadness.

5) Body, Diet & Predator

Their Body is Usually Considered as The Soft Body But They Can Manage The Winter Time With This Body Easily. They are Beautiful Breeds But Usually, They are also Considered as The Lightweight Chickens and Their Complete Body is Covered With The Fluffy Feathers. They always Feel Comfortable to Live in The Coop and also They Can Live in The Open area. Their Weight Can be Range From 1.36kg to 1.8kg. They are 8 to 14 Inches Tall But in America, This is One of Those Chicken Breeds Who are Most Small in Their Size. The Black Color is Common But You Can Find Them in The White, Grey, Buff, Blue and in Many Other Colors.

They Have a Unique Diet Which The Other Chicken Breeds Don’t Have But The Common Thing Between Them and in The Chicken Might be Diet. You Can Give Them Calcium or layer crumbles. You Can Feed Them Your Table Fruits But Little Bit Care Should be Taken in This Regard Because What They Want You Should Have to Give Them Like Little Vegetable You Can also Provide Them in The Month.

There are So Many Predators of This Chicken Who Wants to Kill Them and Then Eat Them But The Mink is Their One of Those Predators Who Can attack Them Even in The Coop But They Does Not Play in The Community Because This is The Safe Zone of The Breeds. They Only Drink Their Blood and They Do That Will all Their Prey. The Thing is That When They Start to Join any Community and Live With The Humans Then They Considered Them a Safe From Their Predators But Care Should be Taken When They are alone.

6) Habitat & Population

The Habitat of This Chicken Breeds Will not be So Much Hot or Not Will be Cold. Their Habitat is Simply Same as The Other Chicken Breeds Have and That’s Why This Chicken Can also Live in The Coop, Backyards, or any Open Grass Area. The Roofs Must be Solid This is Recommended Because Due to Their Fluffy Feathers The Water Can’t Flow From Their Back Which Might be Create Problem For Them. So They Can Bear The Hot and Cold Temperature But The Care Should be Taken When You Want to Keep Them With You Then Choose a Perfect and Suitable Habitat For Them. This Maybe Can Protect From Too Much Sun and also The Rain Which Many Times Create Problem For Them and These are also From Those Chickens Breeds Who Not Do a Migration Because They Keep Them Fit in The Single atmosphere For Their Lifetime.

There are Many Poultry Farms in America Where This Chicken is Kept But Mainly This Chicken Had Comes Up From The China Which is also Their Originated Place. Now They are all around The Globe They Helps The Other Birds and Other Chicken Breeds To Hatch Their Eggs and They are also Increasing Due to Their Amazing Friendship With The Humans Many People’s are Growing Them and Producing The New Chicks From Them Which Helps Them To be Increase in The Population in The World. However, According to That’s all They are Not Considered as Endangered Species Because They are Growing all around The Globe Widely Mainly They Live in China Where Their Development also occurred.

7) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Most of The Chicken Breeds of This Specie is Not Mate For Lifetime Maybe They Can be Mate If You Have Only One Couple. The Hens Loves Their Young Chicks So Much. Their Incubation Period is around 20 to 21 days. After That The Hens Hatch The Eggs and Produce The New Chicks Which is The Heart of Both Parents Because This Chicks Really Got amazing Parents Who Love Them So Much. They Can Lay Upto 100 Eggs in a Year and When The Hens Sit on The Eggs Then You Will see on Eggs in This Time. The Hens Loves Their Young Chicks So Much and She Teaches Them Everything about The Life and Tells all the Things about Their Community. Then The Young Chicks Learns all The Things For a Long Time and They Make Many Friends and Then after a Time They Can Comfortably Start Living With Their Community. They always Love Their Parents So Much and Their Parents also Loves Them Because The Children are always a Great and amazing Thing For The Parents.

The all Chickens Breeds are Commonly Have a Normal Life Like The Other But This Breed is Widely Different Than Many of The Other Breeds Like Leghorn Chicken Who Really Not Live So Much Long Life But This Breed Can Live Upto 7-9 Years Which is Really a Great Lifespan Than The Leghorn So You Can Might Check This Chicken Breeds For a Long Lifetime But The Silkie Chicken are Normally Not a Good Layers and If You Want Good Layers Then You Can Check The Leghorn. The Silkie Chicken Facts about Their Lifespan is That If You Care Them in The Rainy Seasons or in The Season When There is too much Sun Then You Can Increase Their Lifespan Easily and Due to That They Can be Live More Life Than Their Normal Lifespan.

Silkie Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • Their Body Height is around Eight to Fourteen Inches and This is also Exactly The Size of The Rabbit. The Rooster Weight is around 1.8 kg and The Hens is Weight around 1.36 kg. In The Chickens, all The Time The Rooster Weight is More Than The Hens.
  • They Can Lay The Eggs around 100 in a Year. This Means That They Can’t Lay Even Three Eggs a Week Which is Why They are Also Not Considered as The Layers. Their Egg Color is Cream and Tinted and Their Egg Size is Small and This Pretty Chicken are Mostly laid The Beautiful Eggs Who Taste is So Much Spicy Which Everyone Loves To Eat.
  • They Can also Feel Your Children Happy as They are Very Small in Size in America and They are all Time Friendly With The Humans. This is One of Those Breeds Who Live Their Life Completely in Joy and Pleasures With The Humans and With Their Community.
  • Their Lifespan Seems to be Great Than The Most of The Other Chicken Breeds Because Sometimes They Can Touch The 10 Years Lifespan Which is Really Great.
  • If You Wants to Keep Them in Your Garden and You are Fearing That They Maybe Create Some problems Then You are Wrong They Never Do a Damage in The Garden and Always They Want to See Their Close in Happiness.
  • They are also Extremely Intelligent and Clever That’s Why They Wanted to Live in The Community Where is no Fear of any of Their Predators.
  • They are also Not Considered a Noisy Bird Instead They are The Good Birds Who Makes The Place Full of Peace Where They Live But Maybe Sometimes They Will Make a Unique Music.
  • Their Meat is So Much Spicy and You Can Find It in Many Restaurants.
  • There are More Than 13 Varieties of This Chicken Breed already Had been Reognized.


As I Mentioned The Most of The Silkie Chicken Facts above and The Conclusion is That If You Want to Make Your Children Happy and You are Looking For an amazing Bird That is Friendly With You Then This is The Right Chicken Breed For You. This Chicken Breed Maybe Lay Fewer Eggs But They Can Hatch The Eggs Of Other Birds also.

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