15 Amazing Serama Chicken Facts

Serama Chicken Facts

The Serama Chicken Breed is The Famous Breed Who is Originated in Malaysia Within The Last 50 Years. This Chicken also Known By The Name Malaysian Serama and It’s also Called The Bantam Chicken Breed. Mainly This Chicken is Used as a Show Bird and Their Temperament is also Calm and Confident. You Will amazed to See Their Beauty and This New Chicken Breed You Can also See in The Western World and They Have Many Varieties and Each Of Their Varieties Has Many amazing Characteristics and There are Many amazing Serama Chicken Facts Which I am Talking Now So Stay Tuned.

15 Amazing Serama Chicken Facts

1) Serama Chicken History & Background

The Serma Chicken Was Really Originated in The Kelantan province of Malaysia. This Breed Development Takes a Long Time and Especially Their Beginning Starts On The 1600s and In Malaysia, This Breed Commonly Used in The Many Paintings as Well as People Used It For an Ornamental Purposes Like Welsummer Chicken But This Chicken Breed is Unique Than The any Chicken That is Living on The Earth. In The 1600s When Their History Started at That Time There are Many Stories Which You Can See about Them But The Current Seramas You are Seeing around You This Breed Got Developed By The Wee Yean Een in The 1970s and The Wee Yean Een Tribute This Bird To One of The Thai kings and The Name That You are Seeing also He Had Given Which is Serama. After Their Development, This Breed Makes The One Record Which is This Breed Became The World’s Smallest Chicken on The Planet and People’s Mainly Used For Them as a Show Bird and Then after The Time This Famous Bird also Makes Their Way into America. Jerry Schexnayder was The First Person Who Imported This Breed into America in 2000 and Then America also Makes a One More Breed From It. They Make This Breed Easily By Doing The Cross Breeding Of Japanese bantams and The Malaysian Bantam and Then This Were also Imported in Britain and in The Many European Countries That’s Why This Bird is also Considered as One of The New Bird in The America and No Doubt Their Population is also Increasing Day By Day. Whenever This Breed Has been Used by The any Person Might be They Tell You This is One of The Cutest Chicken Breed on The Planet and This is Not Their Talk But They are So Much Cute.

2) Temperament

This Chicken Breed Normally Shows a Friendly Behavior as Their Size is also Small Which Makes Them Cute in any Behavior Whatever They are Showing. They are Friendly With The Humans and Sometimes Maybe They Will Starts Following You For a Long Time and Wherever You Go They Come Besides You Not For any Other Purpose But also To Learn Something about Running and also Showing You That They are Your Friends. They are assertive as well as Confident always Because Their Confidence also Makes Them One of Those Chickens Breeds Who Can Hunt Food For Themselves and also They Show Confidence in any Danger and They Easily Got Out of It From Their Intelligence Which is an amazing Serama Chicken Facts. Their Temperament also Includes That They are Calm as Well as Easily Manageable as Their Size is also Too Much Small But as Well as They are Friendly and Good Pets That’s Why Whenever You Open Them From Their Nest or Coop They Will Starts Running and Starts Enjoying But Whenever You Goes To Them They Can Easily Come Towards You and You Can Take Them in Their Place again. So Might be in Their Social Life When The More Friends of Their Community Combine at That Time They all are Plaining For Race or For Something New That Makes Them Happier. Normally The Behavior Might be Sometimes of The Chickens Aggressive But That’s Only Because They Had Seen any of Their Predators or See Which is Disturbing Them.

3) Their Varieties and Use

There are More Than 33 Varieties of This Chicken is Living On The Earth and Probably You Can see Many of Them Comes With The Cross Breeding With The Many Bantam Chickens and The Class A Serma Which Was First Developed Probably The Smallest Chicken Breed That is Living on The Earth.

There Most Famous and Well Known Varieties are.

  • Buff
  • Gray
  • White
  • Silver
  • Mottled
  • Black-Tailed Red
  • Barred
  • Brown Red
  • Blue Red
  • Birchen
  • Chocolate
  • Crele
  • Black-Breasted Red

Might be You Have There any Other Variety But These Now Spreading all around The World and There all Varieties Variously is The One of The Perfect and Friendly With Everyone. All of Their Varieties Have been Developed in Different European Countries Just Like Their Parent Breed Serma Had Lived a Very Long Time in Singapore also Where This Chicken Breed Gains So Much Popularity as a Show Bird. The Varieties That With The Breast Might be Look Higher in Size Than The Other Varieties But There Most of The Varieties Have a Very Small Weight and Their Height is also Small. In The Some of Their Varieties Maybe Their Chest is High and The Difference is Only in The Body Structure and Commonly all of The Varieties Have the Same Habitat as Well as They Can Bear The Cold and Hot Both Temperature But You Had To Keep Them Safe From Where They Can’t Live Just Like More Cold Habitat and The Hot Temperature. All of Their Varieties Seems to Have Been Used For Many Purposes all around The Globe and also Now This Chicken Breed You Can see all around The Globe.

You Maybe Say That This Chicken Breed is Your Favorite Chicken But Here You Might be Wrong Because This Chicken Breed Has Been Loved By The Public all around The Globe and People’s Just Loves It So Much Due to Their Tiny Size Which Helps You To Keeps Them in any Small area also Which is The amazing Use of This Breed and also The Main Characteristics. Primarily They are Used as a Show Bird and also People Using It Now For This Purpose Due to Their Beautiful and Pretty Look and You Can Easily Keep Them as Your Favorite Pets also. You Can Gain around 200 Eggs From Them in a Year But Their Eggs Size is Too Small But is So Much Tasty If You Eat Them and Many People’s Keeps This Egg For a Good Layer Not Because They Can Lay Eggs More Than Brahma Chicken But Their Eggs is Smaller Than This Chicken But Might be Taste More Spicy Than This One and Like The Other Chickens Breeds also. If You Have a Small Garden and a Small Farms and You are Looking For a Perfect Small Pets Then This is Your Friend and You Can Keep Them With You With Much Love and Pleasures Because They Will Never Disturb You.

4) Body, Diet & Predator

Their Body Size Seems to Small But The Main Thing is That This Smallest Body Chicken Became The Favorite of Many Folks. They Have Full Breast, The Feathers and Wings Both Looks Vertical and amazing On Them But Their Wings are also So Much down That You Can See Them That They are Touching The Ground. Their Body Can Bear any Temperature Especially The Cold and Hot is The Main Seasons in Europe So When This Bantom Chicken Was Developing This Thing Kept in Mind That Their Body Must be Perfect For These Temperatures and Might be Sometimes in The Winter You Had To Take Care of Them But They Can Bear The Normal Temperature. Their Weight Can Maximum Goes to 1.1 lb and This is Their C Class Which is The Heaviest Chicken in This Breed and Their Height You Can Easily See That is Small and Tiny.

Their Diet is Seems to be Less Expensive Than any Other Chicken Because They Can Eat Only 1 lb in a Month and You Can Easily Give Them any Feed But Less Expensive. You Can Give Them chicken crumbles and a Little Grain and Obviously Takes Care of Their Health If You Provides Them a Good Feed Then Might be Your This friend Lives More Years Than Their Expected Life.

This Small Chicken Really Makes a Good Pets and You Can Keep Them in The Outdoors or Whether in The Indoors But As This is a Small Chicken Then Might be You Had To Take Care of Them So Much Especially Not Let Them Free From The Place Where You Thinks That They are Not Safe and They Might be Got Preyed By Their Predators.

5) Habitat and Population

This Chicken Breed Was Mainly Originated From Malaysia and Then This Was Imported in America and also Now You Can See Them in The British also and Many of Their Breed Has been Developed in These Countries But The Thing is That This Small Chicken Breed Can Live in any Of The Area Where You are Living But The Thing is That Maybe This Small Sized Chicken Had been Made For The Warm areas as They Can’t Bear The More Cold Climates Due to Their Tiny Size But Normally They Can Bear The Temperature Which Goes Over To the 40 Fahrenheit and If You are Living in any Area Where The Temperature is always High Than This Then Might be You Had To Select Some Good Supplements For Them Which Keeps Them a Warm in The Cold Temperature also.

The Serama Chicken Have a Huge Population and Now are Increasing More Widely as Many Varieties of This Chicken Breed is Now Developing By The Many Countries and also This Chicken is Accepted By The Most of The People’s as a Best and Good Pets That’s Why People’s Loves To Keep This Chicken as For an Ornamental Purposes and Growing Their Young Chicks With Their Own Hands.

6) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

This Chicken Breed Normally Considered as Because of Their Good Broody Nature and They Can Hatch The Eggs Only in a 19 Days But at The Time The Temperature Should be Kept at The 99.9 Degree and The Thing is That When They Hatch The Eggs You Can’t Expect Some Few Colors Breed Because Their Chicks Might be Not Same Which You Expected But They all Belongs to The Serama Chicken Breed and This Breed all Varieties are Friendly With The Humans. They Can Lay 200 Cream Colored Eggs in a Year. The Couples Do Live a Long Life Together But Like any Other Chicken They are also Not Mate For Life But They Do Have Huge Love emotions and Feelings For Each Other.

Their Lifespan is around 7 Years Which Normally in America They are also Living But Due to The Many Varieties in This Chicken Breed You Can See Might be Some Can Lives More and Some Can Live Less But Normally in Their Complete They Will always be Your Best Friends Who always Loves You So Much and Shows You Huge Love emotions of Their also.

Serama Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • Their Egg Color is Cream Shaped and Their Egg Size is Not Standardized But They Can Lay Upto 200 Eggs in a Year.
  • If Their Eggs Have More Weight Than The 18g and 24g Then Simply You Can Hatch Them and Get a New Chicks Also.
  • They Have Four Weight Classes Which are.
Micro A Class B Class C Class
From 8 Ounces to 13. 13 Ounces 16 Ounces/1b. 19 Ounces/1.1 lb.
  • They Make Good Pets Especially also Because They are always Loyal To You and Have a Huge Love and Emotions For You.
  • Their Diet is Less Than The any Other Chicken Breeds That Ever Lived on Their Planet Because They Can Eat Only 4 Ounces in a Week.
  • They Became Mature at The age of 4 to 6 months and Might be in The Fifth Month You Start Getting Eggs From Them.
  • There are More Than 33 Varieties of This Chicken Breed and Probably By The Looking, My Favorite is Mottled, Chocolate and Silver.
  • Their Tiny Size Looks Perfect on Them Because Their Wings and Feathers Not Only Vertical But also Touch The Ground Place Which Really Makes Them One of The Best Ornamental Birds By The Looking and By Their Body appearance.
  • In Their Community Might be They Seems to Talkative But They are Not a Noisy Birds.


The Summary of Serama Chicken Facts is That Their Tiny and Small Looks Makes Them One of The Favorite Bantam Chicken and also They are The Friendly Chickens and also You Can Easily Manage in Your Small Place also. This Chicken Has been Classified in Many Weights So If You Really Looking For Many Weight One Breeds Then Might be This For You Because You Can Keep Their all Classes in Your Backyard or in The Small Farm.

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