20 Interesting Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Facts

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Facts

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Generally is The Specie of The hummingbird Who is also known as The Migratory Birds Because They Spend The Different Seasons in Different Areas. These Hummingbird Can be Seen in The East of The Mississippi River and also This is The Most Common Hummingbird Their also and These Birds are Found in North America. They Belong to The Family Hummingbirds and Their Scientific Name is Archilochus colubris. These Birds are Growing Widely and Comes Up With The Unique Characteristics and There are Many amazing Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Facts Which I Will Talk in This Article So Stay Tuned.

20 Interesting Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Facts

1) Their Heartbeat is Fast and Flying Speed

When The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Starts Flying Then at That Time Their Heartbeat Became So Much Fast and also They Have a Huge Wing Speed. The Hummingbird That are Found in North America Their Heartbeat is averaged around 53 beats per second in The Flight. When They are Relaxing in The Earth after The Flying at That Time Their Heartbeat is also Very Fast. When They are Really Exerting Themselves Than The Difference in The Heartbeat Speed also Comes Up and Usually at The Average Here Their Heart Beats 600 Times Per Minute and Sometimes It May Reach To The Double Speed also.

Really This Bird Maybe Looks Like Very Small in The Size But They Got a Huge Flying Speed as Well and Simply For That’s Kind of Birds If The Winds Starts Pushing Them Then Their Speed also Increase Due to The Wind But Their Average Speed is around 25 miles per hour.

2) Their Wings Speed

The Speed of Their Wings is also Relatively Very Large and Huge Than The Many Other Birds and When They are Flying They also Go To The Ups and Also Move Downward Which Makes Their Wings Speed Also Relatively Large and Huge Than The Many Other Birds. They Beat Their Wings 53 times in a Second. Their Wingspan is around 4.75 inches. These Birds Wings Also Looks So Much Beautiful on Their Body.

3) Their Sounds and Calls

They Produced a Different Kind of Sounds But Basically These Birds Also Known That Most of The Time They Remain Silent also Because The Adults in These Species Not Live a Social Life as Well as The Female Because They are Taking Care of Their Offspring or Young Ruby-Throated Hummingbird But Sometimes Might be They Join The Groups and Soon As Early, You also See That The Young One Lives a Social Life and Where They Used a Different Kinds of Sounds and Calls also.

In Both of The Genders, Both Try To Make a Sound and Both Have a Common Sound Which is humming sound and The High Pitched and The Louder Sound Sometimes Produced By The Males.

The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Does Not Believe To Sing But Yes They Warn The Other Hummingbird By Their Chirp and Chatter and This is The Warning Call to all of Those That Stay away From Our Territory and The Females and Males Both are aggressive in Defending Their Territory and Especially The Male Defends The Food Sources Near to Them also Which They Had To ate Their Young One and to Their Mate.

4) They are Not Mate For Life

Probably Most of The Species of The Birds That are Living in North America They all are Mate For Life But The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is Not From Them Because These Birds are Not Mate For Life and After The Mating Occurs Then in The Next Breeding Season The Male Will Leaves The Female and The Female Will Goes to any Other Male and This Cycle Starts Going On. These Birds are Not Together Live as a Pair They are Just Mate For Their Season and Both Left Each Other after Their Season But They are a Good Parents I Means That Mother is Caring and For The Young Birds Both Provides Them Early Food To Live Easily and also Save Them From Their Predators.

5) Ruby-Throated Hummingbird is Aggressive

Yes, The Hummingbird is One of The Aggressive Birds in The World Because They Became aggressive For Their Benefit and also For The Benefit of Their Family. When They Became Extremely Territorial Then They May Even Does Not Give any Fruit or Food From Their Area to any Other Bird Even From Their Specie Because at That Time They Need Proper Food To Feed Them and also Feed to Their Mates That’s Why They are aggressive Mainly in Their Breeding Season and Males are Those Who Keeps Their Food Sources Away From any of The Birds Even The Females Sometimes Also Participate To Defend Their Territory. They Usually Do Not Hunt or aggressive to Humans But at The Breeding Season, This Can be Expectable Especially If The Place are Those Where They are Living With Their Mates and That’s The Flowers They also Does Not Share With any of The Other Birds in That Time.

6) Size and Weight

These Birds are a Little Creatures and Believed To be One of The Birds Who are Small and also They are Not a Song Bird But The Body That They Had Gain is Not So Much Weak It is Enough To Provide Them a Strength. They Do Not Have a Subspecie Which Means That The Size and Weight of This Specie are Only One and Might be Sometimes There Must be a Difference in The Size and Weight of The Young, Adult and in The Mature Birds.

There Size and Weight are.

  • Their Size Ranges From 3 – 3.5 in.
  • Their Weight is 0.11 oz.

Both of The Birds Whether Male or Female Comes Up With The Same Size and Weight But Might be Some Difference in Between Them Can be Found But Their Weight Usually is Equal and also This Specie is One of Most Common Specie of The Hummingbird That are Living in North America.

7) Body, Diet & Predators

In The Underparts, These Birds Comes Up With The Gray White Color and Their Back is Golden Green and Crown and The Males That in This Bird Have a Red throat Which Really Looks Perfect On Them But When You See Them in The Dark Light Then Maybe Their Color Also Looks Like The Dark. Their Wings also Known as They are a Rapid and So Much Fast and Completely The Male and Female Both Looks So Much Pretty of This Hummingbird. The Females Throat Simply Looks Like They Got a Dark Color and Overall Their This Body also Provides Them a Huge Speed To Fly Very Easily in The Air. Might be This is One of Those Birds Whose Heartbeat also Beats So Much Fast That Some Characteristics in These Birds are Very Less in The Other Birds.

These Birds also Sometimes Called Omnivores and It’s Means That They Mostly Eat The Insects But The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird also Eat The Flowers and Especially From The Flowers They Take The Nectar and Sometimes If They Do Not Have Found anything Then They Might be Get Upon on The Tiny Insects. There are Many Hummingbirds Feeders also and This is also The Species of Them Just Like There are More Than 300 Species of Them on The Earth and For This Many Hummingbird Feeders also Exist Where They Can Take The sugar-water Mixtures also and Eat It.

They Have Many Predators and Some of The Most Dangerous For Them is Those Who Eat Their Eggs and also Can Eat Their Young Babies That’s Why These Birds Takes Care of Their Nest Very Well in The Breeding Time. Their Main Predators are Snakes, Bats, crows and Ravens and Many of The Other Predators They also Have and Especially They Do Take Care of Them So Much Who Can Eat Their Eggs and Their Young Birds That’s Why They are aggressive in Their Breeding Season and also Defends Their Territory Very Well.

8) Habitat and Population

These Birds are Native to North America and Generally, They Live in America as well as in Canada, Mexico and also in Florida. They are Living in The Woodland areas, Forest Edges, Pine forests and also They Come to The Gardens To If They Have a Flowers on It Then This is One of Their Favorite Diet is also. The Main Thing is also Food For Them If They Found a Safe Place as Well as The Place Where They Can Easily Nest and also Don’t be Fear of The Food Then Maybe That’s Their Favorite Place also. They are Migratory Birds Who Do Migration To Different Places Especially in The Winter Which They Had Spend in Central America, Mexico, and Florida and In The Summer They Come to Their Main Eastern America Place Where They Were also Originated.

The Exact Population Now at That Time Maybe Difference Than The Numbers That I am Showing and according to The Research There are More Than 7 million Individuals of This Hummingbirds Species is Living on The Planet Earth. This Specie is Not any Endangered Species Rather They are Growing Rapidly and It is Believed That Soon They Will Grow More.

9) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is around 14-16 days and In The Winter Season, It Might Take More Than 21 days. At The Breeding Season This Bird is also Seen to be aggressive and Yet They Do Care of Their Mates Very Well in This Season. Their Breeding Season Ranges From March and July and The May is The Time When The all of Their Birds Sits on Their Eggs and Breeding Season This is and The Males Takes Care of Them as Well as Takes Care of Their Territory Very Well. The Pairs Does Not Mate For Life and Commonly in The Next Year The Male Will Choose The another Mate For Them and The Female Will Select The another Mate in The Next Year But Yes They Do Takes Care of Their Young Chicks So Much and also They Loves To Them So Much and Especially That’s You Can see on Their Breeding Season Time When The Young Chick is on The Danger and The Males and Females Both Defends Their Territory Very Well and also Both Grows Their Chicks Very Well and Takes Care of Them Until They Start Flying and Became Enough Mature To Face any Issue Easily.

Commonly If These Birds are Living in The Perfect Habitat and also in Those Places Where From They Can Easily Migrate to The Place Where They Wanted to go in The Winter and Also Close to Their Favorite Food That is in Their Flowers Then Maybe They Can Live Relatively More Life. Their Lifespan Ranges From 3 – 5 years.

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Fun Facts For Kids

  • When The Thing Comes Up into Their Migration Then They Never Stops Means That They Can Fly Non Stop 500 Miles.
  • In The Summer They Come Back to Eastern North America Because at That Time Their Breeding Season also Comes Up.
  • In The Winter Usually, The Female Out of The Hour More Than 55 Minutes is in The Nest and Sometimes Even Maybe More Than This Because They Had To Take Care of Their Eggs Especially Because There are a Lot of Predators of Them Who Can Eat Their Eggs.
  • The Chicks is around 2cm Long When They Were Hatched and Obviously By The Time They Will Start Looking Like Their Parents.
  • Up to Three Broods, They Can Raise in The Each Year But Commonly around 1 to 2 is Very Common in Them.
  • When The Chicks Commonly Reaches to The age of around 3 Weeks Then They Leave The Nest and Their Parents Takes Care of Them a Long Time Until They Can Eat By Themselves.
  • The Longest Lifespan That The ruby-throated hummingbird Lives is around 6 Years and 11 Months.
  • These Birds are Extremely Territorial and Territorial Birds Most of The Time are aggressive and They are also.
  • The Female Usually Lays Two Tiny White Eggs in Their Nest.
  • Before The Migration Might be The Couples Will be Romantic Because at That Time Maybe They Had To Left Each Other as These Pairs Does Not Mate For Life.
  • They Like To Spend Their Most of Time of Their Life in Happiness and Pleasures and These Things They Gain From Their Young Babies.


The Summary of Ruby-Throated Hummingbird Facts is That These Birds Found in The Eastern North America and The Migratory Birds Who Travels To Different Places Throughout The Year. In The Breeding Time, They are Very aggressive and Only Some of The Birds From These Birds Lives a Social Life.

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