Pros And Cons of Declawing Cats – Is It Cruel?

Pros And Cons of Declawing Cats

Most of The Cat’s Owners Think That By Declawing Cats Will Helps Them Really Very Well Especially They Can Not Do Much Damage To Different Things Now.

But Really Is There are Benefits of Declawing Cats or It Will Just a Punishment To The Cats Because When From Their Paw You Declaw You Have To Be Very Clear That This Will Worth!

So That’s Why these Debatable Topic Pros And Cons of Declawing Cats We Will Discuss in This Article!

Why Are Cats Declawed?

When You are Removing The Claw From Your Cat Then You Have To be Cleared That Why You are Doing It.

Cats Love Scratching Because In This Way They Feel Relax and also It Keeps Their Claws Neat and Clean.

The Scratching is Not Something Which The Cats Have To Learned From You or From any Other Cat They Just Got It Naturally and It Also Have Many Benefits.

When They Scratch On any Place at That Time It also Leaves The Visible Mark Whom Any Other Cats Can also See and They Just Do This To Tell To All Other Cats That This is Their Territory So Stay Away From It.

In Many Countries, Declawing is Very Common Only Because Sometimes Cats Can Scratch The Furniture or Maybe Some Important Thing Which Maybe Got Destroyed and This Can Weaken Your Relation With The Your Cat So That’s Why Many People’s Declaw Their Cats.

How Cats Can be Declawed?

Almost 25% of The Cats are Declawed.

Cats Claws Not Only Will Be Removed The Last Bone From The Toes Will also Removed Because The Claws Grows From Theirs.

So By The Surgical Operation Cats Last Bone From The Each of Their Toes, Will Be Removed and The Declawing Can Be Occur With The Laser as Well. So Maybe You are Thinking That Removing The Claws With The Bones Looks Wrong Yes It is a Bit Wrong.

This Operation Must Be Held in a Very Unique Way and Vet Can Declaw The Cats Easily.

The Cats Who Have Less Than 6 Months of Age Who are Now Immature Experience Less Pain Than The Other Cats.

Pros and Cons of Declawing Cats:

There are Many Benefits as Well as Many Cons of Declawing Cats as Well Which I Will Discuss Here!

Pros of Declawing Cats:

First I Will Start With The Advantages.

Really Declawing The Cats Main Benefits Goes To The Humans Not To The Cats While There is No Benefits To The Cats as Well as There are Many Dangerous Maybe Your Cat Face By Doing This.

They Maybe Continue Scratching But The Owners Relation Maybe Improved With Them Because No They Can’t Give Damage To anything.

The Main Thing is That You Have To Make The Cat Happy as Well.

Especially When The Cats Rehomed or They Have Gone To The New House Maybe The New Owner Will Not Be Happy From The Cats Especially The Damage That They are Doing With The Claws So Maybe They Will Not Like That.

When You Performed This Step Then Maybe Cat Will See Themselves In Between The Life and Death Because If You Not Take Them Then In The Shelters They Will Remain and What They Will Do With Them I Will Explain It Later!

Most of The Owners Who Take These Kinds of Cats Have Said That They Can’t Keep Their Cats Until Now If The Declawing Will Not Occur.

So It’s Better These Cats From The Shelters Reached To The Humans Otherwise Most of Will be Euthanized Their and This Thing is Showing That At Least Cats Can Live.

Protection of Property and You

Cat Scratching Can Cause Serious Damage To Your Property Because They Scratch So Much as This also Puts Them in The Comfort.

Might Be When The Cats are Not Declawed at That Time They Will Start Scratching On Your Many Important Files as Well If It is Kept Outside Especially in The Tables.

So Many Things Will Not Even Occurred Because Now Your Cat Has already Been Declawed although They Might be Start Scratching again But Now They Can’t Give Damage To anything.

Especially When You Became Social With Your Pet Then Maybe They Got Free With You and Scratch on You Which is Maybe Breaking Your Bond With Your Cat and Maybe You Got Aggressive in It.

Sometimes Cat Became aggressive They Choose The Special Things To Scratch and If They Always Choose You Then Maybe You Considered It So Much Wrong.

The People’s Who are Much Younger and Elder Not Likes It That’s Why These People’s are From Them Who Like To Declaw The Cats as It Has Many Benefits.

Prevents Cats From Euthanasia

As I Explained About It Above But Now I Will Talk about The Details.

When Scratching Exceeds The Limit Maybe If You are The Pet Owner You Will Start Hating Them and Maybe Wanted To Rehomed Them.

According To The Survey Three Quarters of The Cats in The Shelters Have Been Euthanized.

In The Most of The European Countries, It Is Very Common When You Abandon Your Cat and Provides It To The Shelters.

As They Have Not Enough Resources To Take Care of Them Then They Take This Step.

So It Will Be a Very Better Choice If You Performed a Declawing On The Cats Because It Will Not Put Your Cat On The Death But Maybe They Have To Go Out Through The Many Problems and From The Pain But At The End They Will Live Their Rest of Life With You Happily.

Cons of Declawing The Cats:

As From The Previous Explanation, You Must Be Cleared That Declawing The Cats Will Not Give any Benefit To The Cat Directly It Only Benefits To Those Who are Their Owners. Sometimes Might Be If The Physical Problem is Going On The Cat Then Maybe Declawing The Cats Will Give Some Benefits To The Cats But Commonly Declawing Cats Not Gave any Medical Benefit To The Cats.

Emotional Stress and Depression

You Might be Declaw The Cats But Even After It The Cat Might Be Faced Some Depression Issues.

You also Can Not Prepared Your Cat For This Process Because If Cat Knew That You Want To Remove Their Claws Then Maybe They Will Never Come So It Will Be a Lot of Emotion Stress on The Cats Especially When They Woke Up and You Just Take Them For The Surgical Operation.

Might Be When This Step is Performed Then Cat Will Not Adjust Themselves Easily in Some Days That’s Why This Process Maybe Looks Completed But Actually Your Cat Will Be in The Depression Maybe Not For Whole But For a Month Will Be.

Scratching is a Normal Habit in The Cats So Might Be They Will again Scratch Even Knowing That They Have No Claws But Now When They Will Scratch They Can’t Give Damage To anything.

Painful Procedure

This Process is Not Simple as It Looks Like Because You Have To Remove The Claws With The Bones Which is Showing That Cat Will Goes Through a Lot of Pain.

When You Will Remove The Distal Phalanx It Requires of Incision The Nerves and all Tendons around It.

This is Not The Process Which Will Feel Only During The Surgery But Cat Can Feel It Before, During or After as Well as This is So Much Painful Procedure That You are Doing in Your Cat.

First You Have To Be Very Cleared That You Wanted To Remove All The Claws Then You Can Use General Anaesthetics as Well During The Process.

Cat is From Those animals Who Can’t Tolerate The Pain as This Process is Clearly Showing Us That How Much Painful This is So Yes You Can’t Judge That How Uncomfortable Your Cat is Now.

Painkillers Should Be Apply or There are Many Other Drugs Which You Can Apply After The 24 Hours of This Process as Researchers Said That They Clearly Don’t Know That Which Drug is Perfect To Apply.

The Cats Whom The Painkillers are Applied They all Look Like Going Through The Same Thing No Superior Treatment From The Painkillers Has also Been Known.

Your Cat Maybe Suffer From The Pain For Many Weeks But Usually, It Happens Very Less Because Cats Goes Through The Pain But Commonly It Last in The Two Days After The Treatment But Still Maybe The Cats Can Remember Their Claws Sometimes and This is Why They always Even After Their Claws Has been Removed Will Do Scratching Because This is a Common Habits in The Cats.

Surgical Operation Complications

As This Process When You Wanted To Do Professionally Can Only Be Done By The Surgical Method.

Every Surgical Operations and Process Have Many Risks and Yes When You are Declawing The Cats There are also Many Risks Involved in It.

For Declawing In These Risks Might Be Temporary Paralysis, Reopening of The Wound or Infection Will Be Included.

Cats Maybe Not React Properly

With The Time Everything Changes But If The Thing is Not Remain Then It Can Be the Only History Not Be Future or Present.

Cats Not Only Scratch With Their Claws They also Use It To Interact With The Other Pet animals So Might be Sometimes At The Starting They Will be Failed in Reacting With The Other animals But Maybe With The Time They Can also Change Their Behavior of Interacting.

The Big Reason Why Many People’s also Don’t Declaw Cats Because If You Declaw The Cats Then They Can’t Even Defend Them Especially No They Have No Force For The Defense.

Whatever Danger If No Your Cat Will See They Just Have To Run Away From Otherwise It Maybe Dangerous For Their Life. Especially Those Houses Who are Near To The Cats Predators Might be This Will Not be a Good Idea To Declaw Them.

If The Cats Scratch Too Much Then Maybe They Wanted To Tell You Something and If You Have Removed Their Claws Might be They Can’t Even Talk Now Those Topics With You So always Not Aggression is Bad.

Should You Declaw A Cat?

If The Cat is Damaging Your Wealthy Property or Maybe Sometimes By Their Claw You Got Serious Injuries Does Not Mean That Now You Will Declaw a Cat.

Although From The Research It Shows That Declaw Cats Lives Longer in The Home Than The Other Cats.

Some People’s Send Their Cats Due to These Problems To The Shelters and If Shelters Will Not Manage To Give Them a Food Then Might be You Have Just Put Your Cat in Between The Life and The Death. So Maybe If The Fingers Crossed Then You Can Think About Declawing Your Cat.

But Sometimes If Cats Scratch Too Much Then Maybe It Means That They are Facing Environment Issues or They are under Emotional Stress Which is The Main Thing Behind Their aggressive Behavior.

So That’s Why You Have To Try To Provide Them the Best Place To Live Easily and I Hope That If You Will Know Their Behavioral Problems Then You Will Solve This Problem Practically Not By Performing The Surgery or Declawing Them.

If All Cat Owners Will Start Declawing Cats Then Whenever any Cats Will Scratch Too Much Everyone Will Think That Declawing Cats is The Option, No It is the Wrong Option. Especially That’s Why We Have To Guide To The People That How To Care Their Cat and Build a Strong Bond With Them as Well as When They are Behaving in This Choose Some Alternative Option To Solve The Problem.

The Main Thing is also That It also Affect Your Cat Quality of Life Because Their Body Part Now Have Been Removed Which They Can Just Think But Now Will Never Owned Naturally. This Process Also Puts Their Life On The Risk So It is Very Better That The Situation Which is Going On all around and Declawing Cats Became a Trend We Can Solve It By Not Performing Surgery But Building a Strong Bond With The Cats and Healthy Environment and Can Solved This Problem.

If You Want That Your Cat Will Not Scratch Too Much Then You Have To Look Into Them Because Cat Nail Grows Throughout Their Life and They always Wanted To Sharpen Them Which is Why They Do Scratch Too Much as This is a Natural Habit in The Cats.

If You Want To Solve This Problem Then Just Owned a Scratcher Which Maybe In The Form of Cat Trees or Choosing a Cat Scratcher is Very Important Because It Might Be Have Some Error For Some Cat But It Will Help You To Solve The Problem.

You Can Trim Your Cat Claws and also Can Change The Behaviors in Your Cats By Providing Them a Best Environment and Best House.

Nail Caps or Claw Covers Would Also be a Great Alternative to Declawing.


Declawing Cats Not Looks To be The Solution of The Too Much Scratching Because Sometimes Cats Wanted To Tell You Something So Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover Learn By Their Behavior That What They Wanted To Say To You and If You Declaw Cats Then It’s Means You also Puts Them On The Many Health Risks.

Declawing Cats Will Only Gives Benefits To The Guardians Not To The Cats So If Your Your Cat Scratch Too Much Then You Can Choose another Option To Solve The Problem Rather Than Performing Surgery Because When You Wanted To Remove The Claws Not Only Claws The Bones With Them also Removed.

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