16 Amazing Polish Chicken Facts

Polish Chicken Facts

Polish Chicken also Known as Poland Who is Basically Known For Their Crest of Feathers That Covered Their Complete Body and Primarily Their Head is also Covered With The Crest of Feathers That’s Why They are also Called as Crested Chickens. People Loves To See This Bird and They always appreciated Their Beauty and Their Lot of Feathers also Helps Them to Gain a Pretty Look Easily. In The World The Exact Origin of These Birds Was Unknown. However, The Oldest Birds That Comes into The Different European Countries and in The Asian Countries are From The Netherland Where They Live Early. There are many amazing Polish Chicken Facts Which I Will be Talking Now So Stay Tuned.

16 Amazing Polish Chicken Facts

1) Polish Chicken Temperament & Use

Polish Chicken Looks Good and Pretty When You See Them a First Time. The Thing is That Due to Their Crest of Feathers and a Lot of Pretty Body They Have But They are One of Those Chicken Breeds Who is Considered as On a Smaller Side and They Have Less Weight Than The Many Other Chickens Like Cochin Chicken. That’s Why They are Friendly and Docile to Everyone Who Loves Them With The Heart and They Need a Lot of Kisses From You also To See Your Love. When They Recognize any Person is Loving Them Then They Will Never Leaves Them Because of the Huge Emotions They Have For Them. Sometimes They may be aggressive But They Will always Be Kind to Your Family and also Children Because Children Loves That’s Kind of Birds and Love is The Thing That They Need Basically. Sometimes They Maybe Got frightened and at That Time They Start Flying Due to The Huge Powers They Have in The Fly That’s Why Maybe You Called Them Sometimes Skittish or Flighty. So They Will Not be afraid of Them anytime Who Does Not Want Them to be Got Afraid and They always Shows Love and Emotions to Those Who Loves Them Which Will Fall You in Their Love Easily. So If You are Looking For The Friendly Chicken Then This Breed is Definitely For You.

According to The Resources, They are Primarily Used as a Show Bird or You Can Call Them an ornamental Birds also. Their Beauty and Friendliness Makes Them an Amazing Chicken and Bird in The Eyes of The People’s. That’s Why Their Exhibition also Occur in The Different States Level But This Does Not Mean That They Have No Use Than This One. They Have a Huge and amazing Power also Which is in Their Feathers That Helps Them to Fly Easily in The Air and They are also Considered The Best Flying Birds in The Chicken Breeds. They Can Lay Upto 200 Medium White Eggs in a Year Which Shows That They are also Good Layers. Their White Eggs Can be Seen all around The Globe and People’s Loves To Eat Their Spicy Eggs and Many Times They Can Easily Fulfill Your Breakfast Needs. So If You Really Wants to Make Your Backyard More Beautiful and Wants a Lovely Chicken Breed in Your Coop Then Definitely It’s For You.

2) Polish Chicken History

Polish Chicken Mainly Origin was Not Known However It is Know That They are Comes From The Netherland or also Now a Europe Because When These Birds Comes to Europe at That Time These Birds Gains Fame Due to Their Beauty and Due to The Productive Egg Layers. Their Nick Name is also Poland. So These Birds are Used as The Show Birds and are also They are always Friendly With The Humans. Their Varieties Got admitted By The American Poultry Association From 1874 to 1963 and That’s Why Now You Can Find Them Easily in America and in The Many European Countries They are Living Now at That Time. However, Their Name Poland is also Due to in 1736 The King of Poland at That Time Was Fled to France Because He Was Unseated Their and He Comes With His Luggage Where He Kept This Polish Chicken. At That Time This Chicken Breed Gains a Lot of Fame in France also and This Became The Lovely Bird of Their Country also. At That Time The People of France Used It For The Different Purposes But The Story That I Mention Maybe This Seems to be False That’s Why The First Known Birds of This Chicken Comes Up From The Netherland and Then The animal’s Experts also Says This Land to Their Main Origin. They are Living in The European Countries and in America For a Long Time and Also Now This Chicken Breed is One of Their Favorite Chicken also. In The Early 19th Century It is also Known That When The People of France and The Netherland Starts to come to America at That Time This Bird also Comes and There are Many Amazing Paintings of This Bird also. Due To That’s all Reasons They are Known as One of The Best and Mysterious Ever Bird That Were Existed.

3) Their Varieties and Communication

They Have 10 Recognized Varieties and all of These Varieties Have One Same Purpose Which is They all Used For The Show Birds. They Have Two Types of Varieties Which are bearded or Non-Bearded and These Two categories Have Many Subcategories also. Basically, Both Looks amazing and The Crest of Feathers are amazing in It Which always Impress Everyone To Look on To Them and To Just Starts Loving Them. The Silver and Gold Varieties of Them Looks Very Beautiful and That’s Why People Loves To Keep This Chicken Breed all Varieties in Their House or in The Backyard. They all Can Live in The Same Habitat and They Can also Bear any Temperature But The Main Thing is That If You Takes Care of Them Then They Will always Take Care of You also.

There are Many Polish Chicken Facts about Their Communication Because They Seem to be Behave Differently Than The Many Other Chicken Breeds. They Have Many Sounds and Voices Which They Used For To Communicate With Each Other and This Chicken Breed is Not Only Famous Now in America But also Well in America. Mainly They Communicate With The Humans also To Show Their Happiness and Show Their Emotions. When They Start Doing a Racing With Each Other Then They Produce a Sound in The Way That They Want to Win and Whoever Win They Maybe Known a Best Racer From Them and Their Community Wants to Make a Friend Like This.

4) Body, Diet & Predator

They Can be Seen as The Best Birds in The Chickens Only Due to Their Crest of Feathers That They Have and Also This Chicken You Can’t Compare With any Other Chicken Breeds Because They Have a Feathers on Their Head Like The any Other Birds That always Fly in The air and That’s Whenever anytime They Got Caught by Their Predator or enemy They Can Easily Beat Them With Their Huge Feathers. They Can be Weight around 4-6 lbs. They also Considered The Good Layer. They Maybe Seem aggressive But They Have Friendly and Docile Nature.

The Polish Chicken is Unique Than The Other Chicken Breeds and Their Diet Maybe Seems to be More Due to The Huge Feathers They Have Which The Any Other Chicken Breeds Don’t. You Can Give Them More Proteins Than The Other Chickens and Mainly Many Supplements When You Starts Giving Them They Will Feel More Relax and also They Will Start Laying More Than Your Expectations But The Main Thing is That Meat, Dairy Products and Mealworms are Their Requirements Which They Properly Need to Grow Easily. This Breed Needs More Protein Due to One Reason also Because You Can see Their Lifespan Expectations and Proper Food Can Increase Their Lifespan also.

Commonly These Birds Used as a Show Bird That’s Why It is also Necessary To Keep Them at The Safe Place Where There is No Danger of any Chicken Predator Because Their Predator is Same Like Wyandotte Chicken, Australorp Chicken, etc. The Proper Coop and You Can Make Their Nest in The Place Where is No Danger and also They are Trained Bird Who Can be Safe From Them With Their Different Strategy. They are The Best Predators evaders Due to That Reason They Know How to Deal With Them and Normally If You are With Them Then They Will always Feels More Secure.

5) Habitat and Population

This Chicken Breed is Mainly Unknown to all That From Where They Actually Come But There are Many Loopy Chickens Lovers Who Believe in Many Stories also But Might be some Story Will be True But Basically, Their Origin Which Got Known Now is That The First Bird is From The Netherland and They Come From The European World. They Can be Live in all Seasons But Due to Their Crests Can Freeze in The Winter That’s They Might be Create a Problem For You in The Winter and They Can Easily Live in The Summer Season But If You Take Care of Them in The Winter and Keeps Them at The Place Where The Snow and Wind Do Not Come in The Winter Then They Can Easily Live at That Place Otherwise You Can Migrate Them to any Other Place Where You Know That Winter Season Had Not Comes Up.

Probably Their Population is Not Increasing in The World Which also Makes Them an endangered Species as They also Got List on The Livestock Conservancy and There are Many Viewpoints also Which Keeps Them Increase again in The World. They are Even Less Than The 25o0 in The USA Which Makes Them One of The Endangered Bird in The America and They are Not More Than The 10000 in The World and There are Many Expectations of Their Decreasing also Coming Up But The Proper Care Can Increase Their Population Easily.

6) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is 21 Days after That You Can See The Chicks That They Hatch From The Eggs But The Main Thing is That They are Not Known By Their Broody Nature Which Means That Not Like to Go in The Broodiness. Simply You Can Hatch Their Fertile Eggs From The Cochin Chicken But Many Times They Can Go into Their Broody Nature But It is Less Seen. The Couples Like any Other Chicken That are on The Earth are Not Mate For Lifetime and This Unique Chicken Breeds also Known By Their Starting Because When The Couple at The Start Fell in The Love You Will always See Them in a Romantic Mood. They Can Lay Upto 200 Eggs in a Year.

Polish Chicken Normally Lifespan is around 7 to 8 Years and That’s all Depends Upon What You Feed Them and What You Needed From Them. This Show Bird Normally Can Live Sometimes More Than Expected But Less Can also Happen. This is One of Those domesticated birds Which Can be Found all around The Globe. The Simple Thing is That The More Proteins You Can Provide Them Maybe They Will Have More Lifespan But The Care Should be Taken.

Polish Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Hens Can We Weight around 4-5 lb and The Roosters Can Weight around 6 lb. Their Height is around 12 Inches to 15 Inches Which Shows That They Really Enjoy a Great Size also.
  • They Can Lay 200 Medium White Eggs in a Year and They Can Lay Upto 4 Eggs in a Week. Sometimes They Will Not Lay Eggs Especially in The Winter Because Winter Habitat is Not Perfect For Them.
  • There are 10 Varieties of Polish Chicken But The Most Famous and Popular are Golden laced polish chicken, Silver Laced Polish Chicken, Bearded White and Many of The Other Varieties Which are Rare and Very Less Known in The Public.
  • They Can be Frightened Sometimes When They See Their Predator or any Danger Thing So They Need Your Special Care Which Always Keeps Fit Them Perfectly.
  • The New Young Chicks You Can Grow Easily Because The Young Chicks Price is around $4-5 per chick. The Common Thing is also That They Look So Much Beautiful and Pretty.
  • The Dutch Declared This Chicken Breed to Their Public and When Their Traveler Starts Coming in America Than America also Got Introduced to This Chicken Which They also Start Loving.
  • These Chicken Roosters Might be Sometimes Aggressive When You Mess Up With Them But Most of The Time They are Friendly With The Everyone and Especially They Love Their Owner So Much That They always Have a Huge Emotion For Them.
  • You Have to Feed Them More Proteins Than The Any Other Chicken Breeds.
  • They Can be Create a Problem For You in The Winter as This Weather is Not For Them But Sometimes They Can Easily Live This Season also If You Take Care of Them.
  • They Can be Mature in The 4 to 5 Months and Might be after You Starts Seeing Eggs From The Hens.


There are Many amazing Polish Chicken Facts Which I Mentioned above The Conclusion is That They are The Show Birds and One of The Friendly Chicken With The Everyone. They Usually Need More Protein and More Food Than any Other Chicken Breeds. If You are Looking For a Broody Nature Chicken Then Maybe That’s Not For But Overall Polish Chicken is The Unique Crested Chicken.

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