17 Most Interesting Pigeons Facts

Pigeons Facts

Pigeons are The Member of The Family Columbidae Which Consist of Pigeons and Doves and Probably The Doves also Became a Famous Because They Have an ancestor Like Pigeons. Simply Their Scientific Name is Columbidae and Obviously, They Belong to The Class Aves. There Were More Than 175 species of Pigeons Which Simply Consist of 30 genera and These Pigeons’ arrangements are Clear Which Means That This is The number of Species That are Living on The Earth Which is Really Interesting Pigeons Facts. In Their Family, These Species Were Named as The Larger Species Compare to The Doves.

17 Most Interesting Pigeons Facts

1) Famous People’s Who Owned The Pigeons

The Pigeons is The Favorite Bird of The So Many People’s in The World. Probably When You Look at Them With The Care You Might become Their Fan Because of Their Beauty and The Intelligence They Hold. The Mughal dynasty, emperor Akbar III Have a Pigeons and Basically When The 20000 Pigeons Comes Up to Them Then He Only Selected a Few Hundred Probably Close To 500 Birds and Select Them For Breeding and Flying. Then The Walt Disney also awarded Him For Their Work For The Pigeons.

In The Victorian England People’s Owned This Bird as Their Hobby and Now in The Asia People’s also Keeps This Bird as a Hobby. Some of The Famous and Rich People Like To Owned The Pigeons and Some Common Man also Owned Them. Nikola Tesla also Owned This Bird and Probably in Their New York City Hotel Room He always Lives With The Female Pigeons and He also Said Her about That He Loves Her and In The Return She Loves Him.

2) They Can be Way to Their Nest Even From 1400 Miles.

The Pigeons is Well Known Because of Their Capacity To Remember The Things and Especially The Nest. They Have Very Strong Navigational Skills Which Helps Them to Look Back into Their Nest From The 1400 Miles. Simply When They Fly in The Air at That Time You Can Simply Look That In The More Than 10 Minutes You Will Can’t See Them. If You are afraid of Them That They Will Not Come Back That’s You Mistake Because From The ancient Their This Thing Remains a Mystery. In The Near to The 3500 BC When This Was also Consider as The Only Domesticated Bird at That Time People’s Opens Them From The Cage and Then They Start Flying and They also See That All of The Birds are Coming Back to Their Nest and To That Place Where is Their Main House. So Simply They Can Come Back to Their Nest Even From The 1400 Miles.

3) Pigeons Were Used To Send Messages

Probably When You Look Back You Will Comes To Know This Thing That They are Mainly Used To Carry The Messages Especially The Kings Used Them For The Messages and Many People’s also Used Them. Especially They also Considered as The Art Specialist and The The Birds Who Can Differentiate in The Different Writings also and Probably When The Research Was Performed on Their Art Specialism Then They Come on To The Standard. Many People’s Called That’s Kind of Pigeons as The Homing Messages also and There is a Post Where You Find This Pigeons To Carry Your Message. Probably in The Cages They Simply Transport Them Where They Will Find The Messages and This Messages attached With Them Easily and Then Obviously It Will Goes Back to The Home Where The Recipient is Waiting For The Message. This Skill of The Pigeons Really Makes Them One of The Unique Bird also With The Unique Characteristics and also Due to That Reason The Pigeons Have an Amazing History With The Humans.

4) Pigeons and Their Family Might be Related To The Dodo

Simply By The Look, You Can Say That They Must Have The Relevance. Dodo is The Birds Who Can be Found in The Island of Mauritius. Their Closest Genetic Relative is The pigeons and doves. The DNA Report When Comes Up It’s Shows That This Specie is Closest Genetic Relative to The Dodo and Probably Their Closest Relative Specie is Nicobar pigeon Which Has Seen That Exactly Match With The Dodo. Now Simply The Dodo is an Extinct Specie Who Were No More at That Time But Their Relative is also Living Now at That Time.

5) Pigeons Temperament and Behavior

They are Generally Considered as One of The Sweet, Docile and The Social Creatures also. Probably You Can see Them They are Grouping Together in The Large Flocks Probably Because They Like to Be Friendly Among Their Community also. Then Pigeons Goes in The Different Places To Find The Seed and The Fruits Which are Perfect For Their Diet. Obviously There Couple also Mates For Life But Commonly Their Behavior If You See is Friendly With The Humans Because They Never attack on The Humans. Probably Their Large Population is in The Wild and Commonly all Untrained and Trained Pigeons Commonly Have the Same Characteristics. Sometimes They Fly together To be Do a Race With Each Other and also They are Producing The Different Sounds Which is Their Way of Communication also.

6) Size and Weight

Probably They Have a Huge Size and Weight according to Their Body and Some Pigeons Might be Sometimes Low in Height as To The Doves But The Main Thing is That Doves ancestors is also Pigeons That’s Why They Also Have Their Characteristics on Them.

There Size and Weight are.

  • The Size and of The Pigeons Can be Ranges From 1.8 ft to the 2.3 ft.
  • Their Weight Can be Ranges From The 2 lb to 4.5 lb.

Commonly as I Mentioned Earlier That There are Many Species of The Pigeons and These are The Famous Pigeons Weight and Size and Might be They Have Different Sizes But Overall Body Structure Might be in Most of The Cases of all The Pigeons Looks Very Same.

7) Body, Diet & Predator

There are Many Variables of Them in The Different Colors But Most of The Birds If You See of Them Then They Have a bluish gray with two black bands on Their Wings and also You Can see The Black Tip on Their Hand. Their Feathers also Fluffy and Sometimes Their Wings Can Touch Their Feet also Which Means That at That Time Their Feet is also Helping Them to Fly in The Air. Their Wings Patterns Can be Plain But It Will Have Dark Spots also. In The Many States and Even in The Houses These Birds Can Easily be Seen and also in The Wild. Their Body Especially Made Up of For The Warm Places So Yes Otherwise Their Body is Strong Enough To Support Them in The Fly as well as in all The Other Things.

Pigeons Probably Find The Best Thing to Eat Because These Things Relatively Have a Huge Effect on Their Health Which also Means Their Lifespan. Probably They Eat The Same as Their Family Birds Eat and They Relatively Can Eat The Variety of grains, seeds, greens, berries, fruits and Obviously They Not Only Likes To Eat These Things But also They Eat The Insects, Earthworms Sometimes But The Above Feed is Their Favorite and These Feed Probably Given By The Humans also Who Own The Pigeons as a Hobby.

The Pigeons Have Many Predators Who Can attack On Them and Probably There Predators are Peregrine Falcons and Red-Tailed Hawks Who Mostly Hunt Them and These Both are Considered as The Birds of Prey and Their Primary Diet is The Pigeons Which Means That Pigeons Have To Take Care of Them So Much Because These Can also attack Them on Their Large Groups But If The Large Member of The Pigeons is also With Them Then Might be They Don’t Do That. Due to That’s Reason Pigeons Goes With The Large Flocks So That They Can Find Some Diet For Them and also Return Back to Their Home Safely.

8) Habitat and Population

They Can be Seen in Europe, North Africa, and western Asia, pigeons Which Means That They Found all around The Globe and Probably in Your City also. They Live in any Open and Semi-Open Area and Obviously, The Cliffs and rock ledges in The Wild They Used Mainly For Their Breeding and also For Roosting. They are Mostly Living in The Wild and also Sometimes Maybe They Come to Your Nest If You Had Make For The Pigeons and There are already So Many Pigeons Then They Will Start Living With You. Probably They Don’t Migrate Whether The Winter Comes Up at That Time They Can Choose The Warm Places in Their area and Obviously If They Had Leave Their area Where There Nest is and They Can Return Back to It Easily After Many Days Because They Have a Huge ability to Return Back to Their Houses.

In The Urban Areas Might be The Pigeons are Going to The Extent and Mostly Now They Can be Seen in The Wild Which is Their Home For Thousands of Years. Their Population is Increasing Widely and There are More Than 400 million Pigeons Found all around The World and also They are Increasing Rapidly.

9) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

They Can Incubate The Eggs in 18 days. After That They Hatch, The Eggs and The New Young Chicks Comes Up Who Got a Lovely Parents. Their Main Breeding Season is spring and fall. Probably Their Nestling Period is also around 25-32 days. Whenever The Young Chicks Comes Up The Mother Really Guides Them Very Well and also Keeps Them Safe From Their Predators at The Early Time and Both The Parents Feed Their Young Chicks Very Well So That They Can Grow Fast. They are Called monogamous Birds Because of They Mate For Life and Have amazing Feelings For Their Mate also Because They attract Their Mate From The Starting and When They Became a Couple at That Time They Lived a Life-Long Together Till Their Lifespan But This Specie Have Extra Pair Mating also Which Means That Sometimes If The Birds are Not Domestic Then This Usually Occur Because of The Domesticated Birds of This Specie Mate For Life.

They Can Live Sometimes More Year and Maybe Sometimes Less. Their Lifespan is around 2-3 Years Basically That is Their Lifespan Mainly in The Wild as Now This Bird is Considered as The Wild Bird.

Pigeons Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Young Pigeons Relatively Takes a Very Less Time To Fly in The Air. Nearly around 4 Weeks They Take To Fly From The Nest and Sometimes They Never Come Back Then Their Parents at That Place Make The New Nest and The Next Breeding Seasons Starts.
  • Their Expected Lifespan Maybe Around 2 to 3 Years But In The Captivity They Can Live More Than 15 Years.
  • The Trained Pigeons Can Easily Recognize The Faces of The Humans However The Research also Shows That The Untrained Pigeons Can also Easily Recognize The Faces of The Humans and Obviously If You Want to Come With The another Cloth Then You Can’t Make Them a Fool Because The Face Will always Lives in Front of Their Eyes.
  • Their Normal Flying Speed is around 77.6 mph But The More Than 92.5 mph Speed also Has been Seen and Recorded.
  • This is also One of Those Birds Whose Breeding Can Occur in all The Seasons But The Spring to Fall is The Main Time of Their Breeding.
  • The Pigeons Have a Huge Population all around The Globe But The Their Population of Males and Females are in Equal Numbers.
  • Normally Their Clutch Size is around 1-3 eggs and The Number of Young Children That Maybe Comes in The Breeding Season is around 1-6. Simply Their Egg is White and It is around 3cm long.
  • These Birds Have been Used By The Many Kings to Send and Receive Messages.


The Summary of Pigeons Facts is That Pigeons are Relatively High in The Population and Can be Seen all around The World. They are One of The Oldest Domesticated Bird Who is Friendly With The Humans. Their Nature is Docile and also The Pigeons Makes a Good Parents. This Bird Previously Have been Used To Send and Receive Messages also.

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