18 Most Interesting Owls Facts

Owls Facts

Owls Belong To The Family Strigidae and to Tytonidae and These are The Birds in The Order of Strigiformes. They are The nocturnal Birds of Prey Which Also Have More Than 225 Species all around The Globe. Probably This Birds of Prey Like to Fly alone and Many Raptor Hunters Hunts in This Way So They Do Not Like to be in The Flocks and Usually at The Night They Became Active. There are Many amazing Owls Facts Like This Bird is a Large and Have a Broad Head Which Usually Makes Them One of The Beautiful Bird also.

18 Most Interesting Owls Facts

1) Their Group and Families

Probably Owl is One of Those Birds Who Really Comes With The Many Small and Large Sizes That’s Why Their Families Were Created in The Group of Birds Called Strigiformes. Then This Group Divided into Two Main Families Which are Tytonidae and Strigidae. Their Group Strigiformes Were Created By The Johann Georg Wagler in 1930 When He also Tells The Difference Between The Two Different Families. Both Families are Divided into The Smaller Groups Which Means That Tytonidae is The Family in Which Barn Owls and Their Faces Looks Like The Heart Shaped and You Can Easily Recognize and Difference Between These Two Families in Many Way. The Second Family Strigidae Includes all Other Owls Which Have The round faces and Probably These Faces Tells You From Which Families They Belong and Their Group is Same as all are Named as Owls.

2) Their Senses

Owls are The Birds of Prey But Really These Birds Have Not a Good Sense of Smell Like The Many Other Nocturnal Birds Have and Like The vultures, They Don’t Have Good Sense of Smell But Yes If They Do Not Have Good Sense of Smell That Does Not Mean That These Raptor Birds Don’t Have Other Senses. These Birds Rely on Their Senses of hearing and vision to Hunt Their Prey and They Can Hear The Voices 10 Miles Away From Them Which Makes Them One of The Most Unique Nocturnal Birds. Whenever From The Long Run They See any Predator Then They attack on Them and at That Time Might be Their Vision Does Not Help Them More But Yes Their Hearing Helps Them to Trace This Person.

3) Their Wings and Feathers

They Can Fly in The Air Without flapping too much Because Their Wings Really Comes Up With The Large Surface area Which Helps Them Easily to float in The Air. Obviously, If Less flapping Occurs Then The Voice Will be Much Less. On The Primary of Their Feathers They Must Have The leading edges and That is Unique and Their Design Looks So Much Beautiful and Rare on The Bird and These Leading Edges Really Helps Them to Fly Silently. Their feathers You Can see are Very Down and Closest to The Skin Might be You Can See They Have downy barbules on Their Feathers. Around The Bill, There are Many Types of The Feathers Which Included Ruff Feathers, Crown and bristles and also You Can see The ear-flap feathers Their also. These all are The Things and The Body When You Completely See It This Really Helps Them to Fly Easily in The Air. Really Their Feathers is also Considered as The Unique Feathers Because That’s Kind of Feathers are Nature Gifted to Them and Really Suit on Their Personality.

These Qualities also Helps Them to Hunt Their Prey and Might be They are Flying Close to The Ground Level Sometimes But Many Big Birds From Them Choose To Fly High in The Air. Owls At The High Level Might be Have a Speed of around 40 Miles an Hour.

4) Owls Behavior and They are Nocturnal Bird

Their Behavior Towards The Humans is Simply is That as Far as Nature is Concerned They are Considered as The aggressive Birds Towards The Humans as They Don’t Live a Huge Life With The Humans That’s Why and Many Hunters Which Wanted to Hunt Their Young and Mates They Really Takes Care of These Things Especially If The Mature Owls is With Them Then They Can attack on You and You Might be Got Injured. At dusk and dawn, They are Active and Obviously, They Spend Their Daytime as Quiet Because They are The Nocturnal birds Which Mostly Remains Active on The Night and also at The Night They Go Hunting The Food For Them. You Can See Them roosting Maybe They are Singly Sleeping, With The Pairs, and Maybe With Their Families also. Owls Really Believed To be a Being territorial Bird Which Means That They Don’t Care Who is Living With Them and Might be The Closest Specie to Them Which is Living Near to Them That Does Not Mean That Both are Really Spending a Social Life This Really Means That They are Just Living Together But Dislike Each Other.

Many of The Birds Shows a Nocturnal Behavior But Owls is also Unique Than Them Because Whenever any Person You See Not Sleeping Early Then Might be Some Called Them Night Owls This Shows Their Popularity and also Strength in The Public. They are Active at The Night to Hunt The Food For Them and To Mate and also at That Time Most of Their Predators Might be Not in The Place Where They Was Going. When You See That Sun is Down This Time of Their Comes Up as They Takes Rest in The Day and After The Sun is Down They Became More Active and Their Sense of Hearing and Vision Helps Them to Do all The Things Which They Wanted to Do at The Night.

5) Owls Size and Weight

Owls Come Up With The Unique Size and Weight and Probably This is also Because There are Lot of Species of Them in The Planet Earth So Might be The all Have The Different Weight and Size and also Their Body Structure Really Looks Different To Each Other.

The Average Size and Weight of Owls are.

  • Their Size Can be Ranges From 1.3 Ft to The 2.4 Ft.
  • Their Weight Can be Ranges From 1.4 lb to 4.5 lb.

All The Things in Them May Not be Common Because Their are Might be The More Strong Owls Exist on The World Which May Have Length and Weight Greater Than This But This Height Really Suits On Them Very Perfect.

6) Body, Diet & Predator

The Large Round Head and The amazing forward-facing eyes These Things Helps You To Recognize The Owls Very Easily. The Owls Must Have This General Body Which Includes That Their Tail is Short and Their Wings are long and rounded and This Bird Really Gains a Strong Size on Them. Their Toes and The Legs Similarly These all Comes Up With The Medium Length and Each of Their Toes Comes Up With The Curved talon. They Got a Downward Facing Beak Which Really Makes Their Overall Body Looks Very Beautiful. This is The General Body Which Means That The Females and Males Both Comes in The Similar in The Appearance. They Can Bear all The Temperatures By Living at The Single Place But However Might be Sometimes Their Body Gave The answer and They Look Up to Any Other Place to Live.

Their Primary Diet is voles and mice Which are Small mammals and They Easily Find Their This Diet in The Places Where They are Living. However Many of The Birds Species always Afraid of Them Because They also attack The Birds and One of Their Favorite Food also. They Can also Eat frogs, snakes, fish and rabbits. Many of Their Other Species Have Many Other Birds For To Eat and Probably This is The World’s Best Predators of Prey also Because They Hunt anyone at The anytime and also They Have Enough Strength to Face The Problem If They Had been Evolved into It.

They Have Many Predators Especially The Raptors and The Birds Who Can Match Their Height and Maybe are The Birds of Prey also. So The Owls Got a Huge Challenge to Face The Ospreys, Peregrine Falcons, Prairie Falcons Because These are Their Predators Who Attack on Them and Eat Them in a Once and That’s Why For Their Safety They Do Not Consider The Place Where These Birds are Living.

7) Habitat and Population

Owls is Bird Who Can Easily Adjust Them in any Habitats Especially They are Living in The Deserts, Forests, mountains. In The North of America, You Can Find Many Owls Especially The snowy owl is So Much Common Their. They Can Make Their Nest of The Old Hawk and also To The squirrel Nest Then They Start Living Their. They Can Live Under The Ground and Especially They Make Their Nest in The Holes of Trees. In The Winter They Do Care of Them a Lot Because These Birds are Not Considered as The Migratory Birds That’s Why They Can’t Go To any Place Throughout The Year. However If In The Winter The Rainy Seasons also and Winter at The Top Then They Like to Go To The Warmer Places To Live.

There are More Than 225 Species of The Owls Can be Found on The Earth and Many of Them are Considered as Safe and Growing. Maybe Some are Endangered But Most of The Endangered also Not Extinct Which Means That Currently, Overall Owls Population is Growing Gradually. Some of Their Species Might be Have a Population of Close to The Few Hundred Thousand and Some Have The Population Near to The Million also.

8) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Commonly Their Incubation Period is around 37 days But However, Some Can Incubate Their Eggs in The Few Days to Weeks and Some Can Take More Period Than This also. After The Egg is Hatched Then The New Owls Born Who Got Good Caring Parents and They Take Care of Them Until They Became Young. The Couples of Owls are also Mate For Life and The Nest Site Which They Had Select The First They Like to Select This Nest Site Again For Their Breeding Season Which Usually Comes in The Spring. When The Mate Wants to Unite again Then The Both Care of Them So Much and Feed to Each Other and also Many Calls They Do So That Their Breeding Season Must be Spent in The Happiness and When The Young Chicks Starts Growing Then at That Time The Young Adult also Comes Towards Their Parents Many Times in Their Life.

When They Have a Perfect Habitat to Live, They Can Roost and Find Easily Food For Them Then In That’s Place They Can Live Upto 25 Years But It is also Believed That They Have Less Lifespan Than This Because This is Seen Many Times But The Less Lifespan Than This is also Common Thing in Them.

Owls Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Longer Species Have The Relatively Large Lifespan Than The Smaller Species and This Depends Upon on Various Factors From Their Food to The Roosting.
  • Probably The Male Birds are always Heavier Than The Female But Here is Not Because The Female is 25% larger Than The Male in The Body.
  • The Hatching of The Eggs Starts When They already Had Laid The First Egg.
  • They Lay The Small White Eggs Probably From 4 to 6. The March to The August is Their Main Breeding Season. Their Egg Size is 1.7 inches.
  • The Largest Owl in The World is Blakiston’s fish owl.
  • Young Can Leaves The Nest When They Reach to The 5 Weeks of age and also They Can Starts Flying When They Reach at The age 9-10 weeks and Still Their Parents at That Time also Take Care of Them and Save Them From The Every Danger.
  • The Strongest and Largest Living Species of The Owl is the Eurasian eagle-owl.
  • The Most Common Owl in The World is the barn owl.
  • In Asia, The Most Rarest Owl Lives Which is Known as Blakiston’s fish owl and This is also Listed as an Endangered Specie Their.
  • They Make A Different Kind of Sounds Like hisses, whistles, barks, shrieks, wavering cries and coos and The Young and Adult May Have Different Voices Simply Because at That Time They Take Helps From Their Families and Many Times The Young also Used To Beg The Food From Their Parents With Their Sound and Their Parents Brought The Food For Them.


The Summary of Owls Facts is That These Birds Can Easily be Seen all around The Earth and in The Night They Became Active That’s Why They are Called Nocturnal Birds. Their Pairs Mate For Life and They Can Live From Desert to Forest and They Can Sometimes Do a Migration in The Winter to The Warmer Places.

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