18 Fascinating Northern Cardinal Facts

Northern Cardinal Facts

The Northern Cardinal is colloquially also Known as The Redbird and common cardinal. This Bird Belongs to The Genus Cardinalis and It be Found in The Mexico, America and in Many Other Parts of The World. The face masks You Can see on Their Female on Which The Basis This Bird also Got Distinguished. In 1758 The Swedish botanist Named as Linnaeus Gives Them The Name Cardinalis cardinalis. These Birds Basically Belongs to The Family Cardinalidae Which is One of The Most Interesting Northern Cardinal Facts. Their Parents Have Many Species From Which This is also The Main One.

18 Fascinating Northern Cardinal Facts

1) They Come First at The Bird Feedings & Northern Cardinal are Called Granivorous animals 

Probably It is Believed That The Northern Cardinal is The First Bird Who Comes to The Bird Feedings Very Early and Take The Diet Which They are Looking For Them and For Their Child. They Can be Seems Aggressive But Most of The Time You Can see Them as Friendly also Especially The Females are More Friendly Than Males. It is also Seen That at The Morning Maybe They Come to The Birds Feeding at The First But at The Evening They are Considered To Come at The End Because The Time That They Feel They are away From The Danger is The Morning and Evening Time.

They are also Called Granivorous animals Because Their Main Diet Consists of The Seeds Which Probably They Like The Most as Their Body Needs That’s Food To Fit Them Very Perfect. Maybe Their Diet Consist of The Other Feed also But This is The Main Feed Whom They Like So Much and always Wanted to Find It To Feed Their Children and also They Eat Those Seeds Mostly Especially Because The Young Needs a Less Food Than The Adult.

2) Mate Attractions Towards Each Other 

Among These Birds, One More Method is also Very Popular Which Commonly Referred to as a “beak to beak” and This is The Probably The Way That The Males Feeding to Their Female With The Affections and Maybe Sometimes You Can Call It a Kiss and Probably Might be But at That Time They Were Attractive Towards Each Other and also Eating The Food. These Birds are monogamous Which Means That They are Mate For Life and Obviously Whenever They Were Going to any Place They also Like To Go Together and The females and Male Both Express Their Love Towards Each Other. So These Mates are also attractive to Each Other and Both Likes To Spend Their Life Together.

3) Building a Nest and Defending The Territory

The Northern Cardinal Takes a Huge Time To Build The Nest as They Do Not Like To Choose The Nest of Others So The Northern Cardinal Builds Their Nest With Their Hand. The Female Builds The shallow-cupped nest and For Building It Maybe The Female Takes a Help From The Male and Maybe This Nest Which They are Building Only For The One Breading Season That’s Why The Northern Cardinal Bird also Known as That They Do Not Use Their Nest More Than Once. They Like To Choose The Tree Which is Not Far From The Ground. Their Nest Takes a Long Time to Got Build and They Build It With The thin twigs, bark strips and grasses. When They Build Their Nest at That Time The Main Duty Always Has been Given By The Male to Save Now This Nest From Their Predators and also Defends Their Territory Which They also Defend When any Danger Comes Up. At That Time Maybe The Northern Cardinal Males Looks Like Aggressive Simply Because The Thing Has Come into Their Territory. They Sleep at Their Nest Mostly.

4) Famous Bird & Many Use Their Shape as For Their Representation

This is Probably Considered as One of The Famous in The USA Also Because It Has been Used To Represent Many Things Especially The Schools, Colleges and also The Professional Teams that adopt This Bird For Their Representation. These Birds are The Perfect Combination of all Those Characteristics Which Needed To be Good and Top of The World Thing. That’s Why Many Universities Like Ball State University, Concordia University, Lamar University and Many Other Professional Teams also Used This Bird For Their Representation and These are The Famous Things in The USA Which is Using This Bird To Represent Them.

5) Northern Cardinal Sounds and They Can Make a Music

This is Probably From One of Those Birds Who Got a Unique Voice as Well as Their Voice Can Make The Song With The Different Vocalization. Both The Males and Females Sing Very Well and Their Song You Can Easily See That is a Loud String of two-parted whistles and When They Start Singing This Song Might be Sometimes They Start as a Very Fast and Then Slow Down. Simply Their This Music Got Ends in The 2 to 3 Seconds and It is also Well Known By The Research That Their Singing Probably is The cheer, cheer, cheer or birdie, birdie, birdie and This is Their Main Syllables Which They Often Repeat in a Day and Sometimes When They Start Singing Their Song in a Very Loud Voice Then at That Time You Must Have to be Close to Them to Hear Their Beautiful Voice and Song.

6) Size and Weight

This Song Bird Probably Come in The Height of The Medium Size Who Have a Good Size and Weight also and Simply These Both are Those Things Which are Common in all The Birds But Yet Different.

There Size and Weight are.

  • Their Size is around 8.2 – 9.3 in.
  • Their Weight is around 1.5 oz.

So Relatively This Bird Got a Huge Length Which is The Uncommon in Most of The Songbirds and Their Size and Weight Helps Them in The Many Things and Makes Them Unique Than The Other Common Birds.

7) Body, Diet & Predator

Male and Female Both Have a Black Face But Yet The Male Body Looks Simply Cover With The Red Color and The Female are Pale brown. Both The Males and Females also Have a Red Color on The wings. Their Body Color Makes Them One of The Beautiful Birds. Their Body is a Medium-Sized and Still Looks So Much Good on Them. These Birds Body Can Fit Them in any Temperature But Yet They Take Care of Them in The Winter Especially.

This Bird is a Ground Feeder So Probably in The Ground Might be Sometimes They Can attack on Some Insects But This is Not Considered as Their Regular Diet Which They Need to Grow Up Easily. Probably If You Have a Backyard Then Maybe They Comes Their To Hunt Some Food Especially When in Their Area They Can’t Find Food For Them. Mostly They Eat The Seeds, Grains, and Fruits.

These Birds Can Easily be Seen in America and Their They Have Many Predators Who are Wanted To Kill Them and Might be This Bird is Their Favorite Food also. Their Main Predators are Falcons, bald eagles, golden eagles, owls and The hawks Can also attack on Them and When These Birds Even is Living Close Together and Sometimes When They Were Flying and Find Them in The Air Then They Can Take Care and Maybe Avoid to Come Their and also Warn to Their Community To Avoid to Go There.

8) Habitat and Population

They Inhabit in woodland edges and grassland landscapes. Mostly You Can see Them in Central America To The East Throughout The Year and That is Their Favorite Place Because Maybe This Bird Can’t Bear The More Cold Temperature But Even in The Winter They Don’t Migrate Maybe Sometimes They Do. In Mexico and in America These Birds Can Easily be Seen. In The Winter Maybe They Look More Beautiful. At The Winter If Constantly At That Place, The Rainy Season also Comes Up Then They Can’t Bear It and They Go To The Evergreen trees to Seek The Shelter and also They Found It Very Near to Their Place. Sometimes Maybe They Can’t be Seen in The Communities But They always Like to be With Their Family.

The Northern Cardinal is One of The Safe Bird in The World Whose Population is also Constantly Increasing Because Some of The Birds of Them Maybe Have a Very Long Lifespan and In This Lifespan Maybe They Produce as Much as The Young Northern Cardinal Which Increase This Bird Population. Now at That Time, There are More Than 120 Million Birds and Their Population is Going Stable Since a Long Time.

9) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is around 11 to 13 days. During The Hatching of The Eggs at That Time Female Simply Sits on The Eggs and The Male Main Duty is to Bring Up Food For Her and also Takes Care of Both From Their Predators as Well. They Simply Live in The Flocks Which Means They Fly in The Groups and also Lives an amazing Social Life With Their Friends and always Likes To Do a Communication But When The Breeding Season Comes Up Then Mostly The Pairs Lives Lonely and Unite So That They Can Gain a Good Child as Well as The Good Couples also Because They are also Mate For Life and Many of Them Even Does Not Mate To anyother If One of From The Mate Will Die. Their Main Breeding seasons are March and the second in late May to July.

They Relatively Sometimes Lived a Very Long Life and Sometimes Less Because Due to The Different Problems and also To The Solutions. Even When They are Nesting at That Time They Had To Face Many Nest Parasites as Well as Many Other Species Whom They Can Beat. Their Average Lifespan is around 3 Years in The Wild.

Northern Cardinal Fun Facts For Kids

  • This is also considered as The Most Popular State Bird in The U.S as The Many States Has Used Their Name and also Commonly This Bird Mainly Lives in America.
  • Their Normal Lifespan is around 3 Years But The Lifespan of 13 to 15 Years also Has been Seen in Them. However, Their Longest Individuals Lifespan That Has Recorded is around 28.5 Years.
  • The Professional Teams St. Louis Cardinals baseball team and the Arizona Cardinals NFL team Used This Bird as a Symbol of Them and also They Use This Bird Simply To Represent Them.
  • The Seeds, Grains, and Fruits are Their Favorite Food and They Eat More Than 90% These Things Throughout The Whole Year.
  • Most of Their Population Close to 77% are Residents in The U.S and 22% of Their Population is Living in Mexico.
  • In The Summer These Birds Considered Them Their Favorite Time For The Breeding and Might be More Than 3 Times Their Breeding Can Occur in This Season. However, In The Winter is Less Because Sometimes They Can’t Bear The More Cold Temperature.
  • When The Young Chicks Reaches at The Age of 10 Days Then Might be They Leave The Nest But However, After Their Leaving From The Nest Their Parents Still Support Them and also Feed Them Perfect For The Several Weeks.
  • They Lay The Blue or Brown Egg and They Simply Raise an average of Two Broods in Each Year.
  • Their Flying Speed is around 20 to 30 Miles Per Hour.


There are Many amazing Northern Cardinal Facts I Mentioned Above The Simple Summary of Them is That The Northern Cardinal Mostly Found in America and also The Most Famous State Birds Their. Their Pairs also Mate For Life and They Take Care of Their Young Chicks Until They Start Flying in The Year and Became a Mature Bird. They are also one of the Most Loved Birds in America and in Mexico.

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