My Cat Is So Skinny I Can Feel Her Bones? A Perfect Guide

My Cat Is So Skinny I Can Feel Her Bones

Basically, Some Times When We Overfeed Our Pet Cats and Spoil Them By Giving Your Cat a Treat But Maybe Sometimes You See That Rather Than Gaining Weight Your Cat Became Weak Until Your Cat Became So Much Skinny That You Starts Feeling Her Bones.

At That Time What is The Correct Way To Measure The Weight of The Cat If Your Cat is So Much Skinny and Why Really This Happened For This Stay Tuned in This Article!

How To Check That Your Cat is Skinny?

Now Obviously The Skinny Cat Can Easily Recognize But There are Different Steps Which Will Really Tell You That Is Really Now Your Cat Have So Much Less Weight.

Trace The Length of Your Cat From Spine To Its Tail and In This Step, You Can Use Your Fingertips in Your Cat’s Back and Obviously If You are Really Feeling a Backbone and It’s Prominent as Well. Then at That Time, It Has been Cleared That Your Cat is Losing Weight and Maybe Some Muscles Weight They already Had Loss and Now Your Cat is Skinny.

There are Many Other Signs of Your Cat Which Explained to You That Your Cat is Skinny in Which The Main One is Shoulder Blades and Visible Ribs.

Main Reasons Which is Why Your Cat is Skinny?

Now Keeps The Thing in Mind That Sometimes This Problem Does Not Cause any Severe issue To Your Cat But Sometimes Maybe This Issue Will Became Big If Your Cat Continuously Starts Losing Weight. Clearly Being Skinny Does Not Mean That Your Cat Had Spent Enough Life or ill But That’s Actually Means That Now Your Cat May Have To Pass Through Serious Problems.

Reasons Which Will Tell You That Why Your Cat is Skinny

Sometimes Some Breeds Have Genetic Makeup Which is Why They Look Skinny in Which Siamese, Somali and Cornish Rex is Involved.

  • Dietary Changes: Now Dietary Changes Means That You Have Changed The Diet of Your Cat and Maybe at That Time Your Cat Starts Refusing The Food and It Maybe Develops Anorexia in Your Cat.
  • Living in The New Environment Where There is No Friend of Her: Now Just Feels That Where Your Cat is Living There is No Friend or Companion of Her and If There Was You already Had Sale It Then Maybe These Things Can Lead To The Anxiety and Depression in Your Cat Which Maybe The Reason That Your Cat Starts Rejecting To Live a Social Life. These Kinds of Things Happens in The Humans as Well and That’s Maybe The Reason of Their Weight Loss or Skinny.
  • Medical Problems: Now Just as Humans Have Medical Problems The Cat also Have and If Your Cat is Suffering From Really Serious Problems Then Maybe Your Cat Starts Becoming Boney. In This Regard Especially The Big Diseases Like Cancer, Diabetes and Maybe Sometimes any Main Important Organ Maybe Stops Functioning Which Can Cause Serious Problems in Your Cat. Sometimes Maybe Your Cat Have Comes to Across Food Allergies Which is Why At That They Don’t Eat The Food and Constantly Their Weight also Starts Decreasing.
  • Age Matters a Lot: Now Age is The Main Thing Which Matters almost in Every animal Because Whenever The Cat or Most of The animal Starts Becoming Old Then at That Time Maybe They Start Eating Less Which is The Main Reason That Makes Them a Skinny. Anyhow Some Cats Even at The Old Age Still Remains In a Good Position But Most of The Cats Became Skinny Due to The Dietary Changes, Less Food They Eat and Might be Sometimes They Even Reject The Food.
  • Sprayed or Not Sprayed: You Know Mating always Needs a Lot of Energy and This is The Main Reason That Unsprayed Cat Maybe Loss Their Weight and Became Skinny Rather Than The Sprayed Who Not Performs This Step and Have a Long Life and Healthier Life as Well.
  • Some Cat’s Don’t Eat: Now Keeps in Mind That When Cats Not Eat Simply They Will Loss Weight But This Thing Leads To The Big Problem in Your Cat If Your Cat Don’t Eat For a Day and Performed This Step Further Time in The Months Then Keeps in Mind That If any Signs of illness You See in Your Cat Then Just Maybe Your Cat Now Come Across To The Fatty Liver Diseases as Well. The Signs are Common in Which Constipation, dehydration, Vomiting and Weakness is Included.

What to Do When Your Cat is So Much Skinny?

Basically, There are Many Steps Which Can Really Help You To Again Fatten Up Your Cat and Solved Their Boney or Skinny Issues But Always Perform Every Step Clearly as I Had Mentioned.

  • Small But Good Meals: Basically When Your Cat Starts Rejecting The Food Then Bring Up a Mixture of Dry and Wet Foods in a Very Small Quantity and Starts Feeding To Your Cat. Really It Will Helps Your Cat To Increase Their Weight.
  • How To Feed Any Cat Who Does Not Want to Eat?: Now Keeps in Mind Sometimes Cats Reject The Food Because They Don’t Have a Really Big Stomach To Eat a Big Portion of Food So If They are Skinny and Not Eating Then Just Provides Them a Warm Food Which You Can Easily Warm At The Nearly 39 degrees in The Microwave. The main Thing Which Will Done By This Step is That Warm Food Enables The Sense of Smell of Your Cat More Than Those Dry and Wet Foods So Simply When Their Sense of Smell is Active Then They Judge This Good Food and Eat It as Well.
  • Nutritious Food: If Your Cat Eat Less Definitely You Maybe Thinking That Their Nutritional Needs Can’t be Fulfilled So In This Step You Just Have To Do One Thing is That Gives Your Cat Very Nutritious Food and Keeps in Mind That This Food Must be Tasty as Well. If Your Cat Just Eat a Few Snacks of This Really Healthy Food Then It Will Fulfill Their Needs and Soon You Will Starts Seeing a Sudden Rise in The Weight as Well. Sometimes Provides Your Old Cat Kitten Food Because It Comes in Many Different Types of Varieties and Really Also Proved To be a Good For The Skinny Cat or For Boney Cat as Well.
  • Cats Like To Be Alone: Just Like Everyday Cat Demands a Time From You That In This Time They Wanted To be Alone. The Food Case is also Very Similar So These Animals also Likes To Eat Their Food Alone So Don’t Come Again and Again To Check That They Had Eaten Their Feed Or Not. Maybe At That Time They are in The Playing Mood With You and If You Leave Them Alone Then They Will Starts Eating Their Diet.
  • Roasted Chicken: Sometimes Provides Your Cat Roasted Chicken With Their Regular Dry and Wet Food as Well Because It Really Fulfills The Dietary Needs of Your Cat and Maybe They are Just Enjoying This Meat For Today as Their Prey as Well.
  • Veterinarian Knows Better Than You: Obviously, The Vet Knows Better Than You and If All of These Things Does Not Solve The Issue of Your Cat Then Take an Advice From Your Vet That How To Again Rise The Weight of My Cat. They Will Tell You Proper Guide Which You Can Keep in Mind and Then After a Time Your Cat Will be No More Skinny If Things Happened Correctly.


If Your Cat is So Skinny Then Just Keeps in Mind That This is Not Means That Your Cat is Dying But That’s Means That There are Sudden Drops in Their Weight Because Now Your Cat is Becoming Old Or Sometimes Young Cats Due to The Depression Don’t Eat Which is Why They also Loss Their Weight.

At That Time You Can Feed Them a Good and Nutritious Meals Whether in The Small Quantity But That Will Makes Your Cat Weight Stable.

So One More Better Solution is That Take Your Cat To Your Vet and They Will Tell You What To Do.

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