13 Fascinating Malay Chicken Facts

Malay Chicken Facts

The Malay Chicken Basically is The Breed of Game Chicken Which is also known as American Game. This Chicken Comes Up With The Unique Characteristics in Their Size Which is The Tallest Especially in The Chicken This is also One of The Tallest Chicken Breeds and They Can Mostly be Seen in The European Countries Included United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Due to Their Large Size, This Breed Can Be Used For The Different Purposes But Their Main Use is Meat Which is an Interesting Malay Chicken Facts. There are many Varieties of This Chicken Breed and Every Have Their Own Specialty.

13 Fascinating Malay Chicken Facts

1) Malay Chicken History

This Was The First Ever gigantic Asiatic Fowl That Were Introduced To The Western World and When This Was Introduced Their at That Time People’s Were Looking For Really a Large Chicken Breeds and Then This Comes Up. This Breed is also Considered as One of The Oldest Chicken Breed That Existed in Asia and First This Exist in The Many Different Asian Countries Including Both South and North Asia and Where The Main Countries Would be Malaysia, Indonesia and India. From That Time When The Birds Starts Importing To The European Countries Then Malay Was also Imported into The European Countries and Many Countries Maybe You See Their Standard as Well as The Bantam Chicken also. In 1830 at That Time, These Large Fowl Starts Importing in England Where These Birds Had Lived For Many Years and Many Person’s Used This Bird Only For Ornamental Purposes as These Birds are Seems to be aggressive But Maybe To Their Owner They Will Show a Love also. Maybe at That Time People Just Love This Breed Due to Their Meat But They Can Lay Well Also. Then after The Time, This Breed Was also Imported By The Different European Countries as This is The Large Chicken Breed and In Australia and in America This Breed Can Be Seen. However, In Malaysia, Their Bantam Chicken Has also Been Developed and Which is also Had been Supplied in Europe. This Breed Was Finally in 1883 was also Got approved By The American Poultry Association and This Breed Comes on Their Standard Which They Were Looking For and Now Maybe This Breed Can be Seen Very Rare But They are One of The Finest Chicken Breed With The Full Size But Yet Aggressive also. In Their History The Main Thing is also That They are Not Only a Century-Old They are So Many Old Birds That Still are Living around The Globe But Now They are Critically Endangered also.

2) Malay Chicken Temperament & Use

Normally This Chicken Breed Shows Aggressive Behavior and Due to That Reason, This Chicken also Gains a Bad Reputation in The Public But Still Many People’s Loves Them Due to Their Huge Size and The Heavy Weight Body They have. They also Seem to aggressive Birds To The Other Chickens of Their Breeds also and Sometimes Maybe They Quarreled With Them also and Maybe With Your Pets Sometimes. They Can also pluck out The Feathers of The Other Chickens and Sometimes May If any of Their Breed is With Them They Might be Looks Friendly With Them But They are Not Friends For Long Time If any Wrong Things Happen With Them. The Malay Chicken Might be Shows a Friendly Behavior Only With You Because They Love The Owner Who is Feeding Them. Due to Their Large Size Might be They Can’t Fly Easily and also If You Wanted Them to be With Your Children Then Maybe You Have To Find Some Calm and Friendly Chickens Like Buckeye Chicken. This Chicken Comes in Both Bantam and Standard Size So If You Really Wants The Chickens Only For Your Backyard Then Might be You Take This Chicken also and You Have to Keeps Them For Only an Ornamental Purposes and Maybe Sometimes They Can Give You Eggs also. In Their Social Life Like Especially This Breed Now also Exist in Asia They Really Enjoy The Social Life as an Aggressive Bird Because Many People Also Organize The Competitions of Them also Where They Do a Fight But Yet This Chicken Might be Became Friendly and Calm If You Really Keeps Them in Your Backyard With The Friendly Pets and also Always Shows Them That How Much You Loves Them Then Might be This Bird Became Friendly With You and With Your Pets.

Basically, This Chicken Breed is One of The Most Useful and also Unique Chickens Ever Exist on The Planet Because Many People’s Use Them For The Different Purposes Like They Organize a Racing Competitions For Them also and Many Other Competitions They Organize For This Bird Because Their Body is Large as Well as So Much Strong and They also Do an Exercise Which Fits Them Perfectly. Their Muscle and Complete Body is Powerful and They are aggressive Chickens. They Can Be Used For The Meat as Their Size is Large and also They Have a Huge Weight Which Means That You Will Get a Huge Meat From Them and also They Can Lay 120 Medium Light Brown Eggs in a Year. Many People’s Loves To Eat Their Meat But In The Small Farms Mostly People’s Grow Them For Ornamental Purposes Like Serama Chicken. This Chicken is Now also Rare On The Earth Which Makes Them a Special Bird also Now at That Time and Many People’s also Growing Them and Producing The New Young Chicks of Them So That Their Population Can be Increased.

3) Varieties

All of The Varieties of This Chicken Breed Might be Looks Scary as They Got a Huge Large Size. Anyhow, There are 6 Varieties of This Chicken Breed Which are.

  • Black
  • Black Breasted Red
  • Red Pyle
  • Spangled
  • Wheaten
  • White

The Most Favorite Variety of The American is Black Breast Red variety Because This Was Recognized By The APA Early in The 1883 and People’s Starts Keeping This Chicken as an Ornamental Purpose and Some Keep It For The Meat and Some Keep It Only For The Eggs. Finally after The Research and American Starts Keeping The Other Varieties of This Chicken Also Like White, Spangled, Black, and Red Pyle Malays and This Report When Goes To The APA in The 1980s Then in 1981 These Were also approved By Them. All of The Varieties Have One Same Characteristic is That They are Large as Well as aggressive also. Some May Lay Eggs More Than The Other Varieties and Some of Their Varieties Meat Taste is So Spicy Because This Chicken in The Asian and also in All Around The Globe Mainly Known Because of Their Meat and People Had Eaten Their Meat Might be Once in Their Life If They are a Chickens Lovers. Probably The Some of The Breed Like Red Pyle is So Much amazing in The Look and The all Really Looks Very Beautiful and Might be Sometimes You Can be Scared Due to Their Big Height.

4) Body, Diet & Predator

Their Beak is Short and in The Size, They Look Large and Their Comb and Wattle is Seems to be Small and The Black Breasted Red Have a More Unique Body Than The Other Varieties. Their Eye Color is Pearl and You Can see Mostly Their Body is Covered With The Red and Black Color. They Have Heavy Bones and Broad Skull and They Can Bear any Temperature Where You are Keeping Them Whether Cold or Hot Climates Especially In The Winter They Can Bear It Like The Most of The American Chickens Can But This is Asian and They also Can Bear any Climates. Their Weight Can be Ranges From 9 to 11 lb and Their Height is Large and Might be First Time When You See Them Their Look Might be Seems to Cruel.

The Malay Chicken Requires Some Special Food Because Due to Their Heavy Weight and Large Size You Have To Feed Them More Nutrients, Proteins and You Can Provide Them More Calcium Than any Other Chicken Breeds. At The Most Stores, You Can Easily Search game bird feeds and Provides Them Which Will Makes Them a Good Looking in The Weight also Because Food is The Main Thing That is also Maintaining Their Body and also The Good Feed Very Important For The Expected Lifespan.

The Birds Which are Flying and If They are Their Predators They Can Trick Them Easily But The Ground Predators are The Worst Predators Of Them Because This Can attack Them and Might be Trapped Them So If You Wanted to Open Them in a Free Space Then You Have to Keep Them in The Place Where There Main Predators Like bobcats or coyotes are Not Living.

5) Habitat and Population

This bird Was First Living in India Then This Goes From India To Indonesia and Then also To Malaysia Where It Was Best Known in Their Public Due To Their Huge Size and The Strong Body That They Have. In The European Countries When Their First Birds Comes Up at That Time This Bird Was also Fit in The European Climates Which is Mostly Winter So Many People’s Starts Keeping Them in Europe also in The Coop and in The Nest. It’s Means That Now This Breed is Inhabit all around The Globe and If You are a Chicken Lover Then Might be You Have Seen This Chicken Once in Your Life. (Also Read Rhode Island Red Chicken Facts).

Probably You Might be Aware of Them That The Livestock Conservancy Listed Them on a Critically Endangered Chicken Breed in The World Which Really Means That Now They are So Much Less on The World and Probably When any Birds Comes in This List Then They are Specially Endangered in America Then all around The Globe also. Many Small Farms and Chicken Lovers Growing Them To Stop Their Extinction.

6) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

This Chicken Breed Does Not Know For Their Broody Nature and Due to Their Large Size Maybe The Hens Can’t Hatch The Eggs Perfectly But It is Seen That They Can Hatch The Eggs Normally Their Incubation Period is Less Than a Month. They Can Lay 120 Medium Light Brown Eggs in a Year. Their Hens Not Considered as The Best Mother But They are also Not The Worst They Do Care of Their Young Chicks and Guide Them Everything That They Really Needed in The Life To Live Simple Life in Their Community. The Couples are Romantic and Not Dramatic.

When They Come in The Chickens and Their Lifespan is Simply around 8 to 10 Years and This You Can Easily Expect If You Feed Them Perfect and Obviously The Perfect Habitat Can Increase The Lifespan and Might be Sometimes This Chicken Can Live Less Than This Time.

Malay Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • These are Aseel breeds Which Means That You Can Look Some 3500 Years ago and at That Time This Breed Comes into Existence Which is Now Considered as One of The World’s Heaviest Chicken Breed.
  • This Breed Won The Title of The World’s Tallest Chicken Breed.
  • Their Weight is also More Than The Normal Chicken Breeds Due to Their Large Size and The Malay Hens Can be Weight around 9 lb and Male Weight is around 11 lb. Their Height is Large.
  • Their Eggs Color is Light Brown and Their Egg Size is around Medium. They Can Lay Upto 120 Eggs in a Year and Sometimes You Can Expect 5 Eggs in a Week.
  • When They Start Becoming Old Might be at That Time They Start Laying The Less Eggs Than The Normal and It is Commonly See That at That Time They Can Only Lay 30 to 50 Eggs.
  • Probably This Breed is One of The Expensive Chicken Breed also If You Want to Buy Them.
  • They Became Mature at The age Near to Year and Maybe They Start Laying Before The Year But Their Primary Use is To Gain The Meat From Them and also You Can Use Them as a Show Bird also.


The Summary of Malay Chicken Facts is That These Birds are Probably The aggressive Bird as Well as The Bird Whom The People Used For Many Purposes Mainly For The Meat Due to Their Heavy Weight. Now They are Very Rare On The Planet.

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