17 Amazing Kiwi Bird Facts

Kiwi Bird Facts

Kiwi Birds are also Known as Kiwis and These Birds are Native to New Zealand. These Birds are also Known as Flightless and Their Size Might Be The Same Size as Chicken. These Birds are also Known Because in The World They are The Smallest Living ratites. There are More Than 10 Species of This Bird Can be Found all around The Planet Earth. Really This Bird Looks Very Beautiful and Pretty in Their Size and also They Got a Huge Lifespan. Commonly Many People’s also Called Them Apteryx as This is Their Scientific Name. There are Many amazing Kiwi Bird Facts Which I Will Talk Now So Stay Tuned.

17 Amazing Kiwi Bird Facts

1) Kiwi Bird Can’t Fly and Their Feathers

Although You Can See The Wings of The Kiwi Birds But They Can’t Fly Because as Their Scientific Name and The Latin Species Showing Their Name Clearly Which is Apteryx and This Means That Those Who Can’t Fly or Wingless. When You Clearly Check Their Ancient and From Whom They Came They are ratites Which Means That These are Only Those Birds Who Can’t Fly From The Early of Their Time. This is also Believed That Their Existence in The Many Countries is Unknown or not Clear Especially Their Ancient Which is Kiwi Bird.

Their Feathers Have No Tail and are The Loose Feathers and Maybe They are fluffier But Yes They Can Molt Throughout The Year Like Most of The Birds. In The Feathers, You Can See The whiskers Which The Many Small animals also Have. Naturally, Their Feathers Have been Made in This Way That They Can Easily Live in The Ground and This Lifestyle Never Creates Problem For Them.

2) Their Hair and Senses

Their Hairs Can be Blend With The Brush and That is The Characteristics of Them Which Helps Them to be Safe From Their Ground Predators as Their all The Life Spent in The Ground. Their Hair Also Comes Up With The Unique Texture Which Gives Them a Massive appearance and Especially This Suit Them Very Perfect Spending Their Life on The Ground. Sometimes You May be Surprised By Their Hair Looks But These Things are Those Whom They Used Especially For Their Security.

They Have Unique Senses Which They Especially Can Use For Any Purpose Like Finding The Food and also Tasting The Things. Their Forebrain is The Thing That Helps Them to be So Much Pure in The Sense of Smell and Their Sense of Smell is Quite Helpful For Them. Their Senses Not Only Enables Them To Smell But also They Can Hear and Feels The Things Very Well. These Birds are Really Have a Huge Sense of Smell Than any Other Birds Who are Wingless and Have a Sense Like These Birds.

3) Kiwi Birds are Nocturnal

Nocturnal Means That They are Active in a Night also and Yes These Birds are More Active in Night Than The Day and Like Senses, I Mentioned Above They Can Feel and Smell The Things Very Better at The Night Because They are From Nocturnal Birds. At The Night Might be They Come To Hunt For The Food Especially at That Time They Can Easily attack Those Insects Which Were Not Active on The Night and Then They Simply Makes Their Way and Eats Them Easily. Their Eyes also Works in The Night Very Well But Most of The Other Birds From This Category Have The Powerful Eyes Which They Can Use To Fly at That Time and Also They Can Hunt For The Food at That Time. So In New Zealand Which is also Their Native in This Country You Can See Many Birds Who are Mostly Active at The Night Only and They Loves The Dark Because Naturally Their System Has been Made For These Things. As I Mentioned Most of Their Special Things Above One Most Unique Specie in Them is Stewart Island tokoeka and This is The Only Kiwi Specie Who Steps Out in The Midday or at The Time When The Sun is Shining Hugely and Might be at That Time They Can Do Many Things Which They Think That is Special For Them. They also Can Hunt For The Food at That Time and all of The Other Species of The Kiwi Birds are Nocturnal and They Like To Steps Out in The Night For Doing Their Activity Especially The Food Hunting They Do at That Time.

4) Kiwi Bird Behavior and Their Egg

Kiwi Bird Normally Shows a Shy Behavior and They are always Well Known about Their Predators If They Come Up Then You Will see Kiwi Will be Not Found at That Place Because They are Considered as The Good Predators Evaders. These Birds are Not Known as Friendly Birds Because It is Seen That They are aggressive and They Have a Razor Sharp Claws Which They Can be Considered Them a Dangerous Birds For The Pets and also Their Smell Maybe Looks Like Danger However This is The Birds You Can Simply Find in Most of The European Countries. Most of The Time at Night They Can be a Dangerous as This is The Main Time When They Step Out From Their Places and When The Huge Community of Their They Have With Them Then Even The Predators of Them at The Night Don’t Even Come Close to Them.

Their Eggs is also So Much Unique Than The Other Birds and Their Eggs Have a Greenish White Shell and It’s Smooth and Thing also Which Size is approximately 120mm. You Can Be Surprised To See Their Egg Size as Their Normal Shape You Can see That Might be Looking Like The Chickens and Yes They are But Their Eggs is 5 Times More Than Large Than The any Other Birds That Especially Makes Their Egg also Unique and Favorite of Many People’s also.  It Takes a More Than a Month To Kiwi To Make This Egg in Their Body and When This Comes Up and Obviously When They Start Growing Their Young Chicks Which Comes Up From This Eggs They Love More Them Than The Simply Egg.

5) Body, Diet & Predator

Their Feathers Looks Like The Hair and The Nostrils at The End of Their Beak and Especially Due to The Many Characteristics That Might Match With The Mammals So Many People’s Called Them Mammals Also and Might be Their Body Size is Looking Look Like a Simple Hen But They Lay The Big Eggs Than The Most of The Other Birds That Comes in Their Category. They Have The Circular Legs Which is Equal To The Third of Their Body Weight and Their Body Can also Fit in The any Temperature Especially They are also Best Known Because of Their This characteristic That They Can Fit in The any Temperature and also When They Start Living in any Place Where They Dug a Hole and Makes a burrows They Especially Thinks That They Must be Perfect Here From all of The Danger and Especially Their Body Can Tell and They Can Feel This Place Then Might be at The Night They Come and See What is Happening Their and If That’s Perfect For Their Body Then They Start Living Theirs.

Kiwi Birds are Known as omnivores Which Means That They Can Eat Insects, Worms, Grubs, Bugs, Seeds and berries also and They Eat The Suitable Things Which They Can Good For Them and Will Taste Good to Them and There Sense of Smell Helps Them To Find a Food For Them and They Can be Seen in The Night Mainly and This is Their Perfect Time For The Hunting of The Food Because They Know How to attack Their Prey and The Night is The Perfect For Them and They are also Belongs to The Nocturnal Birds Which Helps Them To be Stay Active in The Night.

The Kiwi Birds Can Save Them From The Predators First But Might be They are Not The World’s Best Predators Evaders as If The Warm Blooded Predators Like Stoats, Pigs, Dogs, Cats Can attack on Them and in New Zealand, The Research also Shows That These Predators are Threats to Them Because as in The Day Sometimes They Might Can’t See The Perfect and Got Caught by Them But at The Night They Can Defend Them as They Can See at The Night Easily and also at That Time in Their Community There Predators Avoid to Come.

6) Size and Weight

Their Size Seems to be Same Like The Chicken But Yet They are Very Different From Them and also They Have a Good Weight and Probably The Main Weight of Their Body is in Their Circular Legs. Sometimes Their Height Makes You Feels Scary about Them as They Have Not Much Big Height But Their Body Shape Has been Made in This Way That They Look Aggressive Most of The Time Which is The Scary Thing about Them.

  • Their Size is 14 to 18 inches Which is a Pretty Good Height.
  • Their Weight is around 4.3 lbs.

7) Habitat and Population

They Can Live in The Many Habitats But Their Main Region Where This Specie Had Comes Up is New Zealand. They Can Live in The Forests, Farms and also in The Sand Dunes. Their Habitat is Simply in The Forests and Maybe Their Favorite Place is The Trees Where The Rivers is also In Front of Them Then at That Time Maybe They Make Their Nest Their and Use The Existing Nest. Commonly When They are Living in Their Habitat They Make Their Nesting burrows in This Way So That Sometimes The Heat Comes Up So That They Can Stable Them in This Way Easily. They Can’t Fly So They Can’t Do a Migration But The Thing is That How They Come To The New Zealand This Thing Now at That Time is also Not Clear. Anyhow When They Start Living in any Place Then They Make This Place Their Home Sometimes Might be They Can Change But They Make This Their Territory and Maybe Comes With The Groups and Makes Their Community To Live There. Now This Kiwi Birds Living in The Many European Countries and also all around The Globe You Can Find Them.

This Specie is Now also Comes on The Endangered Species List as Their Number is Gradually Dropping in The World Because Sometimes These Kiwi Birds Were More Than 12 Million But From The 1990s This Specie Starts Decreasing and They are Falling Steadily From That Time to Till Now at That Day. At The End of The 90s, There Were More Than 1 Hundred Thousand Kiwis and Now The Latest Research That Was Performed in 2008 Shows That Now at That Time They are Only Close to 70 Thousand.

8) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

You Know Why They are Called Honorary Mammals Because Their Incubation Period is also Same as The Incubation Period of any Other Mammals. That’s Why This Bird is also Considered as The Best Mothers also Because They Take More Than 70-80 Days For Incubating Their Eggs and You Know This is Not Once But Twice Time More Than The average Bird Take Time to Hatch Their Eggs. The Couples also Mate For Lifetime and Maybe Their Lifespan Which is Sometimes They Live With Them Till That Days Because They are also Considered as Monogamous Birds. When The Eggs Full Hatched Then The Mother Takes Care of Them So Much and Their Father Comes Up With The Food For This New Fully amazing Feathered Chicks Because Their Body is Completely Covered With The Feathers as Well as Their Both Duty is To Teach Their Young Chicks So That They Became a Good Bird in Their Community. The Couples Often Meet at The Night and Maybe Sometimes They Can Come Close to Each Other after The Many Days to Week But Yes They are Romantic Birds.

Probably When The Young Chicks Got Saved By Their Parents From Their Predators at Their Early age Then They Can Live around 25 to 50 Years and It is Seen That This is One of Those Birds Who Really Have a Huge Lifespan Variously Many People’s Compare The Kiwi With The Chickens Whom You Can Look and Simply You Comes to Know That They Have 4 to 5 Times Less Lifespan Than Them and Simply Might be The Mammals Can Reach at The Lifespan Sometimes That’s Why They are Considered as Mammals By The Many People’s.

Kiwi Bird Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Kiwi Birds Can Lay Upto 100 Eggs in Their Complete Lifespan and Most of The Times They Can Hatch The Eggs Easily If They Not Got Caught By Their Predators.
  • In Their Young Age at That Time, They Need a Proper Care From Their Mothers and Yes They also Take Care of Them So Much That 50-60% of Their Young Chicks Saved From Their Predators and Then These Birds Lived a Huge Lifespan.
  • Their Egg Size is Equal to 20% of Their Body and Their Egg is One of The Biggest eggs among The Birds Because Their Size is 5 Times Huge Than The Normal Bird Egg.
  • When They Find The Burrows For Them Then Might be after The 2 to 3 Months They Laid Their First Egg But The Thing is That The Male and Female Both Takes Part in Incubating The Egg.
  • They take approximately 3 to 5 Years To Be Adult or Mature.
  • This is Also Considered as The Only Bird in The World Who Comes With The Nostrils On The Tips of Their Beak.
  • Many Person’s Called Them an honorary mammal and Many Also Considered Them One of The Best Little Wingless Bird on The Earth.
  • If The Male Wanted To attract any Female in Their area Then They Must Have The Nest and Territory That’s Why Might be Sometimes at That Time They Became aggressive and Then They Build Their Nest Very Well Where They Start Living Together and also They Defend Their Territory Very Well.
  • They Make The territorial Sound and Maybe Sometimes They Show Many Sounds But That’s Happens When They Will be With Their Big Community Like in Many areas It is Believed That Wherever They Go They Go in The Community and in This Community More Than 80 Birds Will be.


There are Many amazing Kiwi Bird Facts is I Mentioned Which Conclusion is That They Look Like Mammals and a Much a Unique Bird Because They Have a Nostrils on The Tip of Their Beak and This is The Only Bird That Has This and Also This is The Wingless Bird Who is Active at The Night.

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