15 Interesting Jersey Giant Chicken Facts

Jersey Giant Chicken Facts

Jersey Giant Chicken is The Famous American Domestic Breed Who Was Developed in the Late 19th Century in New Jersey as This Chicken Was Made Their and Then after Development This Chicken Breed Called Jersey Giant Chicken. This Chicken Breed is Normally Known as The Big Bird Due to Their Huge Weight and Size. They are Commonly Found in America and all around The Globe. Commonly You Can Use Them For The Eggs and also For The Meat Because They are a Dual Purpose Chicken as Well as They are Friendly With Everyone Which is an amazing Jersey Giant Chicken Facts.

15 Interesting Jersey Giant Chicken Facts

1) Jersey Giant Chicken History

This Chicken Breed is The Largest Breed of The Chicken Which You Can Found Now all around The Globe. So Generally You Can see This is The Large Bird That Was Initially Were Known as Jersey Black Giant as This Was Developed By Black Brothers. It is Seen That Heavy Birds or Large Can Take a Time to Fly But These Birds Were Developed For The Heavy Fowl Which Means That They Can’t Fly in The Air With The Time also as Well as They Look Beautiful and You Will always amazed to See Their Prettiness That They Hold. From 1870 to 1890 The Research Starts Performing By John and Thomas Black and Finally in This Era They also Became Successful in Developing This Chicken Breed With Their Huge Mind Power. At The Time of This Heavy Bird Development, Many kinds of research Were Failed But Finally, They See Success and This Bird was Developed in The Town of Jobstown, New Jersey. Now, This Breed Has been Found all around The Globe and There Population is Even More Than The Brahma Chicken & Plymouth Rock Chicken. Commonly This Breed Can Be Used For Many Purposes and They also Show a Docile Nature To Everybody Which Means That They are Friendly and Good Chicken Breeds. In 1922 This was also Got Recognized By The American poultry association and Wherever This Chicken Now is Living They are Happy With It and also This Got Approved By Many European Standard and By The British Standard.

2) Temperament & Use

Obviously, When You are Looking For The Chickens For Your Backyard Then You Must Have in Mind That They Must be Friendly and Docile So That Our Both Life Will be Spent Happily. If You Really are Looking For This Then This Chicken Breed is For You. They are Calm and Docile With Everyone So That’s Means That You Can also Keep Them With Your Children and Your Children Will be Happy To See This Big Bird in Their House. The Emotions in The animals You Can Easily See and They also Have Because Chickens are Those Birds Who are Living With The Humans Very Friendly Just Like This Breed also Have a Friendly Nature and They always Show Gratitude and Love Towards Their Owner. Basically Whenever You Keeps Them at The Hot Temperature But They Can’t Tolerate This For a Long Time and also Might be They Can Stop Laying Eggs in The Winter Because Health is The Priority.

Basically, This Chicken Breed is a Heavy Bird With The Lot of Feathers and The People Normally Used It For a Meat Purpose But They are also a Good Layer as They Can Lay More Eggs Even Than The Ameraucana Chicken. They Can Lay Upto 260 Extra Large Brown Eggs in a Year. Might be Somedays You Can Simultaneously Gain The Breakfast From Them But Variously The Main Used Of This Chicken Breed is The Meat. However, You Can Call Them a Dual Purpose Chicken and also The Chicken Who Can’t Fly Which Means That You Can Easily Keep Them in The Coop or Your Favorite Place For Their Growth. Growing These Chickens For Many Purposes Can be True as They are One of The Heavy and Friendly Bird.

3) Their Varieties & Social Life

Commonly It is also Seems That Different Varieties Can Be Used For The Different Purposes. However, That Can be Occur in Their Case also But Mainly They are Used For The Meat Which You Can Found Easily in Your Restaurant also. Their Recognized Varieties are Black, Blue & White. The Black Giant is Larger Than The White Which Shows That Black is also Gains Fame Due to Their Large Size and The amazing Feathers That They Have all around The Body. The Blue Giant also Simply Looks Similar to The Black and These all Varieties Can Lay The Eggs in The Different Sizes as Well as They Can Give You a Lot of Meat also. Their all Varieties Starts approving in The Early 20th Century in America When The People’s Starts Keeping Them in Their Backyard or in Their Coop. They all Will be The Reason for Your Smile always Because They Love Those Person’s Who Grow Them With The Heart. The Emotions in Their Face Can also be Seen When You Gives Them to any Other Person They Will Looks Towards You in Love and Showing You Their Gratitude also.

The Social Life is Also The Main Part of The animals and Birds Life. They Can Make Their Groups Which Maybe Consist of Five or More Chickens and Starts Chatting With Each Other and at That Time They Maybe Little Bit Seems to be Noisy. They always Enjoy The Social Life With Their Friends Because When They Were So Much Young at That Time They Became a Friend and They Like to be a Friend of Them For a Lifetime. The More Special Thing about Their Social Life is That They Communicate With Those Humans also Who are Sometimes Rude To Them Because They Show Love Towards Them Which also Makes Them Their Fan and Those Person’s also Starts Loving Them. If You Ever Had Feed The Jersey Giant Chicken Then They Will Remember You For a Long Time and Maybe Sometimes They Will be Funny With You Which is also The Type of Love. Their Communication Skills are also So Good Like They Defends Their Territory always So That They Can Easily be Live in This Environment Where They Had Grown Up.

4) Body, Diet & Predator

They Have a Huge Body and Probably Will be The Biggest Bird in The Chickens Breeds. They Can We Weight around 11-15 Pounds and Their Height Can be 16-26 Inches. Their Body is Deep and also Wide Which is The Reason for Their Rectangular appearance also and Their Legs are Usually Black. The Black Giant is Bigger Than The Any Other of This Chicken Breed Varieties. They Can be Look So Much Broad and Flat in Their Backs But The Main Thing is That all of These Body Parts When Combined at The End of The Day You Can see a Huge and Big Bird in Them. Probably on The Foot Many Chickens Have Feathers Like Polish Chicken But Surprisingly They Have No Feathers on Their Legs Which Makes Them To Look More Beautiful. They Can Attract The People’s With Their Lovely Behavior Easily.

Due to Their Large Size and Weight is Showing You That They Can Eat More Than The Other Chicken Breeds and That is The Truth also. You Have to Feed Them More nutrients So That Their Body Have Enough Power to Maintained Them. They also Give You a Good Ratio of Return Food With Their Eggs So If You Really Loves Them Then You Take Care of Them With Many Other Famous Chickens Proteins and Calcium also But The Care Should be Taken in The Selection of Food So That You Can Raise Them Easily.

Probably Those Birds Who Lay Eggs They Might be Have More Predators Than The Other Animals Because They Have Many Predators Which Can Eat Their Eggs Which They Wanted to Hatch. So The Hungry Predator of The Chickens Love This Breed To Eat But This Breed also Enough Intelligent to Chase Them But Sometimes You Had To be Take Care of Them Especially in The Place Where There Predators Lives. You Can Easily Manage This Bird With Your Pets and Instead They Became a Friend of Them in a Few Little Time.

5) Habitat and Population

This Chicken Breed Was Simply Developed in America But Soon This Was also Approved By The British and After That This Spread all around The Globe. They Can Live in any Habitat But Mostly in The Summer When at The Top Then You Had to Take Care of Them and Probably Look at Their Coop or Nest If Their Sun Remains For a Long Time Then You Had To Choose a Better Place Where They Can Easily Fit Them. In The Winter Probably Their Season Comes Up at That Time They Can Easily Live But Maybe at That Time If They Produce a Fertile Eggs Then They Will Stop Laying For a 1 Month to 2 Month.

This Breed is The World’s Increasing Chicken Breed Which Means That They are The No.1 Largest Chicken Breeds That Can be Found in any Part of The World and They are Gradually Increasing also. There is No Conservative Status of This Chicken Breeds Instead The all of The Varieties of This Breed is also Safe and Growing. Probably Because The People’s Loves Them to Grow and Their Meat is also Spicy Which is Their Primary Use. Their Friendly Nature and Calm Quality are So Much amazing That Most of The People Have This Chicken in Their Backyard or many Also Keep it in any Grass Area.

6) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Probably They Have a Broody Nature But Sometimes The Other Chicken Breeds Used To Hatch Their Eggs. They are The Heavy Chickens But Can Lay The More Eggs Than The Many Other Chicken Breeds as Well as They Can Incubate The Eggs also Maybe They Take More Time to any Normal Chicken Breeds But That’s the Difference Will be Maximum of 2 Days. They Can Lay Upto 200 Large Brown Eggs in a Year and They Can Lay Medium Eggs also. The Hens Just Loves Their Young Chicks So Much That This Young Chicks With Their Love Grow Fastly.

The Big and Heavy Bird Seems to Live Less Year Than The Normal Breeds But If You Take Care of Their Feed and Also Keeps Them in a Good Habitat Which They Want Then The Jersey Giant Chicken Can Live Upto 6 Years. They are Big Birds in Their Life They Leave a Many amazing Memories For You also.

Jersey Giant Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Heavy Chicken Breeds Mostly Have More Weight and Height Than The Normal Chickens and This is also From Those Breed Whose Hens Weight is around 11 lb and Roosters Weight is around 13-15 lb. The Roosters Height Can be around 23-26 Inches and Hens Height Can be around 20 Inches But Sometimes Maybe 16 Inches.
  • Their Egg Size is Large and They Egg Color is Brown Which Can be Medium to Light. They Can Lay Upto 260 Eggs in a Year and You Can Easily Take Three To Four Time Breakfast From Their Spicy Eggs.
  • They Became Mature at The age of Near to Nine Months and after That, They Will Start Laying The Eggs For You and also Starts Showing You Their Emotions and Love Towards You.
  • The Jersey Giant Chicken is The Good Pet and You Can Easily Keep Them With Your Dog, Cat, or any Other Pets You Have.
  • They are Primarily Used For Meat Production But They Lay More Eggs Than Many Other Chicken Breeds Like Australorp Chicken, Brahma Chicken, etc.
  • Their Big Size Does Not Mean That They Can Fly Easily But That’s Means That They are Steady and These Birds Can’t Fly and Maybe That’s The Best Chicken For Your Garden.
  • If You Grow The Young Chicks Might be They Became Your Best Friend at Their Mature age. Normally The Young Chicks Price is $3.21.
  • Maybe They are From Those Chickens Who Eat More Because They Have Such a Large Body Which Need a More Proteins and Food Than The any Other Chickens.
  • Most People Grow Them To Eat Their Meat as Their Meat is Spicy and Can Fulfill The Need of a Big Family But They Take a Very Long Time to be Mature.


As I Mentioned Most of The Jersey Giant Chicken Facts The Conclusion of This Subject is That Simply If You are Looking For Big Friend Then Might be That’s Chicken For You and They are also The Good Egg Layers Than Most of Your Favorite Chicken Breeds. They Can Fit Them in any Habitat But Yet The Proper Care Should be Taken For Their Health.

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