Is Brita Filtered Water Safe For Cats?

Is Brita Filtered Water Safe For Cats

If you are a pet owner you always want the best for your cat, you have provided the best food to cats but now are a little worried about giving the best fresh water that is entirely free of contaminants.

Cat health is very important because only healthy animals can really enjoy their life and spend their time with you. That bond will be very much disturbed if your cat got sick.

Some owners might be complaining that providing Brita filtered water to their cat proved out to be right some might disagree with it that is the reason we are sharing a complete discussion about this topic here.

Filtered water humans also use so if you use it daily and you are seeing that your cat wants to drink that water then you might start thinking that is it completely fine to let them drink this water?

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Some people thought that filtered water is best for cats and some might say that tap water is best for cats we will talk about this issue also.

There is filtered water that came into your mind probably the filtration system that you have in your house is of Brita now you want to know that is that filtered water safe for cats?

Is Brita Filtered Water Safe For Cats?

You can share a Brita filtered water with your cat but it must not become a regular kind of a thing as filtered water comes in plastic bottles that may have chemicals that do not do any good to cats. Also when water is filtered there is a higher possibility of some chemicals will remains in that water.

Is Filtered Water Ok For Cats?

If filtered water is good enough for you then it is probably gonna be good for your cat. Normally there are different filtered water that comes up in different things avoid the bottle of filtered water as much as you can because some chemicals that are present in it are not good for your cat’s health.

Is filtered water ok for cats

But when you are giving filtered water to your cat won’t try to give them bottled water rather use tap water that comes up with fewer disadvantages.

Filter water does come up with some benefits like:

  • It can save your cat from parasites that sometimes do come up with the tap water which can lead to different problems in your cat.
  • Different impurities are removed in the filtered water which is pretty much good for your cat’s health.
  • This also helps your cat in its hydration process.
  • By preserving the natural oils filtered water is really gonna have a severe positive impact on your cat’s fur and skin, unlike tap water which sometimes can irritate your cat’s skin.

Filtered tap water does come up with other different benefits that are pretty much good for your cat-like in this water there are no pesticides.

This water has proved to be good for cats but excess of everything is bad do provide them normal tap water as well sometimes if you want it balances very perfectly because nothing is perfect.

If your cat is facing severe dehydration problems also all of the signs you already have seen in your cat, especially the increasing heartbeat then you can try filtered water from a tap to keep them hydrated so that this problem would not escalate.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Brita Filtered Water

Anything that comes with advantages it does have disadvantages and if anyone of its surplus decides according to that.

Although there are plenty of opinions if you heard all of you might get confused because not all question comes up with the simple answer.

Advantages of Brita Filtered Water

Well, filtered water does come up with some pure water that does not have impurity that is completely fresh water to drink for your cat.

Fresh water can helps your cat to ease their tensions and be active with you their whole day playing different things with you and enjoying it as well.

Cats tend to like new things if they are not drinking for a few times then you can try this fresh water if they drink it that is completely normal.

Brita Filtered water does come up with the method of removal of chlorine because chlorine is usually present in all sorts of tap water because it usually helps to kill the bacteria but overall it is not good for cat’s health Here Brita comes up with the solution is that they completely remove these impurities.

Brita water also helps to remove other different impurities that are not even good for humans that shows that this filtered water overall does have some positive things to give to cats but that’s a half story and still, a lot to talk about.

Disadvantages of Brita Filtered Water

There are different good things enough you have heard above now let’s talk about some disadvantages of Brita Filtered Water.

Well, this is a reality that fresh water can help the cat many times but that water must not become their daily habit.

As it has the capability to remove different impurities from the water that sounds really cool but it may come up with other problems like there can be some chemicals remaining in that water.

Because when water is in the process of filtering there are many things kept in mind to keep it clean that’s why different chemicals are used in this process that’s why some remaining chemicals would become really dangerous for your cat if they start drinking that water regularly.

There is also a plastic bottle when water is kept in these bottles different chemicals possibly got added to the water that really is not going to be that safe for your cat.

Is It Necessary To Provide Brita Filtered Water To Your Cat?

No, it is not necessary to provide Brita filtered water to your cat rather there is much other filtered water that is also not necessary.

Because cats can survive in tap water only but some experts disagree with that uncleaned water as it does come up with different impurities that are gonna hurt your cat sooner or later.

That’s why we choose filtered water and Brita is one of the famous ones many has used it some says it’s good overall it is completely always up to you what you want you can always go to the vet for help as well.

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Which Bottled Water is Best For Cats?

Provide the water that has been gained from a natural source and that is fitted in a very premium bottle that has been proved to be good for cats overall. Don’t ever try to give your cat distilled water because it can lower your cat’s PH level due to the acidic acid that is found in that type of water.

Spring water comes from the underground that is the only reason it is pretty much good for your cat in their hydration process it also helps because when a cat’s touched that kind of natural water they don’t leave it until they drink it according to their need.

Which bottled water is best for cats

There is a clear taste difference you can find between the natural water that is fitted in a premium bottle and the tap water which means that this water you can provide to your cat as it comes up with some unique benefits.

Although the tap water overall is not that bad because there is a different vet who says that the only problems came here are some minerals that are unnecessary for cats that’s why it is always recommended to have filtered water from the tap is one of the best choices that you can provide to your cat.

Do Cats Prefer Tap or Filtered Water?

Well seeing some advantages of both water that’s a separate thing that what really cats love.

Cats are lovely and strange animals who have an independent quality due to that they are going to do every those thing that they are thinking sounds cool.

Cats love anything that smells really good to them or if they have tasted this thing early and they want to repeat that they are loving it.

So if you have provided filtered water to your cat she might not prefer it as much as they prefer tap water because it has been not only seen but proved cats prefer tap water and also mostly drink from it.

Do cats prefer tap or filtered water or best water for cats

Cats by their instinct think that tap water is the best water for them as this water is not only rich in oxygen it is also the easiest solution for your cat that she never misses.


Brita filtered water is completely safe for cats you can provide them if you want because, in the end, you have to decide what’s wrong or better for your cat.

The most preferable filtered water is from the tap that you can give to your cat and if you are still worried about any form of filtered water, especially Brita then you can always look up to your Vet as they know much more than you.

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