How To Shave a Ragdoll Cat?

How To Shave a Ragdoll Cat

If your ragdoll cat severely got matted, you might be thinking about how to shave this long-haired cat?

First of all, you should not be shaving a cat if she is not highly aggressive while you are grooming them, but if there are several other reasons or behaviors, you might be thinking about it.

When you are shaving your cat the thing that matters the most is to look on them that they are not showing resistance to this process, if they are showing then it’s gonna be much more difficult to shave them. The most recommended thing you can do is to take your cat to the groomers because these experienced people can solve this matter within a short period of time.

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Stay tuned to this article because we are gonna talk and answer all of your questions about how to shave a ragdoll cat so that without even some stress you can do that complete process but even before that you must know something that I am gonna talk in this article.

How To Shave a Ragdoll Cat?

Shaving cats depends if they have thick coats then it’s very difficult to shave them but if some cats like ragdolls who have thin and very soft coats it’s very easy to shave them, they might gonna enjoy this shave because some cats do think it’s cool.

Can You Shave A Ragdoll Cat?

You are fearing to shave or trim your cat only because you might have heard some stories that put a really big question in your mind about whether this is a cruel thing to do with your feline friend.

But here’s the main point that is shaving or trimming any cat’s coat not only ragdoll is no way can be considered cruel if you really think that this is the right thing to do.

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Sometimes literally it’s no way a good idea, especially for those thick cat coats that are difficult to trim but again if your cat shows a lot of resistance there is always a groomer waiting for you that is a very professional person you can take their help to shave your cat.

But before shaving your cat you must know that your cat might look variously different than she looks before shaving or trimming.

How Can I Calm My Cat Down When Shaving?

When you are going to perform shaving that cats are considered weird to them then at that time if you want to calm them then you can give them a break as well little.

Always avoid to touch-sensitive parts because most of the time it has been seen that when a cat’s sensitive parts got touched they became aggressive it will be much more difficult for your to calm them at that point.

Keep brushing your cat’s coat as well because it will only have a positive impact overall.

If your cat is still resisting the shaving then you can also try it the next day but still, you can’t perform this step you can always look to the professionals who are doing these things for years they will shave your cat in a very calm condition.

How can i calm down my cat when shaving

Can a Ragdoll Cat’s Hair Change Color After Being Shaved?

There are multiple owners who have done this whole process also they notice one thing yes cat’s color does change from light to dark which happens in every cat.

Some owners might think that hair is really becoming a challenge for them so to resolve this challenge because that also makes them aggressive sometimes there is only one option left which is shaving them.

If your cat’s coat is very much colored and lightened then expect their coat to be much darker after you shave your ragdoll cat from a professional.

The color of the fur totally depends on the coolness of your cat’s body, so when you have shaved them completely that cat’s body would be much cooler then you will also see a severe change in their color probably darker.

Can a cat's hair change color after being shaved

Although cats can go back to their original color it is a very long process that can take a little time but as the time passes if you have taken care of your cat then you will start seeing their real color back in their coats.

Steps To Shave a Ragdoll Cat:

Even after some consequences, you have heard you still are sure that you are gonna shave your cat then you must know some few steps that you have to follow to do that complete process.

1. Have All Supplies

You must have gathered all of the supplies before even shaving your cat.

If you have a long-haired cat then start with trimming their fur for that you can use a hair clipper but all of this shaving process must be done under a professional groomer or you must have every bit of knowledge.

  • A Brush
  • Must have rubber gloves to avoid scratching
  • Razor ( Electric one is better)
  • Appropriate clipper
  • Scissors
  • Shaving cream & towels

When have all those supplies also get some water that must be warm because your cat gonna need it to dry them off after this process also when you have gathered all those supplies do use everything properly so that it would be a much easier process for your cat.

2. Applying Shaving Cream & Shaving Brush

Shaving cream must be considered if you really want to shave your cat because it makes the process really much easier for your cat especially when you are going to use a razor and other equipment to shave them, it can simply protect your cat’s skin from this equipment. You can easily apply shaving cream only with your fingertips in any area of your cat that you want to shave.

Shaving cream has many disadvantages as well that’s why a shaving brush is more recommended in this process because it doesn’t rinse away only after a little time shaving.

3. It’s Time To Shave Your Cat But Keep These Things in Mind

Now you can shave your cat because you have all of the supplies and also have put a shaving brush in use but there are some things that you can’t ignore.

Getting too close to the skin when you are shaving must be avoided also don’t ever get too close to their sensitive parts because cats are sensitive animals whenever they see a threat they usually come in a defensive position they can bite you as well.

So after following these all things you can slowly shave your cat and also can take help from someone who already has done it as he has an experience that can help to ease that process even more.

4. Dry Your Cat After Washing

When you have shaved your cat properly now it’s the time to bring up some warm water because it’s gonna help a lot in washing your cat that will also help to ease your cat’s irritated body.

Brought a beautiful towel now near to your cat and dry them completely off and that’s how you have completed shaving your cat.

After some days you might see some little weird behavior in your cat also can see their skin is very much different but wait for a few times everything especially their behavior would become normal but getting their back coat color would take some time.

5. Give Something For Something (Treat)

Now because shaving a cat was very necessary for you because of multiple reasons but you have taken something now it’s a cat reward time. You can provide them with everything that literally helps your cat to have a smile on their face and have fun.

The best thing you can give to them is some special treat, that treat must contain all of those foods your cats really love so that she is a little irritated with you because on the last day they are gonna forget it when you welcome them with all of their favorite things.

You can also play with them a lot of fun will help them to forget whatever has happened last day so brought their favorite toys to them so that they can have a good and entertaining day.

Things Not To Do After Shaving Your Cat:

After shaving, a cat can behave a little differently which is expected so that behavior will be ended in a few time periods but some things you must know after you have completely shaved your cat are mentioned below!

  • Don’t forget to trim their nail so that their soft skin will be completely safe from any kind of scratching.
  • Cat’s eyes and ears must be cleaned completely.
  • Proper cat shampoo must be used to avoid irritation in your cat.
  • Brush your cat.

Some owners also have suggested that if you are not going to shave some parts of a cat’s coat then you can also trim them a little like that you can do for fur also.

Do all those things that you think are pretty good to bring your cat to a new condition that is being shaved also she is completely happy.

For some days even if your cat isn’t happy soon she will be completely fine smiling and playing around you.

Do Cats Get Depressed After Shaving?

Cats are completely independent animals that really don’t like change because when you do bring change to them that puts a feeling in your feline friend that they are invaded by you.

If this grooming process really doesn’t have loved by them then you can judge it by their face and little communication you may feel she is in a traumatic condition that shows she is really sad about what happened last day.

Do cats get depressed after shaving

Yes, cats do get depressed after shaving but cats usually forget things when time passes so give them a little time they will be out of this condition completely as she is also a self-believer who really cares about herself a lot.

How To Shave a Cat That Hates it?

Most of the cats when body parts are touched in this way, they thought that this invasion is unbearable due to their independent quality they tend to hate shaving as you can see in their behavior.

To Shave That’s the kind of cat you must perform these steps.

  • Choose a very good and suitable surface.
  • Before shaving give them a little time alone.
  • Make sure she is in a calm mode. If not then do have a conversation with them and say to them everything is ok.
  • Let the cat first brush on her own on her face.
  • You must have the right brushes to shave them. Then Try to start brushing their back at the very first
  • Avoid touching their sensitive parts.
  • Have a good tune while shaving also you can provide them some treat after the shaving.

If you perform all steps you will tend to see your cat will let you shave her gently.

Some cats really do not like these kinds of things initially so if she is a new pet in your house let her settle first then as you became her favorite person she will let you do these things.

So yes it does not really matter whether you are shaving a thick cat or thin cat until you perform every step carefully, yes some cats are easy to shave and some are really difficult but if you can’t even shave them carefully then you can always go to the professional groomer that can shave cats very easily and in a very sophisticated manner.

How to shave a cat that hates it


Shaving a cat sometimes became the need then you have to take the first step.

When you shave a cat its color changes but that does not mean that the original color would not come back it would after a long time.

Yes, shaving ragdoll cat is very easy only if in the whole process she remains calm that you can also provide by communicating with them affectionately.

If you follow all the steps that are mentioned above rather your cat is aggressive or calm you can shave them better but still, if something bothers you then a professional groomer is the best choice to shave your cat.

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