How to Fix A Wobbly Cat Tree?

How to Fix A Wobbly Cat Tree

Cats are somehow stranger animals whenever you brought up a new thing for them they really mess up with it for a long time.

If you have brought a cat tree and they start leaping in the air around it jumping in it as well that may make the cat tree wobble in a very short time.

Cat loves playing and having an entertaining day with their favorite man they always dream so now You have brought a cat tree so that you can spend your valuable time with her playing more but that cat tree is wobbling very fast might after few days of playing put a question in mind what is wrong with this tree?

Probably there are different cat trees that come in different shapes some may be poorly designed and some may be designed very properly so at first always choose a well-designed cat tree.

So you are now looking for how to fix a wobbly cat tree? Well, there are a lot of things to talk about here we will mention every step and method of how to solve this issue.

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How to Fix A Wobbly Cat Tree?

At the very first bring up a stable and well-designed cat tree. If this tree wobbles then you can try to add something very heavy at the bottom so that it can bear a lot of cat leaps. You must take care of the tree every day and also keep tightening the screws will never create this problem.

Is It Normal For Cat Tree To Wobble?

Cat trees might come in rough shape some that can easily be wobble but many cat trees are very strong and stable compared to others they don’t wobble mostly until your cat plays a lot in it then it can also wobble.

So yes cat trees normally wobble but when the trees start wobbling cats learned it easily and also then they will stay away from it, If she goes near to it in that situation tree can fall into a cat which is not a great idea.

Is It Normal For Cat Tree To Wobble

If your cat is playing with you with their claws then the cat tree can solve the problem because their all force will be towards it so a lot of plunging of claws can somehow lead the tree to wobble somewhere but keep in mind cat trees are mostly made for that purpose but you know very poorly shaped cat trees can wobble in that situation.

Most of the cat trees although still are very stable because they are made up of many restrictions like mostly supporting larger cats that tend to manage that kind of things easily. If your small cat is jumping a lot in the cat tree really that tree is not for her.

Steps To Follow To Fix Wobbly Cat Tree:

There are several things that you must have to look at and ways that you must consider if you follow all the steps then you can easily fix a wobble cat tree.

1. Tools For Fixing an Old Cat Tree

If you have some quality old cat tree also that is very high quality then you most probably want to keep going on with that tree and know how to fix it.

There are several things to keep in mind is that you know how to use these products and sometimes you can have your own tools but suitable ones to solve issues of these products.

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You must have every tool that is required to fix an old cat tree that is.

  • Screws
  • Knife
  • Wood Glue
  • You can have gloves as well
  • The Measuring Tape
  • Choose a suitable place now

There are other several tools especially normally that you use to sort out problems in a wood-related product but always have in mind that a cat tree is variously very much different than any product that you have in your house.

2. Corner is Best Place For Cat Tree

If your cat jumps a lot in a very open place in your cat tree and leaps in the air then the most suitable place for your cat tree is the corner.

If you want to completely anchor a cat tree to a wall then For that, you must have brackets that one you are going to fit into the cat tree and the other into the wall that will help you to stabilize the tree.

Many owners have said that cats do play on the cat tree when it is kept to a corner it is more stable here as well but if your cat stops playing in this tree you kept it to a corner then you must think it again or finds some other solution to this problem.

3. Keep It in a Smooth Surface

Always keep your cat on a very smooth surface because if only after touching the cat tree does it start wobbling then there is also a problem in that specific surface you can move your cat tree to another place that is more smooth.

On a very stable and smooth surface, you will experience cat tree will not wobble now also in that smooth surface cat enjoys a lot with their new toy that experience are gonna be so cool for your cat.

Different researches have proved that a smooth surface is a pretty good choice for a cat tree to put in and after that let your cat enjoy their time with their toys and with their cool jumpings.

4. Weight Matter

Everything is made for some specific purpose and they can’t do more than this purpose.

If you have brought a cat tree when they were kittens that really explains why they are having that problem.

Although cats’ weight does not grow at a very high speed some cats grow very early and also reach to their adulthood only in a year that kind of cat will not weigh the same as they were in their kittenhood.

Now kitten weight has grown a lot but cat tree weight is still the same so cat weight overpowers the cat tree weight.

Then it will become very difficult for the cat tree to bear the weight of the new fully grown cat that is why when she is jumping on it at very high speed it is wobbling and soon it might fall.

5. Give Some Space To Cat Tree

If your cat spends more than enough time on the cat tree playing with toys, jumping, and leaping then soon that tree will start wobbling because they are doing much more than how much the cat tree can bear.

So at that time, you can play with your cat and also can provide their favorite treat so that for a few times they keep distracted.

That’s how to make a schedule of a cat in that way that they spend their time little everywhere.

If still, they are not stopping to climb on this tree due to their curiosity then you can add just more weight to the base of this tree that probably gonna be work.

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6. Thinner Base Can Wobble

If your cat only has played a few times and you are seeing that tree is starting wobbling as well then there is a problem in their base that is so thing that can hardly bear a little play.

Imagine you have a fully grown cat and the base is not even strong enough to bear it then you have to add some weight to the base or at the very first try to bring up those cat trees that are very much suitable for your cat you can easily get it.

If your cat is too small then you have to change nothing even if she plays a lot her weight is not too hard to bear for the base but still, you can try it on any tree if you think that’s gonna be better.

Although most cats are designed to have a beautiful look and structure that must not be changed at the very first if you have to do then you can extend the thinner base by adding some sheets.

You can also add some more weight to the cat tree by different steps you can use ropes in their structure to add a little more weight to the tree that would be a good idea to consider if you are thinking about adding more weight to a tree so that it can bear your grown cat.

You can also add the weight by keeping some of the books there or anything that has a little weight that helps to increase the weight of the cat tree it would be really hard for your cat to wobble that tree at least not very easily.

7. Make Sure That Screws Are Tightened

There are multiple shapes of cat trees that also come in different sizes it can look like a table or tower and every cat tree comes up with its new features that are very interesting for your cat to try.

Although there are some common things in these trees as well most probably the screws are used to keep these towers at kept at a place so you can say almost all things depend on screws.

Even if after a small jump it starts wobbling then you must pick up it and you are gonna probably see that screw at that time will be very weekly held.

So you just have to tighten the screw your tree most probably will be enough fit that your cat can play in it very easily and also can jump on it at a very high speed.

8. Choose the Best Quality Cat Tree

You may hear the quality is the reality so if you have brought a new cat tree into your home that is not that costly.

As the time passes it will literally start wobbling but if you have brought a quality tree it might cost you a little more especially the one that is in tower shape but it is gonna be best for your cat.

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You choose the best for your cat it will have more life than the others also it will let your cat jump a lot whether at low or high speed.

It has been proved by different cat owners that a premium cat tree has a severe positive effect also it lets your cat enjoy it completely. Its screws are completely tightened and weight is also managed according to your cat which gives an edge to this product over the others.

How Do You Stabilize a Tall Cat Tree?

No matter whether the cat tree is low in height or tall it can only be stabilized if you tighten its screws also try to add something really heavy to the bottom. If your cat weight has grown overwhelmingly then it’s the best time to change a cat tree.

How Do You Stabilize a Tall Cat Tree

A tall cat tree may be beloved to the tall cats but any cats can play here that shows that to stabilize it you have to follow the same methods that I have mentioned above but in a tall tree, it may gonna a little hard as it would take your more time to find a problem and solve it.

If your cat tree wood little broken and you are solving it with different wood glues please don’t even try that because that is not a human’s normal table that can be stabilized after that but it will never gonna be again stabilized for your cat.

As cats jump too hard on it this tree might fall on your cat even so if there is a big problem in your cat tree the only possible solution is now to change the tree.


Cat trees are designed so that your cat can spend their time here while playing and jumping but if they do it often then it can also wobble.

If your cat tree is wobbling then you can stabilize it by adding the weight of its base and also widening it cause it will bear some more weight than regularly.

Sometimes screw also has to be tightened to solve this problem.

If still cat tree is wobbling then you can bring a new cat tree for your cat to play with because that kind of tree will soon gonna be falling.

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