10 Fascinating Houdan Chicken Facts

Houdan Chicken Facts

The Houdan Chicken is a Crested Chickens Which is The Domestic Chicken Breed of Old French and Their Name is also Based on The Commune Houdan Which is Found in The West Paris or Maybe Some Person’s also Called Them a Poule de Houdan. They Were at That Developed For The Dual Purpose Chicken But This Crested Chicken Can Be Used For The Show Bird also. However, You Can Easily Handle Them and With The Time You Will Both Will be a Best Friends also. There are Some Fascinating Houdan Chicken Facts Which I am Talking Now.

10 Fascinating Houdan Chicken Facts

1) Houdan Chicken History

Their Name is Derived From The Village That is in The Department of Yvelines, West of Paris France. These Breeds Have a Huge History Because They are Developed With Those Fowls Who Were Existed During The Roman Time But Their Development Process is also Very Broad. The Bantam Houdan Chicken Was Created in Britain in The 1940s and Then Further For The Development, This Process Was Completed in Germany. This Breed Probably Might be One of The Oldest and Well Known Breeds among The People’s of French But after The Time This Breed Also Gains Fame in The Other Country. Probably It is One of The Bantam Chicken in Britain Like Sebright Chicken But This Breed has Developed around 80 Years ago and also Now approved By The British Poultry association also. But The First Houdan Chicken was Imported in England in 1853 and Then Finally in 1865 From England This Breed Got Imported in America Where This Breed Was Common Starts Knowing By The People’s Due to Their Quality as a Dual Purpose Chicken. In 1874 This Breed Was also Got Recognized By The American Poultry Association and Spread all around America. This Breed Maybe For Them Who are Really Interested in a Super Friendly Chicken and also Those Chickens Breeds Who Gave Them a Good Feed to Egg Ratio also. Now This Chicken Breed Have been Spread all around The Globe Including The Middle East Countries also Because There The Population of Houdan Chicken also Exist. This is One of The Favorite Birds of The French and The Many European Countries Loves It also.

2) Houdan Chicken Varieties, Temperament, Social Life & Use

This Chicken Comes With The Two Varieties Which are Mottled & White and Probably The Mottled Houdan Were Those Chickens Breeds Who Got approved By The American Poultry Association and Britain Very Early Then after This Breed The White Variety also Got approved By The Most of The Poultry Association of The World. Both The Breeds Have So Much Crest on The Body and They are From The Crested Chickens Like Polish Chicken. Both The Breeds Still Have Common Uses and Their Body Has been Made Up of all Those Glands and Parts Which are Necessary For a Chicken To be Hardy also. Both Of The Varieties Belong to This Chicken Breed and The Bantam Chicken Was Developed in The British Which When Was Imported into The Different Countries It Got accepted By Them and also One of The Favorite Bantam Chicken This Become For The Public. There all The Varieties Commonly Known For The Same Purposes But Maybe Sometimes The Mottled and White Houdan Have Some Differences But Both Comes From The Same breed Which is Houdan Chicken.

First of all, They Have Many amazing Facts about Their Behavior and Temperament also Just Like You Can Easily Handle Them and This Maybe Probably Priority For The Public Who are Looking For The Pets and This Breed Can Easily be Handled By anyone Whether It’s a New People or Their Own Owner You Can Handle Them With The Love and They are Not aggressive in any time Because They Know The Benefits of The Happiness. They are also So Much Sweet and This Quality You Can Especially See Them in Their Social Life They always Behave With Sense and With Friendliness To Everyone Because They Know That Whoever Entertaining Them and Giving Them Feed They Have To Make Them Happier and always Looks Like a Sweet Pet. In The Social Life, The Couple Especially attracts Towards Each Other So Much That’s Why Maybe You Keeps Them Both in The Single Coop But Whenever You Open Them in The Grassland Area or in any Area at That Time They Feel More Relax With Their Partners and also With Their Friends Because They Do Make a Friends in Their Community Especially When They Born and They Have The Same age any Other Chicken Breeds in Their area Then They Became a Best Friend and always be Funny Together and Wants to Live a Simple and Beautiful Life Together. They Communicate Normally Like The any Other Chicken Breeds is Doing But They are One of Those Crested Chickens That’s Why Might be They Look Beautiful When They are Calling each Other Name in Their Sounds and also Playing Together But Yet Sometimes Their Full Community If Combine and Starts Producing Their Sounds Might be at The End You Will see a Lovely Music also. Their Way of Communication Sometimes Maybe Shows You Their Intelligence and in Their Talking Behavior, They also Look at That Time So Much Sweet and Friendly.

This Breed Was Known as The Dual Purpose Chicken But The Main Thing is That Where This Breed Comes into The Existence Which is France and In the 1800s This Was Their Favorite Bird For Their Meat So Their Meat is Still Spicy and You Can Eat Them Because One Time If You Eat Their Meat You Might be You Say That This is The Chicken That Has been Developed Only For Meat But That’s Not True They Also Can Lay a Good amount of The Eggs and Normally The Best One Chicken Who Can Lay The Eggs Even in The Winter When You Know That Days are Too Short But Still This Breed Shows Their Utility Their also. They Can Lay 150 to 180 Medium White Eggs and Their Eggs Taste is also Spicy and Might be You Have Eaten Their Eggs Sometimes in Life. You Can Also Use This Crested Chicken as a Show Bird as Now at That Time They Can be Rarely Seen and One of The Endangered Species also.

3) Houdan Chicken Body, Diet & Predator

Their Body is Medium to Large Sized and Their Body is Well Proportioned and Compact and Their Comb is V-Shaped and Obviously, This is The Crested Chicken That’s The Large Crest They also Have in Their Body. They Have a Five Toes, as Well as Their Full Body, is Covered With The Black and White Colors Which Still Gives Them a Huge Look. Their Body Can Easily Bear The Winter Season as Well as They Can Be Live in The Winter Season They Don’t Require any Other Thing Because Their Beauties and Qualities Both are Massive Which Makes Them Stand in any Condition. Their Weight is around 4.4 lb to 6.6 lb and Their Height is Medium and This is The Light Breed But They Have Much More Weight Than Many Other Chicken Breeds.

You Can Feed Them a Good amount of The Nutrients and Many Other Things Which They Wanted To Be Grow Easily Like You Can Give Them Sometimes Small amount of oyster shells and The Proteins If You Gives Them Then The Return Feed to Egg Ratio of Their is also Good But If You are Raising Them For The Meat Then Might be You Had To Feed Them More So Their Weight and Meat Increase But Their Health Must be Important So You Can Easily Get The Eggs From Them in This Period also.

This Fancy and Good Looking Breed Will Not be amazed You That They are Not a Good Predators Evaders Might be They are Not Good Predators Evaders But Nor The Worst also Means That They Can Trick Their Predators With Their Huge Intelligence and Most of The Time They Goes With Their Community Where Maybe Their Predators Can be Preyed By Them also.

4) Habitat, Population & Endangered

This Breed Originated From The One of The Village of France Which is Named as Houdan and When This Was Developed at That Time in This Village You Can Find This Chicken Breed all-around in The Small or Big Farms. Then after The Time This Chicken Breed Supplied Throughout Whole West Paris and Then To The France Where People Loves Their Eggs and Especially Their White Meat is The Favorite Food of The French at The Early 1800s Time Then This Was Supplied to The British Then imported in America Means That all These European Countries Have all The Weathers and They Can Live in any Weather and in any Place If The Caring Owner is With Them.

There are More Than 10 Chickens Which are Listed as Threatened in The Livestock Conservancy and The Houdan Chicken also Comes Their Which Means That in The Early Time This Was Increasing But For a Long Decades These are Decreasing and There are Threatened about This also That Might be This Chicken Breed Can End But This Breed Was Now at That Time also Found in The Middle East But As Far as in America You Can Rarely See Them and also They are Very Rare All around The Globe.

5) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

They are Not Best Known For Their Broody Nature But They Can Hatch The Eggs You Can Take Helps From any Other Broody Nature Hens To Hatch Their Eggs. Their Couple Like any Other Chicken Breeds That Exist on This World is Not Mate For Life But They Do Have a Romantic Feelings and Love Feelings For Them Especially If The Young Chicks Has Born. Their Incubation Period is around 21 to 27 Days. They Can Lay Up to 150 to 180 Medium White Eggs in a Year. Sometimes Maybe They Seem To Lay Less Eggs But That’s Happen When They Start Becoming Old.

Houdan Chicken Have a Lifespan around 7 to 8 Years But Sometimes Maybe They Can Live Less That’s Only Because You Have Not to Provide Them a Good Feed or Probably They are in Those habitats Where They are Not Living So Much Perfectly.

Houdan Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Hens Houdan Weight around 2 to 2.5 kg and The Houdan Roosters Can be Weight around 2.5-3 kg and This Crested Chicken Looks in Medium Size and The Crest Really Looks So Much Beautiful On It.
  • Their Egg Color is White and Egg Size is Medium. They Can Lay Upto 180 Eggs in a Year and in The Winter You Will Maybe Get Regular More Eggs Than The Normal.
  • The White Houdan Might be Rare in America But You Can Get Mottled Houdan Chicks Easily There and Their Price is around ‎$4.85.
  • When They Reached at The age of 16 Weeks at That Time Might be They Start Looking Adult But You Can Expect a First Egg From Them in 4 to 5 months.
  • The Bantom Houdan was Developed in British as well as in Germany.


The Houdan Chicken Facts I Mentioned Above and The Summary of This is That If You Really a Well Looking Crested Chickens, as well as Easy Handled Chicken Then, Might be That’s For. They Can also Lay The Eggs and Once Their Meat Was So Much Popular among The French and Still Some People’s Used This Breed For Gaining a Meat. They Became Mature Fastly Than The Other Chickens as Well as Start Laying Very Early and You Can Get The Eggs From Them in any Season Whether It Would be a Winter or Summer.

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