17 Most Amazing Hornbill Facts

Hornbill Facts

The Hornbill Bird Mainly Found in Asia, Africa and in Malaysia and Here You Can See Them in The Subtropical and in Tropical areas. Their Highest Classification is Bucerotiformes and Their Scientific Name is Bucerotidae and in America, They Might be Well Known By This Name or by Their General Name. There are More Than 54 Species of This Bird Found on The Planet Earth and Their Descendants are Upupiformes and Coraciiformes and They Really Living on The Earth For a Long Time and There are Many amazing Hornbill Facts Which I Will Talk Now So Stay Tuned.

17 Most Amazing Hornbill Facts

1) Can Hornbill Fly, Speed and Their Species

The Hornbill Can Easily Fly Upto 18 Miles an Hour Which is The Significant Speed of The Mature Bird. Their Wingspan is also So Much Big That They Can Reach Upto Four Feet across and Their jet-black feathers Really Look Perfect on Them and Yes They Can Easily Fly and Maybe Sometimes Their Speed Might be Higher Than This If They See a Danger Near Them. Their Wings Beat is also So Much Heavy That in The Few Distance You Can Hear Their Sound and Sometimes People’s also Recognize This Bird in This Way. Some People’s also Used Their Wings as a Fashion as You Can Find Their Wing Shape in The Market.

This Bird Can Easily be Seen in India as This is The One of Their Biggest Place Where They Live and Yes This Bird Have More Than 54 Species. The Most Well Known and Special From Them are.

  • Great hornbill
  • Oriental pied hornbill
  • Southern ground hornbill
  • Helmeted hornbill
  • Indian grey hornbill
  • Wrinkled hornbill

So All of Their Species Mainly Have One Common and Unique Thing Which is That All of Them You Can Easily Recognize By long, down-curved bill and This is The Common Thing in all of Their 54 Species. Some Species Colors Might be Same But Overall Body of all of Their Species is Completely Different Than The Other in The Body Structure. Their Southern ground hornbill is Considered as One of The aggressive Birds in Them as These Comes to Know By Their People’s Where They Live. However all of Their Species are aggressive and in America, This is also Seen Because in America This Bird is Keeps as a Show Bird in The Many Parks. The Indian grey hornbill Found Mainly on The Indian Subcontinent. However, all of The Other Species Have Common Things in Them also.

2) Hornbill Lives Life With Their Families

Hornbill Mostly Wants to Live Their Life With Their Family Because Whenever The Young Chicks Comes Up For Them They already Had Collected Some Food To Give Them and Grow Them With Their Own Hand. The Young Chicks and The Adults also Stick With Their Families as When They Fly in The Air Might in Their Group Their Family Members Will also be Included. So The Hornbills always Keeps Their Chicks Close and When They Wanted to Fly With The Other Flock Might be Their Mother Goes With Them. So Yes The Chicks Takes a Long Time to be Mature and at That Time Their Parents Takes Care of Them.

The Unique Thing is That When The Place in The Nest Will Be So Much Less That Parents and Chicks Can’t Lives Their Then Might be They Break This Nest and Feed Their Chicks as Well as Most of Their Species Then again Build The Nest Where all Can Live Easily and Some Can Make This Nest Wall Big So That all Can Easily Live Theirs.

3) Their Behavior With The Monkey

It is Known That Monkey is Their Best Friend also and as You Know That Monkey is Not Even From Their Family as Their Main Origin is Believed That is India and Their in The Forests Monkeys are Living With Them Since a Long Time So They Became Friend Because Both Enjoy The Benefits of Each Other.

They Can Simply Eat all Those Insects and Many Other Things That Can Disturb The Monkeys and In The Return Monkeys also Shows Loyalty Towards Them Because When The Monkeys See Humans They Can Call Them at That With Their Voice. So Both Can Live in The Tropical Areas and Similarly Both Enjoys a Really Good Life Together also as Many Times You Might be See Monkey also Makes Their Home in Those Trees Where is Their Nest Because Both Friends Can Protect Each Other.

4) Hollow Trees and The Couple

They Make Their Nest in The Hollow Trees Because Here They Can Easily Make The cavity Where Both Male and Female Can Easily Live and The Male If Wants to Prove Their Love Towards The Female Then Might be For More Than 4 Weeks He Had To Bring Up a Food For Their Mate So That Both Can Decide Their Life. Simply They Must Select The Large Trees Because Here Might be at The First They Find The Existing Cavities and Can Make It Better So That They Can Easily Live. Both The Couples Had To Decide Their Suitable Place To Live During The Breeding Season. So In These Trees Then The Couples Lived Their Life. Especially Both Try That Their Nest Must be Fit Their Next Generation Here also If That’s Not The Case Then They Can Rebuild It after Their Chicks Got Born.

5) Size and Weight

Basically, Their Size is also Good to Their Body Like The Average Bird Size But The Thing That There are Many Species of This Bird all around The Globe So Might be Some Have Less Size and Weight But Some Have Greater But The Well Known Great Hornbill Size and Weight are.

  • Their Size is 3.1 – 3.9 ft.
  • Their Weight is around 6.2 lb.

Maybe The Size and Weight of The Other Species Might be Less and Greater Than This However Many of Their Species Can be Match to This Height. However, all of The Hornbill Comes With The Many Unique Characteristics Which Might be affect in Your Thinkings and You Can be Simply By The Look Says to all of Their Species Same But Yet The Height Difference Can be The Only Recognization of Their Species Easily.

6) Body, Diet & Predator

There are Many Species of This Bird That Comes Up With The Different Size and Weight However The Famous One Great hornbills are Considered as The One of The Large Specie among These Birds and Maybe They Can Reach Upto 3.9 Feet However Some of Their Birds Might Have Weight Close to The 3.1 Feet also and Their Weight is 6.2 lb and One of Their Other Main Specie is also Black-and-white-casqued hornbill Whose Height is 2.3 Feet and Weight is around 2.8 lbs. The Great Hornbills Can Easily be Recognized By The Amazing Colored Body That Mostly Has a Black Color on Their Overall Body. Their Neck is White However The Other Species Might be Sometimes Have Red Color on Their Neck Which is Walden’s hornbill.

These Birds Might be Eat Same Like Kiwi Bird Because Both are omnivorous. These omnivorous Can Eat The Insects and Yes They also Eat Some of The Fruit Near to Them also and Many Other Small Animals are Their Prey. Their Tip That They Have on Their bill Works Very Well For Them as a Finger Because They Use It To Pluck The Fruits as Well as This Characteristics Helps Them in Many of Their Other Activities. Some Times Might be They Can Collect Some Food Their Family Collectively So That in The any Kind of Danger They are Safe and Have an Enough Diet to Support Themselves in These Days.

The Eagles Might be One of Their Worst Predators Because Eagle Can Trap Them With Their Different Plains. The Main Predators From Which These Tropical Birds always Takes Care are jungle eagles Because They Like To Eat Them and also Sometimes They Easily Preyed Them. However, One of The Other Eagle Which is Simply Named as Crowned eagles also Can attack Them But These Predators are Their Friend’s Enemy Which is Monkey So Both Friends Use The alarms and Many Different Sounds Which They Communicate and Tell To Each Other That The Danger Has been Comes or Their Predators Has Comes.

7) Habitat and Population

These Birds are Inhabit in South Asia and in The Africa Where Mainly These Birds Lives in The Tropical area, Forests and savannas and Basically, Their all Species Choose The Different Option To Live But These Birds are Active in The Day Where They Call Their all of The Community and Neighbors Which are Living With Them and Just at That Time They Fly Together To Find Some Food For Them and also For Their Young Chicks. Yes, Sometimes They Can Do Migrate But This Seasonally happens With Them and Might be They Can Think That This Place is Their Favorite Then They Will Live all Their Life in This Place Might be They Can Exchange The Nest in Their Huge Lifespan But Yes They Like To Live Their Complete Life With Their Friends and With Their Family.

They Live in The Forests as Well as in Those areas Where Might be The Deforestation is Going Then at That Time They Have To Go To Any Other Place To Find a New Perfect Habitat For Them and Maybe in The Way They Got Caught By Their Predators and This is Decreasing Their Population Simultaneously. In India, Thailand There Currently Population is around 23,000 to 71,000 Which Seems Less Than A Few Decades ago They Were More Than These Numbers But However They Now Finding The Best Place For Them and also Growing Which Will Increase Their Population also.

8) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is Seem to be More Than The average Birds Because There are Small and as Well as The Large Species in These Birds also Exist. Their Incubation Period is Commonly Seen to around 25 Days to The 140 Days Respectively. The wreathed hornbill and rhinoceros hornbill Both are Those Hornbill Which Can Only Take Near to The 40 Days to Incubate The Eggs. They are Considered as The Best Parents and Mothers also Because They Take Care of Their Young Chicks So Much and Always They Guide Them Everything and Especially at The Start Their Parents Guide Them about Their Friends and also Introduce Some of The Best Person’s in Their Community. The January and The April is Their Breeding Season When The Female Hornbill Starts Laying The Eggs in The Cavity and When The Young Chicks Comes Up They Really Feels Happiness and Pleasures of It. Their Couples also Known as To be Mate For Life and One of The Finest Couple in The Birds also Because The Male and Female always Try to Impress Each Other By Doing The New Things and Both Lives in The Nest Which The Mate Makes By Their Hand.

The Hornbill Seems to be Have a Huge Lifespan and Their Lifespan Variously Differ From One Species To another as Many are in A Small Size and Many are in A Large Size and Some Can Easily Save Them From Their Predators and These are Those Who Really Have a Long Life. The Great Hornbill Had Lived More Than 50 Years and These Birds in Their all Lifespan Really Works Very Well in all Field and Especially are The Best Predators Evaders in The Hornbill.

Hornbill Fun Facts For Kids

  • Rhino Hornbill is The National Bird of The as This Main Region is This Country and This Hornbill Comes Up With The Large and Beautiful Body.
  • This Might be Looks Like The American Birds toucans.
  • There Were More Than 13,000 to 27,000 Mature Birds of Hornbill in The India and Thailand.
  • They Can Consume 150 figs During The One Meal and This is The Diet of The Larger Sized Hornbill.
  • Normally They Can Incubate The Eggs in 40 Days But The helmeted hornbill Incubate The Eggs in a Very Long Time and Their Incubation Period is around 150 Days.
  • When They Start Laying The Eggs in Their Breeding Season Normally They Can Hatch The One Egg From The Two Eggs.
  • Their Long Down Curved Bill is Frequently brightly colored.
  • They may be aggressive to Many Other Birds But Their Special Friend is Monkey and Both Helps Each Other So Much From The Danger.
  • When They Reach To The 4 to 5 Years of age at That Time They Became a Mature Bird.


The Summary of Hornbill Facts is That They are Beautiful as Well as Malaysia Makes Them Their National Bird also. They are amongst The Best Mothers in The Birds as well as in Their Habitat They Have Many Friends Who Protect Them From Their Predators. Whenever They Go To Any Other Place Then They Likes To Make a Group and Then They Goes Especially They Do This For Their Security and also be Active With Their Friends and Enjoy The Day also.

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