18 Most Interesting Doves Facts

Doves Facts

The Doves Belongs to The Columbidae Family and in The Order Columbiformes This is The Only Family. These Birds are Living on The Earth For a Long Time. In The Greek, The Word That Used To Call The Doves are peristerá and It’s Simply Means “bird of Ishtar”. Their Main Origin is the Indian Subcontinent However Now They are also Expanding in Europe and Also You Can Find Them in America. Their Small Heads and Stout Bodies is The Most Common Characteristics in all of Them. There are many amazing and Interesting Doves Facts Which I am Talking Now So Stay Tuned.

18 Most Interesting Doves Facts

1) Their Speed and Sound

Probably Doves is also The Most Discussed Bird in The World Due to The Unique Characteristics It. Especially Their Bird is Considered as The Strong Flier and Their Speed is around 55 mph and Sometimes They Can Even Touch More If They are With Their Community and Doing The Race or Something Dangerous They Had Seen. Their Males and Females Look Similar Especially When They are Flying in The Air. Their Long Wings Might Look Like The falcon in The appearance and also This is The Things That Helps Them in The Life So Much and They Can Easily Fly With Their Body also Gives Them More Strength to Increase Their Speed.

They Have Multiple Different Sounds Especially When They are Landing Then They Produce a loud whistling and Might be Sometimes Their Some of The Species Sound Will Be Looks Like Owl. Their Favorite and Best Sound That They Produce is coo-oo and They Produce It Two or More Times To Make a Beautiful Sound. Sometimes Especially They Use Their This Skill to be Safe From Their Predators and They Can Call Their Other Community Species So That They Can Save Them From Their Predators. They Do Communicate With Each Other With These Sounds and That’s Variously Helps Them to Live a Good Social Life.

2) Mourning dove and Eurasian Collared dove

These Both are The Famous One Species of The Dove That is Living on The Planet Earth. The Mourning dove is Named Due to Their Sad Cooing Sound and When They Fly a Huge Whistles Sounds Produces and This Bird Voice Looks Like The Owl. The Eurasian Collared Dove Simply Named Because of black half-collar Which You Can see at This bird’s neck. This collared dove Might be Considered as The Symbol of Peace in North America and Probably They are Little Bit Bigger Than The Mourning Dove. Their Sounds Like koo-KOO-kook Which Definitely They Specially Used To Attract The Female and also They Defend Their Territory to Speak These Words. Both The Birds Have Unique Sound Which They Might be Used More Than Three Times and at The End Maybe You See an amazing Sound Will Produced. The Mourning Dove is Holds is a Very Special Place in The mythology and also By The Soldiers and Definitely, Their Meaning is Very Simple Which is no one was around. Mostly The Mourning Dove is The Dove Which is Basically Mate For Lifetime and Other Species also But Maybe They Can Look For another Partner. There are Many Other Species of The Doves Also Which Have The Same Characteristics As These and They Live all around The Earth.

3) Their Behavior and Social Life

Most of The Birds are Seems to aggressive When The Thing Comes into Their Family and Territory and Yes These are also aggressive But However They are also Used as a Symbol For Peace. They Lived a Long Social Life Together With Their Flocks. Normally When They are Combined Together at That Time Their Behavior Maybe So Much Friendly Because They Also Do Provide Feeds To Their Flocks Sometimes and Then The Sometimes The Other Flocks Provides Them a Feed. There are Many Groups of This Specie Where They Can Live Mainly There are Large Groups and Small Groups also. Then The Alone Birds also Comes Up Who Lives away From Their Community in The Safe Place and Might be They Come in The Breeding Season. Many of Their Species Can be Seen That Not Mate For Life However They Have a Huge Love Emotions For Each Other always in Their Heart. Normally These Birds are also Hunted By The People’s That’s Why They also Take Care of The Humans When Comes Up and at That Time They Alarm The Other Birds So That They Can Go To The Safe Place. In Their Community From Their Earlier Life, They Start Making Friends So That They Will Remain a Friend along with Their Lifespan. However, They Grow Very Fastly and Obviously They Have Not Much Lifespan.

4) Doves Can Sleep on The Ground

Doves Have One of The Unique Sleeping Position also and Their Head Rests With Their Shoulders When They are Sleeping. They Can Simply Sleep on The Ground, shrubs, Trees at That Place This is Favorite of Them at The Day Time But at The Night They Like To Sleep in The Trees and Shrubs. Sometimes They Might be Active on The Night But They are The Midday Birds or The Birds Who Come on The Day and also Sometimes When The Parents Born with The New Young Chicks Then They Can Sleep at any time and Mother Takes Care of Them So Much.

5) Size and Weight

This is a Good Looking Bird Who Comes Up With The Huge Weight and Size also and as I Mentioned That There are More Than 300 Species of Their Family and In Their Family, Only Two Birds Exist Which is Doves and pigeons and That’s Why These Birds are Considered as The Birds Who Have amazing ancestors and Now This Bird is Growing.

There Size and Weight are.

  • Their Size Can be Ranges From 8.9 – 14 in.
  • The Dove Weight is around 4.2 oz.

There are Many Other Sizes and Weight They Have in Their Different Species Like Dwarf fruit dove Weight is around 5.1 – 5.9 in. Maybe Each Of Their Species Have Different Body Structure But all of Them are Belongs to This Specie. All of Them Have Many Unique Things in Their Body also.

6) Body, Diet & Predator

All of Their Species Have Various Different Colors Which Helps You to Recognize Them But all of Their Species and Doves Have fairly long tails. The Unique Thing is That Their Species also Comes Up With Different Colors. Most of The Common Colors That You Can See On Them are Maybe The Shades of white, brown, peach, and also Gray. They Can be Seen all around The Globe But The Main Thing is That all of Them Body May Have Different Structures But Mainly Common Characteristics of Them are the Same.

Their Diet in The Wind Maybe Insects and earthworms But Commonly These are Not Their Favorite Feed That’s Why Mostly You Can Find Them Eating The Fruits, grains, seeds, greens berries These are Their Favorite Feed and They Like To First Find This Because They Travel With The Large Flocks To Find That’s Kind of Feed Which Must be Perfect For Their Body and in The Early of The Day Their Steps For The Food Come Out From Their Place and First They Likes To Find The Fruits as This is One of The Best Diet also Which They Like Too Much.

Doves Have Many Predators Especially The diurnal Birds as They Fly in The air at The Day Time Most of The Time and Their Diurnal Predators are falcons and hawks. During The Nesting and also at The Breeding Season Their Eggs and Chicks Can be Eat By corvids, grackles, housecats and They always Try to Make Their Nest in That Place Where These Predators Don’t Live. That’s Why Whenever in The air You See Them They Go in The Groups and Also They Have Many Large Flocks With Them Who are More Experienced Than Them.

7) Habitat and Population

They Have a Variety of Different Habitats Where They Can Easily Live and also The Seasonally They Have a Place Where They Can Go. Their Origin is Subcontinent India and With The Time They also Come To Europe By Doing The Migration. They Not Only Live in The tropical rainforests But also Can Live in The Deserts. They Choose The grasslands and Meadows area in North America and They Can Inhabit in Mountains, Islands, Woodlands, Desert and There are Many More Places Where They Can Fit Themselves Easily. When They Were Choosing any Place to Live at That Time They Think about Everything Especially about The Danger Which is Their Predators If That Place Have More Predators Then Might be They Can Go To Another Place to Live. They also Do a Migration When The Winter Comes Up and also They Definitely Can Choose The already Makes Nest in The New Place and Can Make It also.

Probably The Doves Population in all around The Globe is Increasing But However, The Population Seems to be Going Less in The Few Years But That’s Not The Case Because That’s The U.S Data as They Live all around The Globe So There is No Concern about It and Variously They are Increasing in The World Gradually. Their Population is around 183 million and That’s Estimated Comes Up in The 2003 Calculation But However Still Now There are Millions of Doves all around The Globe.

8) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is around 2 Weeks Which is Really Good Time For These Birds and They Probably They Lay Their Two Eggs When Their Nest is Complete and Then They Hatch It and Gains Young Chicks From It also. They Train The Young Chicks in all of The Things in a Very Few Time and When They are Growing at That Time Everything Their Mother Guides Them Very Well. Probably In The Breeding Season Couples Unite But It is Believed That Some of The Couples are Not Mate For Lifetime But Some Lives Complete Life together and They Might Make The New Nest also For Their Next Breeding Season. However, There are Many Doves That Dies in Their First Year.

Their Lifespan is around 1.5 years. This is an Expected Lifespan Some Lives More and Some Really Have a Smaller Life Than This also Because This Bird Sometimes Have To Live in That Area Where There Predators is also Living Because There They Can Find The Suitable Feed For Them and also The Perfect Habitat.

Doves Fun Facts For Kids

  • These Birds Have Been Originated From The Asia and Then in The Start of The 1600s These Birds Were Starts Migrating to Europe Then in The 1930s These Birds Have a Huge Population in Europe Especially in North America Where is More Than Half Dozen of This Specie Exist.
  • Mourning Dove is Considered as The National Bird of British virgin islands. This Bird is Commonly also Used as a Symbol For a Peace in The Many Countries and also the Many States adopted Their Symbol.
  • In North America, The Oldest Dove Age Was Calculated Which Had Lived More Than 31 Years and This is The Oldest aged Dove Bird.
  • Their Species also Comes Up With Many Different Colors and Just Like You Can see Ringneck Dove Who Has More Than 35 Recognized Colors.
  • When The Weather Was So Much Cool at The Time Between August or early September Then They Do a Migration Towards The Southern American States.
  • Many Of Their Predators Eat Their Chicks However Their One of The Predators Which is Named as Cowbirds Very Less Seen That They Eat Their Eggs.
  • There Were More Than 6.1 million doves Hunted in The Last Year.
  • When The Young Chicks Reaches at The age of Two Weeks Then at That Time They Leave The Nest and also Starts Flying.
  • In The annually More Than 50-65% of Mourning Doves Dies.
  • Their Clutch Size is 2 eggs and The Number of Broods You Can see is around 1-6 broods. Their Egg Have a Huge Length Which is 1.0-1.2 in and Commonly Their Egg Comes in The White Color.


The Doves Facts is The Bird Who Have an amazing ancestor Which is pigeons. They Only Like To Eat The Fruits and They Can Live in any Part of The World Whether It Would be Grassland, Woodland or Desert.

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