Do Kittens Remember Their Siblings?

Do Kittens Remember Their Siblings

You have brought a cute kitten into your home now you look into their face which is sad or in distress which might put a question in your mind why this little adorable animal is behaving like that?

If a kitten is under too much stress and also anxious then don’t be fear because that’s how kittens behave in a new home they might take a little bit of time to adjust in their home also this curious animal usually forgets things within a very short period of a time.

Also, the stress in their mind can mean they are missing their siblings but obviously, it is more than this as they are in completely a new environment and meeting new people.

Moreover, cats do have to separate from their litter one day so if you have brought them into your house then in some early days expect sadness but it is no way going to be cruel for this territorial animal that I will talk about in this complete guide.

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If you have left her littermate then you might be thinking it is because they are missing their siblings also everything which was close to them in the previous guardian might be they are missing so if you want to understand the whole situation then stay tuned in this article!

Do Kittens Remember Their Siblings?

If from a litter you only have taken one kitten then this kitten might miss their siblings for a quiet period of time. But as the time passes they usually forget and when they will be completely grown they can’t even recognize their siblings. In a new place, kittens take a tiny period for complete adjustment.

Do Kittens Forget Their Siblings After Separation?

It is clearly a very hard subject to talk about because kittens being independent animals can do what looks good to them.

So kittens do forget their siblings as the time goes on but not immediately there are many things to talk about here!

Do Kittens Forget Their Siblings After Separation

If you have brought up only one kitten from a complete litter then if you believe that they will forget their siblings very soon no way at least it will take some weeks might be they will still remember them but yes when these kittens will be completely grown up they will not even remember their smells.

When usually kittens got separated from their siblings they really look sad but by living with you they will adjust by meeting a new pet in your house which with the time will become their friend that will automatically remove their siblings from their minds.

Some kittens really remember their siblings and mother for too long as some of the few first days’ memories always live in some kitten’s minds that is the reason if they saw their mother even after a long time they might end up recognizing her.

Kittens also took a long time to have a bond with you as they always make the best person their guardian whom they can trust on.

So yes they do forget their sibling but not suddenly it takes time for them to forget them.

How Long Does It Take For A Kitten To Completely Forget Their Family?

Well, kittens can’t really forget their family completely because somehow some of their early doings remain in their mind which can be the reason they are somehow remembering their parents and siblings, but it definitely does not means that even after a long time they can recognize their parents.

According to different data after a few weeks, cats barely remember their family members because if your cat loves mixing up then they can also mix up and start playing with the pet that you have.

In the starting days if you really don’t say much to your kitten that’s better. As a kitten in a new place and new environment like to judge by herself that this place is safe. In the beginning, they will only sleep at any place but as the time passes they will start developing a new schedule and daily habits with their new owner.

After a few weeks, you will start seeing a completely different personality in your kitten that you must develop because that’s a quality they will keep having even when they became adults so you can train them at that time.

How Long Does It Take For A Kitten To Completely Forget Their Family

Is It Cruel To Separate Kittens From Their Family?

Cats love to be alone because that’s how they can always dominate. If cats are like independent animals many start living together they will like to dominate each other even in the family.

So if a new kitten has come into a territory where there are already many kittens then they might consider in their group badly because in their territory one more has joined that’s also applied to the family, because close relations kittens that have in the early days usually fade away as the time passes.

But the thing which you must be sure that your kitten is going to a completely safe place where with the time they can live a comfortable and happy life with their new owner.

Is It Cruel To Separate Kittens From Their Family

Completely it is in no way cruel to separate kittens from their siblings and mothers because as an independent animal they can move on and can live how they want.

Can Socialisation With Your Kitten Help?

Complete socialization with your kitten is the only way you can remove the fear and anxiety that they are holding up in a new place.

As kittens take a tiny period to adjust to a new place and if you already have grown a kitten you will see that the kitten behaves a little bit weird it’s only because meeting new people in a new place and seeing new things can put change in their behavior also make them anxious?

Start with naming your kitten and always try to call them very calm with their name initially provides them some treats as well as regularly feed them. At the start, they will not eat anything but with the time they will start eating.

Behave completely normal with them if they don’t want to interact with you initially then don’t do that just leave them alone after little communication and soon she will be alright because cats do forget things in a small period of time.

This is a good time to make little kitten your buddy also learns how to communicate with them so that you both will have a good time together.

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What If We Try To Reunite Cat With their Siblings And Mother?

Well especially in the case of siblings don’t expect too much from your cats because it was a long time ago when they have close relations and used to fight and live happily together.

After a certain period of time cats really don’t like to welcome any of their relative, especially their siblings because in their territory they don’t want any new cats to be settled.

Also if after a few months you try to reunite the siblings they might have forgotten each other till in this period due to their free will.

If you try to reunite them then it’s up to you we don’t recommend it because of how much time it has been taken for your first cats to settle here it will take more for both to even get well along.

Talking about the mother who grew up mainly kittens they also tend to forget them as the time goes on because they might remember their mother for more time than their siblings its only because they have interacted a lot in their few first days.

Also as the kittenhood of the cat passed bond between the mother and cat literally decreased so that also shows that in a completely new environment if they have got all things they will forget everyone.

Only a few cats remember their mothers and they can recognize them as well at any time and talk about their father as you know kittens really don’t know that much about their father as they grow up with their mother, so they can forget their father as soon as they forget their siblings.

Do Cats Recognize Their Owners?

No Cats can’t recognize their owners by the sight but they can recognize you with your scent. They consider their owner to be their food and security source. Sometimes cats might remember their old owners but usually as the time passes if you treat them better they will tend to forget them.

Do Cats Recognize Their Owners

Although forming a bond with a new guardian will completely be a new task for your cat so if you are a new owner then it will take a few weeks then your cat might start developing their bond and affection towards you.

If they are really thinking some stuff in their mind and also behaving a little weird to you that only means she is new at that new place give them some time then suddenly you will start seeing a change in their behavior that will be much more affectionate towards you.

Are Kittens Sad When They Leave Their Siblings?

Young kittens do miss their siblings and mothers after being separated but that is not for a whole life due to the independent quality of cats they tend to stop thinking about their siblings and will forget them in a short period of time.

Kittens will take their time to settle with the new family but if you are very much affectionate towards your new pet then she will be a part of your life completely soon. If at the early she does not want to do anything then give them a little time to adjust with you.

Kittens can be sad for their siblings because some kittens really remember having fights with them also different things that they used to do together but that sadness will completely vanish when they will start having a bond with you and your family.

After a few weeks usually around 3 months, you will see how they are a complete part of your favorite pet. It means initially they might remember their siblings but this territorial animal also loves dominance so if no one from their litter is with her she is alone and dominant in that new place that will help her to feel more good.

Do Cats Remember Their Names?

Learning the name might sometimes take your cat’s time around 6 months sometimes. Kittens usually absorb that sort of information very early after that yes cats do remember their names even in a new house. They also tend to know sometimes the names of a few people that are in the house, especially their favorite ones.

So instead of naming a new name for your cat you can also choose the old one in a new home to call, at the start they will not likely to replay because they are in fear let them look around when they will feel safe in your place then they will definitely replay.

But if you want to change their name you can but that’s a long process like I mentioned above but it’s your pet you can do what looks good for you and for your feline friend.

Some owners say that’s the best thing you can do after adopting a cat because it really feels like you now own the little kitty that belongs to you, you can name them and play with them just do everything that helps your cat to remain entertained in a new place so that she can feel completely safe in a new home.

Do Cats Remember Their Names


Absolutely kittens tend to remember their siblings and mother but not for a very long time.

Usually, kittens only take 3 months to forget them, and most probably after that certain period of time, she will not be thinking about them anymore.

In a new house, she is feeling a little sad not only because of her separation from their siblings, but they are also showing this fear and sadness because that’s a completely new environment for them your cat can even take weeks to fit in that environment.

After a few times, even if you try to reunite her with her siblings she might not like it because it looks to them like someone is taking over their territory.

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