Do Cats Eat Their Kittens? Yes But It Is A Natural Instinctive Behavior

Do Cats Eat Their Kittens

In The Animals Many Animal Eat Their Little Child So Do Cats Eat Their Kittens?

This Question Comes into Your Mind Because Your Cat Have Given The New Babies and You are Going to See Them Then What You Have Seen is That Your Kitten Have Eaten Their Kittens But Why?

The Mother is Known as Queens So Yes Healthy Babies Cats Never Eat But If The Babies are Deformed & Stillborn Kittens. Then Maybe The Answer is Yes These Kinds of Kittens Cats Can Eat. However, This Behavior is also Very Less in The Domesticated Cats. Most of the Time Domesticated Cats For Their Nutritional Benefits Can Eat The Placenta of Kittens.

But Reality Can be Explained in a Prolonged Article So Far This Stay Tuned Here!

Do Cats Eat Their Kittens?

This Behavior is Not a Typical or annoying That a Mother Cats Eat Their Kittens Because They Only Eat Those Who are Born With Many Defects or Maybe You Say Will Die Very Soon.

Sometimes Maybe When You Starts Thinking It Widely That Is This is Common, No It is Very Rare and Happened in Some Circumstances. It’s Wired To See Mama Cats To Eat Their Own Kittens Especially When The Cats Eat The Full Litter. That’s a Behavior in The Cat’s Nature Exist. There are No Certain Valid Scientific Reasons We Can Give About These Because It is in The Nature of Cats But Maybe In Certain Breeds It Will More Than The Other Breeds.

But Sometimes The Mother Also Eat The Young Kitten If They Have Some Heart Diseases or Sometimes Cats Eat The Healthy Kittens as Well But Why This is Occurring? What Force The Mother Cats To Eat Their Own Babies?

Why Do Cats Eat Their Kittens?

You Maybe Knows Very Well That Mother Cats Do Every Way To Keeps Their Kittens Safe From Their Predators or From any Certain Danger But Sometimes Cats Even Eat Their Young Kittens But Keeps in Mind That This Happen So Much Less and Many Circumstances Comes Which Force The Cats To Do That.

The Most Common Reasons Which Maybe The Reason That Mother Cats Have Eaten Their New Born Kittens.

  • If The New Born Kitten in The Litter is Stillborn, Sick or Deformed: Most of The Time The Thing Which Force The Mama Cats To Eat Their Own Kittens is Because The Newborn Kitten is Sick, Deformed or Stillborn. Maybe Mother Cats Will Eat It But In Most of The Cases, Cats Try To Separate This Kitten From The Litter So That The Other Litter Kittens Will Grow Safely Without Any Disease. At That Time Mostly Cats Also Ignore Their Kitten Which Will Tells You That Separate This Kitten From This Litter and Feed Them Perfect Cat Foods and Must Take Them To The Vet So That He Will Grow Without any Health issues If Possible. Sometimes in The Wild Mama Cats Just Take This Kitten With Them and Leave Them in any Place Where The Kittens Have To Grow on Their Own or Maybe Eat Them at That Time.
  • Predators Sometimes Force The Mother Cats To Eat Their Own Babies: Basically, This is The Natural System in The Cats That They Have To Protect Their Kittens or Young From Their Predators. So When The Mother Cats Comes To Know That Any Big Predators Have Seen Their Kitten and Maybe in The Few Days These Predators Will Attack on Their Babies and Eat Them in Front of Her. Then These Things Really Force The Cats To Eat Their Own Babies or Maybe Sometimes The Cats Will Make a Method To Escape From This Place Where She is Lonely With Their Young Ones and Then She Goes To The Place Where She Has No Danger.
  • Cats Sometimes Feel Stressed or Threatened: When The Cats Was Not in Their Breeding Period Means Before The Mother Their Nature is Really Very Different and Maybe She Can Pass The Stress Easily But After She Became Mother and Gives Birth To The New Babies Then Their Nature Will be Different. At That Time If You Go into Your Cat’s Living Room, again and again, Loud Voices Comes and Many New Guests Comes Which She Had Not Seen in Their Complete Life Maybe These Things Puts a Lot of Stress on Your Cats. Then Maybe This Will Force Your Domesticated Cats To Eat Their Own Babies/Kittens Because Alone in The Room She is Thinking That Their Kittens Have been Exposed To All and Maybe Predators Will Attack on Their Babies. If in Your House Many Pets and Many Other Family Members also Lives Who Starts Picking Up The New Kittens Again and Again Then Maybe It Will Threatened Your Kittens So Much That Maybe She End Up Eating Their Kittens. So The Best Way To Provide Them a Secure and Safe Place To Live at That Time So That She Welcome Their Every Kittens Happily.
  • First Time Mother: According to The Many People’s That Most of The Cats That Eat Their Own Kittens Usually From Them Most are New Mother or First Time Mother Because Now First Time They Had Given The Birth To The Kittens So She Really Does Not Know How To Grow The Kittens Perfectly, How To Take Care of Them, How to be Happy With Them and How To Make Them Happy. Sometimes First Time Mother Maybe Goes To The Depression By a Loud Voices and Many Things Maybe Not Intentionally She Ends Up Eating Their Own Kittens.
  • If Mother Cats is Suffering From Malnutrition: Some Cats Usually The Wild Cats Take This Step If She Thinks That She Now Does Not Have These Nutritions on Their Body and She is Not Strong So Maybe For Their Nutritional Benefits She Will Eat The One or Maybe Sometimes More Kitten From The Litter. She Only Does That So That She Can Feed To The Rest of All Easily and Grow Them Easily. This Can Happen in The Domesticated Cats as Well Because It is a Natural System in The Cats.
  • If The Birth is Given Through Caesarian Section: If The Cats Has Given The Birth Through Caesarian Section Keeps in Mind That These are Birth-Related Hormones Which You Know Very Well That These Can’t Naturally Released and This Maybe The Main Reason That The Mother Cats Maybe At The End Even Does Not Recognize Their Own Kitten. She Maybe Starts Feelings Like That This Is Not Their Kitten But Danger For The Other Their Young Kittens So Maybe She End Up At The Eating Their Own Babies. Sometimes Humans Starts Touching and Picking The Kitten of Mother into Their Hand and Maybe Due to That’s Reason Mother Maybe Does Not Feels The Smell of Their Kitten and End Up Not Recognizing It. So When The Young Kittens Born Just Don’t Touch Them More and Keeps Them Alone With Their Mother So That Mother Will Recognize Their Baby and Share Their Love With Her.
  • Some Medical Problems: Medical Problems Maybe One of The Reasons Why Mother Had Eaten Their Own Kittens. So When The Cats Give Birth To The New Babies at That Time They Maybe Suffer From The Disease Which is Known as Feline mastitis. This Disease Can be Dangerous For Their Babies Because at That Time Cats Mammary Glands Effected Which Have Solution But At That Time Maybe She Can’t Even Remember Their Kittens. Maybe At That Time, She Eats Their Own Babies So At That Time Best Method is That Separate Them From Their Babies and Do What Your Vet is Saying and After The Problem is Solved You Can Again Take The Mother To Their Babies Home Because Here She Will Feels More Safe and Secure.

Do Male Cats Eat Their Kittens?

In Most Cases, Male Kittens Never Eat Their Own Kittens But Yes Sometimes If The Male Cats Reached To starvation Which is The Extreme Form of malnutrition At That Time They Only Kill Their Children So That They Can Have Some Nutritious Benefits.

The Male Cats Always Wanted That Their Bloodlines Will Grow So That For This Why Maybe Sometimes He Can Kill The Kittens When The Female Cats Does Not Want To Mate in The Breeding Period But Keeps in Mind That Especially These Kittens are Not Their Babies.

If He Does That Then The Female Got Agree To Have a Mating Period With Him So Which is Why The Male Continue It’s Genetics and Grow Their Kittens Really Very Happily. Sometimes When The Things Come into The Territory Then Maybe The Male Will Not See Who is This and If This is Their Kitten Maybe They Can Kill or Eat Them as Well.

Do Cats Eat Their Kittens If You Touch Them?

This Happened But Not Usually Because If You Touch Their Kittens For a Loving Purpose Once Then Really It Will Not Leads Them to The Death But If You Starts Taking Them With You or Touching Them So Much Maybe Sometimes Cats Will Takes Their Kittens at That Time To a New Place Where She Thinks That Their Babies Will be Safe.

If She Does Not Find A Good Place For Their Kittens Then Maybe She Ends Up Eating Them So Just Remember That Sometimes Cats Just Accidently Eaten Their Kittens as Well Because For The First Two Weeks Makes The Kittens Close to Their Mother So She Knows That This Kitten is Their Baby So She Will Loves Them.

But If This Kitten is With You in This Period Maybe She Even Does Not Recognize It Which Maybe Leads Them To Eat Their Own Kittens.

Do Cats Eat Other Cat’s Kittens?

No Female Cats Does Not Eat The Other Cats Kittens or also They Never See Other Cats Kittens To Their Enemies Because Many Times Maybe Female Steal The Other Cats Kittens and Grow Them.

The Only Danger The Other Cat’s Kitten Maybe Have is From The Male Cats Because The Male Cats Wanted To Breed and Maybe Sometimes This Can End Up The Kittens Life.

Sometimes If The Mother of the Other Kitten is Not Friendly With The Cats and Female Cats Starts Seeing The Kittens as Their Enemy or Predators Then Maybe They Can Eat The Other Cat’s Kittens.

If The Territory Issue Comes Up Then Really Male and Female Both Does Not See That This is a Kitten They Defend and Most of The Cases This is The Thing Which Occurs When any Cats Kills The Other Cats Kittens.

What To Do If A Cat Eats Her Babies?

Simply When The Newborn Babies Comes Up Then Just See How Many Kittens is in This Litter and If After Many Days You See That One or Two is Missing From Them Then It’s Probably That The Kitten Have Eaten Those Babies.

Now This is a Natural Process in The Cats You Can’t Do anything I Mean You Can’t Punish Your Cats Just Do One Thing is That Call To Your Vet and Take Recommendation From Them That What The Problem The Cat is Having So That Other Kittens Will be Safe.

Most of The Cases Vet Will Says You That The Kittens That The Mother Cats Have Eaten are Those Who are Born With Many Defects If That is The Case Then Just Ignored It.

If After It You are Still Seeing That Cats are Ignoring Some of The Kittens Then Please Separate Them From The Litter Because They are also Having Some Health Issues. So It’s Your Duty To Feed Them and Do a Checkup of Them as Well So That You Can Grow Those Kittens Very Well also.

Do Mother Cats Have Some Maternal Behavior Problems?

Yes, Mother Cats Sometimes Have Many Health Issues and Maybe Suffering From Many Diseases Which is Why They are Lacking The Maternal Behavior Towards Their Kittens. Sometimes Maternal Behavior Excessive You Can See on The Cats Which are Not Even a Pregnant.

Sometimes You Can See That The Cats Starts Becoming Aggressive To Their Own Kittens, Maybe Even Does Not Talk With Them and This is Usually Because Many People’s Starts Picking Their Kittens and Now She is Just Feeling Unsecure So The Best Thing is That Keeps Them in Those Place Where She Really Feels Safe and Secure For Her and also For Her Kittens.

Most Causes of These Maternal Behavior Problems is That The Stress or Depress Your Cat is Just Feeling Now or Maybe The Maternal Behavior Genes Will Having Some Issues.

Symptoms Which Shows You That The Cats Have Maternal Problems.

  • She Does Not Take Care of Their Kittens.
  • Just Ignoring Their Kittens and If They Come Towards Them Maybe Eat Them.
  • Changes The Place Again and Again.
  • Leave Their Kitten.
  • Some Mother Cats also Reject To Nurse Their Kittens or Young.
  • Cats Will Not Nurse Their Kittens But Maybe Steal The Kitten of Other Cats and Starts Nursing Them.
  • In The Mother Cats, The Milk Maybe Developed Much More Than Enough.

Treatment of These Maternal Problems.

  • You Can be Spying Your Cat Who Have a Maternal Behavior Problem.
  • When The New Born Babies Comes Just Keep Them in Their Mother Place For at Least 1to 2 Week. In This Period Don’t Touch Them. This Will Increase The Relation Bond With Mother and Kittens.
  • Separate The Mother Cats With Their Kittens in The Safe and Secure Place Where No One Comes.
  • Feed Their Kittens By Yourself and If You Thinks That This Kitten Have Many Sick Problem Just Separate Them From The Litter and Feed Them Alone But Try To Makes Them Close to Their Mother as Well.


Maybe This Will Shock You That Yes Cats Can Eat Their Kittens/Babies?

This Happens in Some Circumstances Where The Cats Feels That Their Babies Have Some Born Defects or Unsafe.

However, This is The Natural System in The Cats That They Eat Their Own Kittens Especially Sometimes When The Mother Cats in The Depression or Sometimes Cats Even Fails To Recognize Their Own Kittens Which is Why They Eat Their Kittens as Their Prey.

So Maybe It Will Shock You Yes in The Litter In Very Cases Cats Can Eat The 1 or Maybe Sometimes More Kittens.

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