14 Interesting Delaware Chicken Facts

Delaware Chicken Facts

The Delaware Chicken Named on The Famous Us State Delaware Because It was Originated From This State. In The Us This Chicken Breed Gains a Lot of Fame and Popularity Due to Their Meat and also They Can Lay Well Which Makes Them a Dual Purpose Chicken also. They Consist Only On One Variety Which is White and One More Important Thing is That Today They are From Those Chickens Breeds Who are Endangered. They Can be Found on The Planet all around The Globe and There are Many Interesting Delaware Chicken Facts Which I Will be Talking about Later. Most of The Time Their Behavior is Calm and They Will always Likes To be a Friendly Chicken.

14 Interesting Delaware Chicken Facts

1) Delaware Chicken History

This Famous and Well Known Chicken Was Developed By George Ellis Who is Belongs to Delaware and also He Developed This Chicken in this Place In 1940. After The Development of This Chicken Breed in This US State, This Breed Gains a Lot of Fame among Their Own People’s and Then after The Time This Chicken Was Supplied to The Full Country But This Breed is Now among The endangered Chickens also. As You Know Whenever any Breed Was Developed You Have To Do a Cross Breeding also For This and in This Case Barred Plymouth Rock roosters and New Hampshire hens Crosses and This Breed Originated. When This Was Originated at That Time People Called It “Indian Rivers” Then after The Time Where This Chicken Breed has Developed This Breed was also Given Name of This State Like Jersey Giant Chicken Who is Named on The New Jersey State. The Rooster and Hens That I Mentioned above This Was a Common Choice in The American People’s and also in The 20th Century and This Has Developed Many Different Chicken Breeds all around The Globe Which We are Seeing Today. Then after The Time American Poultry Association also Approved It and This Comes on Their Standard Due to Their Huge Meat and Egg Production That You Can Take From Them. It is The Most Favorite State Bird also. Now at That Time, You Can see This Chicken Might be in Many European Countries and all around The Globe But Clearly Now They are Very Less on This World Which Makes Them an Endangered Species also.

2) Their Varieties, Temperament, Use & Social Life

Originally There is Only One Recognized Variety of This Chicken Breed Which Normally Shows The Behavior of Overall of This Chicken. They Look Pretty Well in Their White Color and Their Medium Size Makes Them Look More Pretty and Well. Their Wattles and Combs You Can see are in The Red Colored Which Makes Them a Huge Bird also and I am Pretty Sure This Variety Can be Seen But This Breed Lives all Around The Earth Especially in The America Where Even It was Developed. Since The 1950s This Breed Became So Much Famous in America For The Production of Meat as Well as This Chicken Has a Clam Nature Which Shows That They are Friendly also and Maybe You Can be Surprised To See Their Intelligence also. The Thing is That Due to The Broody Nature of The Hens Maybe Sometimes You Can see Them aggressive But They Will Never Be If You Never Mess Up With Their Fertile Eggs as They Wanted to Hatch Them and at That Time The Roosters are also Seeing This and Caring Their Partner and also The Upcoming Chicks. The Delaware Hens are also The Best Mothers among The Chicken Breeds Like Silkie Chicken. So Sometimes Maybe They Will Not Be Friendly But They Can Easily be Friendly With Your Family and also To Those Person’s Who Feed Them Very Well and In Return They also Shows a Lot of Respect and Emotions For This Person. Their Nature Also Shows That They are Intelligent as Well and This Thing Happen Due To The amazing Body Language They Have Which They Used and Their Emotions For Their Lovely Friends Which Included The Humans also. Their Love Emotions is also That They Never Do Care of anything When The Talk Comes To Their Young Chicks Because It’s Their Duty To Grow Them and Makes Them a Mature in Front of Their Eyes So That They Can Be a Good Chicken in Their Community. In Their Social Life, The Man and Their Community is The Main Part and also Their Partner and They Do Care a Lot of Them Especially Their Owner and also To Their Partner Because With These Person’s They Have to Spend Their Life and They also Know Well That This Owner is Saving Us From Their Predators as Well as He is Giving Us a Feed also.

You Can Use Them For Many Purposes as They Look So Much Well Maybe You Can Call Them a Show Bird But That’s Not Their Main Characteristics From Which They Belong. This Breed in America Especially Made For The Meat Production and Their Meat is also Taste So Much Well That If You Eat Their Meat Once Then You Will Never Forget This Taste. They Can also Lay Upto 280 Large Brown Eggs in a Year Which Shows That They are Far Better Than Many Other Breads Which You Call a Dual Purpose Chicken. Their Medium-Sized Body and Their amazing Color Looks Very Well On Them and One of The Most Important Thing is That Maybe You Can Find Their Meat in Some Restaurants But They are One of Those Species Who are Listed as an Endangered in America and Throughout The Globe also. Their Parent Breeds are Increasing But The Main Thing is That This Breed is Not Increasing But You Can Find Their Spicy Eggs and Meat Also Which You Can Eat and Fulfill Your Food Needs and Maybe Sometimes Daily Breakfast They Will Give You.

3) Endangered Chicken Breed

The Early History is about This Chicken Breed is That The The Livestock Conservancy is The National Organization Which is Well and Basically It is Mainly Made For The Protection of The Poultry Animals in Which The Chickens also Included. They Had Listed Many Birds Which are Now Can be Known as The Critically Endangered and The Delaware Chicken is also From Them. This Organization Does Not Only Means a Single Country It’s Simply Means That all around The Globe What The Population of Specie Exist and To Stop This Specie From Extinction also. When any Specie is Critically Endangered Then Maybe around 1000 Birds of This animal all around The Globe But Sometimes They Can Mention Those Breeds also Which are Decreasing and This Chicken was also Listed on It Which Shows That are Endangered and Now After The Proper Care and By The Crosses With Those Breeds From Which This Was Developed and By The Breeding They Can Increase It and also The Chickens Lovers Doing all The Things to Stop This Breed From The Extinction.

But The Thing Is That’s The Many Years ago That They Were Listed as The Endangered Now This is Removed and Just They are Watching It Which Means That Now They are Increasing in The World With The Proper Steps. It is Believed That They are More Than 200 Million all around The Globe. But Now at That Time The in 2009 The The Livestock Conservancy List also Mention This Breed But Now This is On Their Watch List.

4) Habitat & Population

This Chicken Breed Was Developed in America and It is Believed That Most of Their Birds are also Living in America and in many European Countries. But at The Starting It Became The Favorite Birds of America But Soon This Bird Was Adopted By Middle East and Now You Can See Them in The Middle East Mostly and Their Farming Industry is also Growing Very Well. This Bird Has been Made in America Which Means That You Have to be Relax about Their Existence in The Winter and They Can Easily Bear The Winter as Well as The Summer. Simply in You Can Keep Them in any Of You Backyard Whether It Would be a Rural or Urban and Also The Open Grass Area is The Place Where They Enjoy The Most Which are Really an Interesting Delaware Chicken Facts.

Simply When They Were Growing at That Time They Were Critically Endangered and Many Times The Drops in Their Population Had been Comes But Now This Breed is The Only Breed Who is among The Fastest Growing Heritage Breeds all around The Globe. They Can be Seen in Europe as well as in The Middle East also. There are More Than 200 Million Birds of The Delaware Chicken all around The Globe.

5) Body, Diet & Predator

This Medium Sized Breed Consist of Only One Comb and Their Comb and Wattles Both are Red Colored. You Can See Them Only in The White Color and in The White Breast. On The Wings, Tails and in The Hackle Here You See a Black Color and Their Body Overall Looks Pretty Very Well and Beautiful With These Different Colors arrangements. Their Weight is Range From 6.5 lb to 8.5 lb. Their Body Can Also Make Them To Easily Live in The Winter and They Can Manage The Different Seasons also That Comes But When They Start Looking aggressive Sometimes Might be They Want a New Habitat Where They Can adjust Them in This Season.

They are a Medium-Sized Birds Which Means That Mostly You Can Feed Them Near to 16% of Proteins in Their Feed and also add Some Nutrients in It That Must be a Better and Good Diet For This Chicken. Really They Give You a Good Reward of The Feed That You Had Given To Them By Laying The Eggs Constantly. The Diet is The Main Thing That Maybe Sometimes Helps Your Chicken To Really Live More Years Than The Normal age.

Every Chicken breeds Have Predators and also Have But The Delaware chicken Calm Nature Sometimes Maybe aggressive Because at That Time They Had Seen Their Predators Who Wanted to Eat Their Eggs or Wanted Them To Eat at That Time They Can Beat Their Predators With Their Intelligence and also That’s Why They Like To Come in The Big Communities So That’s Kind of Danger Time Will Not Come.

6) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is around 21 Days and Their Hatching Season Comes in February Which Goes Through The August. The Couples Does Not Mate For Life Time But Yes They Love Each Other So Much and also Both Take Care of Their New Young Chicks That Had Come and They Like To Guide Them Everything about This World. They Can Easily Lay 280 Large Brown Eggs in a Year Which You Will also Loves To Eat Because Their Taste is So Much Spicy as Their Meat is also.

Their Lifespan is also The World Record in The Chicken Breeds Because They Had Lived around 15-20 Years Which Shows That They Really Live a Very Big Life Here That’s Why in These Days They Make Lot of Friends in Their Community and also Shows Gratitude Towards You So That They Can Easily Live Their Long Life With You.

Delaware Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • Probably The Roosters Weight is More Than The Hens and That’s Why The Roosters Weight around 8.5 lb and Hens Weight around 6.5 lb.
  • This is One of Those Chicken Breeds Who Can Lay Upto 2 Eggs in a Day. Normally Their Egg Color is Brown and the Size is Large and Jumbo. They Can Lay Upto 280 Eggs in a Year Which Means You Can Expect a 5 Time Breakfast in a Week From Them.
  • Their Young Chicks Price is around $3.25 and This May be Your Best Friend after Some Days to Months.
  • They are Calm and If You Want the Best Bird For Your Garden and also For Your Family Maybe That’s For You.
  • This Breed Comes Only in White Variety and Which Population is Now More Than 200 Million all around The Globe and Especially the Middle East and also The European People’s Loves This Chicken So Much.
  • They are also Not a Noisy Bird But Maybe Sometimes You Will be Surprise To See Their Beautiful Voice Which Sometimes They Used To Make a Music.
  • They Can Start Laying The Eggs in Six Months.
  • If You Have a Small Farms Then Maybe This Chicken Breed Will be For You and You Can Keep Them in any Urban area also.


There are Much More Delaware Chicken Facts But I Mentioned The Most of and The Summary of This is That If You are Really Looking For a Best Friend and a Calm Chicken Then That Chicken is For You. They Have The Highest Lifespan among The Chicken Breeds Because They Had Lived 15-20 Years and This is also The Fastest Growing Chicken Breeds.

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