16 Fascinating Cochin Chicken Facts

Cochin Chicken Facts

This Chicken Breed was Developed in China and It is Derived From One of The Largest Domestic Chickens. Their Derivation Comes Up From The Large Feathered Legged Chicken Basically That’s Chicken First Was also Known By The Name Cochin-China. Then After They Come to Europe and in America in the 1840s to 1850s and That’s Time This Chicken Breed also Gains a Lot of Love From The Public Which Further Takes This Breed to The American Poultry Standard also and They also Approved It. There are Many Unique Cochin Chicken Facts Which I Will Be Talking Now.

16 Fascinating Cochin Chicken Facts

1) Temperament & Use

The Cochin Chicken is One of Those Chicken Who is Considered Calm, Friendly, and also Quiet Bird. They Not Like To Make So Much Noise Which Can Disturb anybody That’s Why You Can Keep Them With You If You Likes Silence. The Thing is That Everyone Can be Fight For Their territory This Chicken Breed is also From Them and at That Time They Might be Aggressive. Otherwise, They are always Friendly With The Humans and also Within Their Community Because Being Friendly Makes Their Face Smile. They also Take a Lot of Time To Grow That’s Why They are One of Those Chicken Breed Who Takes a Lot of Time to Learn The Many Things also But Whenever You Grow any of This Chicken Then They Will always Try to Makes You Happy and They are One of Those Chicken Who Will always Is Calm With Your Children also. The Children of Your House Will Loves Them Due to Their Fluffy Feathers and also Due to The Huge Beauty That They Have.

The Cochin Chicken Have Many Uses and Their Characteristics are Not Deniable Because If You Talk That For The Beauty You Need any Bird Then Many This Chicken Breed is For You. This Chicken Breed is Considered as One of The World’s Best Egg Sitters Like Silkie Chicken. But This Breed Has a Unique Broody Nature Than The Silkie also Because You Can Use Them To Hatch The Eggs of Ducks or Even Turkeys Which Shows That Their Broodiness Makes Them One of The amazing Bird in The Chickens. Their Hens are Considered as The World’s Best Mother’s also Because They always Like To Grow Their Young Chicks With Them and They always Guide Them Everything about The Life. Due to That’s all Characteristics and Uses One More Thing about Them is That They are Basically Used For the exhibition Which Shows Their Ornamental Characteristics also. They Lay The Medium Tinted Light Brown Eggs and Usually They Can Lay Upto 160 Eggs in a Year. There are Many Other Uses of This Chicken Breed also Like People Loves To Eat Their Meat as Their Meat Have a Very Spicy Taste.

2) Cochin Chicken History

Many Person’s Think That They are also Like Brahma Chicken Because Both of The Chickens are Imported From China But That’s Not True Yes The Both Breeds Hens are Considered as The World’s Best Mother and Both Gains a Huge Love From The American People’s. Generally, This Fluffy Chicken Breed Was First Named on Their Country Then after Time It was Changed in America Because People Want to Give Them a New Name and Then Their Name Changed From Cochin-China to Cochin Chicken Which Was a Pretty Same Name. Their Name Generally Changed Because This Was Adopted By Many Other Countries also That’s This Chicken Breed Starts Living all around The Globe With Their Simple Name. In 1874 They Were Submitted to the American Poultry Association and They were also Recognized By Them in Their Different Colors. Probably after The 1840s When This Chicken Breed Starts Importing in America This Breed Gains a Lot of Fame and This Was Also Take Chicken To The British Where Now It also Lives. This Breed is Generally Derived From The Largest Domestic Breed Which Makes Them a Huge Chicken also and This is Also One of Those Chickens Who Likes To be Quiet and are also They are Very Friendly With Everyone. Their Love Emotions Towards You Maybe Fall You in Their Love.

3) Their Varieties and Social Life

They Come in 14 Different Varieties and all of Their Varieties Looks So Much Amazing and Beautiful. They all Have Different Characteristics But Mainly Their Body Maybe Seems to Same. They Come in Different Varieties Like Blue, Black, Buff and From White To Red and There are Many Other Different Colors. Primary Facts about These all That The Hens are a Good Mothers and They Will Not Only Grow Their Chicks With The Love But also The Other Chicks and They are all Gentle and Friendly Within Their Community and To all Those People’s Who Gives Them a True Love. They Like to Grow Slowly Because They Have a Lovely Parents Who Will always Take Care of Them and When Their Parents Became Old Their Children also Take Care of Them With The Love.

The Cochin Chicken Lived a Gentle and Honest Social Life Because They Never Like To be From Them Who are aggressive. They Like To Make New Friends in Their Community Because Their Friends are Not Betrayal and Whenever They Need Helps From Them They Will always Do a Warm Welcome of Them. Their Social Life also Links With The Humans as This is One of Most Favorite Birds of Humans Because They Liked to be Friendly With The Humans and They also Learned a Lot of Things From The Humans. They Can Remember Many Humans Faces at a Time Who Loves Them and They Will always Show Gratitude Towards Them. In Their Social Life, They also Play Many Games With Their Community Like Race and Many Competitions They Do Because That Entertain Them. Whenever You Out Them From Their Coop or From The Nest They Like To Go Around With Their Friends and Then at a Normal Place They Will all Makes Many Voices and That Maybe Create a Beautiful Music Means That They always Like Entertainment. Many Times They also Do Funny Things With Their One Friend Than all the Friends Will Starts Smiling. In Their Social Life, They also Mate to anyone But This is True That They are Not Mate For Lifetime But They are Loyal to Their Children’s.

4) Body, Diet & Predator

Their Fluffy Feathers You Can See in Them From Beak to Toes and Their Soft Body Looks Pretty in Them. That’s Why Maybe You Can’t See Their Legs as They are Cover With Their Fluffy Feathers. They Might be Looks Like Larger Bird Due to Their Huge Feathers and Their Most Parts of The Body are Covered With These Feathers. Their Body Looks Amazing Due to Their Fluffy Feathers and Their Weight is around 8.5 lbs-10 lbs. Their Height is Large and Might be They Look Much Beautiful Than The Other Chickens That Come in Their Category.

They Have a Unique Diet Like The Every Other Chicken Breeds Have That is Imported From China Because This Chicken Breed Eat So Much That’s Why Mainly This Breed Has Been Used For The Exhibition Purposes. You Can Feed Them Many Things Mainly Which You Give To Chickens also But The Thing is That Their Roosters also Required a Little amount of Calcium to Balance Their Diet But This Breed Body is So Much Unique Which Helps Them to Keep Them Adjust in The Winters also.

Every bird Have Predators and This Chicken Breed also From Them So You Can Make Sure That Your Coop is Predator Proof Which Can Help Your Chicken To Grow Easily and be Safe From Their Predators Because Mainly When You Hatch The Eggs From This Breed and The New Young Chicks Can Take a Long Time to be a Mature That’s Why You Had To Take Care of Them a Lot and When They Grow They Can Easily Manage The Situations. Especially Their Mother Guide Them all The Things about The Predators also That’s The Community They Make So That They Can Easily Manage The any Situation.

5) Habitat & Population

This Chicken Mainly Comes From China Which Further Introduced to America and Then To all European People also. Now This Chicken Breed is all around The Globe and Their Habitat Might be Same To Many Other Chicken Breeds Like You Can Keep Them in any Open Grassland Area or in The Coop also But This Breed Can Manage Multiple Seasons Easily Which Helps Them To Not Do a Migration in Their Complete Life. In The Winter They Can also Lay The Eggs as Their Feathers are Very Large Which Mainly Helps Them to be Safe From The Winter Weather and They Can Easily be Safe in The Summer also But The Care is Important always as If Your Coop in The Place Where The Mostly Sun Comes Up and Remain For a Long Time and The Winter Comes Up and Snow Falls a Lot Then You Take Their Coop at The Safe Place Where These Things Can’t Disturb Them.

The Cochin Chicken Was Imported From The China Where It was One of The Large Domestic Chicken also and Then This also Comes Up in America and in The Europe Which Takes Their Population to The Sky Which Means That There is No Conservative Status of This Breed as This is Increasing Widely Because In The Asian Countries This Chicken Breed also Exist Like Australorp Chicken. People are in Love With This Bird Which is also Helping This Bird to Grow a Lot in This World.

6) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

They Incubate The Eggs in a Normal Span of Time Near to The Month But Mainly They Used For Hatching The Eggs of Many Other Birds and also For The Other Chicken Breeds. The Couples Don’t Mate For Lifetime But The Hens are Considered as The Best Mom as This is The Broody Nature Bird and This Quality of Their always Helps Them to be a Good Mother also. They Can Lay Upto 160 Eggs in a Year and They Can Produce The Eggs in any Seasons as Their Body is Made Up of Many Glands and They Have Fluffy Feathers Which Easily Adjust Them in The Winters. Normally The Ducks and Turkeys Eggs You Can Hatch From Them and They Take Care Most of Them Then Their Actual Mother Because They Considered It also Their Chicks and Loves Them So Much.

They Can Live More Years Then Many Other Chicken Breeds Like Ameraucana Chicken. They Can Live More Than Expected Also If You Grow Them With Love and Feed Them Well Then They Can Easily Live Upto 8-10 Years. Sometimes These Years Can Be Less Or More The Thing is That Protection is also The Main Part Which You Must Have to Take Care.

Cochin Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • Their Size is Large Due to The Huge Feathers That Have Covered Their Body. The Roosters Can Weight around 10-11 lbs and The Hens Can Weight around 8.5 lbs.
  • Their Egg Color is Light Brown and Their Egg Size is Medium. They Can Exactly Lay 160 to 180 Eggs in a Year. Sometimes Maybe For a Week, They Can Lay The Eggs Consistently But Mainly They are Not Used For The Egg Production.
  • They Can’t Only Lay The Medium Eggs Sometimes They Can Lay The Large Brown Eggs also Which Can Easily Fulfill Your Breakfast Needs.
  • They Look Pretty Well in Partridge, Silver Laced and in The Golden Laced Colors.
  • For Becoming a Full Mature The Cochin Chicken Might be Take Upto Two Years But They Start Laying Eggs as Soon as They Reach to The Nine Months of Their age.
  • You Can Keep Them With Your Pets and also With Your Families Whether The Children Maybe in This Family Because This Chicken Breed is Calm and Friendly With Everyone.
  • Mostly They Remain a Quiet But Maybe Sometimes They Can be Loudy But It is Seen So Much Less.
  • Their Most of The Body Have Been Covered With The Feathers Maybe That’s Why You Will Love Them Because in This Body They Looked Very Beautiful.
  • Sometimes They Can Eat More Than Their Will Which Might be Make Them a Heavy.
  • The Simple Protein and Layer Feed You Can Provide Them Which Makes Them To Grow Faster and To be Fit always.


As I Mentioned Most of The Cochin Chicken Facts Which Conclusion is also That If You Really Need a Broody Nature Hens Then That’s Chicken is For You. They are also Friendly and Calm With Everybody. Basically, They are Not Used as a Good Layer But Maybe They Can Fulfill Your Breakfast Needs Sometimes. They Eat So Much Which Maybe Makes Them a Heavy and Their Weight is Higher Than The Many Other Chicken Breeds Also Due to That Reason.

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