Can You Add Water To Dry Cat Food?

Adding water to dry cat food

The Dry Cat Food Maybe Ideal But You are Worried That Your Cat is Not Getting Enough Water That’s Why You Want To Take This Step.

In This Article, I am Going To Explain The Mixing of Dry and Wet Food and Is Really Cat Can Live Only One Dry Food as Well.

Can You Add Water To Dry Cat Food?

Yes, You Can Add Water To Dry Cat Food. It Will Not Only Enhance The Flavor of Dry Food Better But Also It Increases The Water Intake of Your Cat. When You Wanted To Perform This Step At That Time The Guidance From The Vet is Very Important. If Your Cat is Suffering From dehydration Issues Then This Food is also Better For Them at That Time.

First Get The Good Cat Food Then You Can Easily Add The Water On It This Will always Be a Beneficial For The Cats as Many Owners already Had Tried It and They Told That By Doing That You also Saves a Money Which You Wanted To Invest on The Wet Food But The Proper and Ideal Diet You Have To Give To Your Cat So That Their Dietary Needs Will always Be Fulfilled.

Many Vet Will advised You When Your Cat is Throwing Up Daily Then They Will Advise You To Add Water in The Dry Food Like Kibble. If You Not Add The Water in It Then Maybe This Dry Food Can Create Tummy Problems But When You Add The Water in It It Expands Before The Cat Eats It and Thus No Problems Occurs At All Which is Showing That For Some Cats Dry Foods Maybe If You Add The Water It Proved To be Really Good For Your Cat.

Benefits of Adding Water in The Dry Cat Food:

As I Mentioned Earlier That Dry Cat Food Sometimes Maybe Will Not be So Much Good and Provides Nutritional Benefits To The Cats As After Adding The Water Into It.

  • Water Intake Boost: When You Add The Water in The Dry Cat Food It’s Means That The Food in Which People’s Removed Water You Add The Water In It and If Your Cat Regularly Eats Most of Their Diet Dry Food Then It’s Means That When You Will Add The Water Into It Then It Will Increase Their Water Intake. As Well As When Their Water Intake Will Be Increases It Will Proves To be Very Beneficial For The Cat’s Health. Most of The Cats Drink Less Water So Maybe Yours also From This and By Doing That You Already Had Solved The Problem.
  • Digestion Will Be Improved: Obviously, Water is always Be Helpful in Digestion Not Only in Humans But also In Cats. As I Explained Above about The Kibble Dry Food Which Really Can’t Be Digested and Create Many Health Problems in The Cats. So Not This Food But Every Food Which The Cats Eat Maybe Some Pieces of It Will Not be Properly Digested So Maybe When You Add Water in These Kinds of Food It Really Proved To be Very Beneficial Especially in The Process of Digestion. As Well as When Your Cat Starts Eating The Dry Cat Food They Eat It as Fast as Possible So Maybe When You Add The Water They Will Eat It Slow and Also It Will Have a Huge Positive Effect On The Cat’s Health.
  • Dehydration and Health Problems: Simply When You Try To Feed The Cat Those Foods Which Even Dangerous For Their Health at The End You Will Face The Problems Like Dehydration Because When The Cats Does Not Manage To Get Enough Water These Kinds of Issues Definitely Arises. With This Disease Many Big Potential, Health Issues also Linked Like Electrolyte imbalances and UTIs Both Has a Huge Negative Impact on The Cat’s Health.

Can You Mix Dry And Wet Cat Food Together?

If You are Adding Water On The Dry Cat Food Then Maybe It Puts You On The Thinking as Well That Why Not Add The Wet Food in The Dry Food Because at The End Wet Food also Have a Huge Amount of Water In It Is It Possible?

Yes, It Is Possible To Add The Wet Cat Food into Dry Food. But The Thing That You Have To Keep in Mind That Wet and Dry Food Both Will be High-Quality Food Which Can also Fulfill The Nutritional Needs of Your Cat Like Vitamins, Proteins, Fats and Every Other Nutrition Which They Wanted To Take. Many Cat Owners are Using This Method For The Benefits of Their Cats.

Many Cat Owners are Very Happy By Performing This Step Because It Gives The Flexibility and Wide Range To The Cat Owners To Select The Food and Mix It. Whenever Your Cat Responds To any Mixed Food in a Positive Way Then It’s Means That They Love It as Cat Loves Dry Food and By Your Mixing of Wet Food Now They also Got a Gravy Which The Cats Loves The Most.

When You Add The Dry and Wet Cat Food Together It Will Makes a Unique Flavor Which Maybe Your Cat Loves The Most as Well as The More Moisture The Cats also Get By Their Food Which is One of The Main Benefits of Adding Both Food Together. Sometimes Maybe You Starts Thinking That Adding Water into The Dry Food is Best Than The Mixing Both Food and I Want To Say That Yes Because If You Wanted To Save Money and Efforts Then You Can Just Add The Water into The Dry Food But You Can Mix The Dry and Wet Food Together as Well.

Can Cats Live On Dry Food Only?

Yes, The Cats Can Easily Live On The Dry Food Only Because The Makers That Have Maken The Dry Cat Foods They Have Loaded These Foods With The Enough Nutrients That When You See The Side Effect Like The Hydration Issue It Will Not be So Much Big.

That’s Why When You are Feeding Your Cat Only Dry Food Then You also Have To Provide Them Enough Water Intake Because If They Stop Drinking Enough Water For Some Weeks Then The Issue Will Starts Appearing in Your Cat and Maybe Then You Can Starts Saying That Cats Can’t Live On Dry Food and If That’s Happening Then Yes They Can’t Live Because Without Water There is No Life. In The Dry Cat Food, There is Not Required Hydration For Your Cat Which Shows That With The Time It Will Create Problems.

You Can Use Water Fountains To Fulfill The Water Needs of Your Cat and always Keeps in Mind That Your Cat Will be Hydrated For All Time So That They Will Live a Big and Good Healthy Life.

Should You Add Water To Dry Kibble?

Yes, You Can Add Water To Dry Kibble Infact When You Add The Water In The Kibble It Not Only Smells Better But also Tastes Better.

So Now You are Serious That You Want To Add The Water Into The Dry Kibble and You Also Wanted To Get The True Ratio of Water That How Much Water You Have To Add In The Kibble So That It Will be Dry and Easily Be Digested.

For Every Three Parts of The Kibble, You Have To Add I Part of The Water.

It Will Makes The Kibble Dry and Maybe Your Cat Tastes It and If That Smells Better To Them Then They Will Eat This Diet Which is Really Proved To a Good For Cat’s Health.

If You are Thinking about That This Diet is Perfect or Not You Can also Take Advice From The Vet Because They Always Tell You The Best and Best Things Gives Better Results.

Can I Soak Dry Cat Food?

First When You Starts Feeding The Dry Food To The Cats Then You Have To Keep in Mind That Most of The Cats Became Addicted To These Foods.

That is Why It is Recommended That Feed The Corn-Free and Grain-Free Dry Food To The Cat So If They Became Addicted To It Then Maybe This Dry Food also Considered as One of The Best Dry Foods Which Can Fulfill All Nutritional Needs of The Cats.

But That Does Not Mean That They Not Have To Drink Water While These Foods Don’t Have Water Which Means That The Water Intake Will be Decreases Which is Really Not Good For The Cats.

So If Your Cat is Not Drinking Enough Water Then You Have To Soak The Dry Cat Food So That When These Foods are in The Water They Have To Drink The Water With The Food as Well.


Yes, It is Possible To Add The Water into The Dry Cat Food Instead It is Very Beneficial If Your Cat is Intaking Less Water.

Some Cat Dry Foods Can Not Easily be Digested So When You Add The Water Into It This Really Helps The Cats To Make The Digestion Process Works Very Fast.

You Can also Mix Wet Cat Food into The Dry Cat Food But The Proper Ratio First You Have To Conclude So That At The End Cats Will Got a Best and Good Food Which Can Fulfill Their All Nutritional Needs.

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