Can Cats Eat Butter? (Is It Bad?)

Can Cats Eat Butter

Might be You Want To Feed Some Butter To Your Cat as a Treat or Maybe They Just Have Licked With It or Eat It.

We Know Very Well That Butter is Not a Cat Food Which is Why Question Arise in Your Mind That Can Cats Eat Butter?

Butter is a Dairy Product and Whenever You Want To Feed That’s Kind of Dairy Product To The Cat You Must Have To Consider Because Dairy Product is Really Not Good For The Cats as Well as Butter Contains Too Much Fat in It.

Is Really Butter Can Fulfill The Dietary Needs of Your Cat? Is It Good or Bad For Cats?

Can Cats Eat Butter?

Cats Can Eat Butter But It is Not Good For The Cats. The Butter is Mixed Up With Too Much Fat and also It is a Dairy Product. These Both Things are Not Good For The Cats Especially Too Much Fat Can Leads The Cat To The Obesity as Well as Sometimes It Can Shorten The Lifespan of Your Cat.

There are Many Other Health Issues or Diseases Can be Born By The Butter So If Your Cat Want to Eat It Don’t Give Them Because Only The Scent of It is attracting The Cat Towards It But When They Will Eat It After That Their Response Will be Much Different and Many Behavioral Changes Will Starts Arising in The Cat.

In The Butter, There are Many Vitamins Like Vitamin D, 12, Protein and also Calcium is Present In It But That Does Not Justify That It Is Ok To Give The Butter To The Cat Because At The End of The Day Nearly Around 78-80% In The Butter is Fat and More Than 60% is always Saturated Fat.

The Unsaturated Fat That is Present in The Butter is Not The Same as The Health Cat Demands So It Will be Better Idea To Leave This Food Because There are Many Famous Cat Foods Which Can Fulfill Their Vitamin Needs as Well as They are Good For Cats.

The Best Unsaturated Fat and Maybe Vitamins and Some Proteins as Well When The Cat Gains It From The Meat It Will be the Best Thing To Consider For The Cats Because Cats Likes To Eat Meat.

What About Vegan Butter?

Vegan Butter is Best Known Due to Its Unique Ingredient as It Has Been Made Up of Water With The Plant-Derived Oil Which is Showing That There is No Dairy Product Used in The Making of This Product Is This Fine?

Yes Might be It Will Not be a Lactose Intolerant For The Cats But Also Not Good For The Cats as It Also Contains Too Much Fat Which is Really Not Necessary For The Cats and This Butter is also Not Made For The Cats.

This is Why This Can’t Fulfill The Nutritional Needs of The Cat Which Soon Will Raise Many Health Problems and Maybe The Cat Got an Upset Stomach as Well After Eating This Butter.

There are plenty of Other Butter as Well in Which Garlic Butter and Raw Butter Maybe Included as Well So Keep in Mind That These Both Butters are also Not a Good Diet For The Cats and All Other Butter are Not Good For The Cats.

So It is Really Very Better If You Owned a Kitten or Cat Then You Must Have To Made a Health Diet Program For Them So That Their Needs of Protein, Fats and Vitamins Will be Fulfilled and They Will Grow Healthy.

Cats Are Lactose Intolerant:

Cats are Lactose Intolerant Which is Why Their Body Struggle So Much When You Try To Feed Them Some Dairy Products Especially Like Milk, Butter and Whipped Cream.

But Maybe Butter Will Not be as Much as Lactose Intolerant as The Milk Because All It Contains What Can Make The Cats Lactose Intolerant So It also Does Not Shows That You Can Feed Butter To The Cat Because Butter is also Lactose Intolerant as It is a Dairy Product But If Your Cat Have Eaten Few Bites Accidently Then They Will be Safe.

Simply Your Cat When Became Lactose Intolerant It’s Means That They Can’t Break Down Butter and Milk Which is Showing That If This Will Not Break Then The Digestive Problems Will Start Arising in The Cats.

While In The Butter There is Not So Much Dairy Product All It Contains Only The Fat Which is Why Maybe Your Cat Will Not Became Lactose Intolerant After Eating This or It Will Not Create Issue in a Short Time.

But There are also Many Cases that Have Seen That When The Cats Touch The Butter They also Gave The Allergic Reaction Which is Showing That Even a Little Bit of Milk Can Create The Problem For The Cat.

So Maybe You Want To Feed The Milk Product To The Cat So It is Not From Them But From All of These At The End Statement Will also Same However It Contains Less Lactose But Still Not a Regular Cat Diet So Avoid It!

Health Benefits of Butter:

You Heard The Most of Negative Aspect But Everything Also Has a Positive Side Let’s Talk about It Now!

There are Many People’s Who Still Believe That Butter is Good For Their Cat and These are Those Who Give The Homemade Meals To The Cat Not With The Oil But With The Butter Only Because They Wanted Their Underweight Cat To Gain Much More Weight and Maybe Sometimes They Used The Butter For Hairball Control.

But Butter Can’t Give Your Cat as Much Benefits as It Will Give The Loss To You.

You Can Feed that Healthy Meat To Your Cat and Many Other Healthy Cat Products Which Can Make Your Cat Fat But also Make Them Healthy Which is always The Priority of a Pet Owner.

Yes Might be Butter Will Helps Your Cat in The Hairball Control and Maybe Your Cat Get Rid out of The Digestive Tract But This Does Not Satisfy That Butter is Good For Cats Because There are Many Vet approved Hairball Products Which You Can Use and This Will Helps Your Cat in The Hairball Control in a Healthy Way.

At The End Simple is Simply Butter Has Not Been Made For The Cats So It Would Also be Not Used as a Cat’s Diet and Whoever Using It on a Regular Basis If Today They are Not Seeing any Problem in Their Cat Then Soon Many Behavioral Changes Will Starts Arising in The Cat.

Some Other Health Risks of Butter:

As I Mentioned Risks in a Small Lines But That Need To Be Cover in a Big Paragraphs.

  • Too Much Fat: Butter Comes Up With The Too Much Fat and Which is also The Main Reason That Vet Discourage To Give The Butter To Cats. One Tablespoon of The Butter Contains almost 14 Grams Out of Which 11.5 Grams are Fat Which is Showing That More Than 80% of Butter is Fat. When Your Cat Became Fat It also Risks Their Life Especially When They Got Danger and Want To Escape From Their Predator Then They Will Face The Problem. The Digestive Juices Secreted By The Pancreas But Sometimes When You Feed Your Cat Too Much Butter Then It also Leads Them To The Pancreatitis Which Means Inflammation of Pancreas. Maybe Sometimes Cat Safe Them From These Diseases By Their Strong Immunity But At The End of The Day Becoming a Sick is Very Common Especially When The Cats Eat That’s Kind of Food.
  • Poor Nutrition Profile: Yes Maybe You Say Butter Contains Fats and Carbohydrates But At The End of The Day Cats Likes To Eat Meat Which Means Proteins Must be Their Recommendation always. By Looking Into It You Get The Point That Cats Need Fewer Fats and More Proteins But In The Butter Opposite Case as Well as There is No Protein In It at All Which is Clearly Showing That Butter Must Not be a Diet of The Cat Otherwise Many Big Issues Due to Diet also Starts Appearing in The Cats With The Time.


Butter is Not a Healthy Diet For The Cats Because It Contains All Those Things Which Can Have a Huge Negative Impact on Cat’s Health and Maybe Many Behavioral Issues Will Starts Arising in The Cat.

Too Much Fat is in The Butter and Most Fat Consumption Can Leads The Cat To The Obesity and It is also a Dairy Product Which is Also Not a Good Sign.

If Your Cat Have Eaten a Few Bites of The Butter Then It’s Ok But Never Try To Make This Temporary Food To Their Diet Always Choose Best and Healthy Cat Foods For Your Cat So That Your Cat Will Have a Long and Happy Life.

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