Can Cats Control Their Tails? A Perfect Guide

Can Cats Control Their Tails

If You Owned a Cat Then Definitely You Have Many Memorable Experiences of Their Tails.

As It is always Fun To See That Your Cat’s Tail Behavior While Sleeping and While Chasing. These Tails Can also Tell You The Mood of Your Cat But The Simple Question is That Can Cats Control Their Tails?

Cats Do Have a Control Over Their Tails Just Like We Have Some Control On Our Blinking. Some Movements of The Cat’s Tails are Involuntary Responses Due to Different Circumstances. Cat Focus and Mood Can be Seen By The Cat’s Tails. By Combining The Ears With Tails Can Tell You Better About The Attitude of The Cat.

When The Cat is Sleeping at That Cat’s Tail is also thumping So This is also One of The Involuntary Responses But Sometimes For a Little Bit of Time Cat Can Control These Involuntary Responses as Well Just Like We Can Stop Blinking For Some Seconds to Minutes.

Can Cats Feel Their Tails?

Yes, Cat Can Feel Their Tails But The Sensitive Level of The Tail Vary From Breed to Breed in The Cat. The Nerve Ending That is in These Tails Helps Your Cat’s To Recognize Everything in It and also If any Injury Happened Here Then This Message Will Be Received By a Brain Which At The End Can be Solved.

Some Cats Who Have a Sensitive Tails Might be Sometimes When You Touch Them a Little Bit More They Will Not Like It at The First But If You are Their Favorite Person Then The Happiness in Your Face is also Necessary For The Cat.

If You Want to Experience That Your Cat’s Tails Sensitive or Not Then Just Brush Their Tails. If After It You Have Experienced Some Behavioral Changes Which are Not Good Then It’s Means Their Tails are Too Much Sensitive But Some Cats Do Like To be Touched Their Tails By Their Owners as It May be a Sign of Love as Well.

Why Do Cats Have Tails and Where It is Used?

Some Cats Naturally Not Have Tails, Unlike Some Cats Who Lose Their Tails From Their Body in Their Small age That Cat Can’t Walk and Run Quickly as The Other Cats Do Which Have Tails.

Because Tails in The Cats Used To Keep Them Balance. This is Why When The Cats Have a Tail Then They Can Walk and Run Quickly (You Can Say Them Agile) and also The Balance is Maintained in Their Body.

The Cat’s Tails Can also Tell You Good and Bad Mood of The Them. Some Movements of The Tails Cat Can’t Control But In Some Movements Cats Do Have Controls.

Do Cats Voluntarily Move Their Tails?

According To The Many Biologists and Veterinarians, Most of The Movements of The Cat’s Tails are Involuntary But There are Some Movements of The Cats That are Voluntary. In The Voluntary Movements, Cats Uses Tails To Show You a Behavior of Their Mood But When Their Tails Movements Combine With Their Ears Now This is also Their Good Behavior. Sometimes The Aggressive Behaviors Can also be Seen By The Cat’s Tails.

At The Time of The Sleeping and Sitting Most of The Times The Movements of The Tails are Involuntary.

Is It Possible For A Cat To Break Its Tail?

Yes, Cat Can Break It Tails Not By Playing But By a Serious Accident.

As The Tails is also a Bone and It also Included vertebrae Which Can Break Like any Other Bone.

When The Cat’s Got Hit By a Car, Fall From The Huge Height and Got Stuck Their Tail Between Their Tails Then Possibly Their Tails Can Break But You Have To Check That In The Tails Where is The Injury Occurs Because That Will Tells You The How Much Serious Situation is. So Always Try To Keep Your Cat in The Safe Place.

What Actually Means of Different Cat’s Tail Movements?

Most of The Movements of The Cat’s Tails are Same in all The Breeds of Cats Because Some Movements at The Time of Sleeping, Sitting Calmly Nothing Really Means as This is a Natural Behavior But There are Many Tails Movements Which Can Show You The Mood or Aggressiveness of Your Cat as Well.

When The Cats are angry at That Time Their Tails Can Puff Up and With This Their Size Looks Big. They Do That’s Kind of Things When They Have Seen any Danger or Irritated So at The Time of The Irritation Your Cat Tails Can be Thrashed around as They are Just Now Giving You a Warning Sign. In Both The Cases It’s Better To Leave Your Cat Alone in a Safe Place.

Sometimes When They Wanted To Play Then They Can Flow Their Tails From Side To Side As Well Can Make Their Tails So Much Upper That It Looks Like Flying at That Time They are in a Good Mood of Playing. If You are Near To Them Then be Ready For Playing. When They Switched From Side To Side Very Strongly It Can also Be Sign of Their Excitement and Really Excitement Can also Express The Smile on Your Cat.

The Tip of Their Tail If Cat Starts twitching Then It’s Means That Now They are in The angry Mood or Maybe at That Time They Have Seen Their Predator So Now They are Just Active and Face The Circumstances of It But Sometimes This Behavior They Use When They Wanted to Do a Urine.

Twitching The Tails Back and Forth The Tails From The Cat is also The Behavior They Express When They are Seeing any Interested Things That are Going Near To Them Then They Will also Participate in It.

Some Behaviors When They Expressed In Front of You Might be You Think That This is an Involuntary Like Cat Do Wrap Their Tails When Sleeping So That They Sleep in a Warm Place as Cats Like Warm Place To Sleep But If They are Wrapping Their Tail In Front of You Then This is a Voluntary Response Which Means That Your Cat Loves You So Much and Simply This is a Sign of Affection.

Why Do Cats Flick Their Tails?

Flicking The Tails Sometimes are Those Movements Which are Not Controlled By The Cats Because Sometimes Cats Do Flick Their Tails When They are Sleeping So At That Time This is Just a Natural and Common Habit.

But If They are Flicking Their Tails So Much Smoothly Then It’s Means That They are Now in The Playing Mood So Just Pick The Favorite Toy of The Cat and Start Playing With Them. This is also The Behavior Which Shows That How Much Excited Your Cat is So Just Look Into Your Cat at That Time Deeply and Get The Point of What They Wanted To Say to You.

Sometimes If The End of The Tails They Start Moving With any Person Company Might be This Person is Their Favorite One Whom With Your Cat Enjoy So Much and Care about Her as Well.

Why Do Cats Thump Their Tails When Lying Down?

Cat Thumping Their Tails is Not a Good Sign Because This is a Warning From Them That They are Not Happy in This Environment. Simply Not Happy What’s Going Around So at That Time Don’t Try To Disturb Your Cat Much Just Keep Them alone in Their Private Place.

If The Cat Has Wrapped Up Their Tails When Lying Down Its Means That They are Excited and in The Playing Mood But Thumping Their Tail is Not a Good Sign Especially When You are Trying to Disturb Their Tail This Behavior Can Tell You That Don’t Do This With Them I Not Like It. Sometimes When You Have Spent an Enough Time With Your Cat and Simply Going Out of The Range With Your Cat Then They Will Do That So That You Know That It’s Over So Better To Keep Them in an Alone Place at That Time.


Cats Do Have a Control Over Their Tails Not Completely But Have a Little Bit.

Cats Use Their Tails To Tell Us How They are Feeling and also Their Mood Can be Seen By Their Tails Movements.

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