15 Interesting Buckeye Chicken Facts

Buckeye Chicken Facts

The Buckeye Chicken Breed is an Only Pea Comb in America as well as The American Standard Poultry association also Said That This is The Only Breed That Was Developed By a Woman and also This Comes on Their Standard. This is The American Chicken Breed Who Was Mainly Originated From The Famous US State Named Ohio and This Was Mainly Created in The Early 19th Century as a Dual Purpose Chicken as Their Meat is also So Much Spicy and Their Beautiful Eggs are also The Favorite Breakfast of Many People’s and Maybe You Can Use This Chicken For Many Other Purposes also and There are Many amazing Buckeye Chicken Facts Which I Will Talk Now.

15 Interesting Buckeye Chicken Facts

1) Buckeye Chicken History and Background

The Buckeye Chicken is Maybe The Best Chicken For You If You Wanted a Chicken Who are Originated in America Like Delaware Chicken But The Difference in This Chicken Breed is also That This is The Only Chicken Breed That Was Developed By The Woman at That Time in America. In 1896 Nettie Metcalf Developed This Chicken Bred Which is Now all around The Globe and Mainly in America. At That Time The Nettie and Their Husband Have So Many Different Chickens on Their Farm House and This Chicken Bred Was also Created By Her With Their Talent and Confidence. She Had Done Many Cross Breeding to See Their Experiment True But She Was Not Gaining Results Finally When Plymouth Barred Rocks and Buff Cochins By These Chickens Helps She Got a Hens Which Further after The Time Were Called as The Buckeye Hens. This Woman Belongs To Warren, Ohio and She is The Woman Who Had Developed This Chicken and also Given The Name to This Chicken. Furthermore, Their Research Had Taken a Long Time to be Successful But She Never Loses Hope, and also She is The Woman Who Was The President of the Buckeye Club For Many Years Especially These are Their Main Professional Life Years Then after It She Retired as a Developer of The Buckeye Chicken. Soon This Breed Was also Comes on The Standard of American Poultry association and In America, This is Their Own Originated Hens Which also Have a Pea Comb. This Bread also Imported into The Many Different Countries Due to The Unique Things This Have Which Might be any Other Chickens Does Not Have That’s Why You Can See Them in The European Countries as Well as in Many Asian Countries But It is Believed That They are also Now Rare. In Their all History One Thing Maybe Common That When This Breed Was Developed at That Time Many Issues in This Comes But after a Few Time This was also Settled and This Breed From Then to Till Starts Spreading all around The Globe.

2) Buckeye Chicken Temperament 

This Chicken Breed Behavior Might be Seems to Be Same But They are also The Forager Which is That They Can Hunt For Their Food and also They Can Easily Trick Their Predators With Their Skills That They Have. There is One Thing That Makes Them More Good is That If You Had Mess Up With Them Then Most of The Time They Show The Friendly Behavior and Then You Also Became Violent to Kind to Them. They are also Not afraid of The Humans Like The Many Other Chicken Breeds afraid Because Whenever You Come around Them Then They Will Greet You also and Will Makes Your Face More Smiley Because a Friend Indeed Makes Life Better. Whenever They Were Hunting The Food at That Time Might be You Surprised That What They are Eating But They are Eating What is Natural To Them and You Have To be Friendly With This Calm Bird always So That Both Friends Have a Pleasant and Good Life. So This is Docile, Friendly and Easily Handled Bird They Will Never Disturb You Because They Know The Feelings and Emotions also Which They Do Care a Lot in Their Social Life also. In Their Social Life, They Will always be Friendly With Their Community and With The Friends always and Also They Do Care about all Whoever Loves Them. Whenever They Joined The Big Groups at That Time They Will Always be Calm and Maybe Sometimes Their Sound Looks Violent But For The Many People’s It’s The Music But That Does Not Seem That They Make So Much Noise. You Can Easily Manage This Breed But The Proper Care and The Proper Friend If Both You Gives Them Then They Will always be Calm and Friendly With You and Also With Your Family and With Every Person.

3) Their Varieties & Use

The Thing is That Most of The Chicken Breed That Has been Developed in America Might be They Have Many Varieties But This Breed Still Only Have One Variety Which is Mahogany red and They Really Look Very Well and Strong in Them. There Body Measurements and The Every Other Thing That When You Combine This Chicken Breed Comes into The Existence. Mainly This Breed Can be Compare With The Many Other Chickens Also as This is also Those Chickens Breeds Who are Large and Maybe Some People’s Calls Them Close to The Large Which Means That This Large Chicken Can’t be Managed But That’s Not True This Chicken Can Easily be Managed and This is also One of The Utility Breed also.

This Chicken Breed Can be Used as a Dual Purpose Chicken But The Main Thing is That Probably People’s Might also Consider This Chicken as a Show Bird also as This is One of The Uniquest and The Old American Chicken Breed. You Can Easily Get The Eggs From Them Even in The Winter But Sometimes Due to The Seasons Different Might be They Stop Laying. Their luscious Meat People’s Loves To Eat and This is also One of The Favorite Meat For The Many People’s. When You Will Starts Growing This Chicken Breed at That Time Maybe Early You Have To Give Them a Free Feed as a Friend But after The Time You Will Get a Good Feed to Egg Ratio also From Them. Most of The Common Thing in This Chicken is also That When They Start Laying Very Early Maybe This is One of Those Chicken Who Can Lay More Than 175 – 240 Medium Brown Eggs and Their Egg Taste is also So Much Spicy and Have an amazing Taste Which is Why Many People’s also Have This. Many People’s in Their Small Farms Have Many Chickens Breeds and Might be You Can see This Chicken also Their. Now at That Time, Few Lucky People Have This Chicken Breed Because They are also One of The Endangered Species But The Care is Taken and They Will be Increase Now again.

4) Body, Diet & Predator

This Heritage Chicken Have Broad Body and Comes With The Strong Wings and Their Size is Large and Probably You Will Gain a Huge Meat From Them also as Their Weight is More Than Many Other Breeds. Their Body Comes With The Many Unique Characteristics and also They Have a Sharp Mind Which Helps Them in The Danger. They Have Four Toes in Their Feet and Their Body Looks amazing With all These Shapes. Their Weight is Ranges From 6.5 lb to 9 lb. Their Skins is Yellow and The Black Tails They Have Maybe You See The Dark Feathers also on Them and This Must be The Rooster That Belongs to This Breed. Their Body Mostly Can Bear The Hot Temperature as Well as The Cold Climates also and They are also a Good Layer Means That Even in The Winter Rainy Seasons They Will Not Stop Laying The Eggs.

Normally The Chickens Needs Some Proteins To Maintain Their Body and The Buckeye Chicken is also From Them Whom You Can Give 20 Percent Proteins and The Other Useful Nutrients Which Will Grow Them Faster and also Makes Them Healthy always Might be The Chicken Which is Growing at That Time You Had To Provide Them More Proteins and also You Can Feed Them Grains and Maybe You Can Leave Them in The Grassland area and They Will Find The Food by Themselves.

The Forager Chicken If You Open Them To Roam Like In This Chicken Case at That Time You Must Have To Take Care of Them Because Might be They Got Trick By Their Predators as The Buckeye Chicken are Not The World’s Best Predators Evaders But Maybe Sometimes They Can also Play With Their Predators With Their Mind and also From The Self Defense If You Had to Give Them By Opening Them in The Place Where are Their Predators But are Friendly With Them as all are Your Pets and The Community is The Main Thing If They Can’t Trick Them Then Their Community and Friends Easily Saved Them.

5) Habitat

This Chicken Breed Has been Originated From America as a Utility Breed and Then It Was Imported By Many Countries and Now This is all around The Globe. You Can Find Them in The Asian Countries as well as in The European Countries Where Mainly There Origin is also. More Than Three Chickens Breeds Were Used For Developing This Chicken. Now It is Inhabit in America as well as all around The Globe. They Can Bear The Cold Climates As They are One of The Cold Hardy Chicken Breeds as Well as Sometimes In The Rainy Seasons If You Keeps Them in A Good Place Where The Rain is Not Coming or Sometimes Comes Then They Will Have No Issue at That Time also and Probably If You Feed Them Well Then in any Area You Keeps Them They Will Lives Their Complete Life With You as Your One of The Best Friend also.

6) Population & Endangered Species

If The Population of any Chicken’s Breeds is Increasing That’s Means That Maybe after Some Months They Will Reach To Millions in The Numbers as The Chicken is One of The Most Populated Birds on The Planet. The Buckeye Chicken is On The Watch List of The Livestock Conservancy Which Means That Now at That Time They are Critically Endangered. In The United States Their Population is Only Close to The 5000 Birds and all around The Globe, They Might be In The Few More Thousands also.

7) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

This Chicken is Not Best Known Because of Their Broody Nature Because Many of The Big Poultry Farms and Small Farms Had Said That They Do Not Go into The Broodiness and If They Go Might be They Can Break It But Sometimes They Can Hatch The Eggs. Their Incubation Period is the Same as The any Chicken Breeds Take Time to Hatch The Eggs. They Can Lay Upto 240 Medium Sized Brown Eggs and Might be Sometimes They Can Lay Close to The 200 also So This Really Depends on The Habitat also That Where are You Growing Them and How You are Feeding Them. So Their Hens are also Good Mother and They Grow The Young Chicks With Their Hand and Train Them in all The Things So That They Will Not Face Any Issue in Their Community.

So Commonly The Chickens Might Have Lifespan Close to 7 to 8 Years and Many Come on This List. The Buckeye Chicken Really Lives More Life Than The Most of The Other Famous Chickens Breeds and Their Lifespan is Close to The 10 Years. They Really Enjoy a Good Life Especially With Their Owner They are always Friendly and They are Good Mothers in Their Lifespan.

Buckeye Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Buckeye Chicken Hens are Roosters are Weight around 6.5 lb and 9 lb Respectively. Their Height is Large and They Seem to be Tall around 2 Feet.
  • Their Egg Color is Brown and Egg Size is Medium. They Can Lay 175-240 Eggs in a Year and They are Known Mainly as They Not Stop Laying Eggs in The Winter Also.
  • They are Calm, Friendly and They Can also Hunt For Their Food and Maybe They Can Trick Their Predator Easily also.
  • Their Young Chicks If You Wanted to Grow With You and also With Your Favorite Pets Then You Can Keep The Young Chicks also With You and Their Young Chicks Price is around $3.20.
  • They Might be Take a Some Weeks to Grow Easily and Moths To Mature But When They Reach around Six Months of age at That Time They Start Laying The Eggs.
  • Their Population is Decreasing and They are One of The Endangered Species Who is Only around 10000 all around The Globe.
  • In The American Class, Only This Chicken Breed Who Have a Pea comb and This Breed Comes into The Existence By The Cross Breeding of More Than Three Chickens Breeds.
  • Their Body Seems to be one of The Strongest Body in The Chickens.


As I Mentioned Most of The Buckeye Chicken Facts You Can Get This Chicken Breed in The America Which Have a Pea Comb and as Well as If You are Looking For a Dual Purpose and as Well as The Chicken Who is Docile and Calm Then Might be This Chicken is For You.

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