18 Most Interesting Bobcats Facts

Bobcats Facts

The Bobcat also Known as the red lynx and Cat is a Native to North America and Comes Up With a Medium Size. These Cats Can Easily be Seen in the United States to Oaxaca in Mexico and There is also No Danger about This Specie Because Their Population is Increasing Rapidly. Their Scientific Name is Lynx rufus. These Cats Really Looks Very Beautiful and Sometimes Maybe You Will Take a Long Time to Find It But This Cat Population is Increasing and also Spreading and There are Many Other Bobcats Facts Which I am Going to Tell You Now So Stay Tuned.

18 Most Interesting Bobcats Facts

1) Their Name Bobcats Because of Their Tails

In Many areas of The World Maybe Sometimes The People Gave The Name and Usually Most of The Time That’s Happen With Those Cats Who are Domestic But These Cats Got Their Name Because of Their Tails and This Word Bobcat Reference to The Stubby Appendage and The Adult Bobcats averages around 7 Inches in The Length. While The Bobcats Got a Short Tails and Obviously The Tails are Especially Used To Keep a Balance in The Body When Climbing in The Trees But The Bobcats are Especially Referred as a Ground animal also That’s Why They Got a Short Tail and This Tail is a Cut or Boobed Shape.

The Hairs That Sometimes Got Cut Short These are Called as bobbed and Due to That’s Quality That Cats also Got a Bobcats Name and Many Other Names are also Suggested For It But It Were Not Accepted.

2) Dawn and Dusk is Their Hunting Period

The Bobcats Favorite Time is The Dawn and Dusk Because at That Time Their Favorite Thing Comes Up Which They Wanted to eat. That’s Why Their Favorite Period are twilight Hours Because at That Time The eastern cottontail rabbits also Do Search For Food and The Bobcats When They are Searching These Cats Hunts Them and Especially When They Woke Up Before The Sunset at That Time Might be They Can Find Some better Food To eat and Then The Midnight is The Time When They Had To Sleep. These are Especially Their Hunting Period in The Summer and Maybe in The Spring also Sometimes But Usually at The Winter All of The Other animals also Changes Their Schedule Which also Force Them to Hunt at The Regular Time and They also Find The Food Easily in The Full Day Time also.

3) The Adult Bobcats Hunt The White-tailed deer

The white-tailed deer is Generally Weight around 150 lbs and The Adult Bobcats Have a Weight of 20-30 lbs and Sometimes The Bobcats Even Hunt This Deer Due to Their Unique Intelligence That They Have Because When These Cats See This Deer Then at That Time They Just Jump on To Their Back and Starts The Biting Through the Throat and These Deer also Eat The Bobcats Which Impress The Adult Bobcats To Hunt Them and With Their Intelligence Now The White-Tailed Deer Have More Danger of Bobcats Than The any Other animal Especially in The Wild.

But The Thing is That Bobcats Mostly Does Not Likes To Hunt The Mature Deer Because Maybe at That Time They Fell into Danger That’s Why They Hunt The fawns Which are Little and almost Young.

4) The Bobcats also Known as The Smallest Lynx

These Cats are also Similar to The Lynx Which is also Believed to Their Cousin But Relatively They are Much Smaller Than Them and Maybe They Look Like The Size of The Small Dog also Because Without Tails The Bobcats Looks Like 25 to 42 inches and Many Times The Bobcats Habitat also Effect on Their Size Because Sometimes You Can See That The Northern Bobcats Will Looks Much Larger Than The Southern and That’s all Due to The Difference in The Climates.

5) Their Mother is Their Best Teacher

The Bobcats are Solitary animals and also These are The Best Mothers also Because They Guide Everything to Their Young Ones Especially How To Hunt The Food. The Den is The Place Where The Bobcats Lives and also Here They Performs Their Breeding as Well. During at The Starting Period, The Bobcats Takes Care of Their Young Babies So Much That for More Than Two Months The Mother Takes Care of Them and Usually in The First Month Mother Teach Everything to Their Young One That How to Live in These Place and How to Find a Food.

Especially When The Kittens Were Delivered and in The End of Their One Month age Then The Bobcats Guide Them How To Hunt and also Brings Up a Little Bit Food For Them also. When The Kittens Reaches The age of 11 Months Then They Leaves The Den and Starts Living in Their Place Where They Wanted to Make But However The Mother again Likes To Meet Their Young Baby always and Sometimes They also Come to The Mother If any Problems Comes Up.

6) They Have a Huge Speed

The Bobcats Really Got a Huge Speed as Because They always Wanted to Prey in The Short Distances and Not Likes To Go in The Long Distances Especially For The Prey. They Can Reach to The Speed of Upto 30 mph and They Have a Habit of Running Like Their Prey Just Like The rabbits and Sometimes It Can Help Them To Easily Trap Their Prey With Their Intelligence. One More Thing about Their Name is That When They are Running at This Speed Then This Really Creates a bobbing appearance Which also Helps Them to Take This Name as Their Original Name.

7) Size and Weight

The Bobcats is a Medium-Sized animal Who is Relatively Smaller Than Their Family Members But They Still Got a Huge Weight and Height also Which Helps Them To Look Very Better and also Beautiful. Especially Sometimes The Southern Bobcats Might be Seems To Lower in Height Than The Northern Bobcats That’s Basically Depends on The Habitat If They Got a Well Habitat Then Relatively They Can Have a More Lifespan as Well as Larger animals also.

Their Size and Weight are.

  • Their Size is 19 lbs.
  • Their Weight is 2.3 ft.

These Height and Weight are For The Adult Bobcats and Yes The Young One and Mature Will Have Different Look But Overall These animals Became Mature at The Very Small Age.

8) Body, Diet & Predators

The Males Relatively are Larger Than The Females But all The Bobcats Got a brown or brownish-red Color on Their Complete Body. However, Their Tail Comes in The Black Tipped Color and They Got a White Short. Their Tail is Cut Which is Why These Cats are Named as Bobcats also. They Can Eat Those animals also Which are Bigger To Them and That’s Only Because This Cat is one of The Fearless Cats Who Can Be Sometimes Preyed on Those Which Might even Much Larger To Them also.

These animals are Meat Eater and Due to That’s Reason They also Called as carnivores and They always Prefer The Meat. They Can Relatively Eat The birds, lizards, rodents, snakes But Their Main and Primary Food is The Rabbits and For This They also Like To Come in Those Periods When They are woken up and Searching For The Food. It is Seen Less But Many Times They also Had Killed The Deer But Mostly The Deer Were Young and The Deer Which They Hunt are Usually White-tailed deer.

Sometimes These Bobcats Prefers To Change Their Shelter Because at That Time Might be They Had Seen Their One of The Biggest enemies Which are Their Predators But The Bobcats are Believed To be One of The Best Predators Evaders also. Humans also Prey This animal and Sometimes The Humans Can adapt This also But It is Very Less. However, The Wolves, Owls, Foxes and Mountain Lions also They Feared a Lot Because When The Lions Preyed on any animals They Just Kill Them and Eat Them.

9) Habitat and Population

The Bobcats Can Live in The Variety of The environments as Their Body Can Easily Adjust Them in The Desert also. Relatively in any Forest Whether It Would be a Mixed or hardwood Forests They Can Live Their Just They Had To Do is That Choose The Perfect Shelter For Them To Live Their Life. They Mostly Seen To Prefer The coniferous areas and Especially These are Their Favorite Places To Live in The North While in The South They Like To Live in The coastal swamps and also Here They Can Fit Them in The Forests as Well. Sometimes These animals Can Go to The Long Range to Their Den But They are Extremely Territorial Animals and That’s Why They also Not Prefer To Migrate and If The Extreme Conditions Comes Up Where They Can’t Live Then Might be at That Time They Will Choose The Place Which is Near to Them and Then again Comes To Their Original Place When The Situations Will be Settled.

In The Some of The Central areas, These Cats Maybe Seems To Rare But However Overall in The U.S Their Population is Relatively Increasing But One Time Before 2002 a Long Time These Animals Were Listed as a Conservative Status also and With The Participations of all The People’s Now The after 2002 They Had been Removed From The List and Relatively Growing Rapidly in The U.S and also They Can be Seen Very Rarely Sometimes in Mexico. According to The Research Their Population Now in The U.S Ranges From 2.3 Million to 3.5 Million and Relatively They are Increasing and You Can See Them in America Whole Throughout The Year and Obviously in Mexico They are also Living But There is No Calculations of Them Their However They Can be Seen in Mexico as Well.

10) Reproduction, Breeding & Lifespan

Normally Speaking The Bobcats are Extremely Territorial Animals Especially in The Time of Their Reproduction. The Mate Does Not Seem to Mate For Life Because The Mate Only Meet in The Time of The Breeding and In The Next Time Maybe Near to Them any Other Bobcats Comes Up and They Can Start The Mating. Usually, The Winter is Their Main Mating Season. Their Gestation Period is around 60-70 Days But However, The 62 Days are Common in The Bobcats and In The Litter Especially These Cats Can Give Maximum Four Kittens But Their Average is 2-4 Kittens Per Litter. The Breeding Period Normally Ranges From February or March and The Bobcats also Believed to Born at any time of The Year. Their Breeding Sometimes Might be Occur Twice in The Year.

Obviously, The Bobcats Lives in The Wild and Their average Lifespan recorded is 7 years and Maybe Sometimes The Bobcats Even in Their First Year Got Preyed By Their Predators But Most of The Bobcats Can Live a Life Sometimes Close to The Decade.

Bobcats Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Bobcats is also a Social Animals and When They are With Their Community and Wants to Tell Them any Thing They Talk Through Many Signals as Well as Through The vocalizations. Sometimes They also Used The scent To Communicate.
  • Within The One Miles to Their Den, They Prefer To Hunt and Especially When They are With Their Kittens.
  • These Animals Can see Whole Through all The Contiguous States Except Delaware.
  • In The Single Year, The Bobcats Can Raise More Than Two Litters and Per Litter is Usually The 2-4 Kittens.
  • Their Mating Season Ranges From November through August.
  • They Can Sometimes Prey Those animals Who Wanted To Prey Them.
  • These animals are Extremely Territorial and Might be in Defending Their Territory They are Seems to be Aggressive and Usually When The New Young Bobcats Born To Them Then The Mother Takes Care of Them So Much and Save It From Their Predators also.
  • Many of The Bobcats Had Lived a Life More Than a Decade and The Captive Bobcats Lived a Life around 32 Years.


The Summary of Bobcats Facts is That These animals are Extremely Territorial and also The Bobcats Mother is One of The Best Mother in The World. These animals Also Live a Social Life and Use Many Sounds and Notes To Communicate With Each Other and Sometimes Maybe They Prey Something Which is Even Bigger Than Them.

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