18 Most Interesting Bluebirds Facts

Bluebirds Facts

Bluebirds are Medium-Sized Birds Who Belongs to The Family Turdidae and Their Higher Classification is Thrush and These Birds are also Normally Known as omnivorous birds Which Have The Genus Sialia. These thrush genera Only Exist in a Small Population in America. Their Plumage Mostly Seen in The Blue Color. These Birds Have Many Different Colors Species and also Subspecies. There are More Than a Total 3 Species of This Bird and These Birds Comes into Existence For a Long Time and There are Many Interesting Bluebirds Facts Which You Probably Don’t Now I Will Talk It Now So Stay Tuned.

18 Most Interesting Bluebirds Facts

1) Eastern bluebird Vs Western bluebird Vs Mountain bluebird

These Three are The Main Species of The Colorful Bluebirds and Then These Species Have Further Subspecies. The Eastern Bluebird is Believed To be More Social Than The Other Species Because They Live in More Than The 100 to 150 Flocks To Fly Together and To Hunt For The Food and These all Birds also Helps Each Other to Defend Their Territory. In The Winter They Maybe Do a Migration and also in The Breeding Season They Take Care of Each Other So Much. Otherwise The Body Language and Their Song Maybe Same to The Other Species.

Western Bluebird Maybe You Can Find Them On The West of The Rocky Mountain Which Ranges From Canada to Mexico. Mostly They Like to be at The Elevation above 7,000 feet and Maybe The Western Bluebird Diet Maybe the Same to The Other. Although They are also Social as Well as They Make So Many Friends Among Their Community To Live Their Life Together.

The Mountain Bluebird Can be Seen in western North America and They also Like To Make The Nest at The Elevation of The 7000 Feet. They Like To Be Open every time Means That They Mostly Fly in The Air Whether in The Groups Or Maybe Lonely. When The Things Comes Up on Their Territory Then The Mountain Bluebird also Defend It With Their Community Very Well and Maybe Sometimes They Can Choose The Other Place To Live also.

The Common Thing in all of The Bluebird is That Their Population is Increasing and Everyone is Colorful and Really Looks Very Beautiful Especially If You See Them for First Time. All of The Bluebirds are Mate For The Life and Especially They are So Much Romantic at The Start to The Breeding Season Because Both Takes Care of Each So Much in Every Problem. They are Very Intelligent in Recognizing The Faces So If You Showed a Love Towards Them By Feeding Them More Than Once Then They Will always Shows You a Friendly Behavior and also Might be Became Your Friend. In The Night They Sleep at Their Nest.

2) They are Cavity Nesters and They Love to Eat The Mealworms

They are also Consider as The Secondary Cavity Nesters Because Once The Woodpecker Makes The Cavity Then Maybe They Can Choose It as Their Place and also They Don’t Like To Make The Nest Outside of This Cavity also and There are Many Records Maybe Sometimes Match That They Make Their Own Nests also But It is Less Seen. In The Past, They Were Living in The dead trees and Slowly They Choose The Wooden Fence and also They are Living in The Wild Most Probably. Probably If They Had Migrated To any Other Place Then Maybe After The Year They Can Come Back To Their This Nest Only Because They Like To Live in Those Places Where They already Had Lived. They also Defend Their Territory Very Well and That’s Why They Live in A Large Number of Flocks at any Place.

You Maybe Come To Know That They are Considered as The omnivores But Their Favorite Food is The Mealworms That is also The Food That The Bluebirds From The Starting Feed to Their Young Bluebird and also at The Time of The Breeding to Their Mate. Sometimes Maybe They Will Not Find That’s Food Then They Can Select omnivores also.

3) They Can Come to Your Backyard or Even in The Birds Feeding Places.

Once You Had Feed Them Then Might be They Can Come to Your Backyard Again and Again and Might Be If You Had Feed Them in Your House More Than Once Then They Will Definitely Remembers You and Your Face also. They Not Fear of Humans Because These Birds always Shows a Friendly Behavior Towards Humans and also You Can see Them That They are Inhabit in The Places Where Humans are also Living. There are Many Birds Feeding Places also Where These Birds Can Come to Eat Some Food and also in That’s Places The Perfect Feed is always Their For Them and That’s Why They also Close to The Humans Because Humans Loves Them as The Bluebirds always Likes To Smile Which Makes The Human Face in The Pleasures also.

4) Bluebirds Sounds and They Can Sing

Bluebirds also Known Because of Their amazing Voices and Sound That They Produced. Their Most Common and Unique Sounds is Soft, The Low Pitched tu-a-wee With a whining manner Tune. Typically They Used Many Different Sounds and Voices To attract Their Mate and also Calls to Their Community If any Danger They Had Seen. Their Sounds Maybe Larger in The Male to The Female as They Only Produce This Sound in Less Than a Second and Sometimes The Male Can Produce This Sound More Than Second. When The Breeding Season Comes Up at That Time The Mate Can Sing a Song. Probably When The Bluebirds Community is More Than a 100 Then at That Time They Can Sing a Loud or Soft also and The Female Usually Does Not Sing But The Males Usually Together Starts Singing and Produce an amazing Song at The End of Their Voice.

5) Size and Weight

Probably These Medium Ranged Bluebirds Have More Than Three Species Which Comes Up With The Different Weights and Height But However When At The End You Look at Them Carefully Then You Will Probably Comes To Know That Most of Their Size and Weight is also Same as Their Body.

Their Size and Weight are.

  • Their Size is Ranges From 6.3-7.5 Inches.
  • Their Weight is Ranges From 0.93-1.1 oz.

This Deep Blue Types of Bluebirds Typically Seen in These Size and Weight and also The One Most Common Thing is That Their Weight Might be Less But Their Height is More Than Many Other Birds.

6) Body, Diet & Predator

The Bluebirds Have a brick-red on the throat and breast and These Birds are Vivid as Well as Deep Blue and Their Colors Have Been Showed By The Colors of Light Spectrum and When You Look at The Bluebird They Might be Look Like Blue But This The Bluebirds Mainly Don’t Reflect Blue. Whole The Body of all Bluebirds Might be Look Same as Well as They Got a Very Beautiful Body and Really They Look Pretty on It. Their Bodies are Especially Made Up of Those Glands Who Really Can’t Bear The More Cold Temperature Easily.

They are also Called Seasonal Birds Which Means That In The Different Seasons They Eat Different Things and Their Diet Might be Different. Their Main Diet is insects and berries But However, They Can Eat crickets, grasshoppers, beetles Which are Considered as Insects. They Can also Eat spiders, earthworms, snails and Many Other Things Especially Because These Birds Grow in The Wild and They Can Easily Find These Prey in The Wild.

Bluebirds Main Predators are house sparrows Which Also Consider as The Main Dangerous to Their Nest and also To Their Young or Whether The Adult Species. The House Sparrows is One of The Biggest Danger to This Specie and as This, Both Lives in The Wild and If The Bluebird is Living alone Then Might be They Easily Got Trap By Their This Predator Which Can Even Take Their Nest and Sometimes When They Killed Them at That Time They Make Their Nest in The The Upper of The Nest and in The Same Tree.

7) Habitat and Population

Their Main Habitat is open woods and forest openings. However, They Mostly Now Live in The Open Country around The Trees and also They Likes Those Trees Whose Under Have a Grassland Because There Might be They Find a Some Insects to Fulfill Their Diet. The savannas, beaver ponds also The Place Where They Can Inhabit Them. They Can be Seen Now in Different European Countries Easily and also You Can Find Them all around The Earth also. Bluebirds Facts is also That They Do Not Like To Live Their Winter Season in The North and at That They Do a Migration Towards The southeastern United States or Mexico. That’s Why They also Called The Migratory Birds But at That Time They Do Care all the Things and Especially They Think about Their Family and Then Just Travel in The 100s of Flocks and Then They Can Do a Migration along The Field and Forests to The New Place Where They Can Easily Live and In The Summer They also Comes Back Towards The North and May Select again Those Nests Where They Were Living Before Coming to The South.

Their Population is Increasing all around The Globe and also There is No Concern of Them That They are Endangered Species Their all of Three Species Which I Had Mentioned Above are Growing and Obviously They Know The Way How To Live and Also How to be Save Them From Their Predators That’s Why This Friendly Bluebird is Increasing Throughout The Whole World.

8) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is around 13 to 20 days and This Time Varies That What is Temperature inside The Nest and also If The Parents Have Enough Food For Certain Days Then They Can Incubate The Eggs Early. Their Main Breeding Season is Spring and also The summer So These Both are Their Breeding Season When They Hatch The Eggs and In Each of The Season Female Can Raise More Than Two Broods. The Couples of The Bluebirds are Mate For The Life and The Research Shows That They Don’t Marry to another Whole Life If Their Mate is With You and also They are So Much Romantic With Each Other That They Have a Huge attraction For Both in The Breeding Season. Both Tries Their Best To Teach Their Young Chicks Very Well and Then The Young Bluebird Can Make Their Own Nest also For The Breeding But They Definitely Comes Back to Their Parents also.

Their Lifespan is Relatively Seems to Be High Than The Many Medium Sized Birds as Their Lifespan is around 6 to 10 years. Many Times They Can Spend The Life Less However Most of The Bluebirds Have Less Lifespan Than their Expected and Some Have More Than Expectation.

Bluebirds Fun Facts For Kids

  • Most of The Bluebirds Die Within Their First Year and Some Can Die in Their Second Year. Some Bluebirds Really Lives Age Near to The 9 to 10 Years.
  • The Oldest Lifespan That Has Recorded For The Bluebird is around 10 Years 5 Months.
  • They Like To Make Their Nest in The Cavity Which is 50 feet off the ground.
  • The 95% Bluebirds Mate For Life.
  • These Birds Are Really Friendly Birds That’s Why They also Used as a Symbol For Peace and Happiness.
  • The berries and other fruit are Their Favorites in The Winter and That’s Why The Planting trees attract Them Very Well in The Winter and Sometimes Maybe You Can see Them in The Winter in The City Places also and Maybe Comes To Your Backyard to Eat Some of These Things If You Have.
  • Their Clutch Size is 3-6 and The Female Daily Lays The One Eggs and They Take Care of It So Much That It Will Not Exceed Their Clutch Size and Mostly The Two Broods They Produce in Each of Their Season.
  • When The Last Powder blue Egg is Laid Then They Start Their Incubation.
  • In The 15 to 20 days The Young Bluebirds Leave Their Nest and Starts Flying in The Air.
  • Their Flying Speed is 17 miles per hour.


The Bluebirds Facts Summary is That These Birds are Relatively Medium-Sized Well Looking Birds. These Birds are Friendly With Humans and also Many People’s Call Them a Symbol of Peace also. They Also Lived a Social Life and Whenever any Danger to Their Community Flocks Comes Up They Face Collectively and They are Loyal Friends.

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