14 Fascinating Barnevelder Chicken Facts

Barnevelder Chicken Facts

The Barnevelder is also The Chicken Who is Made Up in The Dutch and It is The Breed of Domestic Chicken Which also Comes With The Cross Breeding of Many Birds That Comes in Europe From Various Parts of The World and Then after The Cross Breeding This Chicken Was Developed and Named as Barnevelder Chicken. Mainly in The Dutch, This Chicken Has been Made For The Meat and For The Egg Purpose also Which Makes Them One of The Dual Purpose Chicken. Their Nature is also Friendly and You Will always Enjoy it With This Bird. There are Many Amazing Barnevelder Chicken Facts Which I am Talking Now So Stay Tuned.

14 Fascinating Barnevelder Chicken Facts

1) Barnevelder Chicken History

This Chicken Breed Has a Huge History Behind It Especially They Come From The Town Barnevelder Which is also The Home to The Poultry as Here is The World’s Best agriculture College also and In The 20th Century This Was The Main area of The Poultry Farming and also They Supply The Eggs To Europe and To England also. Suddenly at That Time, Many European Countries Were Looking For Dark Brown Eggs So This Eggs Became a Message to The Farmer That Make-Up them That’s Kind of Eggs That Can be Supplied to England also So That Their Requirements Must be Fulfilled. The Oriental Birds When Starts Coming at That Time The People Start Doing Cross Breeding So That The Many Other Chicken Breeds Can Come into The Existence also. From 1898 To 1922, This Breed Development Was Going and Finally in 1923 This also Come into The Market But The Genetic Mixture of This Breed Comes With The Mix Up of Many Chickens Breeds. Some People Might be Have Different Ideas about It But according to The Research Brahma, Cochin and Many Other That’s Kind of Breed Has been Used in The Formation of This Breed. Now after The Development of This Breed People Start Accepting It With The Heart Because For England It is also The Gift Which Has been Sent by Barnevelder But a Lot of Work Hard Had Done Behind This Project. Now Finally You Can See This Chicken Breed in Most of The European Countries and The Main Thing Is That For Making This Breed The Dutch People’s Had Take Helps From The Birds That Were Imported From The Asia and These Birds are Named as “Shanghai”. So Basically Now This Had Come into The Standard of Every country and Mainly Included American Poultry Association and People are also Loving It So Much Due to Their amazing Uses and The Characteristics That They Have.

2) Barnevelder Chicken Varieties, Temperament, Use & Communication

There are 10 Recognized Varieties of The Barnevelder Chicken Which are.

  • Autosexing barred
  • Double-Laced blue
  • Dark Brown
  • White
  • Silver
  • Patridge
  • Double-Laced
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Silver-Black Double-Laced

All of These Varieties Might be Sometimes Look Same But That’s Characteristics is in Their Size as The Size Can be Same and Weight Can also be. Most of The Breeds Has been Developed By Dutch and German Fanciers. The Blue Variety of This Chicken Breed is amazing To Look and This Was Recently in 1997 Was approved By The Poultry associations in Germany. The Double Laced Blue or Silver Black Double Laced is So Much Famous Among The Americans and They are also Named as One of The Unique and amazing Chickens Breeds That Exist in America. Their White Varieties is One of The Oldest Variety also in This Chicken Breed and Furthermore, This Chicken has Developed in The 20th Century to The 21st Century also and all of Their Varieties Looks So Much Similar and also They are Beautiful Which You Can Recognize Easily. Their all Varieties Have been Developed By Many Cross Breeders and So Much Less Became Successful in Making Their New Variety.

They are Lively, Active, Friendly and a Quiet Bird Which Has Many Uses in Our Daily Life also. Their Nature is Mostly Considered as a Good Nature and Friendly With The Humans and Especially If You Wants a Chicken Whom You Wanted to be Got Raise By Your Children Then Might be That’s For You and Remember One Thing is That Their Roosters also Seems Like Less aggressive Than The Many Other Chickens Breeds and Hens are a Good Mothers Who Really Wanted to Hatch Their Eggs By Herself and Raise Their Offspring In Front of Them. So If You are a Lover of a Quiet Birds Then Maybe This Bird Who Mostly Likes To Remain in The Silence Maybe That’s For You Because They are Not Noisy and Will Not Create Problem For You If You Does Not Like Noise.

This Breed Commonly Known For Their Dual Purpose Which is That You Can Gain a Meat and Eggs From Them in Return What You Had Give Them But If You Starts Living With Them as a Friend Then They Will always Remember You in Their Heart. They Can Lay Upto 180 Eggs in a Year and Their Dark Brown Chocolate Type Eggs are So Spicy That Some of The People’s Might Called Them The Best Egg For The Breakfast But However, Every Chicken Breed Eggs Taste Spicy. Many Small Farms and Houses Grow Them For The Meat and Many Grow Them For The Eggs Which They Can Gain Easily But The Best Egg Layer is Rhode Island Red Chicken. Some Used Them For Many Other Purposes The Hens are a Good Mothers But They are Not The Best Broody Nature Bird However They Go in Broodiness When They Gave a Fertile Eggs and They also Hatch The Eggs To See Their New Chicks or offspring.

This is a Medium-Sized Chicken Who Can Understand Your Emotions also and also They Know How to Communicate With Their Community That’s Why Whenever any Problem Comes Up They Go To Their Community and Tells Them and also They Got an amazing Solution For It also. Sometimes When They all Were Happy Might be They Start Making Some Voices Which Means That This Day They Had Spent With The Many Memories and They Also Had to Make New Friends. In Their Way of Communication, They also Communicate When They Wanted to Play Something Like The Race is also The Best Choice of Them Because in The Race Whoever Wins In Their Real-Life They Were also Called as a King or Winner. If They Had Lived With You For a Long Time Then Might be When You Will Leaves Them To The any Other Person at That Time Might be They Start Crying or Shows You Their Huge Emotions For You and At That Time You Had To Kiss Them To Make Them Feel Much Better.

3) Body, Diet & Predator

Their Back is U-Shaped and Their Body is Rectangular Type Which Really Looks So Much Beautiful. Their Feathers Have a Double Back and They are Actually a Brown and Their Toes and Their Head Also Seems Very Pretty. Their Height is Medium and Their Weight is around 5-8 lb. This Chicken Breed also Has been Developed in Europe Which Means That They Can Easily Bear The Winter Temperature But However in The Most Rainy Seasons or in The Hot Weather You Had To Take Care of Them Because If anything Will Affect on Their Body That Maybe Seems to Dangerous For The Chicken Also So Keep Them at That Place Where They Wanted at That Time.

They Have Many Varieties and Their Food is also Similar to The Most of The Chicken Breeds Like Welsummer Chicken Because These Both Breeds Have been Originated By The Dutch That’s Not The Main Thing. The Main Thing is That Both are Lighter in The Size Which Really Shows That You Can Keep Them With You in a Very Fewer Proteins and also You Can Give Them Calcium Few Time in a Month also But The Thing is Considerable That These Chickens Breeds Have a Good Return For You Whether It’s in The Form of Eggs or in The Form of Meat.

There are Many amazing Barnevelder Chicken Facts about Their Predators and The Simply is That Their Calm and Quiet is The Characteristics That Keeps Them a Safe From Most of The Predators. As Their Predators are Most of The Birds So Their Quietness Helps Them to Be Got Easily Save From Them. Whenever They See Their Predators at That Time They Make No Noise Which Means That Most of The Birds When to Hear The Voice They Catch Their Prey and The Barnevelder Never Makes a Noise at That Time and They Can Beat Them With Their This Sense.

4) Habitat and Population

Their Habitat is Simply allowed Them to Live in all Seasons and If You Take a Proper Care of The Seasons Then Maybe You Can Increase Their Lifespan With These Things. You Can Keep Them in Your any Backyard or If You Have any Place Which is Near to Forest Maybe at That Place They Will be Happy More. They Can be adjusted Themselves in The Rainy Seasons also But The Thing is That Whenever You See That Your Small Friend Has a Problem Then Have a Solution For Them also.

This Utility Breed Can be Rarely Seen in America But In The Different European Countries These Birds You Can see Easily Especially in Germany and also in The Netherland. Their Population is Increasing in The World Because The Cross Breeding is Going to be Successful For This Breed and Many New Varieties Maybe Come in The Future also as Very Close Years One New Variety also Had Come. They Never Are Listed as Endangered Species and There is also Not a Single One Conservative Status also about Them Which Shows That Soon They Will Spread More all around The Globe Because This is amazing Bird Who Have Many Benefits and Main Thing You Gain a New Friend in The Life also.

5) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is around 21 Days Which is The Normal Incubation Time of Every Chicken Breed also. Commonly You Can See That They are Very Less Seen to be a Broody Breeds That’s Why You Can Hatch Their Eggs From The Other Chickens Which Maybe Silkie Chicken and any Other Best Broody Nature Hens You Can Take To Hatch Their Eggs But Their Hens are Considered as One of The Best Mothers in The Chicken Breeds also. The Couples among This Chickens Breeds Have Huge Love emotions But They are also Not Married For a Long Time. They Can Lay 180 Large Light Brown Eggs in a Year and also Their Meat Might be Have an amazing Taste For You.

This Chicken Breed Likely To Have a Less Life Than The Many Other Chicken Breeds Including Delaware Chicken, Polish Chicken, and Many Other Breeds. They Seem To Live around 4 to 7 Years But Might be Their New Varieties That Had been Come in 2000s They Can Reach To More Lifespan With The Pure Habitat That They Want.

Barnevelder Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Female Weight Can be around 6 to 7 lb and The Male Can be Weight around 8.5 lb. Their Height is Medium to Large and They Really Look Pretty Well in Their These Characteristics.
  • Their Egg Color is Large and Egg Size is Light Brown. They Can Lay Upto 180 Eggs in a Year But Sometimes Might be If They are in The Perfect Habitat They Can Reach To 200 Eggs in a Year also.
  • Their Body Has been Covered With The Wings That’s Why This Chicken Can’t Fly in The Air.
  • They are Perfect Pets and If You Have any Other Pets already Don’t afraid You Can Keep This Breed With Them and Due to This Chicken Friendly Nature all Will Became a Friend in a Very Short Period of Time.
  • This Bird is active and They always Wanted to be With Their Community Free as Well as Friendly and also in America They are Very Rare But They are also Increasing in America Now also.
  • In The Black Color, They Really Look Very Beautiful and also This Variety Have Many Unique Characteristics That The Other Don’t Have.
  • Their Body Seems to be Medium to Large So You Can Feed Them Some Little Bit Calcium For Their Proper Health But This Calcium Must be Given to The Roosters Sometimes.
  • This Breed Real Originated Breed is Unknown But Some are Expected Which I Mentioned above as The Many Varieties of This Breed already Had Come into The Existence.
  • Commonly The Chickens Take Around 28 Weeks To Start Laying and They also Start Laying after This and Became Mature at That Age also.


The Summary of These all Barnevelder Chicken Facts is That This Chicken is Calm and Friendly Who Does Not Like To Make a Noise and always Friendly With Everyone. They Might be Go To Broody Sometimes But They are Not Known For Their Broodiness and They Have a Less Lifespan Than The Many Other Chicken Breeds But in This Time They Will Leaves You With The Lot of Memories.

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