16 Most Interesting Bald Eagle Facts

Bald Eagle Facts

The Bald Eagle is Simply Known as The Birds of Prey Mostly Found in North America as Well as They Can be Seen in Canada, Mexico and Alaska. Their Scientific Name is Haliaeetus leucocephalus and They Belong to The Accipitridae Family. There are More Than Two Recognized Species of The Bald Eagle That are Living Throughout Europe. These Birds Have Preyed Most of The Birds That are Flying in The Air and If They are Near to Them Then They Can Easily attack on Them and Eat Them Which is Really an Interesting Bald Eagle Facts.

16 Most Interesting Bald Eagle Facts

1) Bald Eagle History

In 1782 The American Adopted The Bald Eagle Bird as Their National Symbol Then at That Time More Than 100000 Nesting Bald Eagles Were Living in The Country and The People also Knows That This is One of The Brave Birds also That’s Why They Love to See This Bird as Their National Symbol. In The Mid of 19th Century, The Decline Starts Coming of This Species in America and Similarly at That Time Many Birds Like waterfowl and Many Other Birds of Prey also Starts Decreasing But Now According to The Data That They are Increasing Rapidly and There is No Concern about Them. When Their Strength Comes Up Then at That Time You Can Simply See That The Bald Eagle Comes on The First Because They are One of The Most Powerful Birds of Prey is Living on The World.

This is The Only Eagle That is Native to North America and The Bald Eagle is also The National Bird of The United States. Their Parent Eagle Have Many Species Which Got Select By Many Countries and States as Their National Bird and The Bald Eagle as The Also Eagle and They Belong to The America That’s Why This Strong Birds Got Selected By Americans As Their National Symbol or Bird.

2) Their Behavior & Subspecies

The Bald Eagle Had the attack on Many Humans But They are Injured Only Which Means That Especially in The Breeding Season The Bald Eagle Became Aggressive or More Territorial and Especially at That The Other Birds of Prey also Does Not Close to Them and Simply The Birds Have Space To Breed Easily That’s Why They Behave Aggressively at That Time. These Birds Especially Likes To Live alone and That’s Why Simply When You See in The Air Must Be The Only One Bald Eagle is Flying But Might be at That Time any Other Bald Eagle is Following Them But Usually Like From The Morning Roost Starts Flying They Follow The Other Bald Eagles and Comes Together in The Afternoon. These Birds also Believed To be Social Birds While in The Nesting Time They are Extremely Territorial But When Their Nesting Season Ends Maybe Again You See Them United and Living Their Standard of Life Together With The Many Other Bald Eagle.

Bald Eagle Mainly Subspecies are The Northern Bald Eagle and The Other One is Southern Bald Eagle. The Northern Bald Eagles Simply Found in Canada/Alaska and They are also Named as Haliaeetus leucocephalus alascensis Which is Their Scientific Name. The Other Southern Subspecies of This Bald Eagle Breeds in More Than The 48 States of The America and They are Known as By The Scientific Name Haliaeetus leucocephalus leucocephalus. Both are The Subspecies of The Bald Eagle Might be They Have Some Difference in Them But Overall These Birds of Prey Looks Similar But Maybe Some Characteristics Will be Different But at The Breeding Time Both Shows an Extremely Territorial Behavior.

3) Bald Eagle Sounds and Their Flying Speed

This is one of The Strongest Birds of Prey and They Produce Some Time Maybe Some Calls Like high-pitched whistling But Yes Sometimes They Produce Strong Calls Also Which is Not Even Called by any Other Birds on The Earth. The Female Voice is also Soft and high-pitched Note and Sometimes They Used It To Call Their Mate in Their Breeding Season. Simply The Eagles Produced high-pitched squeaking Sound and also They Show The Many Behaviors With It and The Other Simple Behavior is also “talon clasping” Where The One Eagle is Clasping The talons of Other in The Mid Air and When They almost Reached to The Ground Then They Start Flying and at That Time When They are Reaching on to The Ground a Strong Sound is Produced and They Do This Mainly For The territorial battle. The Females and Males Sound Maybe Looks Like Same But Females Voice is Softer Than The Males. When Sometimes anybody Sing in Front of Them Then at That Time Maybe They Start Singing But It is also Seen That They Sing To Prey Many Birds and Use Many Calls to Trap Them.

The Bald Eagle is Not Only Powerful Birds in Defending Them and Preying The Birds But They are also Considered as The Powerful Flier in The Air When at The Ground Level They Starts Flying to Reach The Upper Level Then at That Time Their Speed Maybe Ranges From 75 – 99 mph. If Simply They Had Carried a Fish Along With Them Then at That Time also Their Speed Might be Close to The 30 mph and Usually They are flapping Too Much Then at That Time They Can Reach to The Speed of 35–43 mph. When They are Diving at That Time They Had The Most Amazing and The Most Flying Speed. These Birds When Starts Doing The Prey at That Time They Use Their Speed To Easily Prey any of The Birds and Usually This Speed is Not also The Speed of Their Many Predators and Sometimes Maybe Their Predators Got Trap By The Bald Eagle.

4) Size and Weight

There is a Huge Difference Between The Weight of The Adult and The Young Bald Eagles. Simply The Female Even Have More Weight Than The Males But Both Birds are Usually Believed to be one of The Strongest Birds in The World. They Normally Have a Wingspan of around 5.9 – 7.5 ft.

The Size and Weight of Bald Eagle are.

  • Their Height is around 2.5 to 3 feet.
  • Their Weight Can be Ranges From 6.6 – 14 lbs.

Simply The Size and Height are The Two Common Things and Overall Their Body is So Much Powerful That Most of The Birds Afraid These Birds Due to The Huge Characteristics of The Predator They Have in Them For The Other Birds.

5) Body, Diet & Predators

Their Wings and Bodies are Completely Dark Brown But However, Their Tails and Heads are White and Their Legs are bright yellow. The Bald Eagle Who are Not Mature Might be They Have Body Like Their Heads Will be Dark and They Usually Have a Brown Wings. The Young Bird Takes a Long Time to be a Mature Bird But However, This Large Birds of Prey Became Powerful Maybe Early. Their Beak is Hooked and Large and Especially These Large and Hooked beaks Help Them to Prey Easily and also They Became a World’s Powerful Birds Only Because of The Amazing Characteristics That They Had Got on The Body.

The Bald Eagles Primarily Food Link is With The Water and With The Sea, Because Primarily They Eat The Fish and This is Their Favorite Diet also. Although They Eat Many Other Birds as Well as The Mammals. They Eat The Waterfowl also Which is also Considered as The Birds of Prey But They are The Prey of This Bird. In The Mammals Maybe The Pets That You Had Owned is Their Diet also Which is Dogs, rabbits, raccoons and squirrels and Mostly The squirrels They Easily Find in The Wild and Between The Forest But The Thing is That They Wanted to at That Place Where The Main Food That They Like to Eat They Find It Easily.

Their Predator Sometimes is Those Whom They Prey Like raccoons. The Main Big Danger Comes Up To Their Nestling Place and also to The Nest Because Their Predators Most of are Those Who Likes To Eat Their Eggs and Might be attacked on Their Nestling Place For That and From These Predators Some are hawks, bobcat, Crows, Gulls, wolverine, and Black Bears Also. These Birds Can Build Their Nest on The Ground Maybe For This Purpose But Their They also Have The Predators Which is Usually an Arctic foxes.

6) Habitat and Population

The Bald Eagles are Mainly Native to America and also The American National Bird. These Birds Mostly Prefer The Place Where They Can Easily Find The Diet For Them and That is The Fish and That’s Why Mostly They Can be Seen Near The Lakes Whether It Would be Artificial If The Fish are Living in Them Then That is The Place Where They Wanted To Live and Mostly They Live around Those Lakes Who Must be Cover With The Forests Where They also Make Their Nests. Especially They Do also Known as The Migratory Birds Who Do a Migration in The Winter and Their Migration Main Purpose is Food Because at That Time Near to Them all The Lakes Freeze and During The Migration From North to The South in The Way Whichever The River and Lakes Come Up You Can See Them Because at That Time They Were Looking For The Food in The River. Then They Go to The Place Where They Wanted To Make The Nest Especially Their Winter They Like to Spend in The South and This Season Especially Starts From August and ends in January. Maybe after That, They Come to The Place Where They Had Make The already Nest Because Now The Freeze is Over at Those Places.

These Eagles Had Been Comes From The Many Issues Which Means That Just in The Mid of The 19th Century Their Population Was Starts Decreasing. Then in The 1970s, These Species Got Listed on Endangered Species also and Really Very Close to Be Extinct Then This National Birds Got the Attention of The People’s and People Try Every Way to Stop Them From Extinction. Now There are More Than 10000 Birds of This Specie is Living on North America and It is Now Increasing. The Decline in The Population is also Due to Their Food Which is Fish and Sometimes They Eat The Contaminated Fish Which Already Had Eaten By The Other Bird also and Due to This They Lay The Eggs With Very Thin Shells Which is also Stopping Them in Increasing The Population and also Over Hunting is The One of The Main Cause of Their Population Decreased and also Don’t Forget That Many of The Birds in The World Got Saved By The Hunters Because They Donate a Lot of Money also in This Regard. Now This Bird is Under Care and also Increasing and in The Future This Bird Will Increase More and More.

7) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

They Hatch The Eggs Which are Laid in The Breeding Season and Their Incubation Period is around 35 days. After That a New Young Bird Comes Up Whom Their Parents Takes Care. Their Nesting and Breeding Season Simply Starts From October and Ends in The May and in The Between The Bald Eagle also Do a Migration For Their Food. They Usually Like To Nest in The Mature and The Those Trees Who already Had Growth So Much and They also Takes Care That This is Close to The Rivers and coastlines. The Bald Eagles Maybe Sometimes Seem to be monogamous Because They Return on To The Same Nest Every Year, Yes Some of Them are Mate For Life and Some Mate to Other Partner If One of Them has Died. It is also Seen in The Bald Eagles That They Mate To The Other One in The Next Year and Maybe Changes The Partner in Every Year.

The Bald Eagle also Got a Huge Lifespan in The Wild and Usually They Can Easily Live a Life around 20 years and Sometimes Maybe More Life Than This Because If They are Living in any Place Where They Never Do a Migration and Easily Find The Food Then at That Place They Will Have More Lifespan Than The Place Where They Had to Do a Migration.

Bald Eagle Fun Facts For Kids

  • The Female Bald Eagles Have Weigh 25 Percent More Than The Male Bald Eagles and That’s Usually Because of The Weight and also The Size and The Characteristics That The Females Have.
  • The Immature Bald Eagle Plumage Color Looks Like Brown.
  • Young Bald Takes More Than The 5 Years and Then The Plumage also Comes on Them.
  • The Bald Eagle Sometimes Life Maybe Close to The Humans Because They Can Live Up to 70 Years in The Wild But at That Time Especially anyone They Needed to Take Care of Them and To Feed Them Properly Because They Became Very Week after The 40 Years of The age.
  • Their Wingspan is around 5.9 – 7.5 ft and They Can Easily Exert an Upward of More Than 400 PSI ( Pound Per Square Inch).
  • Their Gripping Strength is Simply When We Compare to The Adult Human Hand Then Their Strength Must be 10 Times More.
  • When The Young Bald Eagles Have Enough Wings and Body Structure to Leave The Nest Then They Will Leave It and Usually Sometimes It Can Starts Flying Nearly around after The 10 Weeks.
  • After One Day The Laid Another Egg Until The Clutch Size Completely Reached. Their Eggs are Usually White and Simply Their Egg is 3 inches Long and Their Width is Close to The 2 Inches.
  • The Average Clutch Size of Them Ranges From 1-4 Eggs.


The Conclusion of Bald Eagle Facts is That This is The Birds Who are Native to America and One of The Powerful Birds of Prey also. This Bird is The National Bird of America.

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