13 Amazing Australorp Chicken Facts

Australorp Chicken Facts

The Australorp Chicken Has been Developed in Australia With The Mainly Focus on The Egg Laying and This Chicken Breed already Had Break The Numerous Records in This Category. This Breed Comes on The Number Two in The Top Egg Laying Hens and On The No.1 Most Egg Laying Hen is Rhode Island Red Chicken. Their Name is also Based on The Country Where It Was Developed after Their Development in The Early 20th Century This Breed Gains Fame and Reputation in The Western World Where You Can Commonly See This Chicken. There are Many Australorp Chicken Facts Which We Will Talk Now.

13 Amazing Australorp Chicken Facts

1) Australorp Chicken Temperament & Brown Eggs

This Chicken Breed Nature is Commonly Docile and Friendly With The Everyone. Especially When They Start Living in any Community and Where They Have Many Friends They Will always Behave Friendly With Them Like If You are Their Owner and You Want to Gain Love From Them Then Give Them a Love also Because For You are Those Things Whom You Will. So This Chicken is Hardy also and They also Very Brave in Many Manners Like If anyone is messing Up With Their Young Chicks or any Predator Comes Up Then They Can Manage The Situation By Their Courage and By Their Sharp Mind That They Have. So Commonly They have also Considered a Good Breeds If You Wants to Keep Them With Your Children Because The Happiness They always Want and The Children’s are Those Human Beings Who Makes Everyone Happy. You Can Keep Them in any Of Your Backyard Whether It World be an Urban or It is an acreage Backyard.

They are Considered a Utility Breeds Because They Even Laid 364 Eggs in 365 Days Which is The World Record That They Have Set. Their Eggs Color is Light-Brown and They Lay a Large Tinted Eggs. They Can approx. Lay Upto 250 Eggs in a Year. They Start Laying The Eggs Very Soon Which also Shows That Their Characteristics as a Good Layer are amazing But The Black Australorp Which is also Very Common and Popular in Australia and also in America They Can Start Laying Eggs Early as in The 16 Weeks. Their Other Varieties Might be Take a Time Around 6 Months or Maybe Sometimes Less. Their Brown Eggs are Very Spicy and People Loves To Eat Them Because This is One of The Most Common Eggs That You Can Found in The Western World.

2) Blue Australorp Vs Black Australorp

The Common Thing Between The Both Australorp is That They are Originated From Australia. The Blue Australorp is Commonly a Rare and Beautiful Breed That Can be Found in The Western Countries But The Black Australorp is Usually a Very Common is Austalia and in Europe. Both The Chicken Breeds Commonly Considered as The Friendly and Docile Because They Had Learned Many amazing Things From The Humans and Their Parent Chickens are also Living With The Humans Before Their Birth Time. The Blue and Black Australorp Chicken Breed Both Commonly are a Good Source of Eggs Because Both are Good Layers as Their Parent is also. Yes, Both The Breeds also Goes to The Broody and at That Time You Have to Separate The Hens From The Other Hens and They Have Just To Focus on Their Incubation and When They Hatch The Eggs They Commonly again Joined The Community and Start Laying The Eggs Because When any Breed of Chickens Goes into Their Broodiness They Stop Laying Eggs. The Blue Australorp Can Lay up to Two Eggs in The Day and The Black also Had Done It and Both are Those Breeds Who Usually Never Stop Laying Eggs in Their all Lifespan. They Start The Laying Eggs Early as in The Five Months But The Black Australorp Can Starts Laying The Eggs Only after The 16 Weeks. Both The Chicken Breeds Can Live Up to 10 Years Which is More Lifespan Than The Brahma Chicken.

3) Australorp Chicken Broodiness and Their Varieties

The Australorp Chicken is One of Those Chicken Who Can Easily Go to The Broodiness Because The Mother is So Caring That Whenever The Fertilized Eggs Comes Up Then The Hens Must Goes to The Broody and They Just Wanted to Hatch The Eggs to See The New Young Chicks and Take Care of Them. At That Time You Have to Keep Them in Their Nest and Separate The Hens From Their Other Community also Which is Amazing Australorp Chicken Facts. Might be Sometimes You Can Hatch Their Eggs From The Other Chicken Breeds Who is Usually Based on This characteristic Like Silkie Chicken Who is Well Known in Their Broodiness.

As I Mentioned Above Two of Their amazing Varieties But There are Three Varieties of This Chicken Breed That Comes in Blue, White, and in Black Color. The Black Coloured is The Well Known Chicken Breed in Australia and They are also One of The Hardy Chicken Breeds in all Varieties. Their all Varieties are Simply Have a Friendly Nature With Everyone. The White Color Australorp is also From Those Who Can Lay The Most Eggs and also If You are Their Owners and They Will Not Only Show You Their Emotions But also Shows Love Feelings Towards Your Family and To Your Children Which is The Unique Thing in Them. The Children always Feels Very Happy By Seeing This Chicken Breeds and This Breed also Became Their Friend Very Soon Because of Both Wants Happiness.

4) Body, Diet & Predator

This English Bird Body is So Strong and also This is One of The Large Birds in The Chickens. They Have Amazing Soft Feathers, as well as The Close Fitting of This Heavy Bird, Makes Them So Much Beautiful and This Bird is Really Have a Pretty and Well Look. Their Breast and Body are all Strong and When This Chicken Breed Development Was Going in Australia at That Time Their Body Will be Strong is The Requirement Because They Have to be Best Egg Layer That’s They Can Bear This also For That’s all Their Body Shape and Their Strength was also Classified Which at The Ends is Giving Them an amazing and Huge Look. They are So Much Strong and also Their Feathers always Gives Them a Huge Power to be Safe From any of The Near Wrong Things or Maybe Their Predators or Sometimes Many Enemies Maybe They Have But They Can also Easily Turn Their Enemies into Their Friends With Their Love and Patience. Their weight is around 5.5 lbs to 8.5 lbs. Commonly Their Height is Tall Which Means That They are One of The Tallest Chicken Breeds also.

The Birds always Needs Something Fresh and nutritious Food Because This is The Thing That Makes Them More Strong and also Lay Much More Eggs Which is also Very Important If You are in The Farming Business. The Australorp Chicken also Needs nutritious or Good Quality Food Because If You Wants That They Lay More Eggs Then Your Expectations Then Provide Them also The Commercial Feeds Which You Can Easily Find in The Market. As Far as The Best Things are Concern all The Chickens always Wanted to be Grow Fastly of This Breed But Provides Them Only Which also Keeps Them Healthy and Fit.

When You Keeps The Chickens Breeds in Your Backyard or Whether They are in The Nest at That Time You Have To Be Think about How to Save Them From Their Predators Because Sometimes Maybe They Got Trick By Their Predators as The Some of The Varieties of This Chicken Breed Can’t Fly Much Which Can Make Them a Prey of Their Predator. The Australorp Chicken is Mainly Not Considered as predator evaders and They are also Not The Worst If The Large Sized Variety of This Breed Got Tricked By Their Predators Then They Can Might Think a Way to be Safe From Them. They Have Many Predators Just Like The Other Chicken Breeds also Have.

5) Habitat & Population

The Australorp Chicken Was Developed in Australia and In This Country, all of The Seasons also Comes Up Which Means That They Can Live in The Winter or also in The Summer But The Care Should be Taken as Sometimes If in The Summer or whether in The Winter You Don’t Care of Them Then They Can be Might Fell into The Disease That’s Why Now at That Time They are Living all around The Globe Mainly in The Western World Like America Where The American Standard Poultry association already Had Approved This Chicken Breeds. Their Habitat is the Same as The Other Chickens Breeds Have. Simply They also Don’t Do a Migration Because That Can be Disturb Them a Lot as When They Grow in any of The Place The They Fit Themselves in It and always Wanted to be Their With Their First Owner Whom They Love So Much and in Return They also Love Them.

Many of The Chickens Breeds is Decreasing in The Population But The Australorp Chicken Population is Increasing For a Long Time Because of The Hens Unique Broodiness and The Qualities That Helps Them to Grow and also The Many People’s Loves To Grow Them and Produce The New Chicks From Them Which is automatically is The Increasing of This Chicken Breeds in The Number. They are also Not Considered as The Endangered Species.

6) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

This Chicken Breed Successfully Passed Many Examinations and also They are Champions in Hatching The Eggs. Their Incubation Period is Seven Days and at That Time The Temperature Must be Set to 60 Degrees Because With This Regard They Can Easily Hatch The Eggs and Will See The New Young Chicks of Them also. Australorp Chicken Also Does Not Mate For Lifetime But They are Really Good Parents Normally The Hens are Considered as The Best Mothers. They Can Easily Lay 250 Eggs in a Year But They Had to Give Around 300 Eggs Per Year to The Many People’s Which Really Shows That They Come on The First in Regarding The Egg Laying and are also They are The Best Layers in The World.

They Will Provide You all The Things in Their Life Which You Want That’s Why It’s also Your Duty to Give Them The Best Habitat Which They are Looking For So That They Can Live Some More Years Than The Expected If The Proper Food or Everything Which They Want You Give Them. Their Lifespan is around 6-10 Years.

Australorp Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • They are Most Friendly With The Humans Even Their Roosters are also Seems to be Very Great With The People’s and also You Can Keep Them With Your Children also Without any Fear. They are One of The Calm, Docile Bird Whom You Will Starts Loving Because They Will always Show Gratitude and Kindness to You.
  • The Males Weight is around 8.5 lbs and the Female’s Weight is around 6.5 lbs. They also Got Admitted by the American Poultry Association in 1929.
  • They Can Lay 1 Egg in a Single Day Even You Can Expect 2 Eggs From Them in any Climates. They Lay The Brown Large Eggs Which Can Fulfill Your Breakfast Needs Easily.
  • They Never Do a Migration Because When They Start Living at a Certain Place They Fit Themselves in This Climate and That’s The Characteristics also Impress The Public So Much and When They Leave any Owner They Show Emotion and Respect For Them also in Their Eyes and also That You Can see in Their Faces.
  • The Fresh and Nutritious Food is The Thing Which They Like So Much and You Will always be Happy With This Food Results Because Maybe Their average Egg Production Will Increase.
  • They Have Three Varieties and all of These Varieties Have Many amazing Qualities But The Common Thing is That all Lay Most Eggs That’s Why This Chicken Breed is The Good Layer.


Most of The Australorp Chicken Facts I Mentioned Which Conclusion is That Like The Other Chicken Breeds Their Hens are also Friendly But This Chicken Breed Rooster is also Friendly Which Shows That This is Fit For Those Who Have a Big Family With The Lot of Children. This is The Best Egg Layer Chicken Breed in The World and Their Meat is also So Much Spicy.

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