Are Tabby Cats Always Fat? Here Is Your Answer

Are Tabby Cats Always Fat

Tabby Cat is one of The Most Common Cat in The Household. That’s Why It’s Really Become an Important For Us To Judge That How Much This Cat Weight Especially If You Owned a Tabby Cat.

Tabby Cat Owners always Likes To Know The Weight of Their Cat Because Sometimes When You Feed Your Cat a Little Bit More Then Maybe Your Cat Gain Weight Which Might be Disturbing.

The Weight of Cat is always One of The Important Thing to Measure in The Cat Because Some Cats Weight Less and Some Have a Huge Weight. You Can Judge Different Things By Their Weight Especially The Health of Cat. So That’s Why We Will Discuss The Tabby Cat Weight and Is Really Tabby Cat always Fat?

Are Tabby Cats Always Fat?

No, Tabby Cats are Not always Fat But You Can Find a Large Number of Tabby Cats Who Have a Considerable amount of Weight. A Balanced Nutritious Diet, Exercise and Regularly Doing a Checkup of Tabby Cat Will Never Leads Them To Gain a Huge Weight.

Usually, Those Tabby Cats Who Have a Huge Weight and Fat are Those Cats Who Eats a Lot Especially Regularly Eat Treats Which Might be Tend Them To Gain a Huge Weight.

Some Tabby Cats Eat Much More in a Day Than The Normal Cat Because They Eat Whatever They Find and These Foods Can’t Fulfill Their Nutritious Needs That’s Why At The End Maybe These Cats Will Suffer From Some High Weight Issues.

Tabby Cats Who are Suffering From Some Health Issues Maybe Overeating They also Starts or Just Eat The Bad Treats as Well Which Will Never Have a Positive Effect on Their Health and They Tend to Become a Fat Cat as Well.

A Professional Vet Help always Needed When Your Tabby Cat Starts Gaining Too Much Weight Because They Can Tell You a Better Solution of The Problem.

How Big Can Tabby Cats Get?

The Tabby Cat Height is Simply Like Their Lifespan. Tabby Cat is Not any Breed It is Just a Coat of Pattern Who Comes in The Different Amazing Colors and In These coats, Many Different Breeds Exist.

Due to The Huge Range of Breeds in The Tabby Cats, It Is Very Difficult To Measure The Weigh and Height of Them.

Some of The Tabby Cats Have a Small Size Than The Other That’s Usually Due to The Breed Difference and also Gender Effect a Lot in The Height But Usually Average Tabby Cat Height Ranges From 8-16 Inches. Those Who Can Grow to The 16 Inches are Usually Male Tabby Cats.

Usually in The Tabby Cat Female Cat Weight Ranges From 6-12 Pounds and In The Male Tabby Cats Weight Ranges From 10-12 Pounds. In Some of The Male Tabby Cats, Their Weight Can be Close to 9 Pounds But Simply an Adult Tabby Cat If Perfect Then Their Weight is around 10 Pounds.

A Good Weight of The Adult Tabby Cats Can be 10 Pounds But If The Main Coons Touch More Than 26 Pounds Still They are Considered Healthy According to Their Body and Breed.

Reasons Why Your Tabby Cat is Getting Fat and Solutions of Them:

Gaining a Lot of Weight Can Leads The Cat To The Heart Diseases and Many Some Common Diseases as Well Which Can be a Very Dangerous For Your Cat. Obesity Normally is The Number One Disease That Found on The Tabby Cat So It’s Very Important To Know What are The Reasons Behind Their Obesity and How To Deal With These Problems.

First I Will Start With The Reasons:

1) Unnecessary Treats and Overeating

Keeps in Mind That Tabby Cats are Those Creatures Who Never Likes To be alone If They Keep Alone Then at That Time They Will also Start Eating Whatever They Find.

Especially If You are Seeing That After Eating The Food Then After an Hour or Few They again Demand Food Simply Not Give Them If It is Unnecessary Because There Stomach Will Never Fulfill and Might be Your This Kindness Leads Your Cat To Eat More Than 5 Times a Day Which at The End Makes Them Fat as Well.

Sometimes It’s Ok To Give a Treat To a Cat But Sometimes It is Not Because If You Start Giving Them Those Treats Which Includes Humans Foods and also Those Foods Which Have Unnecessary Nutrition Which Even Can’t Fulfill The Dietary Needs of The Cats Then That’s Will also Arise The Obesity in Your Cat.

2) Serious Medical Problem

These Things Must Have To be Noticed at The First That Is Your Cat is Perfectly Fit. If They are Facing Some Serious Health or Medical Problem Like an infestation or Maybe Diabetes Then You Have To Take Your Cat To The Vet and They Will Tell You The Better Solution of The Problem.

If You are Seeing That In These Medical Problems That Your Cat is Gaining Much More Weight Day By Day Then Please Take a Professional Help Because Underestimating Health Problems Can be a Dangerous For Your Cat.

3) Lack of Exercise and Depression

The Exercise Might be The Root of The Problem That Your Cat is Becoming Fat.

If Cat Will Eat The Required Food To Fulfill Their Dietary Needs and Then After If They Will Not Do an Exercise Then Maybe This Food Will Not Digested Properly. Then another Time of Food of Their Comes So Lack of Exercise is Something Which is The Main Reason in The Tabby Cat Fatness. So Never Underlay The Exercise Issue in The Cat and also Train Your Cat Fully That How To Explore Different Things in Your Home Especially If You Have a Modern Home.

Depression is Not Exist Only in Humans But Also Exist in The Animals Especially in The Cats Who is Now a Domesticated animal So Whenever You are With Them Then Maybe They are Happy But You are With Them For a Few Minutes To Hour in a Day and Keeps Them alone.

So Lonely Maybe They Can’t Play Especially If You Not Have any Other Pet With Your Tabby Cat. This Will Leads Your Cat To The Depression and Might be This Will be Obesity Reason in Your Cat Because After The Depression Might be They Start Eating Whatever They Find Because Eating The Food is Only The Thing Which Will Spent The Time of Your Tabby Cat.

Now I Will Discuss The Solution:

1) Healthier or Good Diet

If You Want to be Healthy Then You Have To Follow a Good Diet Not Only in Humans This also Works in Animals.

Regular Cat Foods If Starts Effecting a Lot on The Weight Gaining of Your Cat Then Maybe The Regular Cat Food is Not The Best Option Now To Choose.

At That Time Just Choose Those Diets Who Have a Less amount of Calories Than The Regular Cat Foods. Also At That Time Take The Foods From The Brands and also Ask From Your Vet That If This is Safe Because Dietary Changes Sometimes Can Have a Huge Impact on The Health of The Cat.

Provides Your Cat Canned Cat Foods Because These Kinds of Foods are Rich in Water, Fibers Not in The Calories So Maybe You Think That Why This Food is Good?

This Food is Good For The Cats Because If Fiber and Calories Can’t Fulfill Their Needs Then Water is Rich in The Canned Food Which Can Make Their Stomach Full With The Less Food as Well.

2) Exercise and Avoid Over Feeding

Lack of Exercise Can also Create Some Serious Health Issues Not Only Obesity But Many Cats Do Go On a Depression When They Not Do an Exercise.

Exercise is Not Only That Take The Cat Outside For Some Time But also Play With Them and Always Try To Play a Running Game With Them Because With These Kinds of Games They Enjoyed It as Well This Leads Them To a Proper Exercise Which is Needed After Eating The Food.

Toys are Usually The Favorite of Cats So Having a Chasing Toy Will Be Best If You Wanted That Your Cat Will Automatically Do an Exercise as Well Take Them Outside and In Your House From One Side To another Side If You Take Your Cat This also Includes in The Exercise.

Over Feeding as By The Words are Showing That Maybe Owner is Caring But They Don’t Know That This Care Can Leads Your Cat To The Weight Gain.

When You Start Giving Them a Lot of Food and Treats This Just Spoil Your Cat and They Will always After It Will Like To be in a Kitchen Whether You are in The House or Not. So Always Try To Feed Your Tabby Cat as Much As They Want Not What You Want.

Recording Their Daily Calories is also The Good Measurement To Judge and also Feed Your Cat in The Proper Time Which You Have Set and If After It Problem is Not Solving Then Try The First Step. The Vet is also The Best Option If You Think That You Can’t Solve This Problem.


After Reading This Article You Must be Cleared about Are Tabby Cats Always Fat?

Tabby Cats are Not always Fat But Overeating and Lack of Exercise With The Time Can Leads Them To The Weight Gain and Then Your Cat Will Face Obesity Issues.

Some Foods Simply Have a Very Less amount of Calories Which Maybe They Eat More So This is Not Means That They are Overeating or Eat Too Much.

Yes, Tabby Cats Sometimes Maybe Overeat Because They Tend to be a Cat Who always Likes To Play and Move around Which at The End Maybe Makes Them Hungry.

Overall If You Take Care of Your Tabby Cat Perfectly and Feed Them a Healthy Diet Then You Will Never Face Obesity Issues in Your Cat.

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