21 Interesting American Robin Facts

American Robin Facts

The American Robin is The Migratory Songbird That is Living in America Which Have true thrush genus and Turdidae and Which is Because This also Belongs to The Thrush Family. Their Name Given after The European robin and This Bird Really Comes Up With The Reddish-orange Breast Which Still Looks Very Pretty and Beautiful on Their Body and But You Can’t Compare The European Robin With The American As Both Come Up With The Different Qualities. These Birds You Can Mostly See in Central America Although You Can Easily Find Them in Most of The European Countries Which is an Interesting American Robin Facts.

21 Interesting American Robin Facts

1) The Robin Bird and The American Robin

There are Many Species Which You Can Easily Found all around The Earth That May Have The Word “Robin” in Their Name and These Belongs to The Several Families Like chats, flycatchers, thrushes and The American Robin Belongs to The Thrushes Family Which Have Many Other Birds also Included American Robin. Many Times You Might Across To The European robin Which Looks Like This Bird But Their Body Colors are Completely Different and They Belong To The flycatcher family.

The Early American Named This Bird Due to Their resemblance With The European Robin Because Both Still Looks Same But They Have an Orange Breast and The Many Different Characteristics in Both as The American Robin Not Exist Only in The One Form They Have Different Body Size and The Feathers in Their all Seven Different Subspecies and There all of The Different Subspecies You Can Find in The Different American State and Throughout America. The American Robin Might also be Known Because They Can Hold The Virus More Time Than Any Other Species Especially This Song Bird Have Very Unique Characteristics Overall Than The Other Song Birds.

2) The American Robin Song Bird

The American Robin is The Favorite Song Bird of The Americans as Their Sound is So Clear and Amazing That  Anybody Can Hear Their Song and Maybe the First Time They Will Surprised to Hear Their Beautiful Voice. Their Sound You Can see That is Familiar With The spring and Obviously They Repeat Their 10 Types of Whistles, again and again, to Make a Beautiful Song and Many People’s also Described Their Song as cheer up, cheerily. Many People Have Heard Their Song and All of Them Says That This Bird is One of The Good Singer in The American Song Birds. They Can Sing anytime Whether It Would be Night are Day.

3) Are American Robin Nocturnal

Naturally, It is Known That They are Not Nocturnal But according to The Research and to The Data They are Recognized That They are Active in The Night also and at That Time They are Usually Active Because at The Day Maybe So Much Noise in The Urban areas So That at That Time They Can’t Sing But at The Night They are Most of The Time is Active and Few Flocks Sits together To Sing The Song and all of Them Takes Care of Them From The Predators at That Time also. When Few Flocks Joined Them Then Might be Clearly You Can Hear Their Song and Enjoy This Pleasure Time. Probably You Can Mostly See Them in North America as well as in Canada also. When This Research Was Clear The Thing That Comes to Know is That The Noise Can Disturb Their Music at The Day Time That’s Why They Choose The Night and Many of Their Predators at That Time also Sleep and Then Their Community Starts Singing Massively.

4) American Robin Killed For Meat

Yes, That’s also True That These Bird Were Killed To Gain Meat and Many People’s in The Southern States Had Killed This Bird For The Meat and Especially Many People’s also Thinks That That’s Why They Became From One of Those Birds Who Starts Singing in The Day and The Night Both. However, after The Time When The Migratory Bird Act of The U.S Applied Then This Specie Got Saved and This is The History at That Time Some People’s Killed Them For Meat But Now They are Completely Safe and also Increasing as The Research is Showing This Data. Many Say That They are aggressive But according to The Many animal’s Lover This Bird is No More aggressive Than any Other Normal Bird.

5) American Robin Behavior

The American Robin Mostly Active During The Night and Day Both Because at The Both Time They Have To Do Somethings Just Like at The Day Most of The Flocks Goes to Find The Food and at The Night They Can Sit to Sing The Song. However, Their Behavior Commonly Considered as aggressive But Yet They Can be Friends Mainly in Their Community. On The Winter Grounds, They Mostly Assemble in a Large Groups So That at The Night They Can Easily Roost in The Trees and Commonly These Birds Might be afraid Sometimes But These Sings Comes Up on Them When They Had Seen any of Their Predator Near to Them. Then at That Time Might be Some Flocks Goes and Find The Feed For Their Other Friends also. They Have More Than 7 Subspecies Which Might be Sometimes Shows You a Different Nature Than Other and Basically That’s Due to Their Habitat Difference and also Their Body Difference But Overall all of Them Behave Same.

6) Size and Weight

The Body Difference in Their Different Subspecies Can Make The Difference in The Size and Weight also But However Commonly Overall Their Size and Weight is around.

  • Their Size is around 9.1 – 11 in.
  • The average Weight in This Species is around 77 g But However, in The Female Their Weight Can be Ranges From 59 to 91 g and in The Male Their Weight is around 72 to 94 g.

They Might be Look Like Small But They Have Enough Size and Weight Mainly according to Their Body and also Maybe With The Time Their Size and Weight Increase But Especially The Adults Weight More Look Like This Which I Had Mentioned above.

7) Body, Diet & Predator

Their Heads are Dark and This is The gray-brown birds Which Have warm orange underparts and Overall Their Body is Mainly Covered With The Black Colors. Their tail is also Looks So Much Sweet as This is The Small Tail as Well as the Same Color Which Their Body Have. Both The Males and Females Might be Sometimes When You Look On Them First Time They Will Looks Similar But The Female You Can Easily See That Might be Duller Than The Male. Their Body Still Looks So Much Beautiful and They Have a Small Size But Most of The Birds Comes in This Size and When The Both Mate is Flying at That Time You Might be Surprised to see Them Because Both Will Looks Same and Most of The Time They Fly With Their Other Flocks also Whom They Made Their Friend.

Basically, The American Robin Mostly Eat Insects and Fruits But Their Diet May Include earthworms, Spiders, other invertebrates and Obviously Their One of The Favorite Feed is also berries. From The Summer to The Winter in The Different Seasons, They Eat The Different Things Especially Because Due to The Weather Difference They Had To Eat The Different Things to Maintain Their Body and Health. Their Baby Diet is also The Same as The Parents Diet.

Like The Other Song Birds and Birds, This Bird also Have Many Predators Who Want to Eat Them and also Many of Their Predators Eat Their Eggs and also Chicks. The Adult American Robin Main Predators Might be Snakes, hawks, snakes, cats and Squirrels. The Hawks Attacks on The Adult American Robin When They Were Flying alone and Might be Sometimes They Can attack Them When They are in The Groups However When The Big Flocks of The American Robin also Comes Up With Them Then They Take Care of Them So Much That They Do Not Even Go in The Area Where Their Predator is Living.

8) Habitat and Population

Probably The American Robin is a Migratory Bird So They Spend Their Life in The Many Different Places But Mainly You Can Find Them in North America, Canada and Sometimes When Their Migration Time Comes Up They Will Migrate From The South of Canada to Alaska. They Like To Spend Most of Their Winter Time in Southwest, Mexico. Their Habitat is Simply woodlands, Grasslands and in The Parks Where You Can Find Them and Also Most of The Time, They Live in The Middle of The Forest also So That Their all Flocks That are Living Their Will Face The Problems as a Community and at This Place Might be There are Fewer Predators of This Specie. They also Live in The Snowfalls But Variously When The Snow is Not Stopping For Many Days Then They Just Have to Make Their Way to The New Place Where They Can Fit Them Easily. So When They Had to Make Their Nest at That Time They Completely Defend It and Might be Sometimes They are aggressive While Defending Their Territory and That’s Why They Make Their House in That Place Where There is No Predator of Them.

There is No Concern about The American Robin Bird That They are Endangered Because Their Population is Increasing all around The Planet Wherever They are Living and Now Their Population is around 320 Million Individuals. They Mostly Seen in Those Countries Who are Near to America as well as to Canada Because Sometimes Might be They Migrate From One Place to another To Safely Live.

9) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is 12-14 days and at That Time The Male Hunt The Food For The Female When She Was Incubating The Eggs. After The Few Days When The Young Chicks Comes Up Both The Parents Takes Care of Them So Much. However, It is Believed That Female Takes Care of The Young Chicks More and The Both The Parents at That Time Most Active Because There are Many Predators Will be Near to Them Who Wanted to Eat Their Young Chicks So That at That They are aggressive to Defend Their Nest. When The Winter Starts Going and The Spring Comes Up This is Their Breeding Period Which Starts From The April and It Ends in July. After Hatching The Eggs Every Year Might be The Two or More Young With Them Whom Their Parents Love So Much. However, The American Robins Do No Mate For Life Because Both The Pairs Lives Together in The Time of The Breeding and They Make The Two or Maybe More Nest at Their Breeding Time Then Maybe They Can Migrate to The Different Place But Sometimes They Can Come Close to Each Other By Meeting With Them Every Year But This has Happened So Much Less.

American Robin is The Song Bird and This is From Those Song Bird Who Have a Less Lifespan The Most of The Birds. Their Lifespan is around 2 years and It is also Seen That Some of Their Species In The Wild Maybe Live Close To 4 to 5 Years But Their Average Lifespan is around 2 Years in The Wild.

American Robin Fun Facts For Kids

  • Their Scientific Name is Turdus migratorius.
  • This Bird Really Looks Very Beautiful and also This is The National Bird of United Kingdom.
  • This Bird is also The States Bird of Many US States Which are Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin.
  • Their Diet is Different in Summer as Well as in The Winter But in The Whole Year Their 60% of their diet is of Fruits and Mostly They Eat Fruits in The Winter.
  • They Like To Build Their Nest in The Lower Half of The Tree But Sometimes They Can Build Their Nest on The Top of The Tree also.
  • Their Clutch Size is around 3-5 eggs and In Every Year Might be The New Two to Three Young American Robin With Them.
  • Their Egg Color is Sky Blue and Their Egg Length is around 1.1-1.2 Inches.
  • This Bird Might be Seems to Leave The Nest after The 14-16 Days after The Hatching and Starts Flying Because They Really Have a Short Lifespan But In This Lifespan, They Really Lives a Good Life among Their Community.
  • The American Robin Have Many Unique Characteristics But This is One of The First Bird also Which Lay The Eggs in The Spring and Then also at That Time Their Breeding Season Starts.
  • Their Normal Lifespan is Close to The 2 Years But The Largest Lifespan That The American Robin Have is around 14 Years in The Wild.
  • They are Mostly Active Throughout The Whole Day and also at Night.
  • The Squirrels and Snakes Can Eat Their Young Chicks and also Can Eat Their Eggs.


The Conclusion of American Robin Facts is That These Songbirds are Migratory and Can Fit Them in The Wild Habitat. Their Couples Does Not Mate For Life But However, They are One of The Best Parents also. They Mostly Eat The Fruits and They Live in The Groups So That They Can Save Them From Their Predators.

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