15 Interesting American Goldfinch Facts

American Goldfinch Facts

The American Goldfinch Bird Belongs to The Finch Family and It is a Small Bird Who is Found in The North of America. These are Migratory Birds Who Lives in The Many Places Whole Throughout The Year. This Bird Can be Found in North Carolina in Their Breeding Season and Obviously in The Winter They also Do Migration To South So That They Can Live Easily Their as This Habitat is Perfect For Them. Their Scientific Name is Spinus tristis. There are Four Subspecies of The American Goldfinch Which is Recognized Now and is Living all around America. These Birds Really Looks Very Beautiful in Their Colorful Body and There are Many More amazing American Goldfinch Facts Which I Will Talk Now.

15 Interesting American Goldfinch Facts

1) Their Behavior and Sounds

The American Goldfinch Looks Aggressive When The Breeding Season is Going and Usually They Fly in The Flocks. In The Breeding Season Maybe They Do Not Have a Social Life But Mainly in The Non-Breeding They are gregarious Birds and Obviously at That Time They Were With The Large Groups and Maybe The Birds Who are From The Other Species also. They also Got Preyed on By Humans Sometimes That’s Why They may be aggressive and This Bird Can be Seen Throughout America. In The Non-Breeding Season When They are Active in The Social Life at That Time They Really Cares of Them So Much Because Might be They Got Preyed That’s Why Mostly The Male Dominant Fly in The Air Together. They Might be Sometimes Seems to be Friendly and also You Can Easily Find Them in The America and They Have Three Subspecies and all of These Subspecies Behave Normally Like Their Parents Species However Might be Some Characteristics Would Not be Same. The Mate also Shows Loyalty to Each Other and They are Usually Mate For Life But Sometimes Maybe The Female Can Find another Partner For Her.

They Have Many Sounds Which They Use To Call Each Other and Maybe Sometimes These Sounds Can Produce a Beautiful Songs also. Their Sounds Must be Look Like po-ta-to-chip and That’s Quietly They are Saying. Sometimes Maybe They Produce Many Threats Calls also Especially When They Had Seen Their Predators Then The Flocks Together Face This Threat. When The Mate Male Landing To The Female in The Breeding Season Then They Can Produce a tee-yee Sounds. Sometimes When They are Sitting Together Then This is The Main Time of Their Singing and also The Social Life Part.

2) Are American goldfinches rare

Sometimes Basically in The Breeding Time Might be They Seems Less Because at That Time Might be They Had Collect The Food For Some Days and Many of Their Other Flocks. They Can be Found in northern parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia and in The Many West States They are So Much Less. They also found to be So Much Rare in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. In The North Mainly They are Found But Maybe Sometimes They are Migrating From The North to The South Because The Winter Had Comes Up and They Can’t Bear This Temperature That’s Why. However, at Least They are Not Considered as The Endangered Specie Overall.

3) American goldfinch Nest and Defends Their Territory

The American Goldfinch Primarily Builds Their Nest in The shrub and They Do Not Like To Build Their Nest in The forest interior But Maybe Sometimes They Can. Their Nest Completely Builds By The Females and In The Shrubs More Than Three Vertical Branches Will be Joined and Especially These are Shaded By The needles from above. Their Nest is Open and Visible But The Main Thing about Them is also That When They are Building Their Nest at That The Season Might be These Birds Became More aggressive. They always Like To Builds Their Nest in The Inner Branches of The Trees Mainly Their Nest Has been Made Up By The Females But Males also Do Some Work With Them and Obviously They Recommended The beech trees. In The Roosts Sometimes Maybe More Than The 100 Birds Will be Included But Most of The Time You Can see These Birds Living Together and These are Relatively Smaller Birds and When They are Roosting Might be They Joined With The greenfinches, chaffinches.

In The Main Duration of The Nesting Season, They Can’t Defend Their Territory and Not Only These Birds But Most of The Birds at That Time Not Defending Their Territory. But When The Nest is Building By The Female Then at That Time Usually The Male Can Defend But Maybe They Got Fail in It But They Do Their Best To Save Their Territory. If any Other goldfinches Had an attack on Their Nest Maybe The Male Can Tolerate It.

4) Size and Weight

These Birds are Relatively Considered as The Small Sized Migratory Birds Who Comes Up With The Small Size and also They Have Very Low Weight But The Characteristics That They Have Might be Some Birds Have.

There Size and Weight are.

  • Their Size Can be Ranges From 4.3 – 5.1 in.
  • Their Weight is around 0.48 oz.

These Birds Really Got a Unique Size and Weight as Well as They Maybe Unique Than Their Other Parent Species Because Due to The Body Difference in This Bird and Within Them. The Males Have More Size Than The Females and also Their Weight is Relatively Higher Than The Females. However, Their Young Birds Comes also in a Very Small Size and Soon With The Time They also Grow.

5) Body, Diet & Predators

They Really Come Up With The Different Body Colors Due to The Difference in The Season in The Winter They Have blackish wings and The Birds are drab, unstreaked brown While in The Summer and in The Spring They Look Like bright yellow with black forehead and They Got a Black Wings and With The White Markings on It. Really in Both The Seasons These Birds Really Looks So Much Beautiful and People’s Loves It Due to The Huge Combination of Their Color. Above The Tail and Beneath They Have white patches. These Birds Can Live in any Environment and Their Body Can be Fit Them in any Place But Obviously, The More Winter Comes Up Then They Do a Migration That’s Why These Birds are also Named as The Migratory Birds.

The American goldfinch Main Diet is The Seeds Especially Those Belong to a composite Family. They also Eat The Small Seeds of Many Trees and These Seeds are elm, birch, and alder. Their Diet is also weeds and Grasses. Both The Young and Adult Can Eat The Same Sometimes. They also attack on The Insects Especially in The Summer. They Have Many Other Things To Eat Whom They Very Rarely attack Because These are Not Known as The Favorite Food For Them.

The American Goldfinch Have to Face a Lot of Problems in Their Habitat Especially Where They are Inhabit Most of The Time Their Predators are also Living. Their Main Predators are snakes, weasels, squirrels, blue jays, hawks and cats and These are Their Predators Who Do Not Even Can Eat The Young and Adult Birds But Even They Eat Their Eggs and Maybe The New Chicks That Had Comes Up So Far That This Bird Live With The Many Flocks and Makes Their Own Community Which Helps Them to be Safe From The any Danger.

6) Habitat and Population

They Can appear in The Feeding Centers also But Usually in The Winter, They Does Not Like To Come in These Places Because For Facing The Winter Temperature They Must Have To Take Care of Them. Their Main Habitat is The Place Where The Trees Mostly Exist and They Mostly Select The Place in The Forest as Well as They Can be Seen in The roadsides and Backyards also. They also Can appear in The orchards. Mainly They Have been Seen That They are Living in The North of America However Near to America in The Many European Countries They are also Living as They Do a Migration From The North to The South in The Winter.

There is So Much Population of The American Goldfinch all around America, Canada as well as in Mexico and There are More Than 42 Million Global Breeding Population of This Breed Which is Gradually Increasing and Most fo Their Population Lives in These Countries Which I Mentioned But The U.S Comes on The First Because the U.S is Perfectly Fit For That’s Kind of Birds.

7) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Their Incubation Period is around 12-14 days and at That Time The Female Sits on The Eggs To Hatch Them. During The Incubation Period, It is a Male Duty To Feed The Female. They Eat The fibrous seeds of milkweed, thistle Where They also Make Their Nest and These Trees Takes a Very Long Time to Produce These Seeds That’s Why They are also Starts Their Breeding Season Later Than The Most of The North American Birds. Their Breeding Season is June or July and In This Time They Easily Find The Food also Where They Had to Make The Nest as Well as These Birds Might be Sometimes When Starts Their Breeding at That Time They Look aggressive and Especially in The Non-Breeding Season They Maybe Sometimes aggressive But at That Time They are always Friendly Within Their Community. Although These Birds are Known to be Mate For Life But It is also Seen That The Female Can Change The Mate in The Next Breeding Season.

The Main Habitat of This Bird is The Wild and Relatively When They are Living in The Wild at That Time Maybe They Have More Lifespan Than Those Who are Living along The Roadside. Their Normal Lifespan in The Wild is Ranges From 3 to 6 Years.

American Goldfinch Fun Facts For Kids

  • Their Normal Lifespan Maybe Close to The 3 to 6 Years But The Oldest Lifespan of The American Goldfinch in The Wild is around 10 Years and 5 Months.
  • They Mostly Like to Eat The Seeds and Their Young Ones Also Eat The regurgitated matter Which is Usually Made Up of Seeds.
  • There is More Than 42 Million Population of This Bird all around The Globe But More Than 91% of These Birds Lives Most of The Time and Part of Their Life in The U.S While 33% Lives in Canada Throughout The Year and Only 6% Lives in The Mexico That’s Because in The Winter This is The Safe Place For Them For Living.
  • This is One of Those Birds Who Starts Their Breeding Season When Most of The North American Birds Breeding Season Has Gone Only Because at That Time The Tree Grows Where They Find The Food For Them in Their Breeding Time.
  • Their Clutch Size is around 2-7 eggs and Their Eggs Width is Simply around 0.5-0.5 in and Their Eggs Shape is Light Blue.
  • The Young Leaves The Nest When They Reach To The 15 Days of Age and Might be Soon They Can Fly and also For The Months Before They Mature Their Parents Feed Them Very Well and Makes Them Perfect.
  • They are Considered as aggressive Bird and Sometimes These Birds Can’t Defend Their Territory.
  • Their Wingspan is 7-9 inches.


The Summary of American Goldfinch Facts is That These Birds are The Small Birds and Relatively They Have a Three Subspecies in Them and Sometimes in The North They Can’t be Seen Because at That Time They Do a Migration Towards The South. They are Mostly Living in American and These Birds also Considered aggressive Birds.

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