17 Interesting Ameraucana Chicken Facts

Ameraucana Chicken Facts

Ameraucana Chicken is The American Domestic Chicken Breed Which was Brought From Chile to America From Araucana Chickens and That’s Complete Development was Done in The 1970s. Although There are many Ameraucana Chicken Facts Which We Will Discussed also But The Unique Thing of This Chicken is That They Have amazing Characteristics and They are Basically Derived From The blue egg-laying chickens and as They are The Inherent of Araucanas and They Face Many Problems in The Breeding But These Breed Not Have any Problem in Breeding. They are One of The Breed of Chicken Which Means That They Have a Huge Population in This World and The Chicken Evolution Maybe Comes Some More Than 230 Million Years ago.

1) Ameraucana Chicken History

Every Chicken Breed Have Huge History Behind It Because There are So Many Breeds of The Chicken Which Was Developed From another Chicken It is also From Those. Many types of research and Experiments, It Was Developed in America From The Araucana chickens in the 1970s. Most of The Time It Can be the Same as Their Parent Breed But This is actually Not a History Because They Have a blue-egg gene of the Araucana But It Can also Eliminate tufted and rumpless lethal alleles of The Parent Breed and Their Name is also Link With Their Parent Breed Like and also The Country Where It Got Developed Like “Araucana” and “America” Makes The Whole Word For The New Chicken Breed.

2) Ameraucana Intelligent & Social Life

The Birds also Have a Social Life Just Like This Specie of The Chicken Breed also Enjoy The Social Life With Their Community and also With The People’s as Many People’s Likes To Grow This Specie For Them. The Humans attraction Towards Them Usually They Know It Whether They Human is aggressively Seeing Them or Friendly So They also Likes To Sits in The Pecking order. You Will Surprised to See Some of This Breed is So Much Intelligent and also Clever Because They Most of The Time Live With The Humans and also in The Bird Feeders That’s Why They Learned all These Things to be Safe From Their Predator also.

3) Body, Diet & Predator

There are So Much amazing Ameraucana Chicken Facts about Their Body Because It is Mostly Seen That Their Body is One of The Strongest Chicken Breed Body also. They Come Up in The Variety of The Colors Means That You Can See Them in Many Colors Mostly Maybe in White,  Black, or in Blue and This Chicken Looks Quiet Lovely With Their Different Colors Combinations. They Can Be Weight around From 5-6.5 lbs. They Can also Do a Jump Very Well That’s Why Their Stand Up Can Be Goes to 18” tall.

They also Eat The Same Which Most of The Other Chickens Likes To Eat. They Can also Eat The Insects From The Ground and You Can Also Give Them calcium in the diet But Does Not Give It So Much to The Hens Because It’s For The Male Breed Who Needs More Power To Establish Themselves For Their Partner also Especially in The Breeding Time.

Usually, There are So Many Predator of The Ameraucana Chicken also But Their Predator are The Same Which is Their Main Family Chicken Predators Like Hawks, Fox and Especially Dogs But Sometimes They Can Be Friendly With The Dogs and If They Will Became Friends Then They Will always be act as a Friends Not as a Prey or Predator.

4) Habitat and Population

The Chickens breed Can also Live in any Habitat Whether It Would be any Season of The Year. They are Living With The Humans For a Long Time That’s Why They Have No Fears By Living With The Humans. Most of The Ameraucana Chicken Habitat is backyards and They Also Utilize The farms and Now They Considered It to be Their Natural Habitat and also They Live an amazing Social Life With The Humans. Most of The Chickens First Starts Growing In Asia Then They Comes to America and also in The European Countries and Ameraucana Chicken are Completely Living in The America and They Considered It to be Their Place of Living. In The Winter Maybe They Seem to Face Many Problems But in The Houses and in The Warm Places They Live Quiet Happily.

It Seems That They Have a Huge Population in America and Safely They are Living There and also Producing a New Child Which Increasing Their Population So Much. That’s Why They are Not Considered as The Endangered Species.

5) Incubation, Breeding & Lifespan

Most of The Chickens Maybe Seems to Mate For Life But The Usually Male Can be The Mate of Many Female at a Single Time Because This is Seems So Many Times. The Ameraucana Chicken Breed Population is Now Increasing But It is Believed That The Most accurate Their Specie Lessley Exist on The Earth. The Female Breed Can Lay 180-200 eggs Per Year and Most of The People Who Have This Chicken They Will Likely to Eat all But There are Many Other Situation Can also Occur Maybe Some Poultry Farms Wanted to Increase This Chicken Breed also. Then Their Incubation Period is Close to the 48 hours and Many Times They May Not be Successful in Producing The New Young Chicks But This Process They Must Do For The Existence of The Breed also.

If The Ameraucana Will is Kept in The Healthy Environment Which is Their Main Basic Needs Then They Maybe Spent More Years Than Those Who are Not in The Healthy Environment. Usually, Most of The Breed Can Live Up to The 7 to 8 Years But Sometimes It Maybe Less Due to The Habitat Difference. They Only Not Like So Much Winter and In The Winter They Must be Kept at That Place Where They Will always Be Healthy and Strong.

6) Meat & Blue Eggs

These Chicken Breeds also Known as The Meat Birds and Many Person’s also Grow Them For The Meat But The Chickens Does Not Grow Fastly Which Maybe Disappointed You So Much. They also Not Produce Much Meat So You Can Eat Their Meat Which is also Spicy But The Thing is That If You Wanted Them Only For The Meat Then Grow another Chicken Breeds and Gains a Suitable Food Conversion Rate From Them also. Many People’s Likes Them So Much That’s Why They Grow Them So If You Love Them Then These Chicken Breeds Will be Your Favorite Pet in The Coming Months.

There is a Huge Chemistry also Involved in The Blue eggs But That Does Not Mean That You Can’t Eat Them. They are Not Dangerous For Health and also They are Eaten By Many People’s all around America and also Their Parents Chicken Breed Named as Araucana is already So Much Famous Their.

7) They Maybe Seem To be aggressive Sometimes But When You Mess Up With Their Owner

They are Totally Friendly With Their Owner Because The Owner is The Person Who Made The House For Them and also Defends Them If any of Their Predators Comes to Prey on Them. So Yes If You Will Be aggressive To Their Owner Then They Will Be Aggressive On You Because They are also From The Pets Who Never Do a Betrayal. Sometimes Due to The Season Difference They also Became Aggressive Because They Can’t Live Happily in The Winter Season Because This Season They Face So Many Rains Also That’s Why Keeps Them in The Dry Place and also Always Try to Give Them a Suitable Habitat Which They are Looking For. They also Make Many Friends and also Their Owner Friends in Their Friends. Usually, Everyone is Safe With Them Because They are Living With The Humans For a Thousands of Years. The Poultry Farm Everyone Gives Them a Special Treatment For Their Health and also The Person’s Who Have This Pet They always Take Care of Them and That’s Care Never Makes Them an Aggressive.

8) Communication and They Can Make a Music

They Also Have a Body Language and This is The Way They also Communicate With Their Partners and also With Humans. Looking at Their Face You Can Easily Judge That Whether They are aggressive also. They Have amazing Sounds Which They also Use to Make Beautiful Songs and That’s They also Use to Impress The Female Which Shows That They also So Much Romantic in Their Social Life. They Can Communicate With The Different Types of Chicken Breeds and They always Wanted to be Helpful With The Those Who Will Helpful With Them. So They Have Many Communication Ways Which also Shows That They Enjoy The Social Life Massively. They are So Much Human Friendly Only Because of The Humans Shows The Love and attractions Towards Them.

Ameraucana Chicken Fun Facts For Kids

  • Most of The Time They Can’t Feel Themselves Safe in The Winter Temperature But However They also Have a Pea comb Which Means That They Can also Bear The Cold Temperature But Not all Time. Usually The Cold Temperature in America They Can Easily Feel Safe If in The Winter Season They are in The Dry Place.
  • They Came From The Araucana Which is The Domestic Chicken That Can be Found in Chile and The Ameraucana Lays Beautiful Blue eggs Which Many People’s also Like It.
  • They Seems to be Sweet, Clever, and also They are Very Rare Found in America But The Other Chicken Breeds also So Much.
  • The Chicken Evolution Occurs Some 250 Million Years ago and This is also one of The Breeds of Chicken and The Chicken Total Population in The World is 23.7 billion as of 2018 and This is Gradually Increasing.
  • They are Living With The Humans Safely and They are Also So Much Human Friendly.
  • The Ameraucana Chicken Have Different Types of Colors Which are Black, Blue, Blue Wheaten, Brown Red, Buff, Silver, Wheaten & White, and These all Types of Varieties Can Easily be Seen in America.
  • They Take a Long Time to Grow So If You Want to Grow Them For The Meat Then You Have to Think about Them Once again But However Wanted Them For Their Daily Life and also They Love Them Then It’s a Good For Them Because They Will always Show Kindness to You If You Show Them a Kindness.
  • Female Breed Can Lay Upto 3-4 Eggs Per Week and Near to 200 eggs Per Year.
  • Their Couple Seems to be Not Mate For Lifetime.


The Conclusion of Ameraucana Chicken Facts is That Ameraucana is The Chicken Breed That Developed Five Decades ago in America and They are Derived From Araucana Chickens. However, They are Intelligent and also Smart Because They Can Learn Many Behaviors also Especially Their Owner. They Can be Safe in any Temperature But Yet Winter Creates Some Problems For Them. They are Those Chicken Breeds Who Give Blue eggs Which You Can Eat and also They Will always be Friendly With You If You Show Gratitude and Love Towards Them.

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